Diuretics and cutting water? More reasons why YOU ARE NOT SMARTER THAN YOU

I hear people talk all the time about using a diuretic to lose subcutaneous water. Absolute bunk!!!!!! Water is held in a constant distribution between intracellular & extracellular space about a 70:30 ratio This is good. If you add a diruetic sure you lose some from the extracellular space, but like any chemical system you can't just push the pendulum one way and expect it not to swing back. It will also pull water from inside the cell in order to maintain the proper gradient. If you actually could change this gradient it would cause all kinds of hell. This concentration gradient is crucial for the osmolarity in the cell as well as the correct balance of ions across the cell membrane. So you lose it in the same distribution (70:30) and so all you've done is manage to lose total body water and flatten yourself out. This is bad. Anyone who tells you a diuretic will remove water ONLY from the extracellular space and not the intracellular is straight selling you nonesense, or they just don't understand physiology. It's quite simply, it's taught in basic chemistry: Le' Chatelier's Principle which states: "If a chemical system at equilibrium experiences a change in concentration, temperature, volume (ie water volume), or partial pressure, then the equilibrium shifts to counter-act the imposed change." I know that's not the sexy answer, but it's the TRUTH. Something not many people like hearing these days. Much easier to dream about a magic pill or peaking strategy. Here's a peaking strategy. GET SHREDDED. PERIOD! END OF STORY! cutting water will have a very similar effect as a diuretic. sure you'll lose some subcutaneous water, but you'll actually lose a greater proportion from the intracellular space in order to maintain the proper gradient. This is chemistry class 101. I actually remember seeing this in my AP chem class in high school where they used a semi-permeable bag with water on the inside & outside to show us. They sucked some water out of the outside of the bag (outside the cell) and sure enough. Water from inside the bag crossed the wall to the outside in order to maintain the same proportion. Again, very basic stuff here. The body is a master of homeostasis and nobody is going to 'outsmart' a million years of evolution. Well technically since the cell gradient thing has been around since single celled amoebas how about raising that to half a billion years of evolution. Ain't happenin'. Stop looking for a miracle cure to peaking properly. The only way to ensure you look shredded onstage is to... DUH get shredded and lose as much bodyfat as possible! Crazy final week protocols are the snuggie of contest prep. It's like buying the products on midnight cable. They don't work and they'll make you look stupid if you buy them. -Layne

Top 10 ways to spot a SCHMOE on bodyspace

1) Messages all the ladies in the top 6 constantly

2) Looks as if he couldn't find a weight room, much less lift anything in it

3) Constantly makes small talk with every women who will give him any attention

4) calls every girl "hon" or "babe" or "sweetie" or "insert stupid pet name here"

5) Constantly trying to get anyone in the top 6 on their 'program'

6) Constantly asked how a girls' workout went, even though it's quite obvious they have no idea what it means to workout

7) Anyone with a large amount of body hair who rubs oil on themselves and dons a G-string; wait that's not a schmoe... that's just straight up DELUSIONAL!

8) A married man who only has women as his friends and constantly makes small talk with each of them

9) Any man who uses the phrase "Keep pumping hard!"

10) Anyone who has left more than 3 comments on eurasiansurgeon's bodyspace (hey the gals in good shape but read some of those comments and tell me they aren't Schmoe worthy!"

Ok, now everyone tell me how mean I am and about how they are not schmoes they just 'admire hard work'.  Yea buddy ok.  You can admire a hard worker without leaving her 50 comments on her bodyspace per day.

And again, if you are married, then you are a piece of crap and the lowest form of Schmoe.

Carry on!

-Layne "Schmoe-less" Norton

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Married people flirting on bodyspace... more losers who need to get the f**

Ok, enough is enough people.  I get it.  You don't understand the concept of a meaningful relationship.  You also must not get the concept of marriage with all the married people on here flirting with others.  What the hell is wrong with you?  If you are so starved for attention then you need to address it with your significant other, not run around on bodyspace and talk about 'how bad do you want it?'  Give me a ****in' break people.  Maybe I am just old school and believe a vow means something, but to me that is no better than sneaking around at a bar trying to pick up someone while your partner is at home.  You people make me sick.  I guess I shouldn't be suprised, with all the pieces of crap out there, some of them had to end up on bodyspace.

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Wanna be on the front page of bodyspace... just stick your junk in front of

That's right, apparantly if you are a guy you need to stick your d*** right in front of the camera and grab it.  If you are a woman you need to mash your boobs together and put them right in front of the camera.  I mean this is BODYspace and BODYbuilding.com.  Not Cockspace or Titspace or titbuilding.com.  If you are a woman you can be sexy without shoving your boobs right in front of the camera.  Look at Ava Cowen, Chicken Tuna, Amysuds, they all are very attractive women who have very sexy pictures but disply their BODY (abs, arms, delts, etc) rather than just stuffing their boobs in front of the camera.  Kudos for understanding the actual meaning of the site ladies.

Don't even get me started on the idiots grabbing their d*** (apparantly it's the cool thing to do these days) and put an expression on their face like they are doing some kind of moan.

Am I hating?  Sure, but not because I'm jealous, I've got enough exposure, I just think it's downright stupid.

/ok done ranting :)

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Congrats Carissa!

A good friend of mine is now the top viewed profile on bodyspace!  http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/

Carissa has worked super hard to get to where she is and I'm glad to see her getting the exposure she deserves.  Everyone stop by and encourage her as she works towards her pro card this year!

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DVD now available for pre-order with check or money order

I know many people haven't ordered the DVD yet because they didn't want to use paypal... now you can still take advantage of the pre-order without using paypal.  Please send check or money order to

BioLayne LLC
PO Box 1622
Champaign, IL 61824

Make all checks payable to BioLayne LLC

$30 for US orders, $35 for international orders.

Please include a note with the address to ship the DVD to, and who the DVD is for.  Keep in mind, we assume no responsibility for addresses that are written incorrectly!  We will put down the address exactly as we have received it!

For those of you who want to use paypal, you still can!  Please send money to dvdunleashed@gmail.com via paypal.  In the note section include the address to ship the DVD to and who the DVD is for.

The pre-sale will be ending August 9th.  That is when the last shipment will be sent out.


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DVD Layne Norton Unleashed now available for pre-order!

OK guys.  Well I know many of you have been awaiting my DVD and I'm happy to report that it is finished and available for pre-order!  If you pre-order your DVD not only will you not be charged for shipping if you live in the US (if you live outside the US there will be an additional $5 fee), you will also receive a significant discount off of the retail price and your DVD cover will come to you autographed.

To place a pre-order please send $30 ($35 US Dollars for orders outside of the US) to [email]dvdunleashed@gmail.com[/email] through PayPal ([url]www.paypal.com)[/url].  In the comment section please provide your address and the name of the person that the DVD is for.  The pre-order will last for a few weeks after which time this deal will no longer be available.  If you have any questions please send them to [email]dvdunleashed@gmail.com[/email]

here is the trailer for the dvd, the DVD quality is much higher but youtube always looks worse after it's uploaded, so don't fear, it's very high quality vid.


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****ght I get it.  People like sex and sex sells.  But this is bodyspace.  Not a hooters or a chip-n-dales calendar shoot!  I understand boobs are part of figure and fitness, and hell even I appreciate a nice body but if you are into 'fitness' or on BODYspace don't you think your physique should have something other than just boobs?  Legs maybe?  Arm muscle?  Back?  And I'm not exactly sure how crotch grabbing and tilting your head back helps accentuate your muscles.  Maybe I'm just an old fogey now but I think BODYspace should be about the whole body... not just your boobs or crotch grabbing.

I shall prepare for the criticism to come!  But first... a crotch grab!

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6 weeks post surgery update

Ok got back from the doc today

He says I am healing great.  We are still touch and go though according to him, I'm still being held together by "superglue" LOL.  He said at 8 weeks post surgery I'll "start to have tissue that's worth a damn."  LOL.  So we won't be doing any loading for 2 more weeks.  BUT he did take my brace off... OH MY GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD TO MOVE!  I cannot stress how much we all take our daily functions for granted.  We really do.  Not being able to reach with your right hand, or play sports, or even hold Isabel with my right arm... it sucked.  He gave me some stretches to do and said I'm already pretty flexible compared to where he thought I might be so that's good.

I also talked to him about my leg workouts.  He said he wants to wait 2 more weeks for the safety squat bar; said he's concerned about it pressing on the tissue, so that's out for 2 more weeks; but that's ok.  He said one armed smith machine is totally fine so I'll be hammering lots of those.  I just feel so blessed that I'm pulling through this and it looks like I just might get out with nothing but a scar.  Once again; I know these things are not life and death, but I love bodybuilding and am so excited at the prospect of being able to continue to do it.  I didn't take pics today but I am going to take some tomorrow.  My right arm is down just over an inch, and my right pec is now visibly atrophied... still not as bad as I thought it would be.  But I have gained some size on my legs... I'll take it!


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Injury Update and more

Hi Everyone,
First off an update on my injury. Yesterday I went in
for another check up and this time I actually got to
speak with the surgeon. He felt around on the tear
area and was very pleased with the progress. He said
he believed I was healing ahead of schedule. He
thinks I may be back lifting heavy in around 6 months
which is great news. I also got to talk to him more
about the actual tear itself. He told me that the
lower head of my pec completely tore away from my
tendon. I had always assumed it was merely a partial
tear, but in fact I had completely separated the
tendon from the muscle! The doctor told me that he
honestly was worried that the sutures would not hold,
but now he is very encouraged because it seems to be
healing well. In his words "we're holding that thing
together with shoe laces and bubble gum man." He
wants me to keep the brace on my arm for another 3
weeks to ensure that I do not tear my sutures away.
After 3 more weeks I'll begin physical therapy and
start to get some of my function back. As you can
imagine, I am thrilled to death with how well
everything has gone. It really puts everything in
perspective when you have something you love very
nearly taken from you. Next time you think about not
wanting to do a workout or complaining about how hard
your workout is, think about how lucky you are to be
able to workout and be healthy. It's a gift and we
should all be more appreciative of it, myself

In other news: I recently entered a new abstract in
the University of Illinois Nutritional Sciences
Symposium poster competition. I won this competition
last year and so I knew it would be difficult to do it
again as Illinois is extremely competitive in the
field of nutrition. The title of my abstract I
presented was "Isonitrogenous protein sources with
different leucine contents differentially effect
translation initiation and protein synthesis in
skeletal muscle." The short of the research was we
fed subjects whey or wheat protein at 3 different
total protein levels and looked at the differences in
anabolic response to the meal (protein synthesis and
translation factor activation). We found that whey
was superior to wheat protein at stimulating protein
synthesis and translation factor activation even
though the total protein intake was the same. We also
determined that leucine content of a meal was a better
indicator of the anabolic response than total protein
content. The judges for my section were very critical
and asked me very insightful questions. I wasn't sure
how well I had done as the judges were very critical
but in the end my name was announced in first place!
Obviously I feel very honored to have won the award
twice in a row, it is really great to know that other
experts think your research is worthwhile. Hopefully
I can keep it rolling!

Until next time,

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My New Article in April Ironman Magazine

check out my latest article in the April edition of Ironman Magazine about occlusion training on page 102. Gabe and Jacob Wilson of Abcbodybuilding.com along with myself explain the science and practical application of this unique training technique. I hope you enjoy the article.

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Layne and Isabel at the Arnold Classic

Arnold Classic Update
Hi everyone,
Isabel and I will be attending this year's Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH on thursday february 28th through sunday march 2nd. We will be working with in the ************* booth alongside the other Team Scivation members. Please stop by and say hello. I hope to have copies of my DVD by then, but if not I plan on bringing photos to sign for people who want them.

I look forward to meeting many of you there!


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My article in the new Ironman Magazine

Hey Guys,

Please check out my shoulder training article in the March Issue of Ironman Magazine on page 118.  If you like the article, let them know.  Positive feedback helps keep the magazines interested in my articles.  I hope you all enjoy it, you can check out a preview of it here:  http://www.ironmanmagazine.com/articles/t/6703-shocking-shoulders.pdf


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Layne on Ultimate Radio's 'Big Nation'

Hey everyone.  On January 7th and January 14th I was interviewed on the Big Nation program on Ultimate Radio.  I discussed training, nutrition, and my thoughts on the state of Natural Bodybuilding.  Please check it out:

Link for January 7th show:


Link for January 14th show:


I hope you all enjoy it!


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My Natural Bodybuilding Fantasy Camp Experience

This past weekend Dr. Joe Klemczewski held his 2nd annual Fantasy Camp. It is only available for his clients. Included in the camp were 3 time World Champion and 2007 Team Universe MW runner up Dave Goodin (possibly the most successful natural bodybuilder of all time), 2006 World Champion Jon Harris, 2007 World Champion Jim Cordova, WNBF Pro Duke Bell, and WNBF Pro Mary Bell. Joe also invited the crew of Pro Edit (the same crew that shoots and edits my episodes of Inside the Life on bodybuilding.com) to shoot a DVD of the camp. Joe had me down so that I could conduct interviews of the pros for the DVD. It was a great time. Even though I didn't get to train with any of the guys, it was a great time. I got to see Dave again, who was one of my inspirations growing up in bodybuilding. I got to meet Jon Harris finally, who I'd known through the british bodybuilding message boards for a few years. I've known Jim for a while but he's always fun to hang out with and Duke and Mary were really cool and I can't wait to see them again. As always, hanging out with Joe is great.
What I thought was really cool about the camp was that you had 5 top pro natural athletes, 3 of which who have won world titles, as well as two of the bigger prep guys involved in natural bodybuilding and there was absolutely no display of egos at all the entire weekend. At one point in Joe's seminar I was asking him questions, as well as the rest of the pros there.
Even though I am working on my PhD and am a pro, I am not so arrogant to believe that I can't learn things from these guys. Likewise, routinely they would all be asking each other questions. Jon Harris, who lost his title to Jim Cordova last year, was actually giving Jim advice at one point and vice versa. Can you ever see Jay Cutler & Ronnie Coleman trying to give advice and help each other out? I don't think so. I thought it was a great display of sportsmanship and what bodybuilding truly should be about!

Probably the highlight of the weekend for me was hanging out with Joe, Mary, Duke, Dave, Jon, and Jim as well as the rest of Joe's clients on Saturday night. Not only did we all go out and have a great time, I realized that there was not one person at the camp that I even remotely disliked, I really enjoyed everyone there. I found myself even a little star struck, I was hanging out with 3 world champions, including arguably the most successful natural bodybuilder ever in Dave Goodin, and it was just like I was hanging out with friends I had known for years.
It was a bit surreal. At the end of the day I am still a huge fan of natural bodybuilding and it really was a great experience for me. They are all great role models and I encourage you all to get the DVD when it comes out as well as watch the episodes to get to know these guys better. In the meantime, please check out their websites...

Dr. Joe: http://www.thedietdoc.com
Dave Goodin: http://www.davegoodin.com
Jon Harris:http://www.jon-harris.net
Mary Bell: http://www.centerstagefigures.com/home/
Jim Cordova: http://www.jimcordova.com (coming soon)

Duke does not have a website, but if he ever puts one up I will let you all know!

here is a link for pictures: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=10157045&albumId=1407879

check out the pics on page two, they are from saturday night... great time.


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