Do urself a favor~ make these!!!!!

Just made these: Aaaahhhh-mazing, can i just say....

Jami Easons pumpkin spice pancakes. To be honest, im not a huge pumpkin fan so i wasnt eager to whip up a batch but after 3 FAILED attempts for protein pancakes of other types, i decided to give these a whirl and OH-EM-GEE!!!! these are perfect! i am saving the leftover batter in the fridge for quick meals this week... 

yummmm so good. had to share. 

NEW game plan

Yo! Yo! check it 

As you can tell my previous blog -week #3 was a train wreck.  Due to me getting off track- behind in my routine as scheduled and my nutrition not being perfect, i have decided that instead progressing to week 4 and doubling up in workouts, i will fall back to the start of week 3 and give myself and my body time to dedicate towards each workout and to progress as designed. i feel that if i go on to week 4 i  would either be cheating myself from the program that is set, cause injury, or be putting too much pressure on myself to catch up from last week. 

So today was day 1 of week 3(redo)

and HOLY legs and glutes are on fiiiiireee. this is gonna be a good week. 

and BTW Nick was discharged from the hospital today!!!! he is home and doing wonderful....improving everyday. thanks for everyones prayers and support. yall are great!

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Overcoming Set Backs

his is week # 3 for me and it has been the hardest to overcome.

This past Friday January 27th my long distance boyfriend was traveling from Tampa to see me for the weekend and was involved in a serious car accident putting him into ICU and he remained unconscious until this past Wednesday when he was stabilized. After suffering from internal bleeding, numerous surgery's and tests being ran- he has minor brain damage. He is still in the hospital as of now and the drs have concluded the accident was caused to him passing out behind the wheel due to malnutrition. Nick was doing this popular cleanse called "the master cleanse" (the link is below)

anyways, he is a personal trainer down in tampa and he took this clease to an EXTREME ....even after he had previously told ME 6 months ago NOT to do this cleanse bc its not WHY he decided to do this if beyond me.... so the mix of this cleanse and him ignoring what his body was telling him (achey,run down, tired, drained) he took the 4 hr drive (which i insisted) to come see me. Thats when he had his accident off i-10 and was hospitalized.

This week has been a total train wreck, mentally, physically, nutritionally- just all in all and MAJOR disaster. From carrying the guilt of his a****dnt bc i forced him to come see me, to not keeping up with training (im on day 3 when i should be on day 6) and my eating is complete CRAP bc i havent been mentaly stable to plan my diet. I tried my best to make the most wise decisions given the situation since i wasnt prepared....(like alot of protein shakes) but overall this week wasnt exactly "ideal"

I did pull myself together for some workouts, im just still behind and will be using my "rest days" to make up for my lost time. Nick is improving everyday, he is not the same person right now due to head trauma, which is the hardest part to deal with and i feel angry and selfish because of it. That I cant have the same Nick back. He is doing all he can to live and yet IM getting upset bc he isnt being as sweet, lovable and attentive to me which ive had for the past year and a half. HE has always been MY support and ive always depended on him to be there.... I dont even know if im making any sence or if im just rambelming at this point, but i know alot of you have been concerned about my trainign since i havent been updating and so i thought i should just share my crazy week and let everyone know that i am fine and trying to stay on track. AND on top of all that I am trying to be a MOM to my 15 month old daughter while being and emotional basket-case. I am continually telling myself that God will not put anything in my life that i cant overcome and this storm too shall pass.

Thank you to everyone who has check on me and given me strength and prayers. Yalls support has been amazing!

Please if you or anyone you know who wants to do this cleanse, warn them about how dangerous this could be and to always listen to what your body is telling you

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Start of week Two: Day # 3

This week for far has been a very exciting week for me. After my weekly measurement and weigh in on Sunday (1/23/12)  I had come to realize that i did not loose and lbs of inches in measurement. This was VERY disappointing which lead to me bitching and complaining over the next two days, about how i busted my ass and ate right and still not seeing results. Well Tuesday mid-morning i go into the gym and step on the scale expecting to see the same ol thing....but ACTUALLLY i lost 3 lbs. Like it was magic and god had parted the clouds and shown down on me! of course this fired me up in the gym during my workout and blasted through some intense HIIT. So this is a good lesson learned- if you are making changes, you will see results.... eventually and i cant expect a weekly measure to be the end all. 

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Transformation Week #1- Day 6

Today was awful nutrition wise. Started off good but didnt get all my meals in. Had a 1yr olds birthday party to go to....of course that had all cheat food (white rice, black beans, french bread) and of COURSE the kids take home goodie bag was more geared towards the adults bc my 14mo old is not eating candy. Therefore I consumed....

  • shredded chicken

  • white rice

  • french bread

  • black beans

  • 2-reeces cups

  • 1 bite size snickers

  • 1 bite size twix

  • 1 fun size Hershey bar 

stupid birthday party! lol

but i did do cardio today (not much) and then abs sooooo....i still feel like crap about it. Exactly why I dont keep that crap in my house. Like i deeeevoured right after the other until it was gone. totally binge.

AND to TOP it off....i had a mini diet coke......REALLY!!!!!!!!!???

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Transformation week #1- Day 5 Im feeling less than motivated to say the least. Last night I took an off day from the gym (not even cardio) to catch up on sleep and told myself I was getting back on my scheduled routine of 4:20am-wake up 5am-7am gym. Well, I left my phone on silent and the alarm didnt go off so now I cant go till tonight at 10-11 bc I have my daughter all day(my gym doesnt have child care) and then her father goes from 8-9:30. Ive been great on my diet so far but I just have a guilt about not begin committed. What is my deal? Im never going to get anywhere if I give in too quickly. 

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