BSN Hypershred Tranformation (Essay)

My journey is here is almost complete. My journey in life is not even half way over.
It has been ahas got me this far mix of emotions that  very hard, anxious, frustrating, and fuflilling journey.  Now that I am in my last week. I feel better than I have ever felt.  I am Stronger physically. My mental focus is scary.  I feel what I call “MuscleClarity” a muscle mind,  and muscle mind connection where my body tells me everything like: when to eat. what to eat, how much to eat. When to to train when to push when to hold back when to switch up my routine.  I can connect with every muscle in my body. I can feel the difference this is something that I have never been able to reach before. So, when I am working my back, I am really working the various muscles in my back more than the assisting muscles like, biceps, rear delts, shoulders.
My supplement of choice have been:
Number 1
Protein: Dymatize Iso 100, Dymatize Elite, Dymatize Fusion 7 Probiotic Myofusion, Optimum Nutrition Hydrolyzed Whey
Creatine: Beast Creature
Amino Acid: BSN Amino X
Preworkout have went long peroids without using any preworkouts. Cycle on and off,
Presurge, Craze, Juggernaut HP
Vitamins: Multivitamin, EFA (Fish Oils)
Foods Protein: Lean Chicken, Tuna, Canned Chicken, Beans, Vienna Chicken sausage
Mixed Nuts (lighty salted). Peanuts (no salt), Peanut Butter
Slow Digesting Carbs: favorite small sweet potatoes, brown rice with vegetables,
Whole wheat whole grain breads, Oatmeal no sugar
Fast Digesting Carbs: White Rice, White Breads, Pop Tarts, Cereal, Fruit Juice, Can Juice,
Low Glycemic fruits: Pears, Manadrin Orange, Grapes, Apples
Mid range Gylcemic: Oranges, Pineapple
High Glycemic Fruits: Watermelon, Mango, Papya
Fats: Peanuts, Mixed Nuts, Peanut Butter, Peanut Oil, Extra Virgin Oil
Sodium: Salted  Mixed Nuts, Lean Cuisine Dinners
Veggies: Lettuce, Mixed Vegetables, Brocolli, Spinach,
I feel the style, tempo and focus of my workouts s like no others. This is how it should be As I can had to find (and still finding new ways) to train my specific body, General guidelines still apply like don’t bounce the weights off your chest. So I use a Framework and them mold it like clay to fit myself.
In three short Months I have taken a body deflated from numerous surgeries . I took one idea and it grew every week. I Made a strong realistic and incredible transformation. Everyone who transforms themselves is a winner in my eyes. I begins with the mind. The body

Feeling Pumped Feeling good

Day after Nigght session. I woke up singing. Now thats Crazy. Will take day off today and Hit Calves Quads and Hip Flexors Tommarow.

Love this stuff. Thanks Bodypeople for your continued Support.

Front Flex Sharpness.JPG

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On the the next Night session workout 10:00-midnight

Had very late night workout session last night.
Pump was unbelievable. Never quite felt my blood vessels tingling and about to burst. Every workout has been better and better. I always plan out my workouts in advance. Putting detail and attention to the importance of every movement. My Mind Muscle Connection is at a level it has never been before. At times during this workout I could actualy feel my muscle fibers contract exactly in the region I was working them.

Can' t wait to see what the summer has in sore because I am ready to achieve all of my fitness goals and I Have alot of them.....

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(Upper Abs) Chest Delt & Triceps

Abs Chest Delt Tri

Kneeling cable pullover
Ab Roller


Wall pushups



Incline Hammer warm up 

Incline DB 2-3 sets


Flat Bench 3
Flat DB 3
Flat Side Fly 2 sets 15


Decline Hammer 3/
Cable Fly 

Decline Fly 2 sets 15

Cable Cross Station
Seated Cable


DB Lat Raise Variations


Rope Pulldowns 2-3
Dip Machine 2-3
Deline Extension
Rv. Cable 
Tricep Dips

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Day 2 week 1 Calves Obliques Quads Hip Flexors & Triceps

Well, well, well first of all this was a crazy workout doing legs takes a lot of energy not to mention doing a curcuit for obliques first. Great workout. I did get winded but not enough to stop me or slow me down. I felt I took in better braths more air to fill my lungs to more of the cacpcity,

Tommarow i will Hit Traps Back & 4arms to complete my first work week on this product.
Once again today I do not feel sluggigh even though I did take a lttle to late at night. So far I think this product for me is best taken Mid afternoon between 4-5:00pm

Check out my progress. My journey, my training notes on my website




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First day after taking Juggernaut HP Preworkout. I am going to be honest I feel fine. Usaully feel sluggish and tired the day after taking a preworkout. Probally because it caused me to push rii hard for too long.

I have a doctors appt. this morning and getting up at 7:00 am was no problem.
Pleasently suprised.

U am taking ine day off.
My next workout will be QUAD THIGHS & CALVES

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I Am Juggernaut 1st Day: Abs Chset Biceps

Yes, first day of Juggernaut HP accomplished!!!
Wow... very light and check video for amazing Chest Pump.

I will post another video of how it went to mix and taste this supplement.
I definitly had more stamina and was able too really work my muscles in a relative short time...

During my workout. I was focused and smart enough not to over do it. Alot of preworkouts we tend to have too much energy and train too long.

Check out Video and stay tuned....


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Juggernaut HP Journey/Blog 1: Introduction in HP

Here is my Previoss workout Ab Chest Bicep

I will post my 1st Juggernaut HP workout at least 1 day before the workout.
lets seee what happens........

Abs Chest Clv

Decline leg Raises 3-4
(Keep hips off bench)

Hanging straight leg 3
Standing Calf 3


Bench Press warm up

DB Flat Bench 3-4

DB Side Lying Incline Flyes 2-3
12-15 Reps

*Incline Hammer 3-4
(1-3-5 reps)

€ Upper Chest Targeting Superset

DB Incline/Incline Hammer 3x10
Drop set 2 double failure twice

Inclie side fly

£ Chest Volume Superset

Decline Bench /DB Decline 3

Most Musular Cross 2-3
10-12 reps

1-2-1-2, 2-4 2-4, 3-6 3-6 X
12 reps


DB Alt curl Warmup noo

Wide Ez Bar Curl 3

Preacher Curls 3

Hammer Curls 3

Seated DB Curls 3
(No rotation)

Reverse Ez Curl Bar 3

Concentration Curl 2-3
Hand on knee
(Elbow support)

Seated Calf 3


Juggernaut Journey/: Introduction in HP, the preworkout

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Juggernaut HP Journey/Blog 1: Introduction in HP

Just put in my order for my Infinite Labs Juggernaut HP
Pink Lemonade , 60 Servings. Like most of us I have tried many, many, many preworkout supps in the past. This will be my very first time trying this product. I will keep you updated on my progress with my workouts.

I have also ordered Dymatize Elite Fusion 7 and will be taking Dymatize Elite 100 between meals.

My first workout on this product will be Abs Chest and Biceps. A great test.
Currently, I've been doing alot of my upper chest movements nd have increases a lttle every week in strength, but notice i fatigue just a liittle fast.
I sometimes get a great pump in chest but mainly just get a descent pump .

So I will looking to see how my pump and edurance rates on this product.
As far as biceps. They get pumped pretty easy. so will see how my strenght is and if pump is even more ridiculous. I will be pushing bllodn into the muscle tryig to creat a maximum peak

I have my previous ab Chest workout thagt I will post. I will also post the workouts I perform using this product whicn will be tweaked just a little bit; the basic framework will remain the same.

Come with me on my Juggernaut Journey and I promise you wont be sorry. So now i pepare and rest my mind and body for my next 12 week journey on this brand new product.

Enjoy...I know I will.........Let me know what you think.
and any questions I will be sure to awnser..........

Juggernaut Journey 1st entry : Introduction in HP

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Sat. Feb 11 2012

Sat. Feb 11

Major Delivery

Smooth Banana

Lil nauses

1+1/2 Egg whole wheat round w/honey ham & cheese
Greeen Tea

1/2 Red grape fruit cup
Organic sugar

12:45pm Lunch: Pre work meal
Rotisserie chicken
Sweet potatoe
Small salad
(finish) water

2 Caramel quaker Cakes

Roasted Peanuts
1/2 Red Grapefruit

Rest tv chill tired

Grilled chesse on whole wheat 
Iso whey shake

5:25pm Pre-Surge

5:30pm Gym 
Ham Calves Abs

6:35pm Intra-Post shake
8:00pm Post New Creature Creatine

Didnt sweat as much

8:40pm Small PostDinner
B4 shower

3 Glucosimine Condroitin

IsoWhey Protein

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Chest Oblique

  Chest Pminor Oblique 1

 (Pec dec warm up L)
 Wide push ups

1. Smith Incline Squeeze Under nipple
   On drop sets 1/4 move then full              
    Range. L-MedHeavy

2. Decline Bench
3. Flat Bench Rolled up towel warm up
4. Incline cable fly pinky upward/mid low cable sit
5. Flat DB
6. Press - pull - fly

 Cable Crossover giant set 2-3 sets
    High to Low 
 Wide push u 
Pec dec

 Shoulder chest tie in

1.  Grasp roll shoulders foward
   [pec minor]
2. DB front raises palms in
3. One cable raise across body

 Protein 

 Obliques

1. Twists

2. Big Set 2-3 sets

. Heel touch
. Trunk rotation 

. Plank
. Side Plank

Trunk Sled

 Protein 

3. Cable Twists

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