People on for wrong reason?? grrrr

Everyone has their own reasons for joining and that is completely fine. I personally love seeing all the transformations and talking to people who are wanting to achieve the same as me. I just feel that "some" people which are a minority have alterior motives. Maybe Im just being abit of a prude but being in a long term relationship I dont like logging on and seeing private messages from men relating to nothing to do with fitness etc. If you get my drift.

Bodyfat calipers reading

Invested in a set of bodyfat calipers and took the 7 measurement test. Im not convinced how accurate our how well I am taking the measurements???? My scales which are meant to measure bodyfat say 25.2% but after doing alot of research people have said these arent accurate. When I did the calculation with the calipers my reading comes out at 21.15% Anyone any advice on getting an accurate and consistent reading as want to continue this each week. Thanks

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