Guys and working out

I officially refuse to talk to guys about working out. It doesn't matter what shape size or form - they all always tell me I am wrong.

Talked to this one guy about walking to the bus stop. I told him it was about 3 miles away from my house. I told him it takes me 35-40 minutes to walk the distance. He Bert stares me and tell me that that isn't possible. Since it takes him about and hour to walk two miles. HELLO!

Next guy I meet outside of the gym. He goes I didn't see you in the weight room. I told him it was a light day so I stayed in the mini one. Then he proceeds to tell me I don't need to go to the weight room - since everything up there is over 20 pounds. Well I let him know the mini goes up to 25 and I am about a week from leaving those 25 dumbbells alone.

Guy from work tells me that I should do more cardio since women are meant to be all skinny-fat. This dude was a body fat of 6. I kid you not.

Starting New

This is just to keep me accountable. I am going to start logging my exercise daily. This is my exercise for 6/8/11 It consist of a warm up,core work and metobolic exercises. Warm up (not going to list but it consisted of 10 exercises...from seal jumps to striaght leg skips. I did 1 set of each / averagine 10 reps Core exercises 2 sets of 60 second planks (leg lifted/ one set each leg) 2 sets of side planks(leg tucked/ 2 sets each side) Metobolic exercise ‎10 burpees ..... shadow boxing/rest...... 10 Burpees..... shadow boxing/rest..... 7 Burpees...shadow boxing/rest.... 5 Burpees..... shadow boxing/rest..... 5 Burpees I felt like death after this but it was a good This is what I plan to do the days I don't use weights. I felt like I really worked out after this . 18 hours later. I am up to hit the gym again but today is my off day.

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