Well, I'm half way through the week and things are going well.  I'm on my 3-day split w/ the weights and getting better and better w/ the bleachers/sprints.  This morning was my 2nd session of the bleachers/sprints for the week....this time I had to do two set at a time...so still a total of 8 reps of bleachers....but just together. Then finished w/ my sprints and 1 mile cool down walk.  The kids couldn't make it this AM so their coach felt the need to take it out on  me!!!  Since I'm off today and the kids are making up their session this evening I'm going back for a 2nd session....It's going to be 93 degrees so we'll see how well I do!!

The body is holding up well.  No shin splints, hamstrings are holding surprisingly well....only issue thus far is my calves and achilles tendon are way too tight so I've been stretching them in between sets. 

These pics are from Saturday 8-15-09 which was the day after my refeed meal.  I'm doing a keto style diet and I hadn't had any starchy carbs since 8-8.  I was happy that I weighed in at 136.6  Weight isn't dropping significantly but the two ppl I send my pics to say I'm tightening up nicely.  I'm still playing around w/ my side pose..so feel free to provide feedback on how it looks!!!!



Weekly Check-In

Keeping up w/ the weekly tradition I'll go a head and post progress pics although I don't have clue what show I'm preparing for, lol!! I'm just enjoying the ride and trying to come down in the most healthy fashion possible. Overall, this past week was very hard. If you've been keeping up w/ my journal you know I lost my IPOD on Monday!! Well, I was literally sick(mentally, not physical) all week and it took an extra, extra, extra effort to workout w/o any music!! Weights were bearable but cardio was just out right miserable!!! Our cardio equipment has the little thingy where u can plug up your earphones and listen to the TV...but, out 50 treadmills, none of them really work and it sounds like someone is hitting the delete button!! I was soooo happy when a sales rep came up to me on Friday saying she had my IPOD!! Whew, she just saved me a few 100 bucks!!!

I took my weekly progress pics on yesterday....I'm down 1 pound since last week (wish it were more) and in the past two weeks I've lost 3/4 in. off the boobs, 1/4 in. off the waist, and 1/4 in. off the hips....interesting how the boobs choose to come off the fastest!! I'd luv to keep the boobs and drop the fat off the abs and glutes, but oh well...it is what it is, my body is just backwards like that!!! I try not to get too caught up w/ the scale..as long as I'm loosing inches I know progress is being made!!!!

In other news...I'm hurting today. I can tolerate artificial sweetners (splenda/equal) just fine!! I've been having a hard time getting my water in....I noticed Crystal Light was on sale so I thought I'd give it a try. Well, it's worked well the last two days and I've been getting my gallon and then some in fairly easy! Well today I guess it's finally catching up w/ me!! My tummy is tight/almost rock hard and distended. It feels like little demons are inside my tummy just poking me w/ their finger....mom would say it's just gas!! But ummm, I'm not burping or pooting...I'm just kinda stuck, and it hurts!! Anywho, I guess I'll be deleting the Crystal Light b/c this is no fun!! I knew I was sensitive to sugar alcohols in candy, but like I said I hadn't had a problem w/ equal and I can drink diet sodas w/o any problems.

That's it for the last week!! This upcoming week should be much better since I hav my IPOD back!!

One more thing: I'm going to post 2 pics of me posing from the side. I was taught to have my arms relaxed to the side in the side pose, but I like how it looks on some competitors w/ the arm slightly back. Plz give me your opinion on which pose looks best. I think maybe my arm is just too far back and I need to be more relaxed.

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SCRATCH North Americans

Hey peeps, can't believe yesterday was 5 weeks out from North American. Although the progress is going well I've decided NOT to do NA. I know, I know!! I'm about as indecisive as they come!! I'm really training hard but I'm not feeling it...I'm not feeling it all. And w/ 35 years on this earth I've learned if I'm not feeling something is best not to do it! Been there done that..when I do do something I'm not feeling I always regret it after the fact!!! So, that leaves two National shows on the calendar and a few large regional shows attached to a PRO show. For now, all I'm going to say is that I'm training my azz off and you never know where I'll show up, lol!! Just know that I'll be on someone's stage this year...just a matter of when!!

Here are my pics from last week when I was 6 weeks out, weighing 138....but now it's just a progress pic!!! My monthly visitor came by so I didn't feel like taking pics this week even though I can say the vascularity sure is popping now!! Weight was 138.4 yesterday. Would have been pissed, but under the circumstances won't get too upset....but, I expect to see 135 next week.

Diet is pretty good. Making sure I don't go below 1200 calories. I've also told myself no matter what I refuse to do more than 2-1hr cardio sessions a day...PERIOD. I've been averaging 3 days of 2-1hr. sessions, the rest of the week I'm just doing 1 hr. Which is another reason I'm not feeling NA. I'm just not willing to do 3-1hr. session every single day to get ready, which is what I would have to do....so will keep training for the next show!

USA was pretty interesting. Figure is figure...happy 2c Akane and Candice walk away w/ their PRO cards!!! I admire anyone who can do back to back shows and look on top of their game the way they did last season. Big Props to Kristal Marshall for winning the overall in Bikini!! I absolutely luv her look.

That's about it for now!!! Hope everyone has a great week!

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7 Weeks out!!!

Ya-hooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Ok, now I'm getting excited!! I'm glad the lack of confidence I've been experiencing lately is going away!! Hope it never comes back.

I took progress pics this morning.....there's plenty of work left to do but I'm slowly tightening up. This is the first time since I set my mind to do North Americans that I've actually felt 100% that I can be ready...so 7 weeks is all I have left. My problem area continues to be the abs but I also noticed that I'm holding in the glute/ham which has never been a problem (serious crease)....never had the issue of a "ghetto booty". So, I guess w/ age fat starts distributing differently.

Slowly checking things off the to do list in preps for this show. 1- Byron David suit which I purchased last year from Melody Clere....she won her Pro Card in it..so hopefully it'll give me some good luck 2- plane ticket purchased 3- hotel room reserved 4- NPC Registration sent off 1st of the month...got the card yesterday..they work pretty fast. Now all I have to do is pay the entry fee. I was thinking of just doing one division but if I'm going to go I might as well do both Open & Masters....so more than likely I'll be robbing Peter to pay Paul...but I plan to register for both. So, I'm already close to 2k which doesn't include supps,training fees, or posing.

Did I say I was excited?? Well, I'm really excited!!!! Can't wait 2meet every1 at NAs!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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11 weeks out!

Well, today I'm 11 weeks out from North Americans!! Nothing major to report for the week. This past week's plan was pretty much the same except for the addition of NEPA- Non Exercise physical Activity. A new one for me too....basically it's non-strenuous activities such as walking, yard work, etc. and the intensity is very low. So, I've started walking daily first thing in the morning.I can say the walks have helped both physically and mentally. I can see some change in the abs so that's good. Mentally, my mood is still is up/down as well as my confidence. Walking outside seems to clear my head and I just enjoy the early morning sun.

I did my bi-weekly progress w/ Erik on Monday. Monday I weighed in at 141.4, this morning I was 140.8.

My new plan starting next week is going to be super challenging. I'm going from a 3-day to 4-day split and it just looks duanting, but I'm up for the challenge. Cardio also increased a bit: don't worry, It'll never be 3 hrs. a day again.

So anywho, here are my pics from my check in on 6/8/09. I didn't see much change physique wise from last check-in....hopefully next check-in will show more progress!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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13 Weeks out!!

Hi myspace...Well, I guess I'll start doing weekly updates on my progress to my next show....I plan to compete at North Americans in Cleveland, Ohio on August 29.  If you remember, I've blogged on my last 3 preps so I'll continue to do so.  This was posted on another blog that I write on...5/31/09

So, yesterday was 13 weeks out from North Americans!!!! When I made the decision back in February not to compete at Jr. USA North American felt soooo far away. Now I'm freaking out b/c 13 weeks will fly by!

I have been experiencing several bi-polar moments the last 3-4 weeks. It's so annoying/frustrating when my mood fluctuates from being on top of the world to I'm not going to make it. During those times I just do it (train) b/c I have to. But, I really enjoy training b/c I want to and it's healthy for my body. I try to keep an even head and remember the true reason why I workout which is b/c it makes me feel better. I try not to get so pre-occupied w/ the "I won't be ready for the show". But, it isn't easy.

This Monday I started the week 6 pounds heavier. Many of you don't know, but my grandmother passed away on May 17. We traveled to Florida for the funeral, so needless to say I was off the diet for about 4 days...it's amazing how fast I put on weight, when although I wasn't on the diet, I wasn't pigging out like a total fool either. The hardest part was that we drove so I was unable to get the water in. I've been back a week and I've dropped 4 pounds. Although my gmom passed, it was a great trip. She was 80 years old and the funeral was sad, yet funny. You should have heard some of the stories her cousins told. So, it was like a homecoming for me, b/c I hadn't been to Florida to visit in several years. All my cousins are grown w/ there own children....WOW!! I need to get on the ball!

I'm not so sure how often I'll post pics of my progress...I'm sure it will just depend on how I'm looking. Mainly b/c I don't want to get caught up in the hoopla of comparing myself to other competitors, and I don't want other competitors comparing themselves to mine. I've decided to not look at other ppl's pics b/c for me, it does cause me to question myself and what I'm doing....I need to stay focused on my prep and not worry about if what I'm doing will be enough or not. I just need to follow my plan and I think it's soooooo much easier to follow your own plan when you aren't caught up w/ what other ppl are looking like and who you think will show up that day to compete.

That's it for today. I have interval training which is really quick then I'm out. The weather is nice so I'll probably just chill outside and do absolutely nothing the rest of the day!!! 

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Back, Tri's, Bi's 1/14/09

Didn't post yesterday!  1/13 was a cardio only day.....just interval training on the treadmill.

Nothing major to report today! I made the extra effort to get to the gym at a decent time...10:45am, not to bad....but still working to get back to being out of the gym by 9AM!!! My sleep isn't as good as I'd like so I'm still waking up for my 1st meal and going back to sleep vs....eating and going straight to the gym!

Anywho, had a good workout. My mood is great. Still no cravings. I did have a cheat. One 16 oz. cup of coffee w/ skim milk and 10 equals! Was expecting my stomach to swell b/c I haven't had more than 2 pack of equal a day since I've started. Funny thing the coffee didn't taste as good as I thought so that's one thing I can live w/o.....not the same w/o the flavored creamers!!

All meals consumed!!! Water still lacking!

Lat Pulldown 2x25, 4x12
DB Pullover 4x12
Straight Arm Pulldown 4x12
Single Arm Cable Row 4x12

Reverse Grip BB Curl 4x15
DB Hammer Curl 4x15

DB Overhead Ext 4x15
Single Arm Cable Kickbacks 4x15

That's it for today!! Tomorrow is circuits....although I consider it cardio from hell!

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Delts & Chest, 1/12/09

I've been dragging all day....seems like if I don't get off to a good start it just prolongs through out the day. I ended up hitting the gym this evening around 8pm. I got a decent workout in.

This is day 7 on the diet....very happy that I'm not feeling like a crackhead looking for my next hit!!! Cravings are a big battle that I've had to deal w/ in the past but so far so good. I got all 6 meals in and a pickle!! I luv the pickles!!! As for the water I'm averaging a 1/2 gallon....need to get up to gallon!

DB Front Lat 3x15 (Triset)
DB Side Lat 3x15
DB Military Press 3x15

Rear Delt on Pec Machine 3x15
Seated cable flyes 3x15
Bradford Press 3x15 (1st time ever doing this move! I got a good burn!)

That's it for today. Tomorrow is a cardio only day!!!

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Leg Day!! 1/7/09

Today was legs!!! I did the workout, but was dragging.....then I got hungry at the end and my stomach was bubbling....so once again I didn't do the abductor/adductor....maybe I should do those first!!

Stiff Legs 3x25
Leg Press 4x15
Walking Lunges 4x15
Reverse Hack Squats 4x15
Leg Extension 4x15
Lying Leg Curls 4x15

That's it for today!! About to eat my last meal!!! Thank You Jesus....I can go to bed and sleep until 6am!!

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Delts & Chest, 1/5/09

Today was day #1 of my new contest prep plan!!! I hadn't purchased any food so today was spent stocking up on everything I need to stay on 100%!!! I had a hard time finding everything at one store so winded up having to go to 2 grocery stores.....this turned into a 3hr. outing which caused me to get behind on my meals....but luckily I have a few treats and I was able to eat a pickle to hold me over until I could get home. By the time I got home I was pushing the 4.5 hr. mark since my previous meal...so I'll be eating meal 5 at 11pm!!! And if I get meal 6 in it will be at 1am! For me to eat 6 meals comfortably I'll have to have the first meal by 6am or have 2 meals 2hrs. apart vs. 3hrs...anywho, I think I'll have the hang of this w/in a week!! Super excited!

The diet is very interesting. I was very happy to see cheese on it....Cheddar at that..my fav!!! So, it was a great treat to have some cheese w/ one of my meals!! I was full at meal 1 and had to force feed my peice of fruit.

Todays workout:

DB Side Lats Raise 3x15 (triset)
DB Front Lat Raise 3x15
DB Military Press 3x15

Seated Military Press (Hammer) 3x15 (superset)
Rear Delt 3x15

Side Lat Raise w/Cable 3x15 (superset)
Front Lat Raise w/ Cable 3x15

DB Incline Press 3x15
Cable Press 3x15
Cable Flys 3x15

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Back, Bi's, & Tri's 1/4/09

It felt great to sleep in a little longer this morning!! I made it to the gym around 10:30 or so! Today was a decent day, was dragging a bit, but got it done. I need to get my water intake up.....being dehydrated is getting the best of me!!

I got all my info to start my new plan on tomorrow!! I'll be in Wal-Mart bright and early b/c I need a digital food scale....I have the regular food scale w/ the needle! Pretty excited and the plan looks good! No more 12:50AM posts...I need to get in bed earlier! I got alot to work on!!!!

Todays workout:

Lat Pulldown
Single Arm Cable Row
Straight Arm Pulldown
Wide Grip Cable Row (Hammer)
Close Grip Lat Pulldown

DB Curl
BB Curl

Cable Kickbacks
Overhead Press

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Leggggggggggggs, 1st Day of the YEAR!!!

First day of the year!! I woke up in a good mood! Made it to the gym a little late but due to the Holiday the morning crowd was still there. I hit legs .....wasn't really feeling it...I had my first meal at 6am then went back to sleep...had a protein shake for my 2nd meal but it wasn't enough b/c half way through my leg workout I was starving!

Stiff Legs 4x25
Single Leg-Leg Press 4x15
Walking Lunges 4x30
Leg Extensions 4x15
Standing Leg Curls 4x15

I should have done my usual reverse hack squats and abductor/adductor but was too hungry!!

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Delts & Chest!!, Final W/o for 2008!!!! 12/31

I was back in the gym and ready to rock'n roll today!! I'm really enjoying this 3 day split...feels good to know that I'll hit every muscle group by Thursday and have 2 days left to do extras on Friday and Saturday!!

Today's gym climate was quite interesting! The New Year Resolution ppl are still there trying to get in the groove!! Hope they can stick it out!!!!

Workout for today was great....I don't know what it is about cables but they always set my delts on fire....more so than any machine or DB!

DB Front Lat Raise 3x15 (Triset/Warm-up)
DB Side Lat Raise 3x15
DB Military Press 3x15

Rear Delt on Pec Machine 4x15

1 Arm Side Lat Raise- Cable 3x15 (Triset)
1 Arm Military Press- Cable 3x15
1 Front Lat Raise- Cable 3x15

Standing - Cable Chest Press 3x15 (Superset)
Standing - Cable Pec Flys 3x15

Incline Press 3x15

That's all for today!! Will start off my new year w/ LEGS!!! What away to start the New Year!!!!! Let's get psyched!!!! 2009 Here I come!!!!!!

GOOD THINGS TO COME IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Back, Bi's, & Tri's 12/29/08

Made it to the gym by 10:30AM....not due to any fault of my own...had a busy weekend at work and I was up at 6AM keying in dictation from my cases! Was hoping to be done by 8AM, but had more than I thought.
Once I got to the gym, to my surprised it was unusually crowded. In fact too crowded for a Monday morning....well, looks like the New Years' Resolution crowd has arrived. I wish them the best of luck....but I sure will be glad when they get out of my way!!

Lat Pulldown 2x25, 4x12
DB Row 4x12
Straight Arm Pulldown 4x12
Close Grip Lat Pulldown 4x12

1 Arm Cable Kickback 4x15
DB Overhead Extension 4x15

1 Arm Cable Bicep Curl 4x12
BB Bicep Curl 4x12

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Delts & Chest, Xmas Eve!!!!

Finally, I made it to the gym by 9am!! That's a record for me....I haven't been to the gym that early in months. I'm ahead of the game so all I have left this week is legs...so I'll get that done on Friday.

DB Front Lat Raise 3x12 (Warm-up/triset)
DB Side Lat Raise 3x12
DB Military Press 3x12

Cable Side Lat Raise 4x15 (Superset)
Cable 1-Arm Military Press 4x15

Rear Delt on Pec Machine 4x15
Cable 1-Arm Front Lat Raise 4x15

DB Press 4x15 (Superset)
DB Pec Flys 4x15

Incline Press 4x15

Seated Cable Press 4x15

That's it for today!!

Merry Christmas everybody!!!!

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