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Final Essay


Determination. Dedication. Discipline. These three D’s is what is needed to make positive changes of any kind. If one of these aspects is not present, then your final results might not be as you hoped and pictured. There are no breaks, every minute and second counts towards your goal and once you lose focus, once you slip, it might be all over. That is the mentality and philosophy I followed during this 12 week challenge. I made my commitment and I recorded my goal in the beginning with the intention to never lose focus on it.


In order to keep focus in what I wanted to accomplish I had to maintain the belief that my training style and my dieting was going to produce results. I was determined to make every step of cardio, every weight I lifted, and every bit of food I consumed mean something towards making the positive change I desired. Even when I produced weekly results that did not meet my expectations, I needed to be determined to find the answer to my problems quickly so I can stay on the track toward my ultimate goal.


Making the right weekly changes is an essential part in completing a long term challenge. After my first two weeks of the challenge I lost a total of 7 pounds which did not have me excited one bit. I had looked a lot slimmer and flatter but I had lost mostly muscle as well. This was not what I had envisioned at the start of my plan but I chose to put it behind me and figure out what I did wrong. I decreased the amount of total cardio per week and increased my total calories so my weight loss would even out. I also started on the transition to adding an extra meal in my day because I thought I was eating too much in my meals and I was feeling full very often.


So once I saw the results those changes made to my body, I was dedicated. I knew that I was on the right track to succeed. I also knew that it was still a long road ahead of me with many bumps in my way, but I had to maneuver past them. My 4 week results made me very happy and they were the first set of before and after pictures I sent out to family and close friends. I wanted feedback but from only the people I knew would give me the right feedback. I wanted positive feedback with constructive and honest criticism so I could continue to improve.


Improving every week became the added fuel to my fire. I was seeing results in pictures as well as in the weight room every week. My diet (Example will be displayed below) consisted of about 300g of protein, 75-140g of carbs, and about 60g of fats each day. I maintained a very high protein diet to keep my calories at the right amount (around 2300-2400) and to promote as much muscle gain as possible during my cut. Muscle gain was the biggest surprise I had throughout this 12 week challenge. Most of the dieting and cutting articles I read denied the fact of any muscle gain during a fat loss protocol. I am proof of a program that worked to not only drop my body fat from 15% to 8.5% but increase my muscle size and strength in most exercises as well.


Discipline became second nature to me once results became frequent and I loved every second of not eating any cheat meals, not going out on the weekends to drink, not skipping out on any meal through any day, and making sure I was training at a high level every day I worked out. I loved being so discipline because I knew that I was going to make the right changes to my body and the right changes would come even quicker! I was sold on my diet, sold on my training routine (example displayed below), sold on not letting any negativity push me off my track of succeeding, I was Determined, Dedicated, and Disciplined.


I thank my friends and family for the positive feedback that continued to motivate me to reach my goal, I thank Bodybuilding.com for all the knowledge I gained throughout this process, and I hope that this can become more for me than just a challenge. I have decided to use this as my final project for my master’s degree and I have also begun to help others transform utilizing my knowledge and experience as well. I love the feeling of improving yourself and I will continue to make myself better in every way I can.

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Example Meal Plan:






















My Halfway Blog Entry

Reflection of myself and my routine:

 - Weeks 1-2 -

Start weight: 195

End weight: 188

First of all I have to admit that I wish I had these two weeks back. I calculated my calories completely wrong and shouldve done more research before hand. I was eating about 2k calories a day, lifting 5x a week, and i estimated around 200 total minutes of cardio per week. 7lbs loss in two week, which i was ignorantly shocked about and not happy. I realized that I need a lot more cals in my diet, even on a cut, which then made me realize that I was bulking at such a low intake for the previous 4 months. Was not a happy person after week 2 was finished.

None the less I made my changes: Increased total calories to 2400 per day, left my strength training the same, and decreased my cardio.

I would rate myself a 6/10 for these two weeks because of the fact that I felt great throughout the weeks and killed it in the gym. Even though my nutrition was not enough, I was eating the right foods for the most part.


- Weeks 3-4 -

Start weight: 188

End weight: 185

Awesome two weeks! This is when I started to show my results. I loved the way I was feeling all day everyday, My weights were increasing in the weightroom, cardio was getting a lot easier, and I only lost 3 pounds! Felt great about myself and realized that if I could continue this I would reach my goals.

I tested BF% for the first time because I was able to get my hands on a pair of high quality calipers. 13.2% was my bf. I was seeing my upper abs coming in great, which I knew would come first anyway.

I had to deal with many bumps because of weekend traveling for work. I managed to stay disciplined and healthy by bringing as much of my own food as i could and continued to track everything I ate. Even if it was an estimate I still tracked it so I could make sure I was around where I wanted to be. Very proud of these two weeks!

Rating: 9/10


- Weeks 5-6 -

Start weight: 185

End weight: 181

Very good continuation of the previous two weeks. Strength is still increasing and I am showing even more results. My serratus muscles are very visible now as well as my upper abs. BF% decreased to 12% after week 5 which puts me at a rate to reach my goal of 9% 2 weeks before the contest is over! I feel stronger and feel like i have gained size as well.

I decided to take body measurements and was very pleased to see that everything increased atleast an inch besides my waist which decreased 2 inches. This moves to me that my protein intake combined with the rest of my diet is definitely working for my to keep muscle and lose fat.

I lost 4lbs this week because I went to florida one weekend for work and was not able to eat anywhere close to the amount I needed because of my 17 hour days. Letting those thoughts get out of my mind and focusing on my goal is whats helping me push through adversity.

One change I am going to make for the second half of this challenge is increasing my calorie intake enough to allow me to only lose around 1lb per week. I am constantly on BodyBuilding.com reading articles upon articles about training and dieting and they for sure help a tremendous amount.

Rating: 9/10


Overall rating for first 6 weeks: 8/10 - If only I knew what I knew now during the first two weeks..


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