One week till I get on the plane

Wow! Time has NOT flown by at all! haha, usually I would feel the opposite what, but it seems time has been slow and each day is longer than the next. 

I have exactly 7 days till I fly home to the states for my brother's wedding and that means 7 more days of NO sugar. Well.... intentionally eating Sweets, putting sugar in tea/coffee/ candies, and whatever else.

I have most definitely had sugar in other things- like sauces, peanut butter, and some breads. BUT I have stayed away from Candy bars and other sweet things. SO that is a plus! especially when someone gives you a bit box of chocolates - its currently sitting in my living room, not touched!

DO I notice a changE? NO, not noticeably, but I have recognized my craving for sweet things has decreased, which is a huge plus!

I ordered some supplements & am excited to try them. Maybe some BCAA's will help out, especially with my inconsistent gym times due to my work schedule.

I just want this month to be over for so many reasons... such a difficult month in numerous ways! NEW challenges, new stresses, new heart aches, and a time to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

NOW that I am writing, I believe STRESS has been a huge reason I am not seeing this weight come off. Hmmm... makes sense. NEED to get that off of me! and that i mean, the stress.

7 more days

may it be a hard working one

press on, don't give in, don't settle. Stay focused.  

A big reality check

Days 3-9 have been good, but NOT great and I realized that on Day 9- today, that I need to be BEtter! 

After a harsh w/o with HIIT I was exhausted & feeling good and up until I looked at myself in the mirror --I thought I was doing pretty good--.

The Huge reality check is that I am actually NOT doing that great. I can do better in my w/o's and with eating.

It JUST sucks majorly though because i see so many people eat CRAP food all day long and it doesn't change one thing about them... ME- I eat ONE cracker and my face becomes a balloon; all round and ugly. ;) haha.

DESPITE discouragement and what is really before me, I have managed to not get too down on myself. I have eaten well & will continue to through the evening. 

 Getting in Protein is a huge key & more cardio (HIIT).

 Learning lots of lessons today- not just about my health, but about my way of thinking and understanding self-control.

KEEP-PRESSING-ON , I will continue telling myself.  

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Day 2= accomplished

Day 2 of my challenge & I am feeling awesome! 

Feeling stronger, thinner, and REALLY mostly feeling great inside! NO JUNK is in my system! I have energy!

Just kept reminding myself of the long term goals and kept thinking positive things today.

Journaling (actually writing on paper) has helped me too.

Praying about it and talking about it has helped as well :)

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Day 3, bring it.  

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Day 1= successful

Glad to say I had a great day today! 

More motivated by starting off the 1st day right! :)

Praying for great strength, mental strength, perseverance and patience during this process!  

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No sugar for those abs!

Keeping a journal/log for me for the next month~ 

I want to see a decrease in stomach fat & the only way I know how to do that is to NOT eat sugar and processed carbs~~ well duh!~

Like before and always the challenge, living in a different culture that is not my own brings complications and interruptions for my diet and working out regime!

OH, how I will work hard for the next 4 weeks!

Small time, manageable goal and just in time for my brother's wedding :)

I'm tired all the time these days and just worn out and hoping that these changes will make a difference!

"what you eat in private shows in public" = so true.

NEED to stay on top of this and so will write out everyday- its a must :) Yay for change!

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challenging myself

For the month of April I really want to challenge myself in new ways-better ways- and in ways that will make me stronger, fitter, healthier, and happier with myself. 

 I disappoint myself over and over again with failing or not accomplishing just one goal.

 When I accomplished my NO sweets month in Feb. I was beyond excited- I truly felt great- accomplished!

 So, over the next couple of days I want to see what I can actually do- a reachable goal and stick to it!

Living on my own is the hardest thing for me. To stay accountable to myself... the "what you eat in private, shows up in public" is so true for me. 

Looking to the Lord for massive help & of course my family!

Lots to work on, lots to change.  

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22 days left- trying to hold it together

The last few days I was visiting a friend and on the road. Staying at people's homes is difficult for me because I don't want to burden them with the things I can and cannot eat. 

The question i ALWAYS get is "what do you like to eat?" Or "what can you eat?"

I hate this question because It is simple-but really not. …due to allergies and a weak stomach.

Life isn't about food for me and it hasn't been for a very long time. Over the last 9 years I've had major stomach problems and food allergies that has caused me to skip out on social events- well it hasn't caused me, but I just feel bad for the host or feel bad for everyone else trying to accommodate me.

Every time I come home from Asia the #2 question I get is related to food. My answer is never enough for them. haha. I just want something simple like a turkey sandwich. :) NOT pizza, pasta, mexican food, etc.

with that, I just have to move on and assure my host that they have done nothing wrong and that I am grateful for them and to be there.

BUT yesterday I got very sick. VERY sick. My chest was freaking out- trying to breathe right, headache and pain in my stomach. …

Today I am doing better… don't know what it was. don't understand. but Am to move on and just have a better day.

so here's to a better day! Working, w/o, and watching some children later tonight.

22 more days of getting it in 

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26th - Mentally Stressed

When it comes to long conversations with parents all my emotions get tied up in a ball and I become super stressed. Anyone else? ;) 

So what is there better to do than to work out and make the most of it at the gym!

What a stress reliever! and to make it better, upping weight and doing more than I thought I could do!

however, once again- diet was not on key today.

Stress is no good for me.

So I did eat that final piece of birthday cake.

but I had some good protein today and protein powder.

cutting down on the carbs is a plus, but I am completely aware that I need to eat more and more protein.

OH - how stress can get in the way of everything!

Tomorrow shall be better!

25 more days of beautiful weather & wonderful foods.  

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27th in S.F.

Spent hours in an office in S.F. yesterday. It was a beautiful day - so warm, unusually warm, people with shorts on, sandals, out running, walking and having a great Monday in the usually gloomy city. 

Aww I wish I spent more time there, but headed out before traffic…

and I didn't plan ahead, plus my stomach has been awful, so my food intake sucked. :/ 

- Banana

- small green apple

- small coffee with skim milk

- 2 oz BBQ chicken

- 4 oz BBQ chicken 

- 1/3 cup corn

- 3 small cookies

- 3 hershey kisses.

well that its an off day for sure. :/

yay for day 27! but on to the next day

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Day 28 Allergy reaction

Day 28- 27 left, that means heavy lifting and good eating. 

Had a great morning with friends at church…then… I ate lunch and immediately got hives, a red rash, and my head was on fire - after a minute my skin was on fire and I knew I had an allergic reaction to something I just ate.  

awww this bad- what did i eat?!

so I immediately drove to the store and got Benadryl. I only knew to get this because I had this reaction one other time last year. :/

and unfortunately I think it is cilantro!! :( (BUT I ate the same stuff last night, so i don't know what's up!) 

Diet for the day:

Protein powder (12 grams)

toast w/ very little peanut butter + dab of honey

1/3 cup of chicken potato salad

1/3 cup of quinoa salad 

----then allergic reaction

napped (didn't feel good)

Protein Powder ( 12 grams)

tomato basil soup 1/3 cup.

protein powder (28 grams)

--- horrible day for diet and nutrition. but had a good day of lifting.  

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Make the most of 28

28 more days till i leave the states to Asia again. I am looking forward to leaving for many reasons…. and at the same time I am not ready to leave all the goodies that the great OL' USA brings- and I mean GREAT natural Protein, awesome veggies and fruit, good bread, more than I can count supplements and protein powders! and so much more! 

Its been a privilege to grow up in the states (for MANY REASONS) and have such good quality products.

I need to take advantage of all the good food for the next 28 days, bulk up, lift heavy, and work hard…. Plus stock up on supplements :) woo woo

So Here's to the next 28 days and checking in with to make sure I eat well and get it in!


diet today= not awful but not perfect

- oatmeal with pumpkin seeds, golden raisins, cinnamon, & soy milk.

- coffee

-- jamba juice apple's and veggie smoothie- small

-- 1/2 cup potato chicken salad (small amount of mayo) - homemade

-- quinoa salad 

-- coffee + creamer

-- 4 hershey kisses

-- small bite of fudge

didn't eat much today- was out and about all day :/  

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Not compromising

"IT's NOT fair!"

- This is from the book Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst 

 I just thought this piece was encouraging- as I try to follow the Lord and live a balanced & healthy life I also want to honor the Lord in/with everything I do, including exercise & eating right. 

HOPE IT IS encouraging to others!  

"A huge piece of delicious looking cake was delivered to our table. It was my favorite . . . it was our anniversary . . . and it was free! But I was at the beginning of my healthy eating adventure, which excluded sugary confections. So I graciously offered it to my husband. But inside a different dialogue was playing in my mind, “It’s not fair!”

I think this is one of the biggest tricks Satan plays to get us to give in to temptation. Saying “It’s not fair!” has caused many a girl to toss aside what she knows is right for the temporary thrill of whatever it is that does seem fair. We complain, “It’s not fair that I gain weight so easily when everyone else seems to eat whatever they want and stay trim.”

Now, realize that the dessert itself is not the problem. But if one piece of dessert leads to two and that leads to other compromises, which leads to wrecking our whole healthy eating plan, then the downward spiral reflects how temptation traps us in so many areas of life. I’ve experienced this vicious cycle myself, and I’m here to give you hope that it is possible to conquer it. (so true of me!)

My pity party was a clue that I was relying on my own strength — a strength that has failed me before and will fail me again. So, when justifications swirl in my mind — “It’s a special day . . . with a special person . . . what’s the harm in sampling?” — I know I have to grab hold of God’s strength. The only way I’ve found to do that is to invite His power into the situation by mentally reciting truths such as, “I’m more than a conqueror,” “With God all things are possible,” or “Let the peace of God reign in your heart.”

.... The truth is, compromising my commitments for the sake of physical pleasure is not God’s best for me.”
The same advice powerfully applies to our area of struggle. As we recite truth, God’s power can fill the gap of our weakness. I don’t know what you might be struggling with today, but I can assure you that God is just and fair. There is a good reason why we must face our temptations. The struggle to say “no” may be painful in the moment, but the process is working out something magnificent within us."

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Old Habits

One of the most discouraging things in life for me is falling back into old habits- bad habits that is. 

I've done well on my own all year until I returned back to the West this past month. Living on my own and buying my own food has helped me to do things for me. Now that I am back at my parents house for a few months it is like I have forgotten what was important to me and just fallen backwards!

Why is that all of sudden it is okay to eat sweets and whatever any time and late at night especially?

My parents eating habits are horrible and I follow right after them when I am home. It's sad and frustrating. It is not me nor who I want to be. I don't want to give up on everything I've worked on and worked OUT!

But how to be accountable when no one in your family cares or keeps you accountable. OR says "Hey go work out" OR "hey you need to go to the gym" and then sticks chocolate in your face afterwards and gets mad if something isn't eaten that was made for dinner.

One of the major frustrations in my life are those people who are not on board with my lifestyle, but then "wants" to lose weight and be skinny. It isn't about being skinny for me or looking great! (That is the reward) IT's about living a lifestyle that is healthy emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually!

Working out and eating well involves every aspect of my life. It changes my mood. When I have an awesome workout in the morning or even just a run it changes my entire day. It relieves massive stress for me. It settles my stomach. It changes my skin and hair. It gives me energy and the ability to concentrate more on my work and relationships! It isn't just some fad diet or something that I am just trying to work on... living this lifestyle is something I want to do for life.

BUT IT IS SO DANG HARD when NO one in the family wants to be behind you or support you...except for a brother who lives in Asia ;/ 

 So, for now, I must be so on board with myself, my goals and what I think is best for me. AND maybe that means me being more strict with how I approach my habits- good and bad. do I keep those?

I am so competitive...maybe what is best for me is getting into a sport again for a few months. OH I don't know.

But, just writing this all out is helpful and helps me to process things out loud.

I love that I can do that on here and no one will look at me like I am crazy (Or at least I think so) :)

So here is to a better month and a better day tomorrow: Wednesday.

Time to journal people!  

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June! where did you go?!

Wow, it is already June 9th! and I said June would be better. Well, to tell you the truth, it hasn't been. Unfortunately, a new girl came in to do an internship and that just takes up time...then I left for 5 days traveling to a city that is very polluted and I DID NOT workout at all! :( UGH. so bummed. 

It is good to be on here again, focus again. It is an everyday commitment. I am looking forward to working out ...and when things come in my way, I cannot get to stressed. I just have to move on.

This week- more salad. LESS sugar- or NO sugar! NO nan bread, pasta, ---fruits, veggies, and good grains. I'm looking forward to next saturday when I feel a change in my body!  

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June Will be Better!

June WILL be BEtter! I WILL eat Better! I WILL lift more! I WILL work out more.

This is my own accountability to log in and note each day. for me and no one else, and at the same time, it is going to the world, so there is a little accountability because others are aware of what I am doing! :)

 With that, Today is June 2. and I ate well, and only did some abs. Super busy. But beginning this week I will work out more, and even in my travels I will eat better.

No sweets for June!

I need to be more serious about my health and life. I am reading a good book--- well a little good. It is all things that I am fully aware of and already know and have studied in college, but reading these words again really "turns on" my brain to think before I eat, why I eat, and think before being impuslive.

 It is Life is Hard; Food Is Easy.

Well, this week June 2- 8- I will not have nan bread on my own account, unless its offer ( I refuse 2 times) then I will if they (people) keep pushing.

And I will try really hard to not eat after 7pm. this is hard. But it can be done!

So, pushing my limits a ton!

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