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****ght,I have been posting a whole lot of pics on here just trying to get some sort of input from the masses but I think that it is time for me to do some sort of introspection exercise since it has been a while that I have done any of that.I know that having a physique or great physique is great and I have to encourage myself to keep up with my diet and exercise program.But I feel that there is something missing in the equation regarding overall health.I feel that the mental aspect is missing from my so called health program since for the last couple of days and weeks I have been trying to pinpoint what my problem is or trying to put my finger as to what is wrong with me and why I am behaving like this.Like this I mean avoiding my feelings when I get up in the mornings and basically just forgetting to do some of my walks while I am on my breaks at work and just digging into my consciousness as to why I am so unhappy with life itself. I guess I might have let myself settle into this so called routine without being aware of it.There could be a number of reasons or factors that I have as to why I am unhappy with right now. 

It is common and I will try as much as I can to figure out or pinpoint why I am unhappy.But I would have to say that maybe this obsession with fame on my part has to do with it due to the simple fact I am trying to be famous on the Internet like some people I read about in the newspaper.Being famous on the Internet without any sort of hard work or effort on these people's part.Like you can post anything in any social media site and suddenly you are famous without much effort.I have been posting a whole lot of stuff in here and haven't become famous yet but I guess it's all cool since as I write this entry I am realizing that this process takes time and effort I guess on a persons part.I also have to realize too that the Internet or what is written or printed on the internet is not real nor it has anything to do with reality because social media is just that,media.That's just something that people have trouble accepting. It's like this online dating or virtual reality.They are not real since people have no idea as to who they are talking to on the other end.So I just have to bear that in mind and then maybe I will feel better and go about my life and maybe begin to have a better grasp of my weight because I think that my emotional or psychological problems is what are causing my weight issues.I think it is the number one reason why people struggle with weight in the first place.They have no control of their emotions and the stresses around them. 

First Free Training Session With An Actual Trainer

Good evening.I am just here relaxing a bit just listening to some lecture on Macroeconomics.Now I know that what I am listening to seems to be a bit hard to understand but I thought that I would touch on something that has some interest to me since it has been so long that I have learned anything concrete beyond all this twittering and face booking.I think that any person no matter how old should learn something new everyday just to break out of their old routine that they have been living in on a daily basis.Which is what I am trying to do since for the last few years I have been just sitting here during my days off and going about my business when I am heading off to work.Training to me is more than just physical regarding our bodies.It is mental too since the mind makes the body and whoever made that saying I would have to agree with that statement. Right now I have been struggling to just write something in here while going through the internet trying to find something on YouTube which is concrete and serious,not too serious that can stimulate my mind. 

Anyway,my session with my personal trainer went pretty well.He showed me some things that I can to build up my strength and to improve my workouts because I just found out that the right part of my body is weaker than my left side and he wants it to get it even.I knew that my scoliosis would cause me all these physical problems when I got older.My late mother warned me about my inactivity but I never listened to her.And now I am paying the price for it since my athletic performance has declined a bit.The pull ups I found were harder than I thought because it was a matter of relaxing my upper shoulders and let me tell you it was really hard to do.I actually had to do the pull ups without actually shrugging my shoulders a whole lot.Another words just relaxing the muscles themselves.That was hard to do.The stretching was pretty hard itself since my muscles were so tight from all the standing I have been doing for the last few years I have been working at the gas bar.Maybe I will start stretching when I get the chance when no customers are coming.Or maybe just sit down when I get the time.I can go on talking more about this session but I think you all know what is entailed.So I will say that overall that this was the first session that I really wanted to get a feel as to how my body moves.I have two more free sessions to pursue in which maybe I can really start breaking a sweat.I will keep everyone posted.  

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Health Issues/Food Prices

Well,I am feeling a bit distressed this morning because a couple of things have hit me just now.First off I am worried about a family member due to their kidneys not getting any better since he will be going for a test today.I am worried that they might get worse and he may end up getting some sort of kidney dialysis and that will be hard to deal with.Just so many health issues I am dealing with.Then I am worried about my own health issues too because as I said on this video I released here on this site from YouTube that my iron count is very high and I don't see it going down right away and of course with a high iron count that could pose some problems down the road.It could be the high content of eggs I have been eating for the last couple of weeks and other food high in iron.I don't know the exact side effects of iron but from what I have read iron is an element and it is some sort of steel.I don't the exact effects it has on the body.I will have to do more research on that.But I will see if toning or reducing the amount of eggs will solve this problem.If not then I will have to make the painful decision of donating blood and that could be stressful in itself.Of course,I cannot forget the weight gain itself which happened this morning.I just put on some pounds which I never really expected but I think it has to do with these bars I ate last night and the lack of activity that I have been having.I will try to cut out the bars and eggs and see what happens throughout the year.Maybe cutting these two food items out will make a difference in my weight and iron count.

Anyway,now that I got that off my chest I want to talk about food prices since I haven't gotten to that yet.Food prices fluctuate up and down.But what really has me writing today is the shopping I did a couple of days ago when I was getting something to fix for my lunch.I saw a couple of extra lean ground beef packages and I have to say that they were very expensive and I was thinking at the time that there has to be some alternatives to ground beef.And low and behold I did find some alternatives to ground beef.There is ground chicken and ground turkey that I might be able to use as an alternative to beef since both seem to be a lot cheaper than beef.Of course ground turkey would be cheaper than both the beef and chicken.I don't know what drove the beef prices up but I would have to say the whole process of getting beef had something to do with it.But anyway,food prices I would say are very high right about now but I guess it depends on which items you buy regarding meat and produce.But I have to wonder though,why do people gravitate towards the junk food if there is so much good food sitting in our supermarkets?The answer I am guessing is economics.What I mean is that nutritious foods whether they're fruit,vegetables and produce tend to be very expensive due to the shipping costs and the time it takes to have them produced. While the junk foods are cheaper because of the time it takes to get them produced and shipped to the stores.Due to a lack of money or economics a lot of people with low income will gravitate towards the junk food because of the convenience in eating it.You don't really have to prepare the junk food nor even make any attempt to take the time to cook it well.While good foods need the time to cook well in order to get any sort of nutritional value.So I would say that they cost more than the junk food.Aboriginal people here in Canada and Native Americans in the USA live in poverty stricken areas where food is scarce and incomes are very low.So they have to drive out of their reserves,go to the foods stores and buy a whole lot of junk food because it's cheaper for them.Of course I cannot forget the fast food places like McDonald's,Wendy's,Burger King and Taco Bell as well since they go to these places too.In the USA,it's mostly Native Americans,Hispanics and African Americans since these groups live in extreme poverty and they have no access to good food due to their income levels.They do have access but they probably refuse to eat it due to not just economics but the convenience it gives them. 

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My Take On Organic Food

Good afternoon,I am back here again just wanting to get this off before heading off to work to do my shift.I just wanted to touch on a couple of things.It has to do with organic food and food prices.I was going to do a video about these topics earlier and I will do them later.I will talk about organic food.I just read something about it in the Globe And Mail newspaper and it was saying that organic food isn't any better than ordinary food we normally buy at the grocery store and I would have to agree with this writer on that because I see it as the same food as normal food.Like for instance,they sell organic fruit and vegetables where I work and ordinary fruits and vegetables and people buy the ordinary ones and the organic ones.But really,I don't see much difference between the two only the growers grow them differently and probably charge more for them because of maybe shipping costs.But overall,I have to say that organic food aren't any better than ordinary foods due to the process it takes to make them.Also,it costs a whole lot more than ordinary foods which doesn't help with anyone's pocketbook.I think that we all should stick with ordinary foods especially fruits and vegetables if we want to save a whole lot of money.Plus,we don't know whether or not the organic foods are really that natural because maybe they have been sprayed with a little bit of pesticide. 

Now comes the talk about food prices and I will talk about it on the next entry.  

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Undermining In The Workplace

****ght,just a bit of stuff before heading off to the showers and starting my day.I will have to do some pull ups today since it has been a while that I have done them.I will do those today along with my regular workouts to see if that changes anything with the scale.While at the same time I will also think about these issues which have been on my mind.In fact a couple of things in which I will talk about in the future on this blog.But there is one main issue that I want to get off my chest while I am here.It has to do with undermining people.

Now I know that we don't want to talk about it or discuss it but I feel that it has to be done with because there is a whole lot of undermining that I am experiencing at my job and I suspect that most of you experience this at your job or any office setting which restricts business.I think that anyone who undermines someone just to get ahead has a whole lot of issues that they are not dealing with or refuse to deal with in their lives.I bring this to my boss who in a way is undermining me.A couple of things which brought me to that conclusion.First,ignoring my notes that I wrote for this person.Then tearing out some checklist that I did for the tasks that I did which I thought was a sign of disrespect on her part.But most of all never really telling me about them to my face which I think is a sneaky and dishonest.But why would anyone want to do this to me and anybody working under her?It could be that she wants to get ahead which is what a lot of bosses with low self esteem do either to get ahead or to get the threat out of the way because there are bosses and coworkers who sometimes feel threatened of the person they are undermining due to the simple fact that their jobs could be taken away from this person.Or they do it because of a low image of themselves and they get a kick or boost out of sabotaging the person which doesn't bold well for each party.

But overall I think that undermining,whether through harassment,violence or gossiping doesn't bold well at all for business itself because I think that in a way it cuts into profit margins because a lot of people end up quitting due to that and I have seen a whole lot of people quit due to these types of politics and games that are being played.Then an organization cannot function efficiently because the business has to spend more money just hiring new people and training them because of having to fire their old employees due to upper management finding out about the managers and workers undermining one another. 

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Work Issues Regarding Creativity And Spirituality

I am here for this morning just writing away since I am not able to come up with anything to write about.But I did have a couple of things that I would like to talk about relating to work and it has to do with work,creativity and spirituality.I want to talk about creativity and spirituality because I feel that these things are lacking in the workplace in some ways.This is evident in most of these CEOs,chairmen/women and entrepreneurs who constantly work themselves to the point that they become so tired and exhausted that they lose touch with their creativity and spirituality due to the simple that they are made to just do a whole lot of tasks which are repetitive by their bosses or employers who often want to keep their bottom line. It's also what I am experiencing at my own job which all I am doing is just doing a whole lot of repetitive tasks which are not challenging nor do they challenge me or anybody who works with me.But not just me.I think that this is a habit that everyone falls back into when they are at their jobs.They just lose their creativity and to some extent spirituality.I say spirituality because there are some people who work so hard for one just goal that they lose site of themselves by selling away their souls just to make a buck. 

So I am thinking that there has to be some sort of balance in any organization for its employees to prosper and for it to make some sort of profit.It's pretty much all I have to say.I know that this was a short entry but I thought that I put this topic out pretty well.  

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Finding Ways To Be Active Again

Well,this almost midday right now I am just debating on whether I should just go to the gym,do my workout and then eat breakfast or just eat breakfast first and then head off to the gym to complete my workout.It's really a tough choice because sometimes my workouts seem to be time consuming since it takes me a long while for my body to warm up and to go through the reps with the weights leaving me no time to eat any breakfast because there are days when I have to get ready to head off to work.Like I have to take the time to prepare my breakfast when I come back from the gym,then prepare my lunch so I can go to work on time leaving no time to rest.Also writing in here in this blog is somewhat time consuming because most the minutes that I can use to eat breakfast gets used up.So time itself is gone in one day.

With that being said,I would like to get into something that had me up all night.I was thinking about what my father said to me about becoming more active since for years I have been struggling with my weight and he knows it too.That question has me thinking about what it is that I can do to become more active or to live an active lifestyle and I have come up with a couple of solutions but not really the solutions that I can pull through since my job consumes most of my time and thought process.While working I am always thinking about walking more to the bookstore to read during my break but I never do that.I am always driving there since I have this annoying habit in having to shoot a lot of videos inside my truck since I like talking about my time or period about my job since I find that to be a therapeutic outlet for me since job stress is the number one stresses in most people.Stress of any kind is not good because it can cause a whole lot of problems physically and mentally.I have read some cases where people have killed themselves or others due to the job stress that they have had to deal with due to either dealing with problematic coworkers or losing their jobs on the spot either through firing or getting laid off. For myself,it has been with either through some bosses giving me a hard time or some customers giving me a hard time through disrespect.So I make videos talking about these things which in a way gives me some perspective and to let the world know what really goes on in the world of retail and how in a way affects me and a whole lot of people working in this area. 

So I just do videos instead of walking to the bookstore on my breaks since I am not able to walk and shoot at the same time.But I will resolve to find creative ways that I can get myself moving once again so I can drop some weight because there isn't any real excuse that anyone can use not to live with inactivity since we spend most of our time sitting for long periods of time. 

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Good evening or morning or whatever you want to call it.Now I wasn't going to write this stuff and I was actually going to do a video about work but I couldn't wait because this has been lingering inside of me for hours about what my boss did today.Now I know that I shouldn't talk about this to you guys but I just couldn't stop thinking about it.And it also has me questioning some people's behaviors and actions.Like I have to wonder:Why do some people behave and act the way they do?Like my boss just came storming into the store where I work due to some little or petty mistake I made on some item that I forget to discount or misplaced.Like I made the assumption that some people would forget about mistakes like I made and just went about their lives.But due to some principle,she just decided that I had to ring these items over again and give her the discount.The same thing happened to some man who claimed that I cheated him out of a discount and made me do it again.Like I don't know what it is with people but if I were in their shoes I would have paid the full price and went about my life.But no,there are just some people who cannot let little things like this go due to the principle of it.Of course I am guilty about this stuff too but for the most part,I usually buy the item if someone in the counter forgets to run the discount and just go about my business not letting it ruin my day. But she decided to let some mistake I made ruin my day for items which aren't good for her and her boyfriend. 

But I guess it goes to show me and a whole lot of people that we all cannot afford to buy stuff in today's economy since inflation has taken over society and has hiked prices well beyond our awareness which is making the price of food go up and just benefiting these food corporations.It also shows that people don't have any real money in their possession to buy stuff without them being on sale or at the full price.But overall,I have learned as to how some bosses like to make their employees or coworkers upset without any reason or manipulate them to the point that they get stressed out due to the buttons they push or try to push when they find them. 

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My Take On Overeating

Good morning to you all.I am just here trying to figure out what it is to put in here while I listen to myself talk after I do a video about some product that I took yesterday after my workout and I will put a video on my page sometime today.I am just trying to get my thoughts out here while figuring out what to talk about during my second day off from work.Now I think that I made an entry about work and it's implications.Now I think that I am going to talk about food since I have to say that it has been somewhat of a problem and I am trying to find out what it is I can do to prevent myself from overeating and I will talk about this topic in the next paragraph.

Now yesterday I managed to get this book from the library before I went to the gym for my workout.It is a new book by Deepak Chopra MD called What Are You Hungry For? So far I have read some of the book and so far it has been pretty good.I will do a book review on it on YouTube once I finish reading it.But for now I will go through a few pointers that I have read so far and probably share my own perspective on it since it has a bit to do with overeating.He said that people overeat for a number of reasons:One,they are trying to avoid their feelings.Second,they do it without thinking due to the simple fact that something inside their head has triggered them to eat.Third,they do it simply because it's good.Now these reasons I would say are pretty self explanatory and are legitimate reasons. He also said that people eat due to not just the stress but also living with distractions from other things.But I would say like anything else,food in a way can become an addiction in order to avoid other things in their lives like problems and other things.From my view,I would say that people use food in order to avoid boredom and I would say that this has to be the biggest reason why people eat so much since they have so much time on their hands and have nothing to do.Like for instance,at my job there are times when I have nothing to do that boredom comes into play and as a result of that I have to stuff my face most of the time.Even if I find something to do I end up for some reason being distracted and still end up stuffing my face with food.

But realistically,I think that people face stress such as boredom,anger about an event and other factors which cause them to overeat.I will have to read this book and do a book review on it.But for now,I sort of gave my view on this subject since it pretty much hit home for me and why I am still struggling with my weight and physique.  

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My Take On The North American Beauty Standard

So,what can I talk about or comment on in this entry as I write my butt off this morning before heading off to the showers?Well,I was sleeping and suddenly a thought just hit me as I was getting up to use the restroom.I thought about this whole talk about beauty standards in North America.Better yet,the American beauty standard.l listened to a podcast about it by this guy who used to have a radio show on BlogTalkRadio which talked about black issues.I listened to the podcast and I thought that it was pretty good.I was going to do a video on this topic but I thought that it would be best to write it out because writing will really get to the meat as to what I would say about this topic.Another words I want to give my take on this subject due to the simple fact that this in a way is a problem. 

Now,I am going to give my take on this subject because I feel that I have to get this off my chest due to the propaganda that we receive on a regular basis.And it is propaganda that has us brainwashed due to the simple fact that we are constantly fed these messages.I would have to say that the beauty standards in North America are that of a white European that is a blonde ,blue eyed person that has a slim body and a flat  butt and I confess I find that to be very unattractive since I like women with a bit of meat on them.I am talking about this because my family is going to find a woman for me that is thin.There were a couple of women I saw who were really attractive despite having a bit of flesh on them.I thought having a bit of flesh or curvy body was unattractive due to the fat content on a woman.But now I am seeing that having a curvy body is attractive.Of course as a black man,it is expected that we enjoy women with curves.I think that this white look is way overrated.Of course I am not disputing the women on since the women on this site are muscular and curvy.What I have a problem with are the women in these modelling magazines and I will tell you why in the next paragraph. 

I say this because this is from my perceptions.I thought that being thin and skinny was nicer on a woman as oppose to seeing some flesh and curves but now I know that skinny women and men can be just as unhealthy as a men and women with muscles due to the same habits they adopt as these fat men and women with the exception of overeating.Plus,these skinny models that Western society finds as beautiful,they are pretty much soulless due to they facial expressions that they bring to the spotlight when they do their magazine photo shoots.Of course the skinny women in these magazines like the ones in real life are probably suffering from some sorts of eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia which kills a whole lot of women.Of course we are now seeing a disturbing trend with regards to maintaining this impossible North American standard of beauty.We are now seeing more men suffer from eating disorders due to the body images they suffer from.Combining with the abuse of steroids,we men don't have it so good.But eating disorders and body image problems in women is really severe.And again it has to do with the beauty standards in North America particularly in the USA which often has severe standards of beauty since most of the media outlets are in that country and the media has white ideologies which only want to display the American look which is a blonde blue eyed look.The media in a way is whitewashed and full of white supremacy since people of color are rarely shown.And that's pretty sad that we have a lack of diversity in society. 

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My Take On Work And Labor Culture In North America

Well,I don't know what it is about this feature on this site which doesn't let me do much but I wrote a blog entry about dentists and as I was trying to say it I just wasn't able to do that on this blog because it wouldn't even let me save it for some reason but I guess that they want me to just write this right away and release it.Now I don't know what I will be doing this morning or throughout the day because most of us people like myself have so much time on our hands that we don't know what else to do with the time we have.People fill their time with drugs,alcohol and excessive work which I find not very good.While work is find,overworking isn't very good due to the simple fact that most of the work that we do isn't very productive because most times when we go into our offices or workstations most of the times we are not really working.We are just there doing other unproductive things which are not important just to give others the impression that we are doing something when in fact we aren't doing much of anything and just killing time.Time which could be used to our benefit and the company's benefit by doing less work. 

What about time for leisure and for other activities like hobbies and other things like exercise?Of course exercise can be a hobby in itself but I am talking about real hobbies in which you do whatever it is you want to do outside the office,work space and the gym since most of our time is spent in the office and the gym if you guys are gym rats like myself and a whole lot of people.The gym is ****ght but I wouldn't really call it a place,a lone place where people hang out socially in itself since everyone seems to be mainly focus on themselves and only themselves,which in a way is a form of narcissism.It seems that we are all narcissists in one way or another since we are wrapped up in ourselves and not really thinking about others. That is how we are molded when it comes to work and forming the workaholic lifestyle.We get so wrapped up in our work that we forget about the other parts of our lives and the people in it.And it is not just the work itself but the money part too because I have read about business executives who mainly just forget about their families or sacrifice their families all for the mighty dollar and this is one habit that upper management and CEO's adapt when they want to avoid other aspects of their lives. 

This problem I think only occurs in North America.I say North America because Canadians have the same problems as Americans when it comes to workaholic but the difference is that companies in Canada don't have to fund health care to its employees where as American companies have to fund health care due to the lack of a universal healthcare system in the United States.But the work and consumer culture here in Canada is very similar to the one in the USA and both citizens work hard and long to pay off our debts even though studies show that both Canadians and Americans are still in debt and both households are not able to pay them off despite households working hard and long ours and children having two income families.So I would say that our concept of work needs a real heavy overhaul.Also companies in both countries need to change their work policies in which they give their employees vacations in which they can recharge their batteries and get paid while doing that.   

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So,what can I talk about this afternoon now that I have a couple of days off?Well,I have been relaxing all day trying to figure out what to do regarding media for this page.I am debating on whether or not to make a video or to just write in here.I am not going to lie,both take a huge amount of time and effort on my part due to the simple fact that a person has to practically make time for these endeavors.Writing is hard for me because of the process that it takes for me to get most of my thoughts out on this screen.Of course that is the advantage of doing videos for the Internet.But doing videos also has its problems too because a couple of times I am having to redo some of my videos due to the sound cutting out and me not getting any words out as well as I like.But I confess that both take a huge amount of time to do.

But anyway,I will start off by saying that I ran into this nice looking Somalian lady last night while I was coming from work and I must say that this woman had curves in all the right places I am not able to describe.Of course I felt in a bit of ecstasy when she said goodbye to me as I was going to pay for some items.And I must say that I was a bit impressed with this woman's manner and smile that it made me want to go after her but I sort of held back a bit since she was already taken by some guy who happens to be from either my home country or some other country in Africa.But it was nice seeing her again and hopefully when I go out again or am working,I see women like her because I think it would be refreshing to see a woman of African descent that I can get with.It would a real relief or break for me since I don't see many black women around my area.

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Catching Up On Some Nutritional Reading

****ght,I haven't really gotten the chance to write this since I have so many things on my mind but I will start this off.Now as I can see I have some books on nutrition that I haven't really gotten the chance to read since I am thinking about work and job prospects.It hasn't really helped that I have been looking for work.Now I am not saying that looking for work is a bad thing since we all have to make money in order to support our families and pay the bills.But I am thinking that this comes with a cost.I am thinking that this sort of sacrifices our health in a way since we are often wasting our health due to the food that we often eat from fast food places since we are spending all day looking for work and just eating something on the run due to the lunch we have to eat to kill our hunger.That's one of the perils of looking for a job in order to make money.Another peril is the money we are spending on gas driving to the company which is going to interview you and again if we are working.So this job search comes with a price with regards to our health.I would also add that running your own company is the same way as working for a company.You are sacrificing your health to serve other customers or clients needs.Eating right is a problem for entrepreneurs too since they don't have a lot of time to cook foods and take their own lunches.I remember I had this problem when I was running a business years ago.I would always go and buy food because I didn't have much time to prepare my lunch.I would do that for years before making the time to cook and I ended up putting on weight.

Anyway,for a couple of days while I was at work I was reading this book called Sugar Nation and I managed to reach the middle of the book but for some reason due to the job I stopped reading it and stopped thinking about all of the other health/nutrition books that I was going to read on my desk and that is bothering me in a way because I would like to learn more about nutrition and the human body and how they are parallel when it comes to making a difference as to what role food plays in regards to our health and happiness.I will have to do more research on that but it will be worth looking at.I will start off though by finding that book Foodopoly because money is the motivating factor as to why our foods are monopolized by these big companies and politicians/governments who often fund these food companies. 

I will also read some of the books I have on nutrition and maybe do some videos about them so I can not only practice my speaking skills I will also educate myself on a bit of chemistry too since most foods today are chemically made either through natural processes or artificial processes. 

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Food Companies Not Out For Our Health

Man,I was going to write this blog entry earlier last night but never got the chance to do it since I was so tired and exhausted after coming home from work.Man,I must say that these night shifts are sometimes a killer but it is all good in a way since I have been doing them for so long.This morning I have been feeling a bit groggy so you will have to forgive me for my lack of alertness while I write this stuff.But anyway,I will be working out today from my home since I won't be able to make it to the gym today since a family member will be borrowing my car.I will be doing either aerobics or yoga today since I will be stuck at the house today.It seems to me that I am going to really have to crank up my workouts since my stomach and weight aren't going down as fast as expected.I will keep you posted.

But what I wanted to talk about this morning is mainly about food.I am not talking about eating food because that is what we all do in order to survive on this planet.We need nutrients to survive and live because without it we would all perish as mammals.But what I really want to talk about while I try to stay awake and focus is the politics behind it and how it is controlled.I want to talk about the control of it because it seems that is what we are facing when it comes to food and how it is made for us to consume.I remember back in the old days our ancestors use to grow and make a lot of our foods with very natural ingredients and they didn't worry a whole lot about getting cancer,heart disease and other illnesses because it was naturally grown and made by the earth because human beings moved and were active since most of us were hunter and had to hunt for our food.This was common among Africans and Native Americans since we didn't have any machines and processors.Now the whole process has disappeared because the Industrial Revolution took away the hunting part and the making and growing part in which we used to hunt for our food and the inventions of grocery stores and food companies,which I will talk about in the next paragraph.

It use to be that we ate so well and now the food corporations have taken over our food in which they conspire with government and in some cases corporations or should I say Fortune 500 companies that dictate what foods we eat and how we should eat since we ourselves don't make our foods.I found this out from a book that I saw on the Internet and a podcast I was listening too in one of these alternative media outlets.They talk about how corporations control and monopolize the whole food market in order to dictate what we put in our mouths and to make as much money off of us a possible.I not only found this out from a podcast but I also the book called Foodopoly which was on the podcast I listened to and I will have to try and find the book so that I can get a real picture as to what these food companies do with the food they sell to us.But I would say though that our food is controlled by the food corporations who don't really have our best interest due to the simple fact that they are only in business to make money and not concerned about our health as a whole.Of course restaurants and fast food places are the worst places for us to get our nutrition because they too are controlled and manipulated by politics and money too.But the grocery stores,my goodness.The foods they sell to us are contaminated with a whole lot of hidden sugars,salts and artificial **** that our bodies do not deserve but we are indoctrinated into believing that they are good for us when all they do is just affect us in ways that are unexplained in a negative way.Also,you have to think about the farmers too who break their backs every morning trying to produce a lot of food through the animals they kill and the crops they grow and yet these food companies have monopolized the whole farming industry as well by making food through machines instead of having grown food sold in order to make money off the farmers while at the same time putting them out of business in the process.So these food corporations and fast food joints are not set up to promote our health as a whole.They are no different from these Fortune 500 companies who are in business only to make a buck.

And the worst thing about this is that the poor communities in North America like the black and Native American communities suffer as a result.And of course I cannot forget colored people as a whole in developing countries who are not able to export most of their foods to grocery stores around the world.I have read about farmers from developing countries taking their own lives due to the fact that they aren't able to make money from their exports due to the monopolizing of their grown fruits and vegetables by these food corporations.

Well,I know that this blog entry is long or longer than I anticipated but I had to get this thought out to you all just so I let you know that what we buy in the grocery stores isn't really food at all.They are just food products which are processed by machines after adding artificial stuff or chemicals which give it taste.Regardless,we should just be aware what we buy and just make our own judgements as to what to buy by checking the ingredients and looking at the food label in order to see what we are really eating.Not just going through what is pictured on the package.

Also if you get the chance pick up the book Foodopoly because I know that I will be looking for that book too because I want to find out how our food is really made. 

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No Salt Cooking Going To Be A Challenge

Well,I must say that it is great to be writing in here again since I haven't done so in a while and also the fact that I have been making this a monthly blog for a while but by doing that I have been putting on a whole lot of weight due to the fact that I have been using food as a weapon to stuff most of my emotions and boredom. But now that I am back writing in here I just want to get off something which has been bothering me to this day.

I have been bothered by my father's kidneys since they were on the verge of shutting down due to the high blood pressure and other factors.Also from the food that we were eating and that is the topic that I want to write about.Yeah,the reading on his kidneys were very low and it wasn't a good sign due to the high blood pressure which was triggered by the salt in our food.That's the thing that I want to talk about while I am here.It has to do with cooking without salt.

Now,I am thinking that cooking without salt,while it sounds easy to me.At the same time it is going to be a challenge due to the fact that I am going to have to adjust my taste buds and my sense of smell since I will be eating my food without salt since I won't be able to cook it due to my father's blood pressure and my stomach which still hasn't gone down in size and I think it has to do with with the retention of water due to the salt I have been eating for the last few years.I have been working out every day doing weights,cardio,bodyweight exercises and doing abs for years and it was good back then because I cut down on the chips I have been eating.But for some reason in the years have passed,I put on a whole lot of weight and I think it has not only have to do with the fat and sugar I have been eating but the salt content I have been consuming through fast food,soda drinks and potato chips I have been eating at my job.I will have to slow down on the chips if I am going to really have my stomach lowered in size because I think it is retaining water in it and other toxins which get consumed by the liver and kidneys.Then maybe I will start to lose this weight once and for all. Although I admit that it is going to be a challenge for me in cooking some food without some stuff which contain a lot of salt but I know that I can overcome it because I have been able to cut down on the sugar I eat even though on occasion I have been consuming some sugar.  

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