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Lost Motivation

This week didn't start off how I wanted it to. Went for a run monday morning 2.9 Miles it was on the street around my house so cars pass me not know that I really did just sprint 5 sec earlier and that is why I am tired... but then my workout partner says he is going to be 2 hrs late and then we just go mountain biking so no lifting on monday and then I got totally trashed on that night and was still drunk at 10 am so no nothing on tuesday... so finally today we get to the gym and no one is there its dead spring break and all we can think is we are in the gym and all those ****ers are out having fun... work out sucked... hopefully Thursday will be better

I think I messed up

So yesterday my knee was hurting so I decided that I was not going to do cardio after work so I was not going to eat as much calories. So I ate here and there still 6 meals just less went to and entered what I ate and the grand total for the day was 1206 calories. I think I made a mistake my body hates me right now and I am hurting but I have legs tomorrow morning so no crying in training right

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Keto Diet

I tried the keto diet and on the second day I knew that I couldnt do it... I got extremly sick so I am sticking to my diet I was on before

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I am going to try the keto diet starting monday

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Too Much Weight Lose?

So I started lifting 2 months ago and in that time I have lost 25 pounds... Now that I am on my new diet I have lost 5 lbs this week and gone up in strength so I dont think I am losing muscle so I am I losing it too fast? I dont know what I can change I have not even been strict on my Diet (i.e.cheated with Panda Express and Pizza (5 slices))... I dont want it to lose muscle so I am looking for help

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One thing I hate about this...

I have to buy new pants.... no I ****ing love that I have to go down to a 38 from a 40

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Wow What a day

So my friend called me last night and said I got a gym membership at your gym... I was like sweet lets go and I can show you some stuff... My friend is 368 lbs so he is a big boy... but he did good and I got some work done with the machines that I never use... then we went out to the trails so I could get some cardio in it was a good day for both of us... I just have to educate him that he is not going to lose wieght by just drinking slim fast

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Not Sure what to do...

I have been going to the gym for about 2 months now and I am gaining so much muscle now that I just want to get huge but I also want to lose the fat that seems to be surrounding my whole body... I am not sure if I should just try and get big and see if the fat leaves me with my vices... I mean my "man boobs" have changed and the love handles have changed size... what do you guys think?

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New Diet

Here is what I eat now

10 Pm Protien Shake, 4 egg whites and 1/4 of Oats

12 Orange, yougart

2am Salad with Walden Farms Calorie Free Dressing topped with 4oz Baked Chicken

4am 2 whole wheat Baked Chicken wraps... Homemade

6am 2 Cans of Tuna fish

7:45 Pump Fuel

10 am Protien shake

I dont know what to eat after work out I was eating Subway but then I realized it has at least 1000mg of sodium in a sandwich

so I need some pointers

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Old Diet

I am not going to put times cause they where never set

2 16oz bags of Sour Patch Kids

4 20oz Wild Cherry Pepsis

1 16oz Rock Star

2 Grandma Cookies

1 bag of Twistlers Pull and Peel

2 99 cent bags of chips

3 slices of pizza

that was my diet for 10 months straight 4 days a week and the other days I just drank beer and ate random fast food

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Welcome to the BodyBlogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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