Day 8

Started week 2 today with chest and triceps.  Lowered the weight on some of the exercises because I think I went too heavy last week and was extremely sore.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Did pretty good with my diet with the exception of a wedding I attended over the weekend.  All they had was fried chicken and carbs!  I tried not to eat too much and I stayed away from the wedding cake.

Day 2

Today is Day 2. Had a rough time waking up this morning because I went to bed too late, but I pushed myself to go to gym. Once I got there I was fine, although a little sore from Triceps/Chest Day. Started a light warm-up of 25 box jumps, 25 light weight KB swings, 25 squats with light KB. I worked on Biceps and Back.

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Day 1 of the Transformation Challenge

Today is Day 1 of my transformation challenge.  My husband and I did some cooking and meal planning last night so we're ready to go!  Nutrition is going to be a challenge but we want to get it right.  Figuring out exactly how much food to buy is going to take some work because what we thought was enough for this week fell short!  That's okay though; we are just going to get through the next few days and restock to finish out the week.  Consistency with our meals is key. 

The workout was Chest and Triceps.  The narrow pushups were a struggle!  My arms were mush after those and I had to go lighter than I expected with overhead triceps dumbbell extension (20lb) and triceps pushdowns (15lb)!  It's only the beginning though - I'll get stronger.

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My Goals

Just found out about the $100,000 transformation challenge and I am going to begin my challenge this week.  For the past 2 years (since I got married) I have been trying to get in shape with no luck.  I've tried personal training, group classes at the gym, and Crossfit.  It has been difficult staying consistent and my poor nutrition has only made things worse.  This challenge is what I need to get my body into shape once and for all.  No excuses!  12 weeks from now I want to post great results that I am proud of.  Wish me luck!


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