June 4, 2011

Started week 3 of my I AM JUGGERNAUT contest today with a blitz on the Chest/Abs. You can follow my exact workout/nutrition/supplement plan at http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=134717031 By doing so you can help me win a trip to the Olympia contest! Otherwise there were a few things I wanted to share as it is the first official bodyblog I have done in a while: 1. I have seen significant transformation progess over the last couple of years and have always been interested in pursuing fitness and modeling in some capacity. However, being a student and involved in sports it has been difficult for me to do so. I am just reaching the point where I am beginning applications and attempting to build a portfolio which is going to be a very neat journey! Any help is always appreciated in this respect. 2. I had my first fitness contest that I was registered in (June 10) get rescheduled to a date in September which I cannot attend. This has been extremely frustrating and disappointing. A friend told me the brighter side however, and got me to realize that I should simply use it as motivation to look better and be more prepared for the next competition I enter which will be July of 2012. 3. I have been blessed with the opportunity to join back into the world of post-secondary sports and I truly attribute this to my increase in strength and overall fitness. Among many other things, bodybuilding has truly given me back the ability to play in a sport which I love at a higher competitive level which has always been my dream. I have now been playing for 2 years!! 4. I have been motivated and truly touched by friends, family, and even people on this website who have told me that I have inspired them to change their lifestyle, eating habits, or simply motivated them to work harder on personal fitness. I never dreamed that I would get this opportunity or that I would become inspirational to anyone! So many thanks, it makes me want to only improve. 5. On this note, I am looking to expand my fitness repetoire and am planning on starting my own youtube channel documenting some of my exercises and workouts. Most notably, I would like to focus on some advanced plyometric and vertical training exercises in the hope that I can teach proper jumping/explosive techniques as well as nutrition and eating. A large part of my demographic will be aimed towards sports players and those ectomorphs who have a hard time putting on mass. More information on this is to follow! 6. Thank you to everyone here who has supported me and made this journey possible. I have found motivation and inspiration through many of the members on this website and I look to continue this journey that I am on! Feel free to contact me with any questions or as I said before to follow my thread in the Supplement Logs area. I will be attempting to make bodyblog updates just as regular in order to inform as many people as possible of progress that is occuring. 7. I always come back to the motivational words of John Newton's song Amazing Grace and truly adhere to the lyrics: "Through many troubles, toils, and snares I have already come/ 'tis grace that's lead me safe thus far and grace shall lead me home Stay tuned for Bodyblog by Jon 2011!!