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My Take On Clean Eating

So,what can I say about clean eating?Well not a lot I guess since it is something that I am still struggling with throughout a couple of weeks even though I purchased the Nutribullet mixer.I have been using it for about a month now while doing this and so far I have had mixed results while trying to eat clean.My stomach hasn't gone down but I have felt a bit more energetic and my bowel movements have improved a bit.I will have to try it out for a few more weeks before I get any permanent results or will feel any more weight coming off of my stomach because that is where my main concern is.From some of the progress pictures I have been putting up on this site,my stomach is still showing that I haven't really lost a whole lot of fat on there.My other body parts are ****ght but my stomach hasn't really gone down.Maybe it has to do with the extra food that I have been eating at work.That could have something to do with it.Or it could me my age since I am in my 40s and in that decade the metabolism tends to go down with age.

But I just want to talk a bit about clean eating since this is the entry that I am doing for this month.I read some stuff about this in the Calgary Herald a couple of weeks ago where it talked about this topic and I have to say the article was good.It talked about the advantages of clean eating and what it can do for your body.It also talked about the disadvantages too which I will try to explain here.The disadvantage I can think of has to do with the lack of discipline.People cannot discipline themselves enough to stick with it due to the temptations they sometimes find themselves in.Like for myself,even though I bring some fruits and a smoothie to work with me I am still tempted by the junk food I see around me and eat it along with my fruit and that sort of ruins my diet for the day.Another disadvantage I would have to say is that a person may just focus on certain foods and forget about eating other types of good foods which may have more vitamins,minerals and other nutrients the body need to sustain itself.So as you can see here,clean eating is a double edge sword for some people since they will be missing some key elements in their diet.

But I will try out this clean eating in moderation since I really don't want to give up my favorite foods but of course I will enjoy my favorite foods in moderation just so I can lose the weight that I have and the scale will start moving but I will try and avoid the scale as much as possible and focus on the result of my progress pics and go from there since  the scale doesn't always present the true picture of health.

See you next month. 

Black Bodybuilders

So,what can I talk about for this month since it is the beginning of an almost spring season?Well I know that Black History Month has ended and I am late with this entry but I just couldn't help but talk about this issue which has been lingering inside my head for sometime.It has to do with black fitness stars and bodybuilders,both men and women stars of color but especially the women since I don't see them in the bodybuilding and fitness magazines a whole lot.I would think that North America a diverse continent as it is and bodybuilding a diverse sport that it is,the magazines would show a lot more diversity regarding how they portray its stars.But on the front covers of most magazines all I am seeing are white male and female competitors and not a whole lot of blacks which leaves me to think that bodybuilding and fitness are not as diverse as we make to believe.There are a lot of good bodybuilders and fitness stars of color which I can name but there are probably too many of them to list on this entry with the time limit I have.

I would hope in the future to see more of the likes of Lee Haney,Lenda Murray,Robby Robinson,Vicky Gates and other like them to grace the covers of Muscle & Fitness,MF Hers,Oxygen Magazine,Men's Fitness and other publications but those stars have retired.So I am looking for more people of color who can set an example to the young black men and women to look after their health and have great bodies.I didn't want to say this but I overheard on some radio show of Robby Robinson said about Arnold Schwarzenegger and to some comment he made about black bodybuilders or athletes and it was racist in a way but I don't want to go into details and it was surprising to me that Schwarzenegger would say things like that because I thought that he was a tolerant competitor when he competed back in the 1960s but I guess I was wrong.This tells me that there is still a whole lot of racism in the bodybuilding and fitness industry since most companies that sponsor these competitions are owned by white men and women.There isn't a whole lot of black ownership in this sports just like in professional sports leagues that are played in America.

In finishing,I would like to see more diversity in this industry and in most bodybuilding media and also to see black bodybuilders,both male and female make their own fitness media so they can feature a lot more fitness competitors of color.  

See you next month.  

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Olympics And Other Distractions

Another month has come to us once again and I will just get the ball rolling here on this February.As you all know,it's Olympic month and I know that most of you will be watching this event or at least distracting yourself with it.So I will make this short as much as possible.And I have to say that the Olympics are a distraction because in a way it is an escape from something which we don't like or something we don't have in our lives.I admit I use it as an escape from my life too.And this is what I want to talk about this month:distractions.Now I admit,I don't know a whole lot about the topic but I will try to do all I can to explain myself and use the Olympics or any sporting event as an example. 

The Olympics I find are a distraction along with the Super Bowl and other sporting events that are watched on TV because they just provide escapes from our lives since we in a psychological way want to relate to the athletes since we in the past never really had the chance to participate in any sport when we were younger.Or they are used to distract ourselves from actually doing something for ourselves.I am thinking that maybe deep down that myself or others want to compete in the events we watch and want to be admired and respected by the public.Another words,we want to become Olympians ourselves and use these athletes as barometers for our dreams and at times are never satisfied with the lives we have and the bodies we have.Which is good in a way.

But I would say that in a way it's not very good because when we do that we sort of just get ourselves into a passive phase since when we watch these athletes on TV or our computers we aren't really doing anything with our bodies and in some cases our minds because these athletes are doing everything for us by performing while we never perform or participate in these sporting events.Of course with the Olympics,it isn't really sport due to the sponsorship that it gets from these big corporations and maybe the government because I think that our tax money supports some of this stuff but I am not sure if that's true.

But overall,I think that we would be better off finding ways to exercise and keeping fit during this so called Winter Olympic season and not distract ourselves watching others participate or perform for us due to the passivity it creates within us but I know that this won't happen with me or anyone else because the temptation is too great.

See you next month.  

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My Take On Social Media

Hello to you all!!I hope you had a great New Year's Eve and just waiting to kick it up a notch in the New Year.I know that I am just here writing earlier than expected but I figured that I would start off the New Year with a blog entry.And with this entry I will start off by writing a bit of a response to an article I read on this website.It has to do with social media and the way it has been perceived and how it's misuse can cause a whole lot of problems.Or maybe not since I don't know a whole lot about social media even though I use it a lot and in a way have become addicted to it.

Anyway,how do I begin this blog entry?Well I will say that social media has affected us in a big way.It has helped us connect with friends,families and people from our cities in North America and around the world.It has even made ordinary people into big stars as in Justin Bieber and Susan Boyle.It has even helped in communication in a way.So I have to give my regards to these things that social media has done for the world.But there are things that I have to say about social media which to me has a negative impact on us people.First off,I must say that it has become very addictive to the point that we use it as a tool for escape from real life.It has also been used as a tool for connecting with friends or people who we may never talk to or see in real life.Then I have to say too that social media in a way is just like other media outlets which people can pretend to be whatever they want to be.Just like the actors we see in the movies and television.They can play parts and people who aren't really there nor exist in real life. Another words,social media like the original media isn't real life especially if they are dominated and controlled by corporate media.Now I think in a way that corporate or mainstream media has monopolized the internet and social media in a way that it distorts and shapes our perceptions in a way that we appear a lot bigger than we seem to be in life. It is like we develop a narcissistic personality thinking that the world is paying attention to us but in reality they don't really care about us but we think they do when we put ourselves in social media and compare our lives to these celebrities in the media.But if you look at it from a realistic standpoint,most celebrities who are in social media aren't really on social media putting all of their content out.Most times they have their public relations people put out their stuff on these social networking sites.So,these celebrities don't care whether or not you are on social media and this is the mistake that we make when we become addicted to social media.

Well,that is all for now this month and the New Year.I thought that I would just get that off my chest since reading that article on this site really gave me some insight as to what social media is all about.I think social media should be used for communication and for getting information and not trying to elevate ourselves to celebrity status.I know,I am guilty of this myself but in the end when the day is finished,I begin to find out that people won't care about you in real life.Happy New Year and see you next month.  

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Fitness Report

So,how do I start this entry on the last month of 2013?Well it was nice of me in getting this BodySpace page off to a good start since getting the equipment that I needed to make this somewhat of a success.Before when I started on this site all I did was just type in numbers and write blog entries but now since getting a webcam and a camera I made this page more livelier than ever before by putting some videos on here and putting my gallery and progress pictures and I have seen that I have made some progress.Now if I can only find a way to move the scale then I will be fine because for the last couple of weeks I haven't been able to do that and that in a way is bothering me.But from what I have seen in the pictures I have made some progress and next year in the New Year I am not going to stop because I feel that health and fitness are a journey and not a destination. There is a lot more to fitness than what is seen in the bodybuilding and fitness magazines.

I think that fitness overall has to do with your physical,mental,emotional and spiritual health which are often kept apart by most people when it comes to working out.But I think that they should be combined together when it comes to determining your health.Especially your mental health which is often the most neglected because without mental health everything else just falls apart and then the whole body becomes imbalanced.It's really amazing to me that nobody talks about mental health these days nor do they talk about emotional or spiritual health and those things beat out physical health anytime of the day.Of course your physical health is important since you don't want to get sick which doesn't help either.But I think that so often our health care system in North America overlook mental health and that's pretty sad to me.

But getting back to the topic of BodySpace and fitness and in closing out this blog entry for the year,I will start posting more pictures of myself if I have the time and start putting out more videos of myself or more video vlog entries in the upcoming new year just so that all of you can get a glimpse of how my fitness is coming along.That is,if time permits me.

That's it for now.Have yourselves a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.See you all in the New Year.  

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Thinking About Where I Will Be Next Year

Well,I am back again for this month and I must say that we are getting closer to the end of 2013 and Christmas is just around the corner.But I will do another blog entry next month closing out 2013 and heading off to the new year.Now I don't know what is going to happen next year nor will I know where I will be in the upcoming year since I probably will be spending more time in either British Columbia or Ghana since the people there have it as a goal for me in becoming some chief even though I have no desire to live there.Of course I can always go for the USA or just stay put in here in Canada.I really don't know where I will be from now.I love all three countries:Ghana,USA and Canada and I will always be a part of them and they will always be a part of my life.

But what I would really like is becoming a traveler to other places in the world such as Latin America and Asia since there are a lot things to do and see in those regions.I would like especially to go to Brazil and Colombia maybe even Mexico since I am drawn more to the Latin culture than both the Asian and African culture put together.Mexico would be nice to go to but everyone goes to Mexico for fun or leisure and Mexico is probably saturated with a whole lot of Americanism or something like that since most Canadians and Americans go there for vacations.Never to Brazil and Colombia since Mexico is closer to both Canada and the United States.

But making this entry short.The point I want to make is that every person should make an opportunity to travel to different places.Traveling is a great stress reliever and an educational opportunity because you get to learn about different cultures and how people live and behave towards one another.Often we get our perceptions about other people from the media and other outlets which often give us a skewed view as to how people act or behave.Another words we develop biases,prejudices and stereotypes about people in our minds which to me is very bad.Staying in the same area won't help us learn about different people even though we live in North America and let immigrants into the continent.

Well,that is all for now.I will back for a final entry for 2013 and then I will wait next year to do an entry in the New Year. See you next month.  

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Now that I put enough pictures on here and I will post some more pictures of my progress.But it's this month again for another monthly blog entry for this October and I would like to start things off by saying that I am sort of controlled by some awful peer pressure of some sort.I don't know why I am saying this since I am a person and I am an adult in a way.But it just seems in a way that I am being controlled by friends and family members who want me to be this person or to stick with some cultural traditions that I am not fond of and that I disagree with.Like yesterday I was having a talk with a family member about running a business in a particular country and I sort of kept the thoughts to myself since I didn't want to upset him.I was thinking of running a business in another country which is different from my country of origin.I thought that people these days were open minded in a way with regards to different cultures and people but I guess I was wrong.Even I am guilty of this myself because me being an North American since I was born and raised in this continent and seeing myself as an North American and yet having these feelings of terror in having to go to Africa to visit and having to live there.I know this sounds crazy but that is what I feel at times when I go to Africa.The people there see me as them but I don't really see it that way.I see myself as a North American even though the people here don't see me that way. 

Just so many things about this issue I am thinking about.I was thinking and asking myself as to why people here don't see me as an North American?A North American is seen as some sort of white person travelling around the world and seeing certain sites in a particular country.I am not being racist or anything I am just telling you things that I observe.Yet,I have never seen any black person going to any country or continent with the exception of Africa.I wonder why that is?Well,I will never know since this is all very confusing to me.

But let's us get into something which makes sense to me.I fell off a bit with regards to the dieting since I ate some candy last night while I was working.I would have to say that when I go in to weight myself today when I finish this entry,I probably would have gained a pound or two even though I spent a whole lot of time doing cardio and weights.Hopefully this isn't the case because according to the pictures that I have been uploading on this site and my blog,I have made some serious progress and I am not going to stop.Of course I won't be able to get the physique to compete in a bodybuilding/physique contest,but it does serve as a reminder that with a bit to hard work and good nutrition,any body can be made.

Well,that's all for this month on the rant.See you in November.  

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Thinking About This Year End

Well,another month has come to us once again and I am just sitting here wondering what happened throughout this year since I am still pretty much in the same place and my mental processes is in a fog right now.But I will try and get this out as much as possible.I am just wondering what will happen next year because as I write this entry I am caught in this moment thinking about where this year has gone.2013 is just about over and I am trying to process this moment.Do you ever get caught in this time moment where you are doing so much and then you realize that the year has come and gone without really processing it?Well,that is what has happened to me.I have been working so much that I haven't been able to take the time to process this whole year and event.I haven't accomplished the goal in finding a better job even though I did manage to land just one interview in the spring.I guess it is a start in the right direction and a sign that maybe I may have to upgrade my interviewing skills or to just find something else to do in life.I tried to find a job in design but this isn't really materializing right now.So I am left in finding a different direction which would probably be business or economics or anything related to research. 

Have you ever had that experience in which you had chosen some goal in your life and then when you try to accomplish it,it never comes true or you find out that it's not what you really want to do?I have seen this with a lot of people in their lives especially when they reach midlife.It's just a whole lot of issues and tribulations that one reaches in life when they reach a certain age.That is what I am experiencing right now.I am thinking about a whole lot of things since I have reached this stage where I am trying or wanting to do certain things like get some career going and then finding a spouse and starting a family but now I am seeing that this isn't possible because of my age and time constraints.Now I didn't want to say this but I must say that it is hard for men over 40 to find a young woman and start a family since most times the young ones are taken by these young men.Then often what happens we end up finding a woman our age who already has children from a previous marriage and marrying the woman.This so often happens.But I am hoping to find a younger woman since I have this urge to start a family but I know that deep down it's not going to happen.

But getting back to this talk about year end.2013 is another chapter about to close on us.So I guess it is best for us to just start looking ahead to 2014 since we are just about there.Lets forget about the past and look ahead I guess.That is what I will try to do but it's hard right now because I have so much on my mind.Things which happened in the past that I still find hard to talk about.Take care and see you in October.  

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Journal Entry About Family

Another month has come to me once again and I am summoned once again to do another entry.I didn't write in my other blog in the BodyProud website since I had a whole lot of stuff to do.But I think I will start writing in that one since August is just about over and before we know it we will be in September and the kids will be heading back to school.Now I will talk about something which has been bothering me for sometime.It has to do with what will take place when my sister comes here at the end of this month.I really shouldn't worry about it but it's a family situation and I am just at odds right now since me and my sister have never really had a close relationship nor we have a very good one.I cannot go into details since it's kind of personal.At times I get a bit jealous because she has success written all over her face,well not really.But she has succeeded in areas that I haven't been able to succeed in.She is a successful writer,has a husband and a daughter that I can be happy to call my niece.But me and my other sister haven't been so lucky in that part of our lives.I haven't found a wife let alone a girlfriend that I can hang with but I guess that's the way it is sometimes.But maybe I will have better luck this time around since I have a friend who will probably give me a number of a woman that he wants me to hook up with but that remains to be seen.

But the main thing is that I am worried about her visiting my place of work and having all of my coworkers seeing her in some way that makes me sort of low.I know that this is an insecure way of thinking but that is what I am feeling right now.But I just have to learn this lesson of success and that is someone success is different from what my perception of success is.Maybe in a way I do feel successful being single and doing some things that my sister can't do.Everyone's definition of success is different and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense in comparing ourselves to others but that is what we all do I guess and I am guilty of this myself and I have to find a way to stop it too.

Well,that is all for this month since I am having to face the music with regards to my sister.I pray that the visit goes well.Take care of yourselves and see you next month.  

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Still Struggling With The Weight/Friendship

Well,another month has come to me again on this blog and I realize that I am halfway through the year already.There are a couple of things that I would like to discuss this month on my blog since these issues have been bothering me for sometime.I was thinking about these issues with my weight and the struggle of trying to lose it.I have been trying to avoid a whole lot of junk for the last couple of days and it has been working.I even tried to do more weight training for days and so far the scale hasn't moved or reduced or worse,I put on a couple of pounds which isn't good since I made a vow to my family and my doctor that I was to lose a lot of weight.Maybe the pain in my arm has to do with the weight gain I have experienced.I even tried a bit of running to just get my body moving and using this extra energy I have been putting in my body but so far not much success.Either I try something else or I will have to talk to my sister and get some pointers from her because my health is at risk here.Just a whole lot of men are dying young these days especially from cancer in which this author died of prostate cancer at age 47 . But getting back to the weight issue,my weight has jumped up 6 pounds and that has me a bit concerned since I have been making some adjustments regarding my diet but dealing with this new coworker who is slow hasn't helped me a lot regarding my weight loss program. 

Another thing I would like to discuss is the friendship issue.Like one time I tried to befriend this guy I went to school with on Facebook and the next day he turned down my request to befriend him and that sort of hurt in a way since I went to school with him and I liked the guy.But now that I think about it maybe it was the best move that he made by turning me down because now it gave me a perspective as to who my real friends are and obviously he isn't a real friend to me. It also gave me the view that you cannot always please other people no matter how hard you try to do that because maybe you did something to them that they didn't like and never forgotten and I think that is what happened with this guy.I must have done something to him or did something to freak him out and took that in a very negative way.But oh well.This guy is just one person that has tastes,likes and dislikes and maybe he found me to be a bit abnormal or insane and just decided that I wasn't the guy to be.But it's ****ght because no matter what I do I can never please him.Even if I were to change or alter my personality to suit him he still wouldn't like me.This goes for everyone who has rejected me as their friend.I cannot go through life trying to change my personality just to please them.This goes for everyone who has been rejected by so called friends.If any man or woman has to change their personality just to make friends with these people then these people are not your friends to begin with.This guy isn't my friend to start with anyway.And it just emphasizes this approval seeking behavior which we do too much of anyways.I think that there has to be some sort of middle ground with regards to this approval seeking behavior.While it is nice to get approval from people you care about,in a way it can stunt your growth in a sense that you are always having other decide for you what's important to you.Another words you are constantly having people make decisions for you in your life.It's like letting them run your life for you. 

Well,that was my entry for this month I hope you get inspired in a way this month since we are already halfway passed 2013.Take care and I will see you next month.  

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Well,I must say that it's that time again for another month of my blog.And the funniest thing about this blog entry that I am writing this entry on my birthday today.Now I wasn't going to write today since today is a special day but I figured that since this is sort of a milestone for me I am just going to let these thoughts rip out or sprout out.Birthdays are a time for not only celebrating but a time for reflection as well since it is a new day and a new age where you just reflect as to what it is that you want to do in life.Also to think about where you would like to take your life since life itself is short,way too short since most of us are dying a lot younger than before due to our lifestyles and other things.Birthdays are also a time for a lot of introspection too as to think about your life in a very deep and spiritual way since most of us in society do not know how to do any of that nor do we want to due to some responsibilities and distractions.Responsibilities I can understand but distractions?That I cannot understand since distractions are really a form of procrastination in which we constantly just use to avoid doing things which are important and to basically avoid issues which are important to our lives. 

What else can I say about this subject?Well,overall I have to say that birthdays are a time of just thinking about the fact that we are all getting older and we are all going to grow old and die at some point and the time to think about our own mortality since no one on this planet lives forever.It is all a time for renewal too since in a way we are burning some bridges regarding our mental state.

Well,that's all for now and this month.I am going to enjoy this special day since it only comes once a year.Take care and see you next month on this blog.  

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Insensitivity Practiced Among People

****ght,just let me collect my thoughts here before I go on with this month's entry.Now I was going to make a video about this but I figured that I would just do a written entry about this and save the video for another subject.Now it has to do with some work issue that has been bothering me for some time before I took this day off.Why are some people so insensitive at times?Like I saw that I am scheduled to work with this woman who has some handicap and a whole lot of problems that I am not able to name or describe and my boss and coworker didn't even tell me that I am going to work with her thinking that I would be the person having to deal with this person because of not liking the things they do or some handicap they have.Like,my boss and coworker just decided not to deal or even work with this person so they just passed this on to me thinking that I would like her.Like why would they do something like that?Didn't they say that they were going to fire this person or something?Well I guess not since they decided that I was some sort of misfit as well.So they decided to pull this insensitive act and just let me deal with him or her.Like I guess that being sensitive and nice is not in their vocabulary since my boss and coworker just decide to make snap judgments about certain people because of some handicap thinking that they are better than them.Like could you believe how cruel and insensitive that is?It's like some sort of put down.And the whole management of my company isn't any better either because of their hiring practices in which they see a certain person not looking good or fitting into a certain department because of a handicap and just decide not wanting to deal with them and then just putting into a department or cubicle in which they don't really have to deal or see this person.Like that to me is pretty low.I must say that years ago they did the same to me when I started with the company.I guess in their minds the fuel station is where they put all the lowlifes who really have nothing going for them or just don't fit into their company or corporate stand.Like there has to be some legal rules of some sort that protects disabled workers from stunts like this but obviously it's not enforce at this company I work for.

Another thing I would like to get into is to talk about my boss and coworkers act of stabbing people in the back.Like my coworker came in to buy some stuff from the store and saw that certain things weren't done and decided to snitch on my coworker which caused my coworker to quit right away.Like if that's not very low then I don't know what is.I think that they wanted him to go and quit like he did and I am feeling the same way as him since these women do the same thing to me too when I do something wrong.Why would they do something like that?Do they think they are any better than me and my other coworkers because of their position?Like they are in the same department as me and yet they behave as if they are more superior than me and all the other coworkers.I don't know what it is about certain bosses but bosses who do that have some serious self esteem issues or they are somewhat racist when it comes to dealing with certain people of color. Of course their characters are never questioned or brought to the forefront and in a way it's a big problem in most workplaces since that in itself can bring a whole lot of stress and/or problems.  

But getting back to the whole disabled issue.I think that disabled people have it pretty rough in society from a social standpoint and I think that this in a way needs to be changed in order for us to thrive because from what I am seeing it's just going to get worse.

Well,that's all for this month.See you in June.  

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Losing The Battle Of The Bulge According To The Scale

Okay,now that I have put enough videos out here I am just going to write my life away since it's that month again for another edition of my blog entry.Hopefully I don't fall asleep when I write this.I don't know what is happening here but it just seems that I am not winning the battle of the bulge according to the scale.I just weighed myself today or this morning and I am still about the same weight as I was about a week ago.Maybe it's some of the food I have been eating or it could be something with my thyroid of some sort and I will have to check with the doctor for that.But according to my tests last year everything appeared to be normal.But it's the weight that really has me concerned since I have been exercising my butt off and avoiding certain foods.

But I wonder about that though since I have been eating some stuff like granola bars which are supposed to be good for you.I have been eating those things like there is no tomorrow.I have read the ingredients of some of them and maybe the things that are in these bars are what's making me gain a whole lot of weight or not bulging the weight off of me despite all of the exercises I have been doing and the fruits I have been eating.I am really going to have to just do a real overhaul with my diet since I confess I have been cheating a bit.It's been hard since I am having to deal with regular problems which normal adults face on a daily basis to keep on this diet and exercise plan.I have been keeping up with the exercise but just sticking with the diet has been hard for me since I am thinking about money most of the time and the job situation too since I have been searching for a job.But I guess we all have to find ways of making time and/or fitting in a schedule when it comes to our health and happiness.There has to be some ways of controlling the stresses which cause us to fall off our diets and just eat things out of ransom or eat without and discipline or self control on our part.

Getting to the granola bars,I have read on some website that most store bought granola bars have all kinds of ingredients which throw your body off balance.Some of them have corn syrup I heard.So I am thinking that there has to be some way to either buy healthier granola or breakfast bars or to make our own because corn syrup itself is just extra sugar that these food companies add to the granola bars which makes people fat and their blood sugar levels go up for some reason which can increase the risk of diabetes.So I will have to look more into that.

Well,that was my entry for this month.Hopefully I can find a way to write at the beginning of each month to keep you all up to date about my progress.Of course I will shoot some videos and post them here on this site as well.Take care and see you next month.  

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My Entry About Marriage

I am falling behind here when it comes to writing in this blog but I have been quite busy when it comes to it.Anyway,I will be having company over this afternoon and I don't know what to expect since it has been a while that I have seen this person.He is a close friend but in reality I cannot really call him a friend since I have never really spoke to him nor have I contacted him on phone or anything like that but maybe if he comes then I will talk to him and he will probably talk to me about my bachelorhood or single life and ask me why I haven't gotten married and stuff like that.I don't know what it is about marriage or what the big deal is with it because I have been trying to figure out what it is that's great about it since most of my friends are married and so far I haven't been able to come up with an answer to that question.This guy I am going to see has been married for a long time and I sensed from his Facebook picture that he looked very tired and a bit stressed out but as people say,looks can be deceiving and I don't know a whole since I've neither experienced it nor do I live with him to find out how his relationship is and that's the thing about it.I have no idea as to how my friends are doing in their marriages since I don't live with them.They may have problems with their marriages that I don't know about or they have problems in their relationship behind closed/locked doors that I don't know about.No marriage is perfect and the person you are with may not know you very well and vice versa or you may grow so far apart that the person you are with could change with the blink of an eye or your or the person's needs will change overtime.So to say that marriage is perfect solution to a lonely life doesn't really cut it for me or for any single person who is happy being single but that could change in a couple of years but I don't see it happening.There is more to a relationship than just signing a legal piece of paper.There is a lot of sacrifice,stress,obligations,commitment and legal/financial issues which are attached to marriage which I find to be very binding and constricting but as always,I am forced to go with it due to the social programming that I have been conditioned with to make me and other single people think it's so great and something that God created which is a bunch of bull**** to me.Marriage is a man made institution which has been made to prevent women from being desperate and destitute and I will leave it at that.

Anyway to end this entry off,I will see how this visit goes and then head off to the gym but I just thought I would just sound off on this worry of mine for this month since I didn't get a chance to write earlier this month.Well take care and I will see you next month.  

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Journal/Switching To Soy Milk From Cow Milk

Another month has come and I am once again writing a blog entry for this month.Man,It's unbelievable that we are already almost a quarter of 2013.It seems that time goes very fast when we least expect it.Anyway I was thinking about something which has hit me this morning.As you have seen I am doing videos and posting them on YouTube and on this site just to keep this page going.I also noticed as I look at myself on the videos it seems to me that I have put on a lot of weight.I even see them on the pictures I post on this site and it's just getting to me.But what is really got me is that I have been trying to stop eating all of those processed foods that I see at work and I am finding that hard too.

But at least I made one change which has somewhat benefited me in a way.I managed to substitute cow's milk for soy milk this week and to my amazement the soy milk isn't that bad.I have been drinking cows milk for years since I was a kid and have always been use to it and I tried soy milk for a bit while drinking the cows milk and I found that the soy milk didn't taste very good.So I stopped that for a while and continued with the cows milk thinking that the soy milk didn't provide protection against osteoporosis.But reading about soy milk made me change all of that since soy is a vegetable while cows milk is made from animal fat which is pretty bad for you.Animal fat isn't good for you especially if you are a man because too much fat is not only bad for your heart but it's also bad for your prostate.So I have made the switch.It will take a while for me to get use to the taste but I am sure that if I give it a couple of weeks I will get use to the soy taste.I am waiting for the day that they start to make yogurt and other milk products out of soy rather than an animal. 

Well,that was my entry for this month.I will put more videos as time goes by but for now.Take care and see you next month on the blog.  

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