Haven't blogged in a while. I started a 12 week program.......I started a 12 week program.......That's just it, I START a program and do I ever finish it...NO! I always find excuses or life just gets in the way.

When do you say "Enough is ENOUGH!" 

 I just did!

I started my 12 week program which has me working out 7 days/wk. Yes, I still have "rest days" but cardio still needs to be done. I got into week 3 and decided to start a different program. BIG MISTAKE! I started that one and gave up the rest of the week. So, I had a little talk with myself and said I'm not getting any where if I don't stick to ONE program at least for 12 weeks.

 I battle this stuff out on many occasions. I'm finally sick of the lame excuses like "I'm too tired", "It's too late", "I can't seem to get out of bed in time", or the one and only "I don't have enough time in the day". Guess what, NO MORE EXCUSES!

I got back on track with my original 12 week program and have stuck it out thus far. I'm not giving in this time nor any other time from now on!

I bought some new clothes that are too small and hung them in my workout room. To remind me that I spent WAY too much $$ to just let them collect dust! I also hung up pics of my fav inspiration DLB! Hung them right in front of the dreadmill! Oh cardio how I loathe thee! I also made a calendar and posted it in the workout(WO) room so I put down my WO's EVERY SINGLE DAY! WO's are easy, yes, but not when half the battle is making yourself do it. It makes a world of difference if you get up and GO to the gym versus staying home and working out like I do(many interruptions is so irritating). But have to make do with what I have since there isn't a gym for least 30 or so. Not even worth it.

Also, I recently took a challenge to have NO SUGAR for 5 days....on day 3. So far so good, only ate one banana muffin(a healthier version but still had sugar in it). You would think that's easy but if you're not used to it, it definitely is a challenge.

 Anyways, that is it in a nutshell so far. I may need to start blogging more to keep me in line and on track.

Work, Hustle, Kill!!

I need to stay motivated!

Been in one of those ruts the past 3 weeks. I want to WO but some times it never happens. I keep finding excuses. I'm never going to get to my goal if I don't stick it now! Can't just do a little here and there, I will never get there. I need to start asking myself "How bad do I want it?" Time for some Discipline! Can't stop now, need to keep pushing forward!

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1st week down.....still alive!

Week 1 is complete! Was a wonderful week and was a little rough. Did legs on Tues. and was really sore the rest of the week but still ROCKED the WO's the whole week through. Pushed myself through another leg day on Thurs. and couldn't have been more thrilled to do it. I felt so much better after I was done. My whole body was feeling it after all my WO's!

Diet was pretty good all week. Wasn't perfect but was way better than I had done in the past. The only time the diet wasn't that great was on the weekend when I had to work. Fri. at work I ate nothing but my meals I brought, Sat. was a dofferent story. I brought my own meals but still ate some other really good stuff that was made by chef. It was a pizza, an amazing one at that....and pretty healthy. Well, as healthy as a pizza can get. It was a flatbread pizza with roasted red pepper sauce, grilled chix, red onions, capers, and feta/blue cheese. So yummy! I will have to make it again!

The scale didn't show much for this week. I lost 1# and 1% bf. Not a bad start. Bring on some better numbers for week 2, please!

Now for week 2! Still stoked and can't wait to see what awaits me this week.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Dymatize WO

I am doing the Jamie Eason Live Fit trainer for now. Working on week 3.

Day 1: Legs

Day2: Back/Bi's

Day 3: Chest/Tri's

Day 4: Legs

Day5: Shoulders/Abs

Day 6&7: REST

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Dymatize- Day 3

Received my stack on 1/22. So excited, ALL freaking day!!! Here's my line up and servings/day for now.

Dymatize products:

     Elite whey protein pwdr- Rich chocolate and Gourmet vanilla(1-2 servings/day)

L-Carnitine 1100- blue rasp.(1 serving/day)

Dyma-Burn Xtreme(1 capsule/day)

Centrum Multivitamin(1 pill/day)

GNC Glucosamine 750/Chondroitin 600(1 pill/day)

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Dymatize 12 wk challenge

Jan 21, 2013.

I started the Dymatize 12 wk transformation challenge. I am looking to lose body fat during this challenge. Started my first full day off right with a healthy breakfast of egg whites, spinach, carrots, whole wheat toast, natural pnut butter, green tea, and h2o. Can't wait to see what the end 12 wks will bring! Need to stay positive and motivated(usually not a problem) and keep my diet in check(this is the problem area)! I will do my best to accomplish as much as possible. Hard work and determination will get me there!

 Work, Hustle, Kill!!!

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A long year gone but never forgotten

Saying goodbye to 2012 and onto a kick a$$ year. Going into 2013 with lots of energy, positive attitude, motivation, and the will to conquer! I want the change, I want the challenge, and I want to be healthy...therefore I WILL in 2013!!! Bring it on 2013 and watch me conquer any obstacle and get through this year with a bang! 

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A little sore

Did an awesome circuit yesterday. Then I jumped right into another workout called SB 27 Angels. Which consisted of 20 squats and 7 burpees....repeat 6 times. Then I did 100 squats with 2-10# plates added. Talk about a burn! Then off to work, but not before I soaked in the tub with epsom salt and eucalyptus. Still a little sore it! Now off to get in another work out!

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3 month journey

I started a 3 month journey on Sun 12/2/12. I have been eating clean and watching those carbs. I seem to eat way too much of them. I am keeping a food journal to make sure I don't go off stray. I weighed in at 220# and I am down to 215# mid week. Can't wait to see what I have done in a month's time. Staying positive and have lots of motivation and support from the SB network! Couldn't be happier at this moment in time. With holidays upon us I am still keeping my diet in check!

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I'm pretty sure I am not the only one but I REALLY hate putting up progress pics of myself. I am so embarrassed of what I look like. I know I will get that nice body that I have always wanted and it will take time. I guess I would just like it to happen....NOW! ;) I am going on 8 months since I started working out. Many obstacles have been in the way but never have they prevented me from working out. I will keep plugging away at it and I will get there. It will just take a little longer than expceted. Keeping a positive attitude about everything!!! :D

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I started the LiveFit by Jamie Eason this week. Talk about being sore. I really didn't think that lifting that little would make me sore. HAHA! It has been about 1 month since I've worked out. I think I actually was lifting too much and ended up hurting my shoulder and my knees. MY shoulder is doing about 98% better but still having some issues with my knees. I am taking it easy and working slow this time. Nothing like getting in a rutt and having to start all over. So, week 1 down and starting week 2 on Monday!

Merry Christmas!!

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What a beautiful morning!!

WOW! Incredible day so far!!! I arose this morning at 5:30 to make my family breakfast before they headed off to work/school. I made breakfast burritos with sausage, eggs, potatoes, green peppers and onions on whole wheat tortillas. Topped them off with a little salsa!! Yummy! Them I went for an hour walk with my daughter on the trail. Talk about gorgeous! The trees are starting to turn colors, red, yellow, and orange and leaves are slowly falling off the trees! Got home and was exhausted. Decided to sit down for a few and write about it! :P Can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the afternoon!!

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3 weeks left, wow!

21 days left in my challenge and I have come pretty far even though I've been struggling to get where I am. I know I would have been able to go farther if I only had to focus on working out and not everything else that happens in every day life, kids, hubby, house, work, etc. I have also been having a hard time finding things to blog about. Today makes day 5 of working out in a row. I've never been able to workout that much in one week! I'm on fire this week and loving every minute of it!! Cardio tomorrow then Thurs. is my day off. I'm off to workout.....Have a good night!

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2 Days down

The past 2 days were great! Started my supplements yesterday. Workout yesterday and today. Changed up my routine and loving it! A little sore but not bad. I look into the mirror and I'm starting to love what I see! Can't wait until I lose more and start seeing more muscle tone. Makes me want to workout every day of the week just to get to where I want to be faster, but I know it doesn't work that way. My knee is starting to feel a little better.

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Measurements or scale......

Funny thing, I threw out my scale 3 weeks into the FF challenge. I felt it was wrong and every time I stepped on it, it made me depressed that I wasn't losing weight like I wanted. I decided to start taking measurements and guess makes me so HAPPY to know that I'm losing inches. I'm not freaked out about the weight so much any more. Granted, I still need to buy a new scale. I am starting to wonder what I weigh. I look into the mirror and I can actually see a change for the first time in a LONG time! I am loving what I see! I have not loved anything about myself for years. There is no way I'm going back to being unhappy and depressed about myself. I put my foot down when I started the FF challenge and I'm sticking to it even after the challenge is done. I AM going to hit my goal for next summer. I have been doing so much to lose the weight, mainly in my diet and proportion sizes with some weights and cardio. I started out like I was on fire and ended up getting burned. Need to take it easy on my body before I really hurt myself. It's a long journey but still have a positive attitude!

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