Mr. Olympia Webcast Link

by Roger Lockridge

Here is your link for the Olympia Webcast so you can watch the events unfold throughout the weekend here on! Please note that the time you see on the screen is YOUR local time from wherever you are around the world.

Make sure you also follow @OlympiaWebcast on Twitter and join me as we watch history be made. Will Phil go for #4 or will there be a new Mr. Olympia? We may see the last contest of Flex Lewis as a 212 competitor. Does he go out on top? All that and much more will be in store from Las Vegas.

Thank you all for keeping up with the blog and I hope to hear from you tonight and tomorrow on Twitter. Enjoy the Olympia! 

Olympia Expo News - Lee Haney Nutrition & Gifted Nutrition

by Roger Lockridge

If you're heading out to Las Vegas this week, you might want to pay attention because we have a couple of opportunities for you to meet Mr. Olympia's past and present plus have your picture taken with the Sandow trophy.

Lee Haney Nutrition will be at Booth #1391 throughout the weekend and my understanding is the 8 Time Mr. Olympia will be there himself in Las Vegas so make sure you stop by the booth to possibly meet one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time!

Gifted Nutrition also have big plans this weekend. Over at Booth #836, you can see Gifted Nutrition athletes Janet Layug and Mr. Olympia himself, Phil Heath on Saturday! You can also have your picture taken with the 2013 Sandow Trophy that was presented to "The Gift" for his 3rd straight Olympia title throughout the weekend.  

As I get more news on the Expo, I'll pass it on here on the blog.  

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Phil Heath/Gifted Nutrition Afterparty


by Roger Lockridge

Doing anything after the Olympia? You can join Phil Heath and the Gifted Nutrition crew for their official after party where "The Gift" could be celebrating his fourth consecutive Sandow win. Details can be seen in the image and by following Gifted Nutrition on Facebook and Twitter. 


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by Roger Lockridge

In case you missed it, we've been posting our Olympia previews and predictions as well as the news on what's in store for you guys coming to the Olympia Expo. You can see the features that have already been published in the links below. Make sure you check back to every day as well as here on the Olympia Blog to see the latest updates and news regarding the 50th Anniversary of the Mr. Olympia.

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Cedric McMillan Out of Olympia

by Roger Lockridge

A bodybuilder that has developed a major following in recent years is Cedric McMillan. Big Cedric has been hailed as a future Mr. Olympia by past champions such as Lee Haney. Whether he has opted to step onstage for the 50th Olympia has been a hot topic as of late.

Despite rumors that he will skip the big weekend in Vegas, Cedric had NOT announced one way or another what his plans are for Sept. 18-21. After placing a call to AMI this afternoon, I can confirm that Cedric is NOT on the lineup list for the Olympia this year so he will not compete again until 2015.

Keep checking the blog for the latest updates. 


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Sylvester Stallone to Appear at the Olympia Expo

by Roger Lockridge

BPI and Image Sports announced that Hollywood legendary actor/director/producer Sylvester Stallone will appear at the Image Sports Booth (#1316) at the Olympia Expo on Saturday, September 20. Follow BPI on Facebook for more details. The video with the announcement can be seen at .

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Roger Lockridge to be Social Media Voice for 50th Olympia Webcast

People who have watched the Olympia Weekend events on may be familiar with the Twitter scroll at the right of the screen as well as the official @OlympiaWebcast Twitter account that serves as the voice for social media during the biggest weekend in bodybuilding. For the second year in a row, Writer Roger Lockridge will serve as the Social Media Voice for the Olympia Webcast throughout Olympia Weekend.

Roger has been a contributing writer for for over five years. He was named Male Writer of the Year for 2009 as well as an Iron Man Expert by Iron Man Magazine in 2013. took his favorite supplements and dubbed it the "Roger Lockridge Stack" which is available at the Store. Roger has covered the Olympia on Social Media for in years' past and covered the 2014 Arnold Classic and Arnold 212 events in Columbus, OH for us as well.

"The 50th Olympia is going to be historic for obvious reasons and although I'll be unable to attend in Las Vegas, it's going to be awesome to interact with the thousands of viewers throughout the world during the webcast. I'm excited and honored for the opportunity." 

Make sure you follow the @OlympiaWebcast account on Twitter to be a part of the action during Olympia Weekend. You can also follow Roger @RockLockridge on Twitter and under rocklockridge on BodySpace. 


For more details on the webcast, go to . 




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2014 Olympia 212 Showdown Competitor List

by Roger Lockridge

The 2014 Olympia Weekend is of course headlined by the Mr. Olympia contest itself but the undercard isn't bad either. Matter of fact, the 212 Olympia Showdown is going to be an awesome event itself. With James "Flex" Lewis defending his title for possibly the last time before moving on to the Open Division in the future, there are several hopefuls that plan on knocking the king of the 212's off his throne. The entire competitor list is below.

James "Flex" Lewis

David Henry

Kevin English

Jose Raymond

Eduardo Correa

Sami Al Haddad

Guy Cisterino

Aaron Clark

Charles Dixon

Hidetada Yamagishi

Mark Dugdale

Raul Carrasco

Ahmad Ahmad

Baito Abbaspour

Mboya Edwards 

The 212 Showdown, like all the final events of Olympia Weekend, will be a part of the exclusive Olympia Webcast on on Saturday, September 20. Tune in to see if anyone will take Flex down and become the new 212 World Champion or if Flex will leave the stage victorious for the 3rd time. 

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Olympia Coverage on NBC Sports Network

by Roger Lockridge

By now everyone in the industry has heard about the news that NBC Sports will be broadcasting the 50th Anniversary of the Mr. Olympia on NBC Sports Network. It has made the biggest event in bodybuilding even bigger. However there has been some confusion as to when and how the event will be presented.

The two day event will be broadcast LIVE exclusively via webcast on as it has for the last several years. More information on the webcast can be seen at this link.

NBCSN will be presenting the Mr. Olympia on television for the first time since 1984 in two broadcast specials - the first on October 18th at 1:30 pm eastern time and the second on October 25th at 5:30 pm eastern time. Check with your local cable and satellite providers for more information.

There will be much more news to share about the historic weekend in Las Vegas in the coming days so check back with the blog for the latest news. 

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Centopani, Compton, Obaid Out of Olympia

by Roger Lockridge

Although we are less than three weeks from the Olympia, Evan Centopani, Justin Compton, and Essa Obaid have apparently decided to not compete and focus on making improvements for 2015. Compton earned his qualification spot by winning in Orlando. Essa and Evan made the show via points in the Olympia Qualification System.

Although they made their decisions at different times, word from the camps of Centopani and Compton is they have opted to throw their hats in the ring for the 2015 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. Both athletes are expected to be in Las Vegas but they will be representing their sponsors at the Expo instead of onstage.

As for Essa, his mother is not in good health and Essa opted to be home for her instead of preparing for the Olympia. There is currently no word on when he plans to return to the IFBB Stage. With all three competitors out, that means that there are currently 19 pros that will compete in the historic 50th Mr. Olympia!

Stay tuned to the Olympia Blog for more updates as they are available. 

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by Roger Lockridge

We want to make sure you stay updated on all things Olympia related so make sure you bookmark these two links and check back often for the latest breaking news.

2014 Olympia Weekend Main Page

Press Release for the 2014 Olympia Webcast

Of course you should also keep updated here on the Olympia Blog. We will keep you updated on everything related to the big weekend up until the winner of the 50th Mr. Olympia is crowned!  

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2014 Mr. Olympia Qualified List

by Roger Lockridge

We are three weeks away from the biggest bodybuilding event of the year and what may be the biggest event of all time. There is only one year you can celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Mr. Olympia and 2014 is the year. So who will grace the stage and battle for the world title of bodybuilding? Athletes qualified either by finishing in the Top 5 of the 2013 Olympia, winning the Amateur Olympia in 2013, winning an event in 2014 or for a few athletes that didn't win a contest this year, earning their spot via the Olympia Qualification Series. Here is your official list of QUALIFIED athletes for the 2014 Mr. Olympia.

Phil Heath - Reigning Mr. Olympia

Kai Greene - 2nd place at 2013 Olympia

Dennis Wolf - 3rd place at 2013 Olympia/2014 Arnold Classic Champion

Shawn Rhoden - 4th place at 2013 Olympia

Dexter Jackson - 5th place at 2013 Olympia

Ibraham Sami Fahim - 2013 Amateur Mr. Olympia Winner

Justin Compton - 2014 Orlando Winner

Steve Kuclo - 2014 Arnold Brasil Winner

Branch Warren - 2014 Dallas Pro Winner

Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Ellsbiay - 2014 NY Pro Winner

Juan Morel - 2014 Toronto Pro Winner

Roelly Winklaar - 2014 Chicago Wings of Strength Winner

William Bonac - 2014 Golden State Pro Winner

Victor Martinez - 2014 Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide Tampa Pro Winner

Jon Delarosa - Points Winner

Evan Centopani - Qualified via Points

Lionel Beyeke - Qualified via Points

Cedric MacMillan - Qualified via Points

Fred Smalls - Qualified via Points

Johnnie Jackson - Qualified via Points

Jojo Ntiforo - Qualified via Points

Essa Obaid - Qualified via Points

 * Normally the Top 5 in points qualify but due to a tie between Cedric, Fred, Johnnie, Jojo, and Essa, all athletes are in the show if they choose to compete. 

This list is for the athletes that qualified for the show. Some of the competitors may pull out of the show. We'll keep you posted on all the updates as they are confirmed. Make sure you tune in to the Olympia Webcast exclusively on during the weekend to see the events unfold and make sure to follow @OlympiaWebcast on Twitter. I'll be your Twitter Host throughout the webcasts so join me as we find out who will be a part of bodybuilding history as the winner of the 50th Mr. Olympia contest! 

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Must See Olympia Coverage!

Subject: Olympia Coverage
From: Hey everyone, you can watch Jen and your favorite
competitors at the Olympia on the
LIVE webcast this weekend. Jen will NOT be competing this year but will be hosting the Live Webcast on Friday and Saturday. Jen also has new interviews posted (
Trish Warren and
Jessica Paxson) more coming soon. All interviews can be found on this link. Thanks and hope everyone is well.

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