You know what Setbacks Equal!!!!!

Been away from due to a ruptured left achilles but spirits have still been high.  Lost some muscle due to the dystrophy but am uber motivated by seeing the success of my friends on here.  Thanks in advance. Will be hitting the weights in November but still getting it in Callesthenics wise.  Laterz.


PS check the blog out on the recovery process.

Where did that hunger go

Thats what I ask myself in this 2nd month of the new year. I'm not going to front. Love the compliments and results but after that I just hit a comfortable rut. Still maintaining but just got comfortable and Its hard as hell to get out till today. 2 months away from my anniversary. I owe the public some more results. I'm Officially back. Talk is cheap but not these supps I got. Stay tuned.

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211 pounds was the lowest I've been. I remember that like yesterday.  8 years ago when I first started to find out about my inner strength and will.  But as you see with proper nutrition its a different 211(back then it was slender with skinny fat) and broke that 8 year barrier with ease last week.  If I can do that, I can rest assured that I can do anything.  Going for the gusto.  Goodnight.

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Memoirs of the Yesterdays

The title is whatever but it personally speaks volumes.  Took this journey serious April 26th 2011. The reasons at the time were corny.  A. Wanted to show an ex what she is missing out on though I rightfully broke it off, B. Another chick I wanted called my ass a scrub but in actuality, I did it for ME. I always envisioned a better ME but never really put the plan in motion.  In the mirror I envisioned that cut dude but it stayed on that side of the mirror.  Now 4-months into it, I'm starting to see it on my side of the mirror too.  Getting in shape has become fun and addictive. Sometimes challenging but i always compare and contrast to push me to new levels. Changed for the better and I'm inspiring folks too which is cool.  My own friends are starting to ride the wave and get their minds and bodies right cause when you look at the world then back at yourself as a 20 something individual, we can do better and make the most out of every opportunity. Rest in Peace to the lazy aura. 

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The momentum aka Wave

Good Evening Bodyspace. Once again, I would like to thank all of you inspirational beautiful people for keeping me focused and determined to better my life. A month will soon approach and I've seen positive results from shredding and self-determination. Cuts and packs and I'm not talking sandwiches and beer. I've been able to recruit a friend to this site. His name is "BiggzBodyYa". Add him and show him the love ya showed me when ya have a chance. New camera pics coming this upcoming week. Keep on transforming and be on the lookout for deeper, though-provoking blogs. The Wave gets bigger. Laterz

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1st Blog

Good morning Bodyspace nation. First and foremost I would like to thank all of you people for keeping me motivated and inspired to go full throttle with this transformation. Before August, i was half-assing but now, I come into the gym looking like a man on a mission. Shout outs to all my friends recent adds and old ones, you all are doing ya thing and keep it up. Last year I took health a lil serious and registered with Ballys and then Planet Fitness but was in the gym for the wrong reasons (socializing, women) As of April 26th 2011 I've been focused on getting diesel and definately made strides. Was talking to one of my next door neighbors a few days ago, good person, decent individual just to find out coming back from a night out on the town that he died This was Friday. Only 31. And that just further enhanced my focus to live every day better, to the max and do things with no regrets and definately see the people I have to see. Cant take nothing for granted. Will post my workouts on a future blog. Camera coming this week so there will be pics galore. Will enter that 10G contest to for further motivated. Till then, keep it up BodySpace Nation. Peace. Varz

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