2/22/2011 Chest/Tri/Shoulder Day

What's up guys just got back from snap fitness. Today was my chest tricep and shoulder day. I got off to a good start with some bench reps. Starting with a set of 135 just 12 reps for a quick warm up. I like to use 3/4th the movement when it comes to chest training. Meaning I don't lock out at the top. I'm a longer limbed guy so if I don't lock out it keeps the focus more on my chest and not my tricepts. After my warm up I racked 185 and did another set. Once again going to 10-12 reps. Followeb by a minute rest time and racked 225. I hit 11 reps at 225 and was pretty torn by now. I like to do what i call a super set or a shock set. This is where after you rep out your highest weight for that day, immediately (without rest) drop back to the previous weight on your last set and do that until failure. So i did a super set at 185 and was already lookin pretty shredded on my chest and I still had 4-5 more lifts. I'll post more about my workouts later I got class tomorrow. Time for some much needed rest. Corey signin off. Peace

Monday 2/21/11

What's up bodybuilding.com bloggers this is my first blog post. So far i've been making some great strides in my workout. I lift 5 out of 7 days a week. Alternating my lifts, I've been told I cram them together to much though because with the lift I do I'm usually spending around 3 hours in the gym a night. I'll post them workout schedule later. Right now i'm just on here to promote a little product. Just got another shipment of BSN Products this morning in. I ordered Lemon-Lime N.O. xPlode for a pre-work out igniter. If you guys are looking for one to try let me know I can send you free sample packets if you've never tried it before. It's a great product, really gets the oxygen to your bloods and gives you that extra pump and focus in the gym. Next I purchased BSN Cell Mass for a post-workout. Cell Mass is a form of recovery however it also has creatine in it to keep your muscles hard and toned even after your lift. You can feel it working almost instantly after drinking it. Of course I also got some more protein, usually i'd go with BSN Syntha 6 but cause of the cost I have recently switch to just some GNC Brand generic protein. I guess as long as it's whey protein I'm sure it will preform just as good.

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