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My silent siblings.

I love the gym. Like...really do. The thing that bothers me the most? The lack of comradeship in the gym. I see guys on motorcycles go by each other, they all do that little hand motion. The person doing it has NO idea who the other person in most likely, its just like "yeah, you are in the club, whats up?" a simple gesture. So...I go to the gym, sure, I size people up...and I know its done to me. My lifts are watched, my reps. I know this, but should be more friendly than it is. People have such huge sticks up their asses. Really, we are all there for the same reasons...well, maybe not EVERY person...but we know the guys that chase the cardio bunnies and hey...let em, more plates for the rest of us! I just wish that for a place that I enjoy so much, and look forward to going to...that people were just more engaging, friendly and  enjoyable.

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5 months in...

Well, I started my journey in the first month of may 2009. Since then, I had to take three weeks off for a shoulder injury (not weight room related) and also a week off to recover from the flu. So, really, I have been lifting for four months. My journey has tested me. I have been large most of my life, and rather sedentary. So the choice to become healthy was really a health concern, but also for self-esteem and confidence (both of which I have lacked most of my life.) I have more now than I ever results are slowly showing, and I realized, from the beginning, that this was not a race. I am not doing this to beat anyone, except myself. MY goals are to beat hit the next plate, the next rep...and I have been pushing myself harder and harder. I have seen my weights go up...I have seen muscle mass and size and this makes me happy. I am doing what I set out to do. Change my life. I have always gotten really anal about research when I come in contact with something I like. I watch tons of videos, check form...make sure I am supplying my body with the right nutrients...and THIS makes me feel like I am doing the best I can do. I read read read about is the most important thing to me in the gym. I also leave my ego at the door...I am not there to impress any cardio bunnies, or guys that have been lifting for 10 years. I cant compete with that yet...but I will someday ;) My goals are small right make incremental gains, rather than move mountains, but hopefully, when I am done...I will in fact move one :) I will be bulking and lifting through january when I will start my first cut phase. It will be weird after so long (8 months) to start my weight loss, but I am excited. My goals are infront of me, my will is strong and I am resolute to complete this journey, as I will take a lifetime.

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