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Great Start to GVT

Started German Volume Training again with my buddy and today was chest and back. Took Hemo Rage for the first time before and that stuff is amazing! Felt in the zone from the get go and never looked back. My new workout buddy said he really liked it, which is a relief to me so I don't feel like I'm wasting his time. It was definitely nice having him there so I can push myself a little harder and try to keep up with him. Legs and Abs tomorrow.

Destroyed Legs Today

With yesterday's frustrating workout in my mind I went ahead and punished my legs. Went back to Smith Machine Squat and it worked out well. Did more weight on squat and managed to squeeze out a couple of more reps on leg press despite doing more weight on squats. Legs are feeling pretty dead right now, but I'm glad after yesterday's below average workout. Not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow yet.

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Shoulders and Abs Workout

Today was shoulders and abs today and it was a pretty successful workout. Really focused on having good form today and it paid off. All 4 of my workouts since I have gotten back from vacation have been very good, the week of rest definitely paid off. Going to take a rest day tomorrow and then hit chest and back on Monday.

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Great Leg Workout Today

Had a great leg workout today at a different LA Fitness by my parents house. I've been there before but they just expanded and added some new equipment and it is awesome, makes my regular gym look small. I may take some trips up there to workout every so often, I really like how they improved it. I was originally supposed to do shoulders and abs today but my chest and back are pretty sore so I just decided to do legs instead. Arms workout tomorrow.

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Back from Vacation, Back in the Gym

Got back from vacation last night and couldn't wait to get back in the gym to get back to working out. Took the last week off mostly because I was on vacation and had nowhere to workout and partly because I just really needed a week off. It seemed to pay off today, had a good chest and back workout. After reading several bodybuilding magazines on the plane rides, I decided to lower the rep range from 10-15 to 6-10 since I'm going for size and all 3 magazines had rep ranges similar to 6-10 reps so I figured that would be good. I'm really glad I was forced to take this past week off, I feel refreshed and ready to bust out of this plateau I've been in. Also decided that I'm going to try GVT phase 2 after I finish phase 1 again just to try it out and have a third workout plan to have in my bag for when I switch workouts up every month or so. Shoulders and Abs tomorrow.

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Just Couldn't Do It

I just couldn't stay away from the gym today, that arms workout that was supposed to be for when I came back from vacation was just calling my name today so I went. Had a pretty good workout too, I'm glad I went but at the same time it might have been best if I took today off just to rest. Now I'm really on my rest time since I leave tomorrow at 5 am for Ohio for a family reunion. It'll be a nice break, get to see everyone and play a lot of golf. Hopefully I'll be fully recharged when I get back and can start making better progress.

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Short Workout Today

Had to shorten my workout today since I slept in a little long so I just did shoulders but no abs. I'm glad that I'm going on vacation soon to force myself into a rest period, starting to feel a little worn down. Going to take a week off and when I get back from vacation I'll have an arms workout waiting for me. I hope to come back from this break refreshed and maybe bust out of this plateau!

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Good Workout, Just Ran out of Gas

Had a good chest and back workout today, but ended up cutting it a little short because I felt like I just ran out of gas, had nothing left to give. It was a little disappointing but at the same time I did get a pretty good workout in, not sure how much of a difference one exercise would have made today. Going to have to take a rest day tomorrow since I work all day, which is probably a good thing. Also going on vacation for about a week on wednesday so I'm just going to take a break there and then come back refreshed hopefully. Got Shoulders and Abs on Monday.

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It's All Mental

Was able to get in my legs workout today and it went good. Feel like I'm starting to break through this mental block I seem to have when it comes to my leg workouts. Have been at a stand still for quite a while now and it has been kinda frustrating but improved on some of the weights today and added some new exercises which hopefully gets me over this roadblock. Also figured out today that I've had it with Smith Machine Squat, need to just start doing Barbell even though I don't have a spotter, just have to be careful I guess. Should have been doing Barbell Squats all along but I like how the Smith Machine is a built in spotter. Legs were shaking a little bit after today's workout which is always a good sign that it was a good workout. Been able to keep to my diet pretty well as of late. Chest and Back workout tomorrow. 

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Today's Arms Workout

Today was an arms today and it went pretty good, especially the biceps portion of the workout. Going to make a slight adjustment though, going start with chin-ups for the biceps part because I really like how it works them, didn't don on me until I was almost done with my workout that I should've incorporated them into the workout. Today was kind of frustrating because it seemed like everything I wanted to use was being used and I adjusted the best I could, still frustrating though. Don't think I'll be able to get a workout in tomorrow, but next workout will be legs!

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Thinking About a Minor Switch-up

Had a shoulders and abs workout today in which the shoulder portion went below average but the abs portion went pretty well. I originally wasn't going to workout today but some homework got postponed so I decided to go workout. Got to thinking on the drive home about a minor switch up as far as my splits go. I would just switch triceps and shoulders so it would be chest/shoulders day and triceps/abs day. Not really happy with how my shoulders are (or aren't) progressing and I just kinda want to try this out and see if I can get better results and it would just be interesting to try just for the sake of switching things up. I also toyed around with the idea of just working shoulders and abs twice a week and nothing else to help them catch up but I just don't like the idea of neglecting the rest of my body. I'm kind of mad at myself for not properly training them in the past and it's really coming back to haunt me now and it's actually becoming pretty embarrassing. I seem to notice it more everyday even though I feel like they're catching up. Back and Biceps tomorrow.

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Punished Shoulder and Abs Today

Just got done abusing my shoulders and abs (in a good way of course). Tried a different grip on seated cable rows to hit my rear delts more and it certainly paid off. Had a hard time pulling myself up off the bench when I was doing weighted leg raises which is a good sign that I'm pushing myself. Been able to be spot on with my diet this week since they cut my hours at work for some reason. Going to weigh in tomorrow morning, see how I'm progressing. Back and Biceps tomorrow.

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Feeling Quite Montrous

Feeling pretty good after today's chest and triceps workout, really pushed myself today. Noticed today while I was doing Decline DB Bench that a new, very noticeable stretch mark appeared on my upper chest/front shoulder region that definitely wasn't there yesterday. I feel like I'm putting on muscle and getting stronger but the scale doesn't necessarily say the same. I'm starting to notice a very slight re-appearance veins in the chest and shoulders area when I'm working out, which wasn't the case about a month or so ago but bf% hasn't dropped according to my caliper measurement and the mathematical equation I found on this site that factors in weight and waist measurement. I feel like 4200-4400 cal/day of good, clean food should be enough to gain weight/muscle even on high activity days. Might try to play some basketball tomorrow for cardio.

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Finally got in some Cardio

Finally got in some cardio yesterday, played some basketball at a park with a couple of buddies from work and it felt good to get some cardio done. The only part that sucked was that it was on concrete and that is not knee-friendly. Thankfully I'm not sore from that but I did legs and abs today and it went pretty well. Squats went especially good today, took it slow and went deep, but not too deep, and actually did a little bit more weight than I had expected to do. Really been focusing on making at least slight improvements every workout to make sure I'm forcing my body to grow by not limiting the amount of reps per set. Only been doing this for a little under 2 weeks but I like how I feel post workout, it's satisfying walking out of the gym knowing you topped what you did last workout.

Been thinking about a couple of things lately: 1) What if I didn't neglect certain areas (shoulders and abs) that I have now been trying to "catch up" to the rest of my body and 2) I've been getting the itch to cut. As far as #1 goes, been getting better at dismissing that thought and just focusing on pushing myself so that it won't be a problem anymore. As far as #2 goes, been considering switching to a higher-rep, lower rest time style to when I go to cut. I've heard 2 main sides to the lifting strategy when it comes time to cut. I've heard to still lift heavy and I've heard to lift lighter with more reps and less rest time which almost makes it a mini-cardio session in itself. I'm sure either style will work but just wondering if maybe the heavier lifting style is better for maintaining muscle and ligher lifting would be better for shedding weight. Might just have to try them both out for myself. I used the heavier lifting style for that 2ish weeks I cut a while back and it seemed pretty effective. I also wanted to try carb cycling when i go to cut and from the info I gathered it's kind of like you eat like your bulking for a day, but still eating clean. Also heard to do high carb days on the tougher workout days which would make sense. Still have to stay focused on the present situation though, chest and triceps tomorrow.

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I Suppose it's Time for an Update

Had a good shoulders and abs workout today, still going strong with the new rep strategy as I mentioned in a previous blog. Seems to be working pretty good, I'm finding that I'm pushing myself farther by not putting a "limit" on my reps. Weighed in this morning at 186 lbs, a 0.8 lb gain from last week, that's about what I hope to gain per week to avoid accumulating too much fat. I'm also pretty happy with the pics I took a couple of days ago. I feel like I'm making progress but the scale doesn't quite agree with me with the exception of this week, probably should take measurements soon.

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