No more circus....

So for the last few months my Pops has been saying some pretty funny sh*t to me like " are you on something?", "how big are you going to get?", "enough already really", "my friends tell me you must be on roids" & my all time favorite " you need to join the circus". Well that changed day before yesterday when he watched me work out. His comments were " how many of those you going to do?", " that's more weight than the guys at my gym", " sh*t I can't lift that", "wow you really do know what your doing", " I wish my friends could watch you work out", " hey will you come to my gym & meet my friends". HAHA Now who want's to show of the circus freak??? 

Moral of the story never take to heart negative comments about doing something you love if it's not illegal or hurting anyone GO FOR IT. I know I am not that big, I am not on anything & I don't feel theneed to join the circus because I don't like to travel. lol I just enjoy working out & love building muscle.

Go forth & grow my muscle loving friends. TGIF & have an excellent weekend!!!


We are on our third week of the 12 week transformation challenge already. I am sore from head to toe and it feels soooo damn good. I have to say I thought I worked hard before, I thought I had been inspired before, I thought I was driven before. Maybe not so much because these past 3 weeks have shown me a new level of passion; a need & want to grow like never before. I have entered a new level of commitment. I mean I was feeling like crap last week not wanting to admit to being sick, in a pissy mood and stressed but I hit the gym everyday worked as hard as I could. Hell I increased reps, sets & pounds on all most every thing I did. This week I feel better & I'm still increasing . I'm up 5 lbs feeling stronger than ever & damn happy to be me. I'm really glad I signed up for this challenge regardless of who wins the cash & prizes I will have gained something much more vaulable; trust me on that. I also wanted to thank my two new friends for suggesting the challenge & pushing me to new limits. You two are the best. Good luck to everyone involed in the challenge. Remember no matter what we will all be better off for being in it.

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Compete or complete....

After all this time I finally figured out how to answer the question. No,  I dont want to compete I am building this body to complete a life with someone who enjoys the same thing. Never has this been so forward then the other night when a friend slaped me on the back after a neck injury then stopped reached for my neck and said wow your swollen or are those muscles ??? I want the people in my life to know hell yes those are muscles. Then I was asked what are you doing this for ?? To compete? I answered no I will never compete its not my thing then why.  Tonight I can say to complete. Because I know there are people out there that get we want our bodies to be the best they can be. Muscles dont pay bills dont make us better but danm we are good looking. I dont want to use mine to get some one who cant handle them I want to build them for someone who can get them and push them and maybe just maybe complete them. Damn I'm thinking too much lol.  Or am I ?

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Bad pain vs Good pain

I was just sitting here thinking about bad pain vs good pain. By bad pain I mean when your head & heart are f-up and all you feel is pain. You hurt all over, you want nothing from no one & the last thing you want to do is train. After a few weeks of destruction you realize the thing you need most to help you heal is training, is & your friends. Suddenly you throw yourself into the one thing that won't lie to you, hurt you or leave you: your training.  Now for the good pain, my body hurts and I'm smiling about it.  Muscles I didn't know I had hurt yet I smile.  This type of pain is good because I know I am not hurt only sore from giving the one thing you can give your all to that in return will always reward you. Your training. To all of you I wish you nothing but good pain. Be well my friends.    

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Change their day

Isn't it funny how one little positive comment from a stranger can change your whole day????  This morning a guy walks into my place of business, a new customer I have never seen before.  He says to me "geez you must work out really hard" I smiled then said yes I do thank you.  Now I'm just smiling a huge cheesy smile and can't wait to go work out.  Last time someone said something (my little sister) " OMG your getting huge" I did two work outs back to back I was so stoked. Strikes me funny how something that takes someone two seconds can change the other persons whole day.  So I ask you my BB friends take 2 seconds of your day to tell someone else something positive. It will make you feel good and the other person as well. Happy Friday everyone. :-) Keep up the hard work and best wishes reaching all your goals.

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Suck it up sissy...

Finally I said WTF is wrong with you???  Get your sissy @$$ in the gym and work out.  Do you want to be little forever?  Hell no, so stop whinning about being sick, being tired and having pain.  Remember the wise words of Lance Armstrong" Pain is temporary quitting last forever". Work around the pulled muscles, get a little more sleep after your workout, up your vitamins but don't ever stop working out.  Wipe off your sissy tears and GO LIFT SOME IRON!!!!!!!  As you can see I kicked my own @$$ back in to shape.  Wish me luck. :-)

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Lost my mojo.....

This week I have totally lost my mojo.  I mean I just don't want to workout.  I feel like I'm coming down with something, I'm so tired and I think I need a little break from being sore every day.  Is this normal?  Please tell me others have felt this way and after a few days of rest I will bounce back better than ever......

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Is it wrong that I just...........

Is it really wrong that I just used my stapler to crack open two pistachios?  I only eat 25 little kerns for my 10 am snack with an apple so when two of them wouldn't open I looked around for a tool then picked my stapler.  Heck it made me laugh then did the job of cracking the nut.  Sometimes we just do silly things.  Be well everyone. 

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Ohhhhh the $&@^%# pain.....

Sh*t!!  Worked out way too hard yesterday only to wake up this morning to a very sore neck.  I don't mean a little sore more like when you can't move it and my right shoulder is up around my right ear.  I tried to act like it was just a stiff neck that maybe I slept on it wrong but as the morning went on there was more and more pain.  It feels a little like my shoulder has been ripped away from my body.  lol I ran up to the store to get a moist heat wrap and that's what I have been doing all day, can't really say that it's helping.  Now the big question is today is my normal legs day should I go for it????  If I don't do weighted squats I should be fine, right????  What to do what to do...........................

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Hey is any one going to the Body Los Angeles Fitness Expo January 23-24, 2009?????  Looks pretty cool and tickets are only $15 a day or $20 for the weekend.  Has any one gone to this in the past?  How was it?  Take care .

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Too sore to be dead

Wow am I sore today yet I love it.  I know I'm still alive because I'm too sore to be dead.  lol Don't you love it when you can hardy move say your arms so you have to hurry to shower in case your unable to later???  I do.  I love the sore feeling but there is a fine line between I'm sore and oh no I'm hurt again.  Tricky business trying to find the balance of hitting it hard and hurting yourself.  I now know when I have pushed too hard I need a day off then I'm right back in there.  If I have it in my mind I'm going to do 5 x 5's I must or 3 x 15's I push to finish, I scream, I say some bad words, I do what it takes to finish then & only then do I feel I completed the task.  I can't stand to watch people go half @$$ I mean what is the point???  If your only going to lift a little again and again day in and day out what are you doing, what's the goal.  I like to change things up, # of reps, # of sets, speed, rest time, lbs I try never to do the same thing twice always try for a few more reps than last time , another set or more lbs.  It makes it fun and makes me determined if I can't so I work even harder.  When I need to be inspired I log on to bodyspace to read, read and read some more than I feel as if I can do ANYTHING.     

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Finally a home for skinny people.....

I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to all the "skinny people" and BB.COM for creating a place to feel let's call it normal.  I've read so many stories of how men & women have gone from skinny to buff on bodyspace and it inspires me to to make something of myself.  I have always wanted to be bigger and now I am getting there.  I no longer feel lost in a world of hmmm above average size people.  Always telling you to put some meat on your bones so you'll be warmer or it must be nice to eat whatever you want. I eat!!!!!  I just don't eat crap and 10 times the amount of food a person needs to consume.  I am happy to say I have packed on 15lbs since June.  That's eating every 2-3 hours and working out like a fool with very little cardio.  Bottom line I'm getting there and it's thanks to bodyspace and all the use to be skinny people who are now muscle monsters.  Thank you and keep up the great work.

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From Olive Oil to Popeye....

Let me give a little background on myself first of all.  I was an all around athlete from 7th grade through 12th then six days after graduating I left for USAF .  I loved bootcamp it was like getting to play like a kid but with adults.  After bootcamp was tech school then off to my first station. I got hurt a year into my AF career and what should have been fixed with no issues became a huge mess.  I didn't walk for over 7 months, ended up screwing up my back and let's not even get into the deep dark depression.  I had a couch with my @$$ print in it.  After a hand full of surgeries, 3 years of PT and more pills then I could ever list the AF said I was broken.  So there I was broken, homeless, jobless and depressed.  Let's just say I started drinking a TON.  I was lost for many years to say the least.  Off & on in the past twenty years I have tried to train again yet each time some how I ended up hurt.  With a neck, shoulder, back, now both knees screwed up it was easy to get hurt plus I was a fool.  Because I wasn't over weight no one ever thought of me as being injured so I lifted or did things that I just shouldn't have even tried.  Last June I decided the hell with this I'm going to give it one more shot but this time I'm going to listen to my body, I'm going to go slow and I'm not showing off.  I was 125lbs which pissed me off so I asked for help.  My sister's boyfriend got me started on some shakes and creatine.  At first I worked out at home by myself wow was I weak.  I started gaining a few lbs here & there which made me very happy.  In July I started working out with the big guy, he pushed me hard and I really started to change.  I hurt my hand August first ( it was not from sports it was from acting a fool) so I was out for several weeks. In September I was back at it but this time twice as driven because what little I had gained was gone.  I lost my work out partner in September but decide this time nothing could stop me. The past 8 weeks has really been the best I am now 140 lbs, my clothes are getting tight in all the right places and people are starting to notice the difference.  My Dad even asked me if I was on roids.  lol He is silly.  So there you have it.  I still have pain, I still get hurt but when my body says let's take a day off I do but not just because I'm sore it has to be swollen or not moving for me to stop.  lol  I guess the bottom line is your never to old to train, listen to your body after all it knows best and never ever give up on your dreams. 

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