Back w/out 4th May 2011

I had the sickest/most insane workout this morning. Being Day 4, today was Back Day. On Monday, I bought "Jack3d" from Atlantic Body Fitness (I think it's called), my local supplement shop/store. It's a pre-workout powder that you mix with water and it gives you an extra boost and you can train for longer. Lying T Row, I went up to 35KG on 8 reps. Barbell Row, I went up to 26KG on 10 reps. Smith Machine Shrugs, I just did as many reps as I could without any weights. Was great. OK, it seems there was one side effect of this stuff and that is, I sweat like anything!! More than usual.

28 April 2011 entry

Well, I am finally starting to pack on some muscle mass, but still am not really putting on weight. My flatmate said my upper body was looking much bigger. My arms are really starting to get much bigger. Today, I was doing biceps, but then also working my triceps to balance my arms out. I also, include exercises to firm up my butt. Even my shoulder and traps are starting to stick out. My lats are starting to develop nicely. And I've still got another seven weeks to go on this program - I am so excited. I look forward to going to the gym!! Just wish I could afford more supplements and to eat 6 times a day. There is a guy who gives me tips, which is really cool. He's been working out for two years and is quite HUGE. I get on with some of the regulars and crack jokes with the guys in the gym. I am dying to train my legs. Its been ages, because last Sunday the gym was closed for a damn holiday. Not sure if I'm doing everything 100% correctly, I mean bodybuilding is way to scientific for me. Ultimately, the body will let me know. As time goes on, I will learn and develop my weak areas: THE BENCH PRESS (Chest), which I find difficult, but there is an alternative exercise I can do: The Machine Bench Press CRUNCHES (Abs): this needs concerted effort and concentration. CALVES: I want big kick ass calf muscles.

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So I am two weeks into my 12 week program and really enjoying it. Am really getting into the whole routine and gym lifestyle. As I write I'm eating a big bowl of Weet Bix cereal. My weight is up to 71 kilo's which is amazing, unless the scale at the gym is ****ed. Which I hope it isn't. I am slowly trying to be patient with those idiots in the gym who are there just to **** around and chat and have no clue about gym etiquette. I am not a very tolerant person and am also very impatient. But I have made friends with two guys, one of which competed recently in the Shameen Classic Bodybuilding Show here in Cape Town. I am starting to see progress, albeit slowly, in my tighs, calves, arms and back. Really need someone to take photo's of me for me. Bit difficult trying to do it with a timer and then it takes a picture of your butt instead of your tighs.

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Great w/out: 4th April 2011

I hit the gym this morning, full of confidence and motivated as hell. Went to teh Shameen Classic 2011 Bodybuilding Show and met Shameen Adams (South African Bodybuilding Champion) and the legendary Lee Priest himself. What a lovely man and so humble. After spending the day with all those big guys, I was filled with confidence and I also purchased a bag of Whey Protein Concentrate from the guys at the 100percent pure stand. Also got the number from a guy who said I should call him any time for training or dietary advice. Just the kind of boost I needed. I am making good progress and loving it. I'm even enjoying being stiff and sore!! My thighs, calves and arms are steadily growing. Actually met a bloke who w/out at the same gym as I do and he placed 2nd at the show in the Classic Bodybuilding under 75kg Novices category I think. And he's only been training for two years. So right now I'm trying to pack on as much weight as I can and the Whey is excellent stuff.

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Guys chatting in teh gym

I really want to go up to those pricks that sit for ages on the machines or stand around the gym chatting away and damn loudly too and tell them to SHUT THE *&^% UP AND TRAIN or get the hell out of the gym. I find it very very irritating. Why spend all that money to stand/sit around talking kak (bull****)?!

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Day after chest day - 29th March 2011

Went into teh gym, after work and it was very busy adn noisy. Which is OK, excpet it ****s up your routine, when you've gotta look around for weights or wait for someone to finish on the machine or whatever it is, you want to use. The one thing I 'failed' on was the bench press. I had to go very light, mind you I did use the thick heavy bar which probably weights 10kg alone, if not more. I left out chest dips - my arms were like jelly and I jsut couldn't do it. Plus my ****ign left shoulder is a bastard. It hurts like hell. Did tricpe dips instead. Why is it that guys stand around chatting and talking?? And why do they bang their dumbells together? Its retarded!! I want to get a big psoter for the gym that says: SHUT THE **** UP AND TRAIN! Weird thing is that, even though I trained chest, my biceps felt like they'd gotten a w/out. Couldn't feel any pain in my pecs - which is damn annoying. Did my favourite w/out which is rope overhead pull.

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2nd week

Well its my 2nd week into my new regime and its going well and starting to notice small developments. My calves & biceps are getting bigger. I worked legs yesterday (27/03/2011) and today I can't walk properly, but it was a great w/out. I enjoyed it. In the beginning of my routine, I battled lifting the bar onto my shoulders because of my damned left shoulder.

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