I am the Master of my Destiny

It has been forever since I blogged, but it's time again.

There have been so many changes...the last 3 years has been a journey. At times, it has been pure paradise. Other times, it felt like I was holding on by the skin of my teeth. Days where I felt as if I wouldn't survive. I'm not going to get into what all has been going on...it's very personal.

I look in the mirror, and I see someone very battered and bruised...exhausted. But I also see a survivor! In the past 3 years, I've made good choices, bad choices, very bad choices and survival choices. I did things that I am proud of, and very ashamed of. When I look back, there were times I did not recognize the person I was.

But, as I write this, the weight that has been on my shoulders for so long feels much lighter. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have a purpose and a goal again! And that feels good!


Delts on FIRE!!!!!

Morning peeps!!

Wowzer!! My delts are on FIRE after this!! And I LIKE it!!! :) The calorie burn isn't what I wanted, but I didn't do cardio in between each set, went with abs instead. The cardio will be this afternoon outside with the pooch for a 2 miler. So I'll burn the extra calories then.

So here's what went down:

BB Military Press - 30#/10 x3
BB Shrug - 90#/10 x3
low plank hip twists - 40 x3 these are hard to do!!

DB side lats - 12#/15 5 palms facing body, 5 palms facing legs, 5 palms facing out x3
DB front raises - 10#/10 x3
high plank knees to triceps - 20 each side x3

resistance bands rear delts - 23# resistance/10 x3
t bar shoulder press - 55#/8 x3
standing knee to elbow oblique twists - 25 x3

I have started using maca and spirulina in my shake in the afternoon. These are natural supplements that are suppose to help with energy, stamina and overall energy levels naturally. I'll let ya'll know in a couple weeks if the energy levels have increased. They give the shake a woodsy, earthy taste. Doesn't taste bad, but I'll have to get use to it.

Have a great day everyone!!

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Jello Arms

What's up peeps!! Yesterday I took off lifting and just did cardio. Took the pooch for a 2 miler, or should I say she took me! She was running the whole time!!

So today was back to lifting and HIIT. I made the decision a couple weeks ago to go back to a 4 day lift/HIIT, 2 day yoga and light cardio on these days and then 1 day active rest. This seems to be the routine that works best for me and I get the most results from. The stress levels have definitely gone down since reincorporating the 2 days of yoga and taking the pooch for her walk on those days gives me a good dose of vitamin D and that can't hurt either can it!

So here's what went down today:

BB curls - 28#/10 x3
CG Bench - 60#/10 x3
1 min HIIT jumping rope x3

DB hammer curls - 15#/10 x3
Skull Crushers - 30#/10 x3
1 min HIIT jumping jacks

DB curls - 15#/8 x3
Resistance bands Tricep pushdowns - 25#resistance/10 x3
1 min plie squats - 30#

I have no idea the calorie burn I forgot to put on the HR monitor, but I was a stinky sweaty mess after. Only rest times was changing out stations. I'll finish up this evening with abs and probably a 15 min HIIT session

Have a great day everyone!

Peace out!

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This One Will Leave A Mark...

...in more ways than one. I had to switch up the HIIT cardio I was doing with this one. Started out running 1 minute drills, but my right hip flexor said no way Hose! So I switched it it up to 1 min HIIT jump rope and jumping jacks in between each set...it's all the hip flexor could take. Hopefully this will be better tomorrow because I'm pretty sure there will be no lunging motions tomorrow if not.

Here's what went down at Paradise Island Gym today: 3 sets each, 8-10 reps each

Resistance band shoulder press x3
DB shrugs - 45#/10 x3
HLRS - 20
1 min HIIT x3

DB side lats - 10#/15 x3
DB front raise - 10#/10 x3
v ups - 15 x3
1 min HIIT x3

Rear Delt Resistance bands - 23#/10 x3
Tbar pushes - 55#/8 x3
ball crunches - 25#/20 x3
1 min HIIT x3

366 cals torched....sweat dripping in my eyes :)

Have a great day everyone!


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Soul Walk

Good afternoon everyone!

Today's exercise has been all about exercising my body and soul! This morning was yoga and was MUCH needed!! My whole body was sore from all the workouts this week so far! And yoga works my body and soul!

This afternoon was the same. I have gotten in a habit of taking my Yorkie for a walk after I get off work if the weather permits. I call this my Soul Walk. Why you ask?

Well, there is nothing in it for me physical other than just strolling along. This walk is for her, for her sense of adventure and exercise. It gives me great pleasure to watch her run around chasing everything and just getting so excited over something she smells. Her little tail just wags 100 mph the whole time! This tells me she is having fun! Getting much needed exercise, but most importantly enjoying herself in the process! And isn't that the most important thing??

Sometimes, we need to workout for the joy it brings us not necessarily for the exertion. It's just important to exercise the soul as it is the body. Taking time to enjoy chasing that leaf just because it's fun :)

And the benefits of Vitamin D for being outside is just a bonus!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!


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Know Your Numbers or I'm a Sprint Winney...

...I'm definitely a sprint winney!! OMG it is hard!! I'll explain in a bit!

I'm all about educating myself and figuring out what works best for me. Knowledge is power and finding said knowledge makes me dial in and WANT to stay on track. I'm also very visual and need visual reminders to keep me on track.

Part of the knowledge is know your #'s...what #'s you ask?? ALL of them! Calories in, calories out, macros, weight, etc. Let's face it people, IF you consume more calories than you expel, you will gain weight. You will ALSO gain weight if you don't eat "enough" calories because your body will think it's in starvation mode so your metabolism will become non existent. Which will make you an uneffective fat burning machine. Macros are a whole other # you need to know...what are your goals? Are you trying to gain muscle, loose fat, etc. Eat your macros according to your goals. Mine is to lean out while maintaining my current muscle and possibly building more so my protein needs to be higher. Know your #'s!

I say all this to show you the below pic. Pic on the left was me in the beginning. Pic in the middle was just trying to get smaller (I had no clue about protein to gain muscle) and pic on the right is me allowing more junk back in to my diet. BUT this thing about THAT pic, is i can SEE more muscle! I know my protein ratio I need to keep the muscle I've built while loosing fat! Science at it's finest! lol!!

So that means I'm training for that, which means no hour long cardio sessions like most people think. I'm starting to run sprints and let me tell you, I SUCK at them!! Yes I'm a sprint winney! BUT I will get better which will make me healthier overall!

So here's what went down today:

BB curls - 30#/10 x3
CG Bench - 60#/10 x3

5 min sprints

DB hammer curls - 15#/10 x3
skull crushers - 30#/10 x3

5 min sprints

DB curls - 15#/10 x3
resistance bands tri push downs - 23#/10 x3

5 min sprints

incline DB curls - 10#/12 x3
DB tricep kickbacks - 10#12/3

5 min sprint

396 cals torched...that'll do!

through the yearsw.jpg

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This is Reality!

Happy Monday peeps! Thank goodness turkey day is over! Luckily for me, my hubby isn't a big turkey fan either so we did crab stuffed flounder! Yummo!!

I am so glad the holiday is over. If I take more than a weekend off it totally throws me off schedule!

Well, you know when you have that ah ha moment, or just a real dose of reality? Yep, here it is! This is me in all my greatness! To say I've gone backwards from 2011-2012 is an understatement. But I'm not letting it get me down. I was really dreading taking these pics. Pictures and measurements is how I gauge progress. I was really surprised actually! I expected them to be a LOT worse than they were! But looking at them, I see definition in my arms and back, my abs are starting to shrink in...work to do but not near as bad as I thought it would be!

I decided over the weekend to go back to the push/pull routine which is a 4 day split with 4 days cardio, 2 days yoga and then an active rest day on Sunday. This schedule works well for me! This is the routine I see the MOST progress with so this is what I'll run for 12 weeks and go from there.

So here's what went down: 3 sets each 8-10 reps with 1 min HIIT cardio/abs in between each set

5 min cardio warm up\

deadlifts - 100#/8 x3

BB rows - 50#/10 x3
BB bench press - 50#/8 x3

TRX straps assisted pull ups - 8 x3
incline DB press - 15#/20 x3

DB 1 arm rows - 30#/8 x3
flat bench DB flys - 15#/10 x3

hyperextensions - 10 x3
standing crunches - 1 min x3
obliques - 1 min each side x3
v ups - 1 min

406 cal torched!!

day 1w.jpg
Happy Monday everyone!

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I am MAD!!!

....at myself!

Over the past year and half, I have allowed crap back into my life. Crap that I knew was bad for me. Not only has it hurt me by pushing my progress back by gaining weight and loosing muscle, it has hurt those closest to me at times...and that is completely unacceptable. Nothing I do should ever hurt those I hold near and dear in my heart. So this is my acknowledgement of it and my beat up, so to speak.

It never does good to beat oneself up over anything, but it does good to acknowledge there is a problem and figuring out what you will do to fix it. Since acknowledging to myself this week the problem, my workouts have been spot on and had intensity they have not had in over 1 1/2 years. Like I said it makes me MAD that I allowed this to happen. I am the only one responsible. But I'm also the only one responsible for making it right and becoming better. Game on...

Here's what went down today in the home gym: I did abs in between each set

close grip BB bench - 50#/12 x3
EZ Bar Curls - 28#/12 x3

overhead DB Extensions - 30#/10 x3
DB hammer curls - 10#/20 x3

skull crushers - 30#/15 x3
incline iso DB curls - 10#/15 x3

resistance bands tricep push downs - 23# resistance/20 x2
BB curls - 20#/20 x2

That's all there was today...arms are toast!

Have a great day everyone!!


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Getting my sexay "back"

Oh my word is all I have to say right now!! My back is already feeling this one!! I am love, love, loving having my home gym again!! My workouts are way more intense and I truly believe all the ground I've lost I'll gain back in no time!!

So here's what went down: 1 min cardio in between the supersets:

Deadlifts - 8/40#, 8/60# 6/70#
TRX strap assisted pullups - 8 x3

tbar rows - 10/65# x3
resistance bands lat pull downs - 15/35# resistance

leg curls - 20/45# x3
good mornings - 12/40# x3

1 arm DB rows - 10/30# x3
weighted bridges - 12/30# x3

That's all I had peeps!

Have a great hump day!

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Building Bigger Boulder Shoulders

Today was one of those workouts that I had to continually tell myself to keep pushing. I have been distracted all day. My mom fell yesterday and broke bones in both hands, her left foot and her nose. Luckily that was all, it could have been a lot worse! They are about to transfer her to a different hospital so she can get casts put on. That should ease some of the pain for her.

So here's what went down today. It was the usual 1 min cardio of some sort in between each set.

reverse DB pec flys - 4 sets 20 reps 10#
seated DB press - 15#/15 x3
side lats - 15#/15 x3
bent over DB delt raises - 15#/15 x3
tbar pushes - 55#/8 x3

ball crunches
oblique twists - 15#
standing obliques

That's all I had in me. Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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Building a Better Bootay

It's Monday and rainy...butt :) it was bootay day at the home gym. I gave it everything I had this morning and was sweating like crazy after!

There were very minimal rest periods. Only rested while changing the stations and then a couple more to just catch my breath. I was doing 1 min cardio in between each set. Here's what went down:

Leg extensions - 3 sets 20 reps - 45#
BB squats - 10/40#, 8/50#, 6/70#, 4/70#
BB front squats - 3 sets 12 reps 50#
Lying leg curls - 3 sets 15 reps/35#
donkey kicks with the leg extension - 3 sets 12 reps each leg 35#
BB hip thrusters - 3 sets 12 reps 60#

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Burn Baby Burn!!!!

That is what my hips/bootay is doing right now!!! OH MY WORD!!!

You know what the good thing about a home gym is...besides I can work out nekid if I want to, being able to yell at the top of my lungs all kind of $#%*(&&^$# if I want to!! And sometimes to get the lift I need to!! That is something I learnt in karate...I thought it was funny at first, but then realized if I yelled with each kick, I could kick with more power!

So today I incorporated my karate roots with my lifting. I did kicks for 1 minute in between each set. Kicks that concentrated on the glutiusmaximus. I worked all three areas for sure! And karate is an excellent form of cardio not to mention you'll be able to kick someone's ass if they jack with you! :)

So here's what went down: 3 sets each 8-10 reps with 1 minute of kicks in between each set

reverse pec flys - 10#
side kick with a squat right leg
resistance bands shoulder press
side kick with a squat left leg
DB side lat raises - 15#
front kick/back kick right leg
DB front lat raise - 10#
front kick/back kick left leg
DB bent over lat raise - 15#
side kicks right leg/left leg
DB shoulder shrugs - 45#
donkey kicks

That is all she wrote for today! Have a great Friday everyone!!!


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Baby's Got Back

I can honestly say my intensity is back. It took me a good week to get use to the home gym, but now that I am, I am bringing it like I use to back in Texas when I had my home gym there. I'm pretty sure it's because there are no distractions for me. I just do the work and can concentrate on it more. In a gym, there is too many distractions...

It was pretty nipply when I first entered the gym. Had on a sweatshirt and pants...I was sweating through it by the time I was finished. I didn't take any breaks except to change out the stations and I did ab work in between each set. No cardio today just abs.

So here's what went down: 3 sets each 8-10 reps
TRX strap assisted pull ups
resistance bands wide grip lat pulldowns - 32# resistance
DB 1 arm rows - 30#
Tbar rows - 65#
bent over BB rows - 40# I'll increase this next week
Seated resistance band rows - 32#

ball crunches
oblique weighted twists - 25#
oblique v ups

With the resistance bands, I'm not sure what the weight would be equivalent to with a machine. I'm just adding bands until it's a challenge to pull them for 10...but my back is already on fire!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!


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Now THAT was a proper leg day!!!

Happy hump day everyone!!

Man oh man I am feeling leg day already!!! And I LOVE it!!! I haven't had a proper leg day in a long time...and by proper I mean feeling like I want to hurl...yup!!!

Today's focus was proper form and not necessarily heavy, but heavy as I felt comfortable with by myself. By that I mean, I could have went heavier with my squats, but I didn't feel comfortable doing that since I don't have a squat cage. Once we get the cage, game on! So I concentrated on doing proper form as heavy as I could.

The workout was 3 sets each 8-10 reps with 1 min cardio in between each set. I did jump rope, high knees, jumping jacks, etc.. No resting except to change out stations. So here's what went down:

Leg extensions - 45# I'll go heavier on these next week
BB squats - 60#
Front BB squats - 50#
Good Mornings - 40#
Leg curls - 35#
BB hip thrusters - 60#

Have a great day everyone!!!

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Starting to Feel Like Home...

...the home gym that is :)

Last week was all out of whack...trying to get unpacked, loosing my friend to cancer...and the list goes on. I still worked out and tried to get a feel for the home gym, but I was very distracted to say the least.

So I woke up Saturday while the house was still quiet, and did yoga and meditated in the home gym. It was exactly what I need to work out the kinks in the body and mind. I allowed Sunday to be a rest day...just did activities that were minimal and rested a lot!

I woke up this morning ready to go! When my mind started trying to say you only have so long to work out because you have xyz to do, I shut it down. I don't know how long my workout took today, I just concentrated on the work and getting it done.

So here's what went down: I did supersets with 1 min cardio in between each set. That ended up giving me 12 min HIIT so after lifting I took it outside and gps'd the circle around our neighborhood. Power walked it and the cirlce is .30 miles. Was a great way to finish up the lift.

SS 3 sets each
DB curls - 15#
Overhead DB extensions - 30#

EZ bar curls - 18#
DB tricep kick backs - 15#

DB hammer curls - 15#
resistance bands tricep pushdowns - 18#

DB iso incline curls - 10#
bicep top curls with plates - 5#

That's all she wrote and my arms are feeling it already!

Have a great day everyone!

Peace out!

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