A Letter to my Beloved Cereal

Dear Special K with Forest Berries,

How are you? I've missed you this past week. I will always long for you. The taste of your sweet fruit will linger on my tongue for months. We were such a great team, you and I. My new breakfast partner, Oats, is making me feel ill. I think he might be spawn of satan - but who can say for sure?

 Do you remember those cheeky afternoons where we would secretly rendezvous before Dinner? Ahhhh, those were the days! 

Oats has no personality. He is nothing like you. He is bland and soft and dull. I hate him. I love you, still. I fantasise about our reunion. How desperately and hungrily I will devour you.... but no! I cannot do this to us! I should not be persuaded to succumb to my lust for your plump berries and crisp flakes. All good things come in the right time. Our time will come again, my love! 

 Until then, you hold the warmest fort in my heart. Locked away until our love is free to bloom once more. Farewell for now, sweet Forest Berries.

With the fondest of affections,

Yours always,

Suzi xx 

give me a curry, and no one gets hurt

Yesterday I was about ready to go into a coma. After the last few days of visiting the gym twice a day for the hardcore classes, I was all set to collapse in last nights dance class. After my mission impossible in the studio, I went off to crawl on the treadmill for another 15 mins. Here was the problem: the machine I chose to die on happened to face a window. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue, but at 630pm the thing had turned into a mirror reflecting the actual mirror on the wall behind me giving me a charming view of my extraneous deriair. Needless to say, the booty ring back at me was something out of the dodgiest horror nightmares that frighten children and pets alike. - I wondered if anyone caught me pulling faces at myself? In monumentous agony I staggered home to fall in to bed. Today, my work shirt feels slightly looser. Am I wishful thinking? Or delirious on pain? Still hating on everything.

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2pm on a Tuesday

MY KINGDOM FOR A BAG OF BUTTER POPCORN!! I just ate lunch - a boring salad made of lettuce, snow peas, several almonds, carrot and tuna. I am not in the slightest bit satisfied. Daydreaming of naughty treats to stuff down my oesophagus. I hate that enticing bowl of left-over pasta staring at me from the fridge. Can't someone else just eat it already?! It's teasing me.... I think it's in cahoots with the two packets of Oreos my in-laws brought over. The sultry biscuits doing their provocative dance - those tarts! MUST. RESIST. THE. OREO. WENCHES.!!! argh Maybe I'll go check on the laundry....

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Diary of a wimpy fat girl

I started back at the gym last week with a dance class. It was heaps of fun and lots of sweat and unco-ordination on my part, but I managed to keep up for the most of it. Shock!

I'm going to the gym at least once a day, sometimes twice - which I don't like doing yet, but my partner is pushing me. I'm sure I will thank him in a few months. Right now I want to beat his knee with the underside of a hockey stick..... but I wont.

I suppose I'm feeling like an addict who has gone cold turkey. My meals now consist of salad and tuna, fish and chicken. OH! How I long for a bowl of pasta or a slice of blackforest cake!!

I AM MISERABLE!! Hating life right now..... can't wait to get past this hurdle. I look forward to the day where I don't feel compelled to throw a tantie; but right now, I'm owning it!

This morning I went to a class at the gym that was all about weights.... how I didn't end up injuring myself, I don't know! Then I leapt gracefully from the class to the treadmill to saunter off another 150cals.

Made the mistake of jumping back on the scales after my workout.. No change. Nothing at all. Maybe the damn machine was broken?

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