I am going to start blogging again

Just not today.  I have everything in my head ready to get out, just don't have the time.  Check back in a couple days to see if it's here.  


And he Writes Again!!

This is my blog post for May 20th, but, the internet is down so I will not be able to post it until the 21st.

Things have been not good lately. I really feel stressed. I haven't worked out in 2 weeks and I just feel like garbage. I haven't had a really great workout in 3 weeks. I told myself that when I got back from my brothers wedding that I was going to really hammer it out. Instead I decided to take a few days off which turned to a week which turned into two weeks. I really do not want to let it go another week or more. Last Saturday I injured my hamstring playing in the park with my daughter, so I really want to get into the gym on Monday. Even if it's for upper body only. I have a boxing class scheduled for Tuesday, I will have to see how the leg feels.

I haven't really even been following a great diet either. I ate Mexican food yesterday and I ate Burger King today. I know what your thinking, it's only two days. The problem is that it hasn't been just two days. It has been the whole two weeks that I haven't worked out in. I feel bloated and just plain horrible. I need to make the change now, but, it's kind of hard when you just ate a king size 3 Musketeers because you are depressed, stressed and, feel that binge eating is the way to go.

Why does life have to be so hard? Why can't you just literally find the person you are going to marry and have a great life forever. Why does life have to throw all kinds of bull**** at you. I guess that this can only test me as an individual. I know a lot more than she thinks. I know a lot of stuff that she thinks she is hiding from me. Remember, I am an IT God!!

The weekend is practically here. I wish it wasn't. This just means that I have to spend time with the person who doesn't want to spend time with me. I am going to my daughters school on Saturday to watch her sing and dance in an “Art Show�. From what I understand (no one has told me any specifics) it is a showcase of what they have been working on all year. I think that should be cool. After that it is home to do whatever else. I am going to maybe try to get into the gym Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully I can.

I am not kidding when I say that I am stressed and depressed. I am also extremely irritable. Last night we were at dinner with Liz's family and I was sitting right across from her brother, who I might add is an unemployed, living with mommy, raging alcoholic, starts running his mouth about where to find jobs and finding the best ones where you “don't have to work that hard�. Hello *******, you have been unemployed for ****ing ever and don't know a damn thing about finding or even holding a ****ing job, Mr. I have been fired for doing stupid **** at my last jobs. You sir get my “You're a ****head Award�. I pretty much told him that he hasn't held a job in years and wouldn't know **** about what people do these days. I tried to be a respectful as I could at the table, so obviously I didn't go off on the tangent that I did above.

Working out really helps my stress levels, but, knowing the **** I do doesn't

Even Lo-Carb and Zero Sugar Energy Drinks will make you fat

I drink more Lo-Carb and Zero Sugar Energy Drinks than I do Water

I need to start drinking more water

I am picturing a day where I go fishing in the morning and Boogie Boarding in the afternoon

Skoal Green Apple pouches are really good, better than expected

Thats right, I have started dipping again to ease the stress

The internet is still down where I work. Once it comes back up I will post this. Last night was a doozie. Is it my fault that I can now catch her in lies and deceit? No, the time was coming. The fact that I know how to do such things scare me a little. Give me a computer and some time and I can show you the life of somebody you thought you knew. This is a lot of the reason why I have been acting really hostile towards her lately. I discovered another one of her “secrets�. O well, the fact that if I hadn't struck when I did, supposedly she would have been with this jackhole named Patrick who lives in Texas and if I ever meet him, he will get a face full of Jack Johnson. And I don't mean a stack of banana pancakes either. I guess she would rather be with this guy who is now married and owns a house. She cried when she found out he really bought a house because she knew that her chance was gone. Well no **** your chance is gone, YOUR ****ING MARRIED!! Basically what I told her last night is that it sucks to be spied on, yet she did it to me for many of our married years and probably still does. Wait, scratch that, she probably doesn't, because she doesn't ****ing care anymore.

I just realized that I have a **** load of songs in iTunes that I can listen to as opposed to streaming music like I normally do. Awesome, I was getting bored. My taste in music has really changed. I am listening to everything now from Brad Paisley to Jay-Z to Muse. It's a huge variety bucket of music right now on my iPod. It's great.

I am a very dry person, I need to moisturize A LOT

Canned air tastes bad (don't ask)

I love the fact that I have over a Terabyte of storage at my fingertips

My cell phone blows, I want an iPhone or Droid

Have you ever wanted to go on a vacation by yourself? I really need to get away from everything. I am contemplating taking the tent and going camping. Just me and the wilderness. Maybe do a little hiking, fishing or just sit around and fart and burp in the great outdoors.

Our annual Pomona campout is coming up and we cannot go this year. Liz is going to a “conference� in Minnesota. I may drive up for the day just to join them at the Bass Pro Shops portion of the trip. That should be cool. I am looking forward to that. I really don't need a lot, but, I can always use extra of something. Especially now that Summer is up and I have a ton of time off to go fishing, with the possibility of a fishing trip to Long Island again for Stripers. Awesome!!

I am thinking of building some Plyo boxes this weekend or one of these up coming weekends. I could really use a couple of heavy duty Plyo boxes. I found a really great diagram from some. It should only cost around $50 for two boxes as opposed to $200 for two commercially built ones.

I am drinking a Lo-Carb Monster right now and I could also use a dip

Well, it looks like the internet is up and running so I am now going to post this. I hope everyone who reads this has a great weekend.


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A Rant on Life, Sorry I have to Vent.

Why does life have to be so hard? I understand that things happen, but, why can't things be easy. So things between my wife and I haven't been so good lately. Mistakes have been made, things said and now we are at odds.

I think the one thing that bothers me the most is that fact that I believe that she is stretching the truth to her friends. Maybe not her closest of friends, but, friends. I also believe that a lot more people know about everything than I could ever fathom. I hate that. I hate the fact that so many people know about everything. I am sorry, but people have big mouths. She barely knows any of these people she is talking to and expects them to keep everything “hush, hush�. Don't get me wrong. These people are her “friends�, but, she hasn't known any of these people for more that few years and only sees some of them yearly. To me, that is not a friend you tell everything to. A friend you tell everything to is one that you have known almost your whole life and have been there through there thick and thin. Now, in my defense, I feel that if things ever work out between us, I am automatically crucified by these people I HAVE NEVER EVER MET. It's bull****. O well. I am just glad that she is judged by no one in my family or any of my friends. Why you ask? Because I haven't told anybody anything.

Let me tell you, my workouts have been phenomenal since this **** has happened. Last night I thought for sure at one point I was going to die only to have a thought go through my head and I absolutely beat the living **** out of the heavy bag. I know people noticed as well. Tony just looked over in utter disbelief.

If I am ever offered a real fight, I WILL take it.

So my goal today is to find a therapist that my wife and I can talk to together. I really hate doing this. Do I go with a woman or a man? One hand is telling my to go with a man this time around. I would like to find someone that my wife actually takes seriously. I know the past two that we have been to have been jokes. I am also trying to figure out if she really wants things to work out or if she is just using this as a way to just ride things out. She claims she is depressed and not-happy. Well no ****, anybody going through what we are would be that way. I am not any of those because I am making myself busy. I am boxing and I have a job to keep my busy. The problem with her is that she is buddy, buddy with everyone at her work (and she's the ****ing boss, get that ****). She tells everyone in that office everything. So what happens, she gets to work and people run there mouths. She has no place to go where things are neutral. I told her that she should be using her gym membership to get out of the house and work the stress out. Her response: I am to depressed. More like to lazy to me.

M1 > P1

UFC > Strikeforce > Bellator

Apple > Microsoft

Open Office > Microsoft Office

We're going to an RV show tonight to look at trailers. I am still really confused by this. If we are in the supposed process of getting a divorce that why the hell would we buy a trailer? I'll go look, but, I don't really want to buy anything.

Country Fest East is Saturday. The Band Perry, Love and Theft and, Bucky Covington are performing. It is the greatest deal for a concert ever. It is part of the KSON's $5.00 Concert Series. They have con***** like this every few months. Last Concert was The Lost Trailers, Lady Antebellum and, Rodney Atkins. It was great. I had a great time. My wife did too, I think.

One week today we will be in NY. Finally a place where I am the favorite. Finally a place where people have my back. Remember, I am in San Diego with no family, almost no friends and no place to go other than my house. For her is it perfect. All her friends and family are out here in San Diego. She doesn't have to worry about anything.

If you spend more that 2 hours on Facebook in a row, you have no life.

Lenovo makes a garbage product.

Shout's out to Cowboy Militia, Throwdown Elite San Diego, OTM Fight Shops and, Team X13 MMA.

Mikey Show > The Show

Submarina > Togos > Subway

Wahoo's Fish Tacos > Rubio's Fish Tacos

Paper shooting rubber band sling shots are making a comeback.

Okay folks, I am off to do some work. Have a great day and until next time.


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Sorry I have been Lagging

Between MMA and home life, I have been busy. Life right now really sucks. This blog is going to touch on my personal life today. Things between my wife and I have been very touchy. We are seriously on the verge of a divorce and things in life are not looking up. We decided yesterday that each of us getting a therapist and then us getting a joint therapist might just be the best thing out there to try and help.

Things have been this way for a few months now. We do have some nice moments, but, we mostly try to avoid each other. It sucks. We are going to my brothers wedding in a week and the only people that know about anything are my mom and brother. We are going to have to fake everything. Anyways, I will keep you updated as things happen.

As you can see I have a new Team X13 MMA logo. I am going to be getting some stickers and maybe a shirt or two made from this design here in the near future. For those of you who don't know, X13 is short for Extraordinary. Extraordinary has 13 letters in it, hence X13. Make sense?

Boxing has been treating me well. In fact it has really helped me reduce a lot of stresses that I have with life. I literally beat the **** out of the pads and bag the other night. I have never had more power than I did Monday night. The only complaint that I have at this time is that my obliques are killing me. My obliques have never hurt this bad ever. Last night was supposed to be my night off, but, my daughter wanted me to take her to the gym so she could play in the Kid Zone. So I worked out my abs and lifted. I did cable chops and twists. This is why my obliques hurt so bad.

I can't wait to get over the wedding. I need to start wrestling and Muay Thai. I am not doing that now because I do not want to be be all banged up for the wedding. Speaking of the wedding. I need to start writing my speech. I have some notes, but nothing solid. I want to try and keep it under 5 minutes.

Amp > Rock Star > Monster

iLose is a great program for the iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch is the greatest iPod ever.

I wish I could afford a new Mac at home.

I wish I could afford a new truck.

Tony Palafox (Palafox Striking Systems) is an animal.

Boxing tonight. I will try to keep this thing updated all the time. In fact, now that I have a computer for the bedroom, I will update from there.

Have a great day and a great rest of the week.


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What I Learned Today by Writing a Letter

"There are tons of places in San Diego to get a great workout in. There is the boardwalk on Mission Beach to get your run on, there is the Cross Training Course at Morley Field in Balboa Park, there are tons of gyms out here where you can usually pay around $10 a session to train. We are in the mecca of MMA and there are tons of gyms that offer daily rates to train at there facilities in Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA or Jiu-Jitsu. The prominent gym out here is 24 Hour Fitness. You can find them everywhere. The prominent MMA gyms are Throwdown Elite, Undisputed and, TapOut. San Diego also boast the largest Urban Park in the country with Mission Trails Regional Park. It has MILES of hiking and mountain biking trails. There are also numerous places on the ocean (OEX is the top place) where you can rent kayaks for the day and paddle out in the bay. You can also rent Beach Cruisers at Mission Beach and take them for a spin to the bay and back, or even down the boardwalk. The sky is literally the limit out here. I would not worry about not getting any workouts in out here. And the best part is that you never have to be embarrassed about doing calisthenic type stuff out here either, everybody does them. Good Luck on your trip out here. Have a great time."

I wrote this letter in response to a gentlemen asking me where to workout in San Diego while visiting from Illinois.

I surprised myself. Two years ago or even a year ago, I would have never known where to send someone to workout in San Diego. I would not have thought of everything I just did. I guess that means that I actually am starting to think outside the box on fitness. Life is definitely great in San Diego.

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I have been Lagging on Writing

and it has to do with the fact that I have been really busy. I had Spring Break (the last thing I wanted to do was think of a computer) and a Bachelor Party in Orlando. So I wasn't home long enough to blog. Let me start by letting you know that even though I drank my ass of at the Bachelor Party, I "countered" it by still making healthy food choices. I did splurge one night and I had chicken wings and ribs, but, because I was the DD that night I worked out the next morning while everyone else slept off there hangover.

I swear that over the course of 3 days that I was in Orlando that I walked over 20 miles. We had a car, but, barely used it, limiting it's use to going out at night only. We stayed at the Hard Rock Universal on the Universal Resort. It was about 1/2 mile to walk to the park and City Walk.

I forgot about what it was like to be hungover and remember now why I hate drinking.

Wedding countdown: 28 days. My brother is a lucky guy. The girl he is marrying is great.

I hate computers (even though I work with them daily).

I picked up bronchitis somewhere along my trip. I started feeling it really bad on Tuesday and it hit me hard on Wednesday and today. I did a self diagnosis on WedMD last night and found that my symptoms were in deed bronchitis. It sucks because I really want to get into the gym but can barely breathe. Cardio would be completely out of the question at this time. I am going to use this weekend to get better and than hit the gym hard on Monday again (better or not, whatever doesn't kill me will only make me stronger).

I need to get my suit altered for the wedding. We all got brand new Italian suits instead of tuxes. NICE!

No work out tonight. Hopefully will feel a lot better before the weekend, but, if not, o well, I will rest to get better.


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Balboa Park Kicked My A$$

Balboa Park has this fitness course at the Morley Field Sports Complex that absolutely destroyed me yesterday. It is a two mile course with 18 fitness stations. I planned on doing the whole thing, but, had no idea of the length or some of the difficulty. So me being the person that I am, I stopped along the way at this small amphitheater and did "box" jumps and pushups. Failing to realize what lied ahead for me. By the time I hit the 18th station, I was dripping sweat, sore, thirsty and, ready to head home for dinner. I told myself though on my approximately 1/2 mile walk back to my truck that I will try to do this trail once a week until I really running in between exercises. Yesterday I walked, jogged, and did little sprints in between.

After I figured everything in with yesterdays workout I burned almost 1300 calories. DAMN!

One week until Orlando, 2 weeks until Rugby practice starts.

Last day of work for a week is tomorrow.

I am trying to download a map of the Morley Field Sports Complex Fitness Trail for you and it is having difficulties.

I am taking the night off from the gym tonight to visit a potential Kindergarten for my daughter. Should be fun. I will walk my lazy ass dog around the block though.

Speaking of lazy ass dog. For the past couple of weeks I have been attempting two-a-day workouts. Well, a couple days a week I take my dog for a walk/run/HIIT session around the block. The first morning I did this she was all about it. The next morning, I kept catching her go back to her bed, which is located in my wife and I's bedroom. I finally got her out and on her leash and out the door. Now note, she is only 7 years old and is part German Shepard and part Coyote. Coyotes love to roam and walk, sometime walking up to 50-60 miles a day. She loves to go for walks, just not at 4am I guess. That is why I have now nicknamed her "Lazy Ass Dog".

I am having Thai Wraps for lunch today, tofu and veggies all wrapped up in rice paper. I figured out the macros on them and it is not bad at all. Only 33 calories for the rice paper and 93 for a half cup of tofu. I have seen these wraps before and I bet there is more like 1/16th of a cup a tofu. I will get down to the details once I get them.

Once again, no workout tonight. I will try to get on tomorrow and do a quick update.

Happy Workouts,


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A Week has Passed

Since my last entry. I am less than 2 weeks out from Orlando and less than a month from my first Rugby practice. Super stoked about both.

I have to start writing my speech for my brothers wedding.

Fitness wise I have been doing great. Nutrition wise, not so great. I am just under my calorie intake everyday, but, I am filling up on "garbage" foods like chocolate and granola bars. They are a lot of empty calories that don't keep me fueled, just hungry. I think I really have to start pre-planning all my meals while I am at work so the vending machine doesn't tempt me everyday. I walk by it at least 4 times a day when I use the bathroom, so. Fitness wise I have been studying a lot of different workouts. I am looking at Rippetoes, 5/3/1 and, others. I would love to one day become a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Coach, so a lot of this studying has helped me a lot. I am fascinated by all the different workouts that are out there right now. The one thing I have noticed is that 3/4 of them are all based around the same stuff. Squats, Deadlifts and, Bench Press. Those 3 workouts it seems are in all the workouts out there.

I am looking at getting another dog. I would like a Black Mouth Cur (think Old Yeller).

Tonight's workout: 5/3/1 Football Cardio Sprints and then followed up with the Full Body Blitz lifting workout.

Sorry I have been lagging on posts. I will try to be more consistent.


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Daylight Savings SUCKS!

Why can't we be like Arizona and not have Daylight Savings? I swear it's a conspiracy created by the government to screw with you and then screw you when your caught off guard due to lack of sleep.

I got probably one of the best scores in a while. I traded this guy I work with a copy of 5/3/1 Football for a copy of P90X. Is it just me or does it seem like there a lot of people out there that are going all "gaga" on fitness and nutrition these days. I work with this guy who is really big on fitness and we trade tips all the time and also trade workouts and keep each other motivated (same guy I scored P90X off of). Well anyways, him and I were talking the other day when another guy came up and started listening in (not that I care). He then proceeded to say that he was on the "Socrates Hammer Swing Diet and the Thor Warrior Change Workout" or some crap like that. This guy was was telling us how he ran something like 200 miles a week and that he has the metabolic rate of a 10 year old. This guy was so full of crap. You could tell that he had never even read an internet article on anything nutrition or training wise. It was to funny we laughed for almost 20 minutes once he left.

KFC's new boneless, skinless, grilled chicken breasts are pretty good.

Up to just over a gallon of water a day.

Orlando in just under 3 weeks, Rugby practice starts just after that.

Nothing big planned this weekend.

The homeless guy that normally hangs out at the 7-11 in the mornings was drinking a Guinness this morning, a sure sign that it is St. Patrick's Day today. No corned beef and cabbage for me tonight. Don't know why, would love it, but don't know how to make it.

That's all for now. I am doing a full-body-blitz tonight until I can figure out 5/3/1 more.


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Daylight Savings and 5/3/1

Daylight savings threw me way off this morning. I was up, but, I was not ready to go for a run. So guess what, I didn't. I sat in front of ESPN and stretched everything out and got my body rejuvenated from the weekend. It felt good, I haven't stretched like that in years. I literally stretched everything and it took almost 45 minutes. I feel like a million bucks right now.

So I went and watched the San Diego Old Aztecs FC this weekend and I really liked what I saw. I can't wait to get into practice with those guys. I think that this is exactly what I need.

Liz comes home from Tahoe tonight at midnight. This sucks, not her coming home, but the midnight part. It is going to throw me off again Tuesday morning. After that, I should be back on track again.

I am starting 5/3/1 Training tonight. I am going to take my lunch today to figure what I want to do in regards to starting the training. I really like the cardio portion of it that is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is basically laid out like this. You start off doing one set of 50 yard sprints. In between each sprint you rest 20 seconds. Then after the full set you rest 1 minute and do it again this time doing sprints of 60/100/60, then 80/120/80 and so forth until you get back to 50/50/50. So it would look like this: 50/50/50, 60/60/60, 60/100/60, 80/120/80, 60/100/60, 60/60/60, 50/50/50. Each sprint has 20 seconds of rest in between with one minute between sets. I like it. I really have to work through the lifting portion though. I am trying to really figure that out. I guess I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

This weekend had to have been the worst for eating. All I can say is I will never eat fast food again. My daughter wanted McDonald's on Saturday night, so I took her. She got chicken nuggets and fries and I got a quarter pounder and fries. I have never been so sick. I went to bed that night feeling like there was something angry in my stomach. I hated the feeling. Up until then it had been almost 6 months since the last time I ate fast food.

I finally got my Nike+ working. Although, I can't figure out why it didn't calibrate last night when I wanted it to. I guess I will have to re-calibrate it now.

My Touch is on the fritz, I may have to look into figuring out why. Everytime I plug headphones into it it freezes. If you have a fix, let me know.

I got a new set of headphones (that is not the cause of the above problem, it did with my old ones too). I got a set up Skull Candy Inked. They have really nice sound and bass. Just the way I like it. The seals are also great. I am glad I got them.

That looks like it is all for now.


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Feeling Great

So I am on Day 4 of Two-a-Days and I am feeling great. Getting up at 4:30 is hard getting used to, and will get worse with Daylights Savings Sunday Morning. We lose an hour. Anyways, doing great and feeling great.

I am contemplating joining a rugby team here in San Diego. I have made contact with the SD Old Aztecs Rugby FC and am going on Saturday with my daughter to check out a match or two. Rugby is a challenging sport and I am looking for challenging right now. I tried to find an Adult Men's Lacrosse League and San Diego has nothing to offer. I used to play lacrosse in high school and when I was in the Marines, so I am pretty fluent in it. I used to play defense and long-stick middie. I am hoping that rugby with fill the challenge void in my life.

For some reason I have been completely off on my macro counts the past couple of days. I was at the point where I had everything dialed in to 50 Protein/25 Carb/25 Fat. Yesterday it was 30 Protein/50 Carb/20 Fat. I am not saying that this is bad, but, I am trying to keep all my counts the same.

I use a couple of programs on my iPod Touch that are a complete lifesaver when it comes to keeping track of workouts and macros. I am using Gym Buddy for keeping track of workouts and LoseIt! for keeping track of macro counts. Without those two programs I would be carrying around a big ol' binder with everything hand written in it. I can tell you that LoseIt! has really opened my eyes about food. Little things that you wouldn't normally think are bad, are bad, sometimes extremely bad. For example, some mornings I would have a Honey Whole Wheat Bagel and a tablespoon of Jif for breakfast. Well you have carbs, protein and fat all rolled up in a conveinient breakfast right? WRONG! That combo is killer. It has something like 450 calories, 16 grams of fat, 48 carbs and, a whopping 10 grams of protein. That is by far in my opinion the worst breakfast ever. Without LoseIt! I would still be continuing to eat bagels and pb every morning.

With that being said, tonight's workout was supposed to be X-Frame 3, but, because something came up and my time is limited tonight, I am going to do Full Body Blitz and 15 minutes of HIIT ( I know almost doesn't seem worth it huh?, but it is).

The weekend is approaching fast and I have a few things planned including a workout before the rugby matches on Saturday. Sunday I am going to try and relax and catch up on some laundry and dishes before dropping my daughter at Grandma's for the next two nights, ahhh, much needed sleep awaits.

Have a great weekend, stay safe and workout hard.


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Day 2 of Two-a-Days.....

.....was a failure, my alarm never went off and I have been flustered ever since. I did get to the gym last night to do exactly as I said yesterday and I am looking forward to getting in there tonight to do the X-Frame Workout 1. The X-Frame Workout is a series of 5 workouts that all focus on different body parts. Tonight's focuses on traps and lats.

So I mentioned that I have been flustered ever since my alarm never went off, well, I woke up at 5:50 (when I HAVE to leave the house at 6 to miss traffic and be stuck for 30+ minutes) quickly showered, grabbed my supplements threw on some clothes and bailed, all by 6:05. Well, I barely missed traffic and I never got to make breakfast or lunch, so I am buying today. I started the day at the 7-11 by my work for a Sugar Free Rockstar and a Met-Rx MRP bar. Not to bad to start a flustered day. For lunch I plan on going to Henry's for one of those great deli sandwiches that they make. A whole sandwich, roast beef, no cheese, with yellow mustard is around 350 calories. And it is loaded to the hilt with veggies, lettuce, tomato, onions, banana peppers, sprouts and cucumbers. The majority of the calories are coming from the bread.

Anyways, I am now going to go see if I can get back on track for the day and prove that I can have a smooth recovery from my shake-up.


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2-a-Days have Started

I officially started 2-a-days today. My first workout was at 4:30 this morning and consisted of a light jog around the neighborhood with my pooch. I jogged about 25 minutes. I really didn't want to push it to extremely hard do to the fact that I am still coughing up wads of phlem that could coat a softball. I do feel a million times better today and I think it is because I didn't do a damn thing this past weekend. I stayed home and got caught up on laundry and my DVR.

Tonight after work I will do the gym. I will start with a 20 minute jog on the treadmill and then move on to the HIT Workout. I am in the process of posting all the workouts I do here under my workout tracker. Once I get those up you'll have a better understanding as to what I do in the gym.

So I started off this morning on the completely wrong foot. I started off wanting to use my Nike+ Sensor that I put in a pouch on my Adidas shoes. Well, I originally had it out about two weeks ago and it worked like a champ. This morning however, not so champish. It wouldn't work at all. So when I got to work this morning I Googled to see what the problem was and I realized that I forgot to wake up the sensor. There is a button on the back that you have to press to make it sleep and wake. Well, tomorrow morning I will be able to give distance and official time of working out.

That is all for now.


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I Think I am Worse than I was Yesterday

I went to the gym last night and did a little cardio and sat in the steam room for some time. Well, I wake up this morning and after getting around for a little, I realize that I think I am worse today than yesterday. My nose is constantly running and I am hacking up a storm. It looks like I will be headed to CVS for some meds today at lunch. Funny part is, I am not even hungry. I forced myself to eat breakfast and that was it, I literally forced myself and I hated it. I am going to rest this weekend and just sit around. I am hoping that I can start my two-a-days on Monday. I need to, I am now one week behind.

That's all for now,


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Sick, Sick and, Sick

Okay, so I have bronchitis and it is hard to breathe and sleep and everything else. I haven't been to the gym since last Saturday and I am aching to get back in. Missing almost 7 days sucks, especially seeing how I was starting Phase III of my training plan and that was two-a-days. At least I can say that I have still been eating healthy, actually knocking off 300 calories a day to make up for not going to the gym. I am hoping to try and get back in tonight for a little bit of cardio and weight lifting, just a little to get me stimulated again.

Countdown to Orlando: 4 Weeks Tomorrow. It will be a blast. I just have to make sure that I do not kill what I have done in the gym over those 4 weeks in 3 days. It should be hard to do, but, it is possible.

It is supposed to rain in San Diego again this weekend, I cannot remember the last dry weekend we have had in San Diego. It seems like it is nice during the week and then SLAM!! rain, rain and more rain.

I found this place in the mall that has tons of Sports Memorabilia. I was in heaven.

That's all for now.

Workout tonight as per my calendar: X-Frame Workout 3, but, because I never did 1 or 2, I will do another workout. X-Frame Workouts all tie into one another, so.


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