Entry for 12 Week Transformation Contests... I MADE IT! Check out my transformation!

I did it! I can't believe it! This officially goes down as the hardest thing I have ever done in my life...not completing the 12 weeks.. but completely changing my lifestyle of overeating, drinking, and eating terribly unhealthy.

My journey began at a time of great stress in my life. I was sweating what my next steps were, occupational changes, possible relocation, money issues, etc etc. I decided I needed something positive to focus myself on. I have always ordered my supplements from bodybuilding.com. I began doing so in high school and have always lifted, but never understood the importance of clean eating. I was like most, I'd eat healthy sometimes and gorge myself when out with friends or feeling cravings. I THOUGHT that was healthy.

In searching for the positivity to focus myself to I decided to try and lose some weight. I began scavenging the BB workout plans and stumbled onto Kris Gethin's hardcore trainer. I saw his results and was immediately overwhelmed with motivation. I told my fiance "I'm doing this. I'm going to get into magazine shape!". From there the rest was history. I vowed to follow the nutrition EXACTLY as outlined with NO exceptions and did so with success. I followed the supp plan perfectly as well, but had to exclude Vitargo strictly because the cost of supplements was very substantial for his program (spent about $900 for the whole 12 weeks...maybe more). Thank goodness for BB.com or it would've been nearly double that! I pushed myself as much as possible in the weightroom, began pushing legs harder than I ever have, and ate cleaner and more frequently than I could've imagined! I was a machine for this thing. Traveling for business, pleasure, going to see family, Easter holidays... it didn't matter...I packed my meals, got in my workouts and cardio, and completely changed my life! I would go into more detail on the workout plan but I feel it unnecessary as you can get EXACTLY what I did by following Kris's plan. One thing I DID add was Walden Farm products and sugarfree chewing gum. The Walden Farms stuff is basically a line of artificial condiments. They are 0 cal, carb, fat, sugar,...ZERO EVERYTHING except sodium! And they all taste great! It's nice being able to add a chocolate syrup or pancake syrup that is LITERALLY guilt free. They even have caramel, marshmellow cream, ranch, and TONS of other stuff. 

 In an attempt to avoid this being unnecessarily lengthy I will conclude with the following:

This has been the best experience of my life. I really hope I win one of the transformation contests I've entered as I think this would be the ULTIMATE congratulatory acknowledgement for my hard work, but more than that I hope that my results are inspirational to others..because I am just a NORMAL guy with no modeling, competitions, or anything of the sort under my belt. I just made a decision and quit making excuses. YOU control your future and the body that you live it in. TAKE CONTROL! I did..now it's your turn. GET TO IT!!!

Late in Week 11 - Kris Gethin's 12 week hardcore trainer

It's been a tough week! All the DTP workouts don't have anything on managing the stress of buying a home! I have done well in not letting my stress raise cortisol levels. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for sure! I have a tremendous amount of new definition in my legs and am definitely confident I will obtain the results I want!

Only 8 more days!!!!! 

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Mid-Week 10 - Kris Gethin's 12 week hardcore trainer

Well... time for another rant that may fall upon deaf or no ears at all...but hopefully after my transformation people can follow these to help them through this!

I just relocated with my fiancé which was VERY stressful on my body at this stage of the transformation, but I was able to get all of my meals and workouts in. I contacted a nearby highschool coach and established a new workout location which is BEYOND sick. It's pretty much just like a MetroFlex. All the equipment I could need but old and dirty and heavily used. It just feels like a place that is made for carving physique out of stone...at least for me it is.

All is going well...bf % and weight is still on the downhill and my contest is in 16 days! If things stay at this rate I should be in the condition I was hoping to finish with. I wanted 6% but it's looking like I may end up closer to 7.... I'm really going to push the intensity over the next 2 weeks and make sure that I can get as much off as possible. Who knows...I cut creatine on Monday and will be stopping salts soon which should get rid of a lot of water and hopefully surprise me with the bf% figures!

Anyhow...things are going great and I'm on track to finish! Sure I hope it's dramatic enough of a transformation to win one of the 10k challenges or the 100k!!!! That'd be the ULTIMATE reward for the work ;)


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Week 9 - Kris Gethin's 12 week hardcore trainer

And week 9 is off! Trying to keep my mind right is getting more and more difficult. I have been packing up to move and it's straying my focus but I'm doing all I can to keep my mind on my goals. I feel slow mentally and have been doing some weird things due to the diet...haha. Oh well. Nothing great is free! Today is an off day so I think I'll kick back this evening for a little R & R after my cardio. Yesterday was brutal on cravings. Every commercial on TV was pizza or subway or something else that I miss. I am trying to train myself to ignore that stuff because even after this transformation it can not become a regular part of my diet.

 Anyhow, things are still going strong and I'm loving my body! Can't wait to see what I look like at the end of this thing! Get off your ass and push some weight! Quit eating that unhealthy stuff and put in the work to achieve your goals!


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Mid-Week 8 - Kris Gethin's 12 week hardcore trainer

Okay..just got back from another AWESOME work trip...I had to squeeze in one of my workouts at my old cheap-o school gym but I made that leg workout happen! I packed enough food to manage for the 4 days I was gone and kept to the plan perfectly. I must admit that I missed a couple of cardio sessions..but I was getting about 4 hours of sleep every night so I figure that an ACTIVE 20 hour day compensated. We'll see on the scales!

All in all I feel great. Being a normally sharp and intelligent individual, I am REALLY starting to see my mind dulling. It's okay though! Only 31 more days and I can start feeding it the fats it needs!

To anyone reading these...quit making excuses and start making results. Nothing great is free or easy..it takes hard work and dedication. There are no shortcuts. There is no magic pill. Get off your ass and do some WORK!!


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Week 7 - Kris Gethin's 12 week hardcore trainer

Well it's the beginning of another week...but not just any week..I'VE PASSED THE HALFWAY MARK!!! I can't believe I'm halfway and already down to 10% bf! It's one thing to set a goal, but seeing it come perfectly into fruition due to your insane dedication and pushing your body to the max is the most satisfying feeling of accomplishment possible. Shad has me talked into competing in a NPC Men's Physique contest. I will be doing so in Austin at the Texas Shredder event 2 days before the last day of my transformation. Who would've EVER thought that I, Eric Lewis, would be on stage in a bb competition!? I have always been lifting weights and trying to stay fit, but never at this level of dedication. I'm a lifelonger now. This is how I want to be the rest of my life. My newest reliefs on the food are Jamie Eason's turkey/chicken muffins and her homemade protein bars (which are more like cake!). You still can't over eat on them (DER) but the flavor is EXCELLENT. Especially the chicken muffins. It's so nice to break up that bland chicken! My fiancé has moved ahead of me to our new location so I am here alone for a month. I will not let this get me down though. I'll now be traveling once a week for the remainder of the program so this will definitely stress me, but I'll keep packing meals and push through like I have thus far.

Anyhow, I don't know if anyone reads these, but if you do...you can do this! It's not that hard really. You just have to see the results you want..and take them. Don't wait on a shortcut or easy way out...just do what you've got to do and make your life the best it can be...after all..it is YOUR life!  It's only 3 months! I'm at the halfway mark and I have completely adapted to this style of eating. I don't have to fight cravings anymore and really am not bothered by the bad food others eat around me. I have all of the restaurants I go to thinking I'm crazy or diabetic from my strict orders, but I will not falter! I can't wait to compete this April! I want to win! I'm going to win.


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End of Week 5 - Kris Gethin's 12 week hardcore trainer

Welp...finished up week 5..still haven't faltered. I have had some serious mental struggles this week staying on track. Friends having bday parties and stress from trying to relocate and purchase a home are definitely bad combos for healthy and motivated living! Anyhow, I pushed through and gave my workouts everything I had in the tank and then some. I feel very accomplished now and getting through this week is very motivating for next week! Shadrac added me as one of his inspirations..that meant a lot and really gave me a shove of momentum. Overall, still doing great, results are extremely obvious in the mirror, and my friends are starting to notice. I CAN'T WAIT for to see how I look at the end of this thing! Weigh in bright and early mañana!!


My fiance made some of the Jamie Eason chicken muffins...holy crap they're amazing! Definitely a way to give your mind a psych out "cheat" every once and a while! 

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Week 4 - Kris Gethin's 12 week hardcore trainer

Well...just finished up week 4. The 3x85 leg press superset with 3x20 squats was a killer! Finished strong though. I still have not missed a beat on workouts or diet and the results are definitely there. I am already about to surpass the previous "best shape of my life" point and I'm only a 3rd of the way! I have had to travel a couple of times which has really put stress on me but I've packed my foods and held perfect to the plan. I'm not going to quit! Not really a fan of 4 and 5 am workouts but I gotta get them in. Shadrac has really been a factor in keeping me going. He's the only person that's really jumped in and encouraged thus far...we've definitely been slinging some motivation back and forth though! I travel again tomorrow...oh well..gotta stay on it!

I found a grouping of AMAZING products. They make all condiments and even peanut butter and chocolate alternatives that taste AWESOME! Best part...they're all completely carb, cal, fat, sugar,...basically EVERYTHING free! That's right...NADA! Check out www.waldenfarms.com! They have dressings, pasta sauces, mayo, ketchup, BBQ sauce...you name it! It really helps with the food since it's getting so darn bland now! I still use sparingly to minimize sodium intake (which is the only thing nutritionally these products have in them) but they help SOOOO much. Check them out! You won't regret it. 

I bought Body by Design today to start getting mentally prepped to continue this lifestyle change past my transformation. The 12 week videos are sometimes the only thing that keep me going. Thank you for changing my life, Kris Gethin. You have taught me how to FINALLY eat clean and live a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully I will win this 100k challenge and get to meet you in person!

I will not falter. I will push myself further than everyone else. I will not fail. Week 5...bring it. 

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Week 2 - Kris Gethin's 12 week hardcore trainer

Okie doke...

Going into week 2 Day 8 and still feeling great. This workout is pushing me mentally and I'm loving the challenge. Dropped over 8 pounds in the first week! Good but I'm increasing my protein portion a little to offset the rapid loss. I'll probably be weighing every morning to make sure I'm not taking in too much. I really just want to ensure that I'm adding muscle as well as burning fat. Keep focused...it's only been a week. The results will really show in a couple more (talking to self). I was happy with my progress pics..could really see a difference in my lower back. I need to really go heavy on my shoulders and traps when those workouts come up. I am LOVING going to failure on everything! Absolute body shock. Energy and morale are great still. Week 2...bring it, bitch.


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Week 1 - Kris Gethin's 12 week hardcore trainer

Starting day 2 and things are going great. My fiance is a tiny one. She cheered in college and has since stopped working out. We are doing this transformation together. I must say it's nice having support within the home for once! She is having the same diet with the same portions as myself and I'm tossing fat in here and there for here only. All in all I'm still at a 10 as far as motivation goes. I've already quit missing the taste of food, but I know that the cravings will come soon. I will not cheat this thing. I WILL be in magazine shape! Anyone out there doing this feel free to throw me some comments. Especially if you're a few weeks in and doing it legit. I'm so eager to see how this goes! I want to see some PERFECT results for encouragement! Eric

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