I feel Proud! :)

100_3141.JPGWhen i recommitted myself to fitness In January of 2010 My waist was an even 30" it is now 25.5" my weight was 133lbs and now I am 115.4!! I am just really darn proud of that! And I am showing muscle definition. I have done it slow, and although i used to wish i had listened to this person or that person in the beginning cause i could have made quicker progress, I am glad that i have taken it slow. I developed eating habits that keep me in good condition even when life interrupts my workout routine. I don't find that i really struggle with a good diet anymore. I have learned alot in this 2.5 years and made the most wonderful friends! :) Have SAVAGE Day!!! Mwah!!!

I am 46 years old and this is "MY BEGINNING"

I think as women, we spend our entire life tending to those around us; our children, husband, parents, etc. One day I seemed to just wake up SAD and LOST! Who am I? What do I enjoy doing? I honestly don’t remember. I use to be so outgoing, what happened?

The children are grown….Yes I went through the empty nest thing, cried, all that stuff you read about. But I am over it!! I enjoy the adult relationship that I now have with my children and my beautiful granddaughter. I enjoy the time that my husband and I now have together. But I still feel somewhat empty. I need to find myself again!

After a temporary separation from my husband In 2009 He helped me to set my gym up at home and I started January 1, 2010!! I have been totally recommitted to my fitness for eighteen months now and although I have had hurdles to jump, I am pleased with the results. I have a long way to go!!! It is so mental!! I have had so many discouraging setbacks or what I perceived to be setbacks! My husband tells me, I see the changes, you are doing well!! I realized one day as the words rolled off my tongue and I saw the look on my husband’s face!! I said; did I just not realize how bad it had gotten? I knew then and there that I had just answered myself!!! Although I looked in the mirror, I did not see just how badly out of shape my body had gotten!! I told myself that this would be a new way of life for me and the only way I would stick to a regular exercise program and a healthy diet was to approach it as realistic as I could. That is….to accept that the changes would come slow because my intention is to form new habits. I did not get this way overnight and I would not fix it overnight. I do not eat anything that I do not enjoy! I do not do exercises that I know my back cannot handle!!! I do not work out instead of spending much needed quality time with my husband!! I do not workout instead of getting my granddaughter!! I keep my family commitments but I now demand the respect from family to have MY time just as they have their time! And although it has not been easy, it is getting better all the time. I have a wonderful husband and wonderful children and I want to be around a long time to enjoy them. A wife, mother or grandmother cannot be what she needs to be to her family if she does not first take care of herself!!! I believe this with all my heart! I now BELIEVE that I too deserve to be happy and to feel good.

I wish for all women to step back and take a good look at your life! Ask yourself if you are taking care of yourself! If you are NOT! Start today!!! You are never too old to look good and feel good!!

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Slow but Steady

Well my body fat is slowly coming down and i can see progress in my arms, but i swear i still feel fat!!!! My lower body takes so much longer to show progress and although it has only been a few weeks since i started, I want to see more weight coming off! I need to be stricter on my diet, but i have made so many changes to my diet that i have stuck too even though it is far from perfect, i guess i felt like i would see more progress by now. It doesnt help that although i love the weights and do not miss a beat, I HATE cardio!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Brother writes, "I havent seen a blog from you lately"!!

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Greg:  Hey, what's the latest? I haven't seen a blog from you lately. I'm interested in your daily diary, so to speak. I want you writing more regularly, sis. It helps to motivate the rest of us. Love you, Greg

Me:  Your right brother and i intend to, but i am a moody kinda writer. I cant write on a daily basis but i will make up for it!! I was just thinking that very thing, its time to write........ and that time will be in the morning, so stay tuned!!!lol!!!! Thanks for your blogs and the others that inspire so many of us, i dont think im the inspiration to many at this point, i need to much motivation from my piers right now, I dont feel adequate at this point, i need to start showing a little change and i will feel better!!! Know what i mean. I had a good upper body work out this evening and a good ab routine! I bought me a new set of dumbells and some gloves and i am lifting heavy and that feels good. My lower body is mainly running on alot of squats and lunges and abductor routines. But although i dont have weights for my legs yet i am feeling good about what i am doing at this early stage. Wont be long and i will need some weights! sooooo on that note i will bid you good night!!! hmmmmmm.......... I think i just wrote my blog!!!lol!!!

Greg:  Yep! You just wrote your first blog. :-) That's all you need to do...you don't need to show results to start writing...you just need to tell about your day/workout/etc. Not every day but just from time to time. It helps everyone (including me) to hear about the good and the bad that goes along with what we're doing so don't think that you have to have made a visible improvement before you write. I'm glad to hear that you got your dumbells. Love you, Greg

Me:  Thank you, but now if you remember i have already written 4 blogs! this will be number 5! Yeah i like my new weights, much heavier and makes such a difference. Got my gloves too!!lol!!! love you, Sharla

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Work with what you have!!!

I do not own the free weights, bench and bar that i need at this time but i am working on it!! i also dont know where im gonna put it, but i will put it somewhere!! In the mean time im  doing the Slim in 6 program with Debbie Siebers and Cardio everyday!! I have an awesome set of dvds that have given me great results in the past, although i get very bored with it! I love free weights and can not wait to get my stuff!!! But until then..... "Work with what you have!!!!!"

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Day 2

Wow! i feel so bloated today! I ate right and did an hour of cardio and worked abs, and i feel like ive gained 20 pounds! I think im not use to really eating like this and this often. It will get better! Will hit it again tomorrow! I am soooooooo NOT wanting to get on the scale!!! I know its in my head, but i know the weight will be up as it should if im gaining muscle but im ready to drop some fat too!!

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Day 1

Well i started my workout today. It went well but i am reminded how out of shape i have gotten while trying to last only 30 min. on the treadmill.  Starting slow so that i dont over do it! Feels good to have made the appointment with myself and kept it! I will work out some more this evening, i am breaking it up, my stamina is not the best right now, but i usually recover quickly. I should be going at full swing by the end of the week!

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Looking forward to a new beginning!

I have always enjoyed working out, but go in and out of shape continually due to a lack of motivation i guess but mostly, i think i allow friends and family to dictate my schedule, therefore making it hard to commit to a schedule. The last fitness period ended in December of 2007 and i was looking so good and just let it go. Once i let it go i became very discouraged.  Now when i say let go, i am referring to being out of shape but not over weight more than 5-8 pounds, which is where i am now. I look forward to getting started again and hope that with the help of friends, i can stay motivated and on top of my game!! I will be 45 in January and i would like to feel good about it!!! Sooooo......... here i go!!!

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