MY FIRST TIME EVER COMPLETING AN AT HOME WORKOUT & Creating a Fit Holiday in an Unfit Family!

So for those of you normal people out their living life, you may not see my incessant status updates BUT those of you that do might have seen that I am currently in the extremely rural and uncivilized (jk) Ruleville, Mississippi, one of the few cities/towns in America that does not have a gym. Not that doesn't have a decent gym, or that doesn't have an open gym. it does not have a gym AT ALL.

So you can guess that it's quite an interesting journey trying to stay fit around here. But we must remember in times such as these that the original gyms were like..the jungle. Which means most of the weight lifted was bodyweight (and lumber, the first wheel, dead animals, things of that nature) but mostly our bodies lol.

EUREKA! I'll always have access to my body, right? Right.

So for the first time out of the four years I have been coming to Mississippi for Christmas, I decided to take my fitness over the holidays into my own hands instead of being angry at the redneck community (I'm allowed to say this, being bred of redneck decent myself) for not providing the means for me to maintain it.

I actually concocted and carried out AN AT HOME WORKOUT!
I made a full-body-bodyweight (mostly) circuit, was only able to complete it twice without dying. But I plan on doing it everyday that I'm here so i'll keep adding more sets. I was able to complete this workout with only a gallon of water and a few household items that every house has, even the archaic, sedentary ones :)

It's a workout made for tough situations: specifically, a country ass house with no workout equipment at ALL, no gym in site, and you yourself having an injured ankle (me). So this workout should be able to be done by just about anyone! yay! 

All you need is your body, a gallon of water, and a chair (I also used the bed).

The workout is as follows: 
10 burpees
25 bicycles
10 hip thrusts on bed
10 lying leg raises
10 e/ leg step up onto chair
10 bicep curls e/ arm with water gallon
10 pushups
10 pike ups (must be on slippery flooring with slipper socks on otherwise put your feet on a towel)
10 pike pushups 

Do each exercise fully and then move immediately on to the next exercise; don't rest til it is all complete. However, if you NEVER do cardio and especially don't do plyometrics, you might have to break a little bit in between to breathe and that's okay. You'll improve every time you do it. 

You'll want to add reps if it's too easy. The second time (didnt time the first) took me 6 minutes to complete and this was after 4 minutes of rest to catch my breath. Yea I'm out of shape, whatever lol I'm working on it. I've taken a week off the weights because I couldn't stand without pain and was happy to have improved enough to do this! 

it's one of my least favorite parts about the holidays. Being SMOTHERED with gluttonous GUNk in the name of Jesus drives me CRAY. I mean, not a single healthy option. not even borderline healthy. 

And me just finding out about my yeast allergy, had this been the case a few years ago i'd be miserable right now BUT I came mentally prepared and my family has been dealing with my non-budging stance on nutrition for long enough to have finally accepted it and they don't mess with me anymore :) Especially now that I can say I'm literally allergic to the majority of it. 

For those of you who don't know let me fill you in on a few common items that contain yeast or cannot be eaten peacefully with a yeast allergy. 
soy sauce
some chips
most cereal
sandwiches (deli meat and bread both)

pretty much anything that is bready or preserved. 

So yea, not too cool.
I won't complain though. I can eat almost anything that is considered clean and especially anything fresh. i can have all the fruit, meat, and veggies I want.

i can eat plain rice cakes with jam, but not the rice cakes with the flavoring. (i know this because they make me itch IMMEDIATELY.)

If I eat these things even in small amounts or by accident I have episodes of dermographia which means my stomach and back usually break out into scratches looking like Ive been attacked by a wild cat out of NOWHERE. Or hives, or I could just get really drowsy to the point I will most likely fall asleep.

This happens usually with like bread products, highly processed products, and fermented products. 

It's a blast let me tell ya lol

Anyway. so this time I stopped by My Fit Foods to get some stuff for the road (pre-packed, pre-portioned clean meals) and when we got here I found  the ingredients I needed to make my usual dinner and I did. I keep my diets SIMPLE so they're portable. Everyone has sweet potatoes and seasoning so i was able to make my spicy sweet potato chips and then I had grilled chicken. Today we went to the grocery store and I got the rest of my necessary supplies (rice cakes, jam, tilapia, frozen broccoli, honey). 

NOTE: Very few people are going to HAVE what you usually eat on hand. Although, if you keep your diet simple its much easier to accommodate. But very rarely will you go to a family members house who doesn't intend on going to the grocery store at some point. 


YOU WILL HAVE TO FIGHT YOUR FAMILY IF YOU WANT TO EAT FIT YEAR ROUND. Its just a given. Especially if you act like youre making such a huge sacrifice and let them see that you WANT to eat the crappy food. They love you theyre going to enable you. You have to stand your ground. Be a grownup, tell them what you are going to do and then do it. if you need to, EXPLAIN it to them. Have conviction! If you say what you mean WITH CONFIDENCE, people will rarely challenge you and if you know what you're talking about you'll be ready for the challenge. You can win people over because they may not LIKE what you're doing but people trust and respect consistency and they will support you IF YOU'RE SERIOUS. You can't be swaying with the wind going through phases. I live this. And I fought them every year, now they respect and admire my commitment. They help me whenever they can. 

But what about family dinners? Help with the cooking! Make sure there is lean meat and veggies available, and eat the crappy foods sparingly. Some people swear by moderation. 

Me personally, I will NEVER be satisfied with cake, cookies, etc in moderation. I'm a fat girl at heart and I want to eat it all and for some reason it will fit so I don't eat things I can never feel satisfied with. You'll notice you're never left craving apples for days and sneaking around hoarding them. There's a reason whole foods aren't habit forming. Junk food is crack and I prefer to stay 100% sober. 

So anyway, I had to share my story of triumph with yall. Ever since I eliminated yeast and yeast-feeding foods from my diet completely, my stomach bloat has gone down, My acne is getting better, my skin doesn't feel like a million bugs are crawling on it, my tongue is getting back pink instead of white, and I just feel BETTER. I am happy to know what my weakness is and I will avoid it from now on. People have suggested that I just eat it sometimes or only a litttle bit but like I said, if I know I can't have what I want I'm just not going to eat it especially if it makes me sick. It's different, but I don't feel that I'm missing out at all. I feel fantastic!

Progress. The #1 skill that living the fit lifestyle teaches you is to control what you can and make the best of what you can. We relinquish control of our lives to so amny outside circumstances but we don't have to. Other people, places, and things should not determine your habits and behavior. Take the remote and put it on YOUR channel. And don't let anyone else change it. You control what goes in your mouth. Period! Conquer it!

Happy Holidays guys! Stay strong and enjoy it :) 


As you grow, you reflect a lot. One of the things you should be reflecting on if your goal is to CONTINUE to grow, is bad habits that are holding you back. 

My #1 bad habit that I credit ALL my lack of reaching potential too is my tendency to relapse with the binge eating.

 Though it's not nearly as bad as it used to be, it's like every now and then (once or twice a week usually) I just lose my damn mind, forget I'm ALWAYS on a meal plan, and just eat something completely random. And I can never just eat 1 or 2. (Who does that? I mean how unsatisfying!) Anyway, yea I like to demolish the whole lot of whatever it is. It's just ridiculous. Especially since when I eat a lot of carbs I get sleepy and can't workout or study or be productive at all. AND this has caused me lots of other physical issues over the years having to do with the overgrowth of yeast in my intestine. GREAT.

Obviously I control it to a point because I continue to either maintain my weight or improve it, so I have learned SOMETHING on this road.

But sometimes it feels like nothing. I'm like dear self, ARE YOU STUPID? lol

Anyway so this is what it comes down to. Being bipolar, and kind of living with it successfully and limiting the problems it causes me has really taught me to steer clear of stress. I just don't want to experience a low..ever, ya know? So when something is "triggering" me, I usually remove that something at all costs. So when I start to crave foods, I feel like if I don't let myself have it I'll get depressed after a while. (I've resisted before and yes it is like pulling teeth and totally not worth it but I survived). I avoid that. 

The harsh truth is I can put this off forever, but it's not going away. I know I'm not going to be at peace EVER if I just quit. Or keep half-assing. So when? if not now, when? When is a good time? To face the music and fight the final battle.


My mom is an alcoholic. I think about her. She's been sober for almost 5 years and she didn't do it by indulging in alcohol..EVER. Did she do it without indulging in other things? No. Cold turkey doesn't work. She had help. But essentially she had to detox, go through the withdrawals and fight everyday. She still goes to AA.

She's the reason I will never have a sip of alcohol. But she's also the reason I know this can be done. I just can't sugar coat or be in any kind of denial about what is going to go down here.

It's ME VS. FOOD. 

it's not going to be pretty. it's not going to be fun. It might take longer than I like. But it just has to be done. I want to take my body to the next level. I want to be fit and at my 100% and DO WHAT THE F I SAY I DO and set a good example for my friends and family and people who look to me for proof. How can I tell you guys you can do it if I can't?

I;ve gotten by for am loooong time with ALMOST. But in my heart almost doesn't count. I KNOW I can do better. And I've just been procrastinating as usual but it has to stop.

The reality of looking lean all the time is that you don't indulge. Believe me I've tried every method of having the cake and eating it to. In reality, if you want to be ripped


Once or twice on Christmas and like Thanksgiving but just don't get both. So choose.

I know my choice. This nags at me. This is where my heart it fitness is my life and everything about me has molded itself around this..message..this image. The only thing that doesn't add up is my body (because of my diet). 

If I'm doing this well half-assing, imagine where I'd be if I made the big sacrifice like everyone else?

The sacrifice of what you want NOW for what you want MOST. 

I won't give up, I'll keep fighting but my mindset has to be ready for battle not fleeing the scene or calling cookies and **** for help. Gotta fight the battle BY MYSELF with the weapons I have in my heart to be strong. 

And to anyone who has been putting off the battle, put your armour on. Get ready, we'll fight it together. 


Go forth young grasshoppers, be brave. Don't run from your dreams and things you're scared of. Face them. Pound your chest like king kong and say COME AT ME BRO. 

Face the fear. Fight the fear, Conquer the fear. BE AWESOME. the end

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WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? (I always have a plan)

So obviously I did not make the semifinals for the Bodyspace Spokesmodel contest. Congratulations to all those that did and thank you for everyone who voted for me! We put up a good fight! :)

Anyway, so moving forward with life. I was a little downtrod for a few days without anything specific to focus on BUT it did kind of narrow down my work load so I CAN focus on a few things. 

First, work. I would like to get promoted to assistant manager. Mostly for money reasons. I'm already doing the same amount of work and working crazy hours, why not make more money while I'm at it? It's nice now though to be able to focus on that (even though it's not going to happen at my location unless someone else leaves) but now I don't have to be on my phone all the time checking stuff haha and it's just a tiny load off my back. 

Second, school. Until I'm out of school completely (completely is a strong word considering how educated I want to be when it's all over..a few more years probably after  I graduate to get my CCN), it's going to get in the way of stuff. When you're in school AND working AND trying to enjoy life doing other things, it's just like there's constantly this dark cloud looming above. You can never completely relax because there is ALWAYS something you have to do. When you get that done. there's something else! I guess that's life, but I don't care what anyone says. When it's just work it's easier. One day I'll have a house full of kids and that'll be a different story. But at least it won't be freaking school! lol sorry, there's my vent for the day. But yea so I have until next December in college. It's nice to not have 50,000 things going on (which I always do but now it's only 49,999 :) LOL I do have one more week and a whole bunch of crap due so it's nice to be able to focus on that without my mind being somewhere else. I have like 30 quizzes to take on account of my personal record on procrastination this year. Doable, yes. Fun, no. Thank you online classes. Thank you. For making ADHD people feel even more ADHD. I don't want to do it, but I want this damn degree so it's going to get done and now my mind is slightly less distracted. if I absolutely have to miss a workout to study, it doesn't feel so costly. Most the time I don't but sometimes it's necessary and now that's okay.

Third, (these are in order of perceived obligation) training/nutrition. Now I can focus on what I want to focus on. And my career as I want it to be. key word: I. I want to lean out so I can see what I'm working with as far as shape and size. Also, I'm on day 6 of trying out my Sexy-in-60 challenge system to check for kinks and make sure quitters are quitters because that's just what they do, not because of a flaw in my system. So far, it's been very easy BUT that's probably because its very close to my daily program and I LOVE STRUCTURE. Most people don't. Which is cool, more for me! 
Anyway. So I want to lean out, while still preserving as much muscle as possible. I can feel my legs leaning which is nice. They usually go first, not including my stupid butt. Then upper body (somewhat simultaneous but its always more noticeable number-wise in the legs) and THEN my midsection. Absolutely lastly will be the butt. I think I would be somewhat ripped at 15% bodyfat so that is my goal. I've got 5.5% to go as of last time I measured. I'm already down 1.5 inches in my waist and an inch in my hips. Everything else is about the same, arms have grown. Calves. Oh my poor calves. This ankle injury is realllly holding me back in that area. After I finish my challenge program I will probably cut cardio a little bit and start eating more to build on my weak points. So now I can focus on changing my body how I want to because I want to, not to look a certain way for a competition. 

I will say though. Any competitions I do in the future is for fun. Because I want to. For fun. Not to be cool,  not to get a sponsorship, not to impress judges or anyone else. To challenge myself and then strut my hot **** across a stage with lots of people watching because that is fun. But my **** isnt hot yet so Im working on it LOL But once its hot, Oh Im struttin it. Make no mistake lol 

Lastly, now I can focus on my business and my challenges. I'm building my name and rep and the challenges are gaining ground so I really like to give my attention to my clients and making sure they have a great experience and are successful. I probably wouldn't have done my new years challenge if I had made the finals. So now I can spend my time fully devoted to helping others which I like. 

GOALS for next year (plans): I want next year to be the year of redemption to myself. I will set dates for these things once I get down to 15% and more happy with my body on an everyday basis. But I do plan to compete. My goal is to do several NPC shows starting in the spring and over the summer for practice. I don't really want to go pro. Doesn't seem like much fun or purpose there. I want my scorecard for bikini to say too much muscle then I'll be happy :) LOL I don't want to continue to aimlessly try to turn my body into whatever the judges feel like they want to say any given year so I'm going to get as lean and look as good in my eyes as I can, bring the best package I can comfortably bring without being emaciated, and hope to get some practice. 

THEN I want to do a regional WBFF show and hopefully earn my pro card there. Being a pro...wearing underwear and wings and heels and crazy hair and makeup as a grownup and dancing across the stage and getting POINTS FOR CREATIVITY now that sounds fun. That sounds more me. Being part of a family, that sounds more me. Much more fun. SO that;s what I want to do. I have my $700 suit waiting to be worn lol And my costume. sigh. So there's that with the competition plan.

Also, I want to do more photoshoots. Why? Because 1)it's fun and 2) it's good marketing for my business and a good example for my clients. I might pursue some publications in some of my favorite magazines. American Curves is still my favorite. So I will be pursuing the cover til I get it lol Then maybe some other stuff. Idk I'll decide later. But I want to update my portfolio and my website. I am going to have someone else do my website, I like my design but there are people in this world who are awesome at web design and Im not one of them so Im going to pay someone else to beast it out for me. Also, going to make a separate website for the challenge. That I might do myself. Depends. But yea I want everything on my site to be me, no stock photos. And I want my own database for my fans/clients with pics of me to illustrate. So I'll be working on that. 

Education-wise still working on my ACSM cert. Probably want to get that before school starts. And I have my AFPA stuff, I'll start on that. I want to graduate with my degree and have at least 3 *****. 

Challenge-wise I will probably do 6 next year. So it's going to be much bigger than this year, bigger number of participants, bigger prizes, bigger results, bigger awesomeness woohoo! 

Those are my plans. Build my body, build my brain, build my business, and build on my positive impact. Those are my plans for next year. Right now I'm just setting myself up for success. 

Oh and I will probably finish my sleeve. No I don't care if it makes me un-commercial. Last time I checked being fit had nothing to do with the color(s) or or on your skin and I'm not going to wash myself out to fit somebody's cookie cutter mold. I think anyone who counts someone out because of their tattoos is missing out. So far it hasn't held me back whatsoever and I don't think it can if you won't let it! 

In other news 

The holidays annoy the **** out of me honestly because people who eat horrible use it as an excuse to shove crap in your face EVERYDAY. There's only one holiday people and it's only on one day. I can't wait til that part goes away. But I have had at least one christmas treat like every other day. i've had christmas cookies, pigs in a blanket, some sort of strange christmas meatball. Cause I had a horrible week and my aunt brings me treats when I feel bad.
I adjusted my diet accordingly though, and also practiced moderation. No bingefests. No need. Very proud to not be so weak in that aspect anymore. I do think you should allow yourself to indulge in seasonal foods IF you are eating clean everyday of the year. If youre indulging in random **** every day of the year then you don't deserve a treat and you can go to your room! lol No seriously though, thats why i keep a food diary and I think everyone should. "Every now and then" is ambiguous but a diary won't lie. You just might find out why you see no results is because every now and then is more like every damn day. lol 
Keep a tight watch on yourself. It pays off. If you're good all year you can be naughty around Christmas and not completely fall off the wagon. I made progress thanksgiving week and plan to continue through the holidays.
Go the road less traveled: Stay strong through the holidays! 

****ght guys, going to take a quiz before bed and then I'm out! Hope you all had an awesome week and weekend. Wanted to let you know I'm okay and still going strong! 

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MY MY How Ive changed Over the Years

When I think about who I used to be, man. I'm embarrassed. But it makes me proud when I then realize how far I've come and I feel so blessed to have been led down this road. I mean I was always THE most unathletic, uncoordinated girl you'd ever met. Coming from an athletic family, they gave up on me at a young age. I tried everything but I sucked so bad so I just quit! Lol I could sing, dance, act, draw, write, I was smart. so that was my excuse. I just decided I was so good at all this other stuff I would just focus on that lol I know..gross. 

The people who knew me in highschool say I was never fat. But they notice a difference. They may be right. i was never extremely overweight, but I had a HIGH bodyfat to muscle ratio. I suffered from sever noassatall disease, and going to an ethnic-dominant school..I never heard the end of it. I would eat all day just to be "thick" enough for the kinds of boys I liked and so my so called friends wouldn't make fun of me. At one point I lost 20 pounds over the summer because I wanted a flat stomach but when I looked at my legs (which are abnormally long for someone who is 5'4) and saw STICKS I was like oh no. So i went to KFC and I ate it everyday. By the time I got to college I was holding 31 pounds of solid fat.

I was the kind of girl who never watched what I ate. I loved to eat. Loved sweets, candy, ate it EVERY day. My mom has always told me to slow down cause I eat so much so fast and I don't breathe apparently between bites lol I was just never overweight so I didn't care. In fact, when I was 18 working at Hooters I looked really good, tiny waist, not so tiny bust, my butt was okay. And I never worked out a day in my life and I won't even pretend I watched anything. I hated water. Never drank it, only juice. Hated veggies. Never ate them at all. MAYBE a salad. Wasn't a big meat eater either. Mostly just cereal and junk lol And college brought lots of fast food and donuts at 3am. Whatever anyone else was eating or whatever I wanted at the time. 

The initial reason I started trying to get fit was because I thought I was going to be a professional..what..glamour model? I laugh at that now. But anyway the amount of photoshop that was needed to make me not hate what I saw in photos was ridiculous. And I don't see "glamour" as a professional anything. i wanted a real job. With security. Cause Im OCD Type A and that's how I roll. lol So I googled some people and noticed that fitness models got published regularly and they seemed to all have things in common. I studied harder than I care to admit. Nevermind, I'm proud of my awesome ability to stalk. lol I narrowed it down all the way to the exact trainer and competition these girls came from. So I signed up for a competition and looked for a trainer in my city. I was 19 at this point, working as a makeup artist. I had lost some weight on my own. But I wanted to be perfect. To be able to pose however I want, wear whatever I want and not have to worry about angles that make me look fat cause I wouldn't have any fat. I wanted to be a big fitness star. 

I competed and did okay. Okay, I did somewhat well. Got 2nd in both my first shows. In figure and fitness in FAP. (I was much better at fitness than I was in bikini.) Then I decided to get fat and compete anyway the next year. Lost 20 pounds that summer. Competed again and then struggled for about 2 years with binge eating disorder. I was horrible. I mean I would stop at every fast food place I could think of and loot the grocery store. Consuming like 15,000 calories in one sitting. It was nothing. My stomach is a bottomless pit. But I always felt so horrible afterwards. I would hide the food cause I knew people looked up to me and didnt expect me to eat that way. I just couldnt help it. At one point I thought to myself, " Oh my gosh. I'm like Lindsay Lohan..I'm going to have to check myself in somewhere!" And I wasn't going to do that. I knew I had to take a break from pressuring myself to be this or that and take care of whatever mentally was causing me to be so extreme. I will stress this til the day I die : MISERABLE PEOPLE DON'T DIET WELL.


I did what I do best. I read books, I wrote, I talked to others, focused on helping them reach their goals. I lived life and enjoyed things that had nothing to do with how I looked. And I came back when I was ready.

I really am amazed at what a totally different person I am. And Im happy. I was selfish. I was so set on skipping the journey that everyone else works so hard to compete and just getting all the rewards without sacrificing anything. I was immature, so many words can be used to describe who I was that are not good.

Now, i don't care about being a "professional fitness model." WHat is that? There are a FEW people I would use that phrase to describe and it's like Jamie Eason, Ava Cowan, HUGE NAMES. Not everyone. And they just are..AWESOME. Me, I don't know now I want to work. I want to contribute. I have my own business and I'm going to expand upon it, earning my living by helping others achieve optimal fitness and teaching the fit lifestyle. forever. So I have nothing left to prove. How I look is only important because I am an example. I also care about how I feel and look. Thats it!

I don't care about being popular. I can't stand how some people try to make fitness so exclusive and glorify themselves to make others worship them. That's not inspiring. Inspiring is helping others believe THEY can have their own transformation story not constantly saying LOOK WHAT I DID and just being sooooooooooo self absorbed. I'll tell my story if you ask (its not that impressive as most people). But Im more concerned with just..sharing the info that led me to this point. I have educated myself a lot over the years through school & trial and error. I feel so blessed to have been given a new lease on life and saved from a dark road. That's what it is. A dark road. I don't want adoring fans. I want people to look at me and say I can do that. I want to TEACH. I want to be a source of knowledge for everyone who needs it. Modeling is fun, I like it. But if my pictures didn't make women and men alike want to change their lives, I probably would be doing something else. 

I want to be different. I want to help people feel better INSIDE and out. Show them that THIS ISNT THAT HARD. You can do it and have kids, a job, school, and still enjoy life. You don't have to be special. Don't worship me don't admire me, just ask me. Let me help. I'll keep sharing my experiences because I want people to walk away with something they can use.

I'm not Jesus. None of us "fitness models" are. We don't have glowing halos and supernatural abilities. It's science. Anyone can do it! And lots of people do. We just live in a place where your accomplishments are more likely to be amplified if you have a certain look. Doesn't make anyone else's story more awesome than someone else's.

I am just someone trying to give back. I'm JUST LIKE YOU. I have to stay human. I'm not going to glamourize myself and try to be politically correct all the time because I need you guys to see a real human being doing this not a robot.

God made my face look how it looks. That doesn't make me special. Its not a talent. Hard work can get anyone where they want to go regardless of talent. Fitness is your physical right and you can EARN it. Anyone can. And you deserve to know that and believe it. It's GOOD NEWS. This is fun, yall. i swear I'm not miserable. i barely crave all the crap I used to eat. There is hope. I enjoy everyday. Took practice, but I'm there and I don't miss it! 

I pray somehow I make it to the finals so I can be on the team and just have a bigger venue to spread a positive message. To shake people's hands and hear their stories, get to know them, leave them with something that will change their lives and improve their spirit. I really really believe in my heart I could make a really positive impact if given the chance. 

I may not have a six pack. (yet) I may not have buns of steal (yet). I may not be on covers (yet.) But Ive come a long way and I've done a lot over the years and I'm not done. What i do have is spirit. And heart. And all I want to do is share it.

I'm just happy I have a place to do that. I love Bodyspace. I love talking to yall, hearing your stories, sharing our experiences. I don't ever want to be on a pedistal. I want to be right here in the middle of the action with all of you.

3 years ago I didn't know who I was or what i wanted to be. Now I know and I am actually proud of who I am and where I'm going. Couldn't have done it without you guys and I want to be 60 years old still posting on Bodyspace, still making a difference and teaching my kids to do the same!

Anyway okay another monologue from Michelle surprise surprise. lol I know I get off on a tangent. But at least its a passionate well worded tangent :)

2 days til we find out who's in the top 20.

Day 2 of me doing my own Sexyin60 Challenge. My clients see just great results, I want to test and reinforce my program and work out any kinks I need to. Plus just kind of show them that Im in this with them. So today was good. Did back and cardio. Tomorrow I believe is chest, abs, and cardio. if you want to see their transformations I posted it on my facebook

I'm down 2.5% bodyfat from the last time I checked it and think I might have gained some muscle wahoo! When it comes to fitness competitions you gotta mentally prepare for the worst and physically prepare for the best. So ya know, if I don't make it to the semifinals, or the finals this year I'll be okay. I'll keep chugging along. I had nothing to lose and it was sooo worth a shot! I'll be back next year. But you never know, we all have an equal chance. So I've been training hard, dieting hard. I've lost a total of 4% bodyfat, gained 4 pounds of muscle, and I'm healthier and happier than I've been in a while. Just in case they call my name for the top 5, I'll be ready. I'll show what i'm made of! :)

Gotta eat now. Chicken and sweet potato fries. I freaking love those!

Hope you all are having a great start to the week! I'm getting my contacts today thank God no more 4 eyes! lol


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Found one of my articles on American Health & b]Beauty that I thought would be especially helpful for those of you who are feeling like crap from your choices yesterday, never too late to bounce back! 

5 Steps to Recovering from Diet Relapse
by Michelle Parish- as published on

You are a whole new person. No more binging on unforgivable late at night, no more falling off the diet for weeks. No more skipping workouts. Then one day you look in the mirror and you feel like you’re right back where you started. You slip up one day then swear you’ll pick back up where you left off tomorrow. Next thing you know, it’s been weeks since you were on any kind of plan. It happens to the best of us. What matter now is what you do with your chance to start over, and we’ve got a plan. These are the 5 C’s to a full recovery from diet relapse.


Clean out the house of all the junk food that has accumulated over the past couple weeks and be ready to start fresh. Stock up on healthy foods and snacks to kick your cravings when they come, which they will. This time you’ll be ready!


Whether you do it alone or with the help of a professional, create a new plan for yourself. Make sure you include what you’re going to eat and how much of it. Also, have a plan for your workouts. Write it in your planner, calendar, wherever you keep your schedule. If you normally don’t organize on paper, start doing so. If you don’t have a plan, you won’t be able to trust yourself to make healthy choices. Don’t take the chance.


Don’t just tell your family things are about to change. Include them. Ask your spouse to join you in trying to live healthier. Emphasize how important it is to you and the people that love you will have your back. We loves our families and rarely follow through on things that they do not support. Let your family be your team. Instead of being a pain in the behind that tears you apart, your decision to be healthy could bring you all closer together.


When someone you love messes up, you don’t remind them of it every day and put them down every chance you get. So don’t do it to yourself. Treat yourself as well as you treat people you love. When you slip up, remember that you’re only human. Take note to prevent future incidents. Otherwise let it go and move forward like it never happened.


Anything you do consistently will yield results, whether they are positive or negative. No one can tell you how long it will take, but the point is which is the better choice? Discipline is choosing between what you want right now and what you want most. Start fresh and create a new plan, including your family and forgiving your mistakes. Then consistency will be your road to victory. Let’s start today.

Thanks for reading as usual guys! Hope it helped!


Vote here:

I love all of you guys and am so thanksful to be a part of such a wonderful place and support system! 

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Thought this would be great for you guys who are traveling for the holidays!

15 minute At Home
Butt Builder Workout
by Michelle Parish - as published on

The cold months are approaching and even though it’s time to put away the bikini, it’s no time to give up on your fitness goals. There is always a reason to look good and feel better. What’s holding you back from doing that? The signature of any perfect fit bod is usually a pair of six pack abs. Everybody wants to be able to grade cheese on their abs, but it’s actually not the biggest telltale sign of a beautiful fit body. What is? You guessed it! A great butt! Sometimes your best asset in a fabulous first impression is not how you look up close and personal; it’s how you look walking away. It could just be your saving grace. A lot of people struggle with their backside and it seems to be a popular place for fat and sagginess to get comfortable, especially on women! Don’t lose hope. Stimulated muscles grow and tone up no matter how they look prior to. It’s never too late to get the nice derriere you desire. Here is a quick and effective 15 minute circuit workout you can do at home, no equipment required!

1- The Hip Bridge

One often neglected factor in having a nice shapely butt is the hamstrings. The hamstrings are the giant muscles directly underneath your glutes and directly behind your thigh muscles. A pair of strong hamstrings will give your butt a more lifted look, so make sure you hit them hard. Find a sofa or stool that’s low to the ground and Lie on the ground in front of it with your arms flat out beside you, palms facing down. Place your heels on the surface you choose. Start with your back on the floor and slowly raise your butt into the air so that your body makes a bridge with the floor. Keep your back and legs straight. This completes one rep. You will want to do 10 of these. Make sure you squeeze at the top!

 2-Lunge Jumps

We’re going to throw some plyometrics, jumping plus resistance, into the equation to really help you feel the burn and knock off some extra calories in the process. The lunge is a tried and true method to lifting and firming the glutes, so jumping lunges are twice as effective. Stand erect in a spot where you have lots of space around and above you. Then, bend down into a lunge, one leg bent behind you and one bent in front so that the forward bended knee is at a right angle to the ground. This would be a standard lunge but there’s a twist. Instead of simply switching to the other leg, you’re going to push off the ground with your heels and jump into a lunge on the opposite side. Your legs should be straight in the air before you land. Your core muscles will have to stabilize you throughout the motion so this one’s a double whammy. The explosiveness of this motion burns tons of calories and shocks your muscles, which is optimal for growth and firming. You’ll want to do five on each leg before going directly into the next move.

 3-Squat Walks

Bet you’ve never heard of these! They’re a well kept secret in the fitness industry, sure to give you a rump that speaks for itself. Make sure you have room to walk. First, squat down into as deep a squat as you can go. Make sure your knees don’t go past your toes. Lean into the squat. Then, rise just high enough to step with your legs. Step first with the right as far as you can then follow up with the left. Resume an almost standing position, and then do it again. Walk from one side of the room to the other and back. Then repeat the whole process. Don’t come up all the way after you step. You want to keep those glute muscles under tension the whole time so you get the most work you can out of the move.

There you have it! Your secret to an outstanding backside. You’ll want to do all these moves back to back three to four times, three to four times a week. That should be easy to remember, right! This is your time to shine so crank up the music, take a deep breath, and get those buns working! If you really push yourself, everyone will be able to tell. No need to hide when the cold comes. With this quick and easy butt-builder, you’ll be dying to strut your stuff!



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Full-Proof Thanksgiving Survival Guide
by MichelleParish as published on

Thanksgiving has become less of a holiday and more of a planned overeating contest. It’s time to start a new tradition of healthy eating year round. Follow these strategies to enjoy Thanksgiving without regretting it afterwards!

The battlefield
This is the day on which you are bombarded by battalions of honey roasted ham, chicken legs, biscuits, dinner rolls, sweet corn, pumpkin, dressing, and then after you’ve got nothing left…in come the cakes and the cranberry sauce! It’s a merciless massacre of your power to resist temptation. The absolute worst part is that we love every second of it! That being said, you could gain back some of the weight you’ve lost if you don’t exercise self-control. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to break a good habit. Alas, fear not brave soldiers, for we have weapons against these savory threats!

Your weapons
Now that we’ve scared you nearly to death (Sorry!), let’s talk about how to defend ourselves. First, know what’s going to be there and know how much of it you’re going to eat. Just use the one plate rule. Even two plates can be okay for that one meal. The problem is for some of us thanksgiving lasts all week! The key is to not make food the center of your holiday. Stick to your meals when you can. When you must stray from your routine, simply fill your plate and when you’re done, instead of going back for seconds just sit and enjoy time with family.

Second, make sure you get workouts in when you can. Resistance bands, stability balls, and workout videos can be a traveler’s best friend. If you’ve got access to a treadmill or even a place outside to run, interval training will keep your metabolism going all day and make good use of any excess sugar or carbs you’re likely to consume. Have a plan going in to make sure you’re still keeping on schedule with your workouts. This will remind you or your goals and your habits so you don’t fade into oblivion when surrounded by people who might not share those goals!

Lastly, awesome apps on your smartphone like the Lose it! App can help you track the calories and choose what you should and shouldn’t eat. This way you can hold yourself accountable and not go overboard. You’ve got willpower, exercise, and technology on your side.

The Victory
Now when you walk through the door this Thanksgiving you’ll be carefree and ready to enjoy the holidays because you’re ready to face bad habits and defeat them. Food is great and we want you to enjoy it. Eating 15,000 calories in one day and then feeling terrible about it the next is not enjoyable. Plus, you know you’ll need all the energy you can get for that 5am shopping trip on Black Friday!

This was one of my articles published in 2011 on I thought you guys would find it helpful :) 

There is also a video uploaded on my profile with more tips on how to stay fit through the Thanksgiving break.

Thank you guys for your continued support please continue to vote MichelleParish as your 2013 Bodyspace Spokesmodel! I promise to represent you guys with big muscles, big personality, and big heart :) >>>

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Strange But Awesome- Little Known Benefits of The Fit Lifestyle

Underrated benefits of Living the Fit Lifestyle!

Most of us could write a book on all the whoas of living the fit lifestyle; all the sacrifices we make, all the blood, sweat, and tears. We don't have to TELL you the benefits. You can see them. Lean physique, tight muscles, athletic ability. However, few people really give credit where it's due. Here are some wacky awesome benefits of fit living, this includes exercise and clean eating.

1)Beautiful skin, hair, and nails
Did you know that a diet high in protein can actually make you more beautiful? It's true. Your skin hair and nails are made of protein called keratin. Amino acids can be supplemented to improve the strength, texture, and encourage the length of hair, but you can also get amino acids right from your food! Eating 5-6 protein packed meals a day for four years has really made my hair easy to grow and manage. In 2010 I had a Halle Berry cut, and now it's down my back and thick as ever. Average hair growth is about 6 inches a year, I get almost a foot! My skin is also clear and soft, I rarely have to wear makeup. also, my nails RARELY break unless they're just too long. I can bang them on stuff and nothing happens. If anyone ever needs to open something or peel somthing off that requires nails, I'm the one :)

2)Ninja-like reflexes
I have always been the biggest spazmo in the world when it comes to coordinated movement. I'm just ridiculous. But lately I have been catching things...period. Like literally. someone throws something at me and I catch it! Then, sometimes I take it a step further..I catch things without looking, sometimes with one hand! it's crazy. 
I even found a purpose for the adductor machine (seriously when do you ever do that motion in real life?) I was sitting on the toilet googling or something and I dropped my phone. Disaster, right? NOPE! My ninja like reflexes allowed me to clap my thighs together so hard I caught the phone mid-fall and saved it from sudden death by drowning! Strong adductor muscle do serve a purpuse besides making you look like you have thunder thighs! Another protective factor is balance and core strength. I never just fall down anymore. I trip, I stumble, but I haven't fallen all the way down in years because I always catch myself. My mom would cry to hear me say that because I was born clumsy as crap. Now that I've been lifting weight so consistently, I'm cured! lol

3)Strength of Character
We've all heard that exercise releases endorphins, but you don't have to have a runner's high to experience the benefits of working out. Everytime you say you're going to eat a certain way and do it, everytime you say you're going to go to the gym and you do, you put a quarter in your personal bank account. You give yourself a positive reinforcement saying, "Hey, I can be trusted. My word is good. I do what I say I'm going to do." You value that personal reputation and it leads to other acts of reliability because you don't want to let yourself down and be unable to trust yourself. Other people start to see your reliability as well. You feel good about your strength inside and outside and the confidence reflects on other people which makes you look good to them and them feel good around you. You are inspired to do more, learn more, be more. These principles you learn are applied in everyday life and you look back years later into a new reflection. You're a better person! 

The fit lifestyle is living in a way that respects and honors your health.
You eat clean and consciously. You workout consistently. You strive to look and feel good. There are really cool benefits to this. Even your sexual health can improve. Working out is positive for test levels, sexual desire, and sexual confidence. It's great for relationships for the individuals in the relationship and as a way to bring you both together.

There really are no arguments against living the fit lifestyle that outweigh the good parts. So keep these fun facts in mind for your skeptical friends. Maybe you can bring them over to the fit side ! ;) 

Thanks everyone for reading- love my Bodyspace Family!

And please keep voting for me for 2013 Bodyspace Spokesmodel and my friend Troyguy! Help us become part of the team! >>


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Heavy & Fast Chest Workout + Optimal pre & Post Nutrition!

So today I did chest @ about 8:30 with a gym full of people which would normally have me anxious and wanting to leave, but I was so in the zone! I am so motivated right now. You guys are helping me so much with all your support and encouragement and interaction. This contest really has lit a fire under my butt and I'm back at it and enjoying it! Thank God I feel great!! Anyway so I have to write a paper so I didn't have the whole night to spend in the gym, still I committed and took my time, but I think I was out in 35-40 minutes. I don't usually workout much longer than that & today I took my friend Zuperman2006's advice and cut my rest down to 30 seconds because I'm trying to lean out. (Still want to maintain every single pound of muscle so I am NOT going light in the gym!)

Just to stress how important nutrition and nutrient timing is in muscle building, maintaining, or muscle-safe cutting, I'll detail my pre and post nutrition

Pre-Workout Nutrition:
6:45pm 1/2 cup brown rice with 4 oz ground turkey, 1 cup broccoli + compound 20
7:30pm 1 scoop superpump max

workout began @ 8:20 
5 minute warmup 3.5 mph on treadmill

1) Bench Press 1 warmup set with bar 20 reps
4 x 12,10,10,8 w/ 85 lbs

2) 4 x 12,10,10,10, incline dumbbell flyes w/ 22.5 lbs 

3)4 x 15,12,10,8 20 lb cable flyes

4)4 x 12,10,8,8 Hammer Press 1/25 lb each side

5)Burnout: Pushups- could only do 10! 

quick abs : 50 leg raises

total sets (minus abs) : 17, 195 total reps

Intra: 1 scoop Blox silk amino acids in 32 ounces water 

9:20 1 scoop Iso-100 Banana Cream plus 4g Glutamine powder

This is an example of a time-efficient workout. I went in, got it done, 30 seconds between sets. I know I wasn't pushing heavy weight but it's important to train smart not hard.


Beast rule: If you have anything left, you're not done! Leave it all at the gym!

When I left, I felt spent and that's what I go for. 
I'm feeling good. Really proud of the progress I'm making. FINALLY giving myself some credit for the good changes I've made and not just beating myself up cause I don't have my dream body yet.

EVERY good decision counts.

EVERY positive change counts, no matter how small.

EVERY day counts. EVery single one. 

Focus on the work, not the results. It's like a math problem. DOn't focus on the answer. Focus on applying the formula. If you do that right, the answer is always the same. 

train hard. eat sleep. sleep well. = BE AWESOME. 

Love my bodyspace family! Watch my new video (#11) it's up!! :) 

Thanks for everything guys hope you all rocked it out the beginning of this week, if you don't feel like you did remember everyday is a new chance to ROCK IT OUT!! 

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Why Am I Still Fat? – Top 5 Reasons People Gain Weight and Can’t Lose it

Why Am I Still Fat? – Top 5 Reasons People Gain Weight and Can’t Lose it

Description: There are 5 main reasons why most people get fat and stay that way. Pinpointing the cause of your weight gain can help you fight back and finally lose those stubborn pounds.

1. “ I don’t even eat that much”
It’s impossible to just eyeball how much you’re eating without practice. If you’ve never checked a label, paid attention to serving sizes, or actually measured your food out, you probably fall under this category. If you want to lose weight, start tracking your food for a couple days. You need to know if you’re eating too much or too little.

2. “I eat when I’m stressed”
Ah, emotional eating…the ghost that haunts us all. If you eat when you are bored, angry, happy, sad, or heck, whenever you feel something, we’re talking to you. Try to log when you eat the most and pay attention to how you’re feeling when you eat. You might find you almost never eat because of hunger. If your stomach grumbles, you’re hungry. If you feel faint or get a headache, that’s hunger. If a thought bubble of dancing sugar plums appears over your head when you pass the vending machine, it’s probably just a stimulus response. Focus on eating when you are physically hungry, not craving.

3. “I just have no motivation”
You can stare at thin people all day trying to get “inspired,” but it’s important to find the real reason you want to lose weight. Is your health at risk? Do you want to be a better role model for your family? Do you just want to feel better about yourself in general? The answers to these questions will help you get to know your heart and that is where you will find your motivation. Find what matters to you and let that be your driving force.

4. “My whole family has a tendency to be overweight”
Some people just got the thick end of the stick. If you just tend to be heavy when you don’t try, that’s just something you need to take into account but don’t let it discourage you. You just can’t be careless. Make a plan and start making small changes to see big results in the end.

5. “I’m Busy”
A lot of important things in life are inconvenient. It’s inconvenient for you to leave work to pick up a sick child from school and take them to the doctor. Working at all is inconvenient. We make time for the things we know we need to do. Make your health and physical comfort a priority. It is a necessity. Let the bad habits go on long enough and you’ll find that out the hard way. It’s time to pencil you wellbeing into your schedule.

This was one of my articles published and viewable at :)

Thought you guys would enjoy! 

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Don't Let One Bad Apple Spoil The Whole BUnch! (People are not apples!)

Today I'm going to write about how generalizations hold us back. Just like if you see one loud crazy ghetto black woman you're not going to assume all black people are like that, just like not all white people are rednecks, not all hispanics are aliens, not all middle eastern heritages breed terrorists. We generalize too much!

And that's just racism. That's not the worst of it. Stereotyping is a form of mental survival tactic. We create patterns in our mind, usually of negative experiences, to avoid them in the future. And we do it the most with circumstances we can't plan and that we determine to be unfortunate or negative. We say these "bad" things happen to us and then that turns into a "bad" week or "Im just having a tough time." Because we develop tunnel vision and we focus in on these negative occurrences causing us to COMPLETELY blur out all the good things happening, or not even necessarily good but all the things are are just fine! We generalize our lives based on one experience and we generalize people the same way. 

My goal in life has never been to avoid pain. I tend to be very brave in that aspect. I give people chances no matter how many people I could judge to be similar to them have hurt me. That is just a blessing God has developed into a strength of my personality. But sometimes I still catch myself doing it. I think awareness is a big step in stopping completely before it gets out of hand. Since I started noticing these generalizations and making an honest effort not to make them I have seen a big difference in my relationships and my sense of wellbeing everyday. 

I'm going to give an example.

As yall know, I created a 60 day challenge called my Sexy-in-60 Challenge. it's pretty successful I pick about 20-30 people and they compete for prizes to see who can make the most progress following the program for 60 days. I am very picky with the application process because I pay attention to the stages of readiness of people and some people aren't ready. I don't want anyone to waste their money or make themselves feel worse. My first challenge out of 20 people, 11 people quit, most within the first phase. I knew early on who was going to do well. My goal is not to make a lot of money doing this, I don't care about that. Money is fine. I want to reach people. To give them ways to eliminate their own excuses and show THEMSELVES they can reach their goals. SO I tried this time to pick people that really wanted it. That were ready to change and that had positive spirits. 

Apparently I let one slip through the cracks.

I'll make a long story short. I'm going to only state facts because I think it's unprofessional for me to trash, she hasn't stopped doing it since this "incident" and I'm not going to take part. I'm only telling you guys this to share the lesson I was able to get out of it.

So in the first week of phase 2 she posts in the group on Facebook that she won't be participating anymore because there are two many whole eggs on the plan. (There are 3.)
The other girls weren't happy and they commented a lot before I saw it, but when I saw it I said I wished she would have emailed me because I couldve easily changed it for her and that I accepted her withdrawal. But that i didnt think this was the proper way to handle this. 
She posted on my wall and tagged me saying she wanted a refund.
Then called me unprofessional.
Then made a status saying "Anybody looking for a real trainer let me know. i fired mine because her morals were bad!'
So I emailed her,( because I believe a private conversation was appropriate from the get) explaining why she wouldn't get a refund and that I hoped she would be able to part peacefully and stop publicly bashing me. THen I blocked and reported a few more of her angry comments and tags.
The girls are very upset because they are very loyal to me and apparently she hasn't stopped making hateful statuses since it happened (a few days ago).
This was one of the people that gave the highest praise of me and bragged to everyone on facebook about how amazing I was, what a great trainer I was, and how excited she was to work for me. And I recall several times other girls trying to warn me, and I defended her. A LOT.
Now I feel a little naive and wish I had been more..I don't know, alert?

Then a former client that dropped off the face of the earth and hasn't replied to any of my emails in almost a year finally takes the time to message me on facebook and tell me that my pictures are distasteful and her daughter is my age and she wouldn't want her posting pics like that. I looked..I didn't think they were distasteful. I rarely post pics of myself on facebook because I'm insecure. But that's not what hurt. That comes with the industry. Some people find you inspiring (why we do this) and some people find you skanky. Whatever. What hurt was that THATS why she felt the need to in her words "reach out". That a negative comment would compel her to "reach out' but not my emails or check-ins. She blatantly ignored those. I was CONCERNED. After all I'd done to try to help her, that was just a slap in the face. 

Two knives in the back for one week was a lot and I found myself generalizing. Saying wow, nobody cares about everything I do. People dont appreciate me. People are ungrateful. I even considered not doing the challenge anymore and it definitely made me never want to post another picture.

But then I had to wakeup. It's just TWO PEOPLE. I have thousands of friends on bodyspace and facebook that support and encourage me and it has been months since I've gotten a legit negative comment. That's a blessing. There are soooo many sweet, kind, loving people in this world that make me feel awesome and make my job worth doing and most importantly there are people who still want and appreciate my help. In fact, 29 people, every single other girl in the group was infuriated at her insinuations and they all had my back.

ONE BAD APPLE DOES NOT SPOIL THE WHOLE BUNCH. One ******* does not make the world a bad place.

A lot of people go on and on about how the world has gone to hell and it's so bad. it's always been "bad" if you define it that way. We've always had "bad" people and "bad" things happening. I don't believe that. With the elections coming up, everyone is a little hostile. "My party is right, yours is the antichrist"-kind of thing. (I don't do politics. I'm voting for the person I find LESS repulsive.) But the world is not a horrible place.

We can choose to only see the killings on the news. The natural disasters. We can choose to only remember the guy that bumped into us and knocked all our crap everywhere. We can choose to remember the bullies from school and the horrible bosses we've had through our lives. We can remember the devil.

But we can't forget God. There is good. We disrespect the good people in the world when we give the negative nancies all the power. Chances are when that guy knocked your crap out of your hand, someone helped you pick it up. Chances are you had awesome friends in school and some really good memories. Chances are you've had a boss you've liked. Chances are your life has a lot of great experiences and that most your days are okay, with a "bad" thrown in there every now and then.

We all have some people that are going to "hurt" us, maybe stab us in the back hopefully not often. We'll all have naysayers. But that doesnt have to define our lives. It doesn't mean no one likes you.

One failure doesn't mean you suck. One "bad" day doesn't mean your life sucks. 

We have to take it with a grain of salt. It is what it is and it does not define us. I didn't do anything wrong to either of those people. In fact, I know me. And I know I would give the shirt off my back for either of them and I didn't deserve their random outbursts. 


9 times out of 10, we blow things out of proportion and at the end of the day everything is okay. 

I know my business will not be hurt by one person who comes off as unstable just by the incessant bashing and no backup. 

Remember that: Don't let one ******* blind you from the sweethearts there are in this world.

It made me realize how much I've grown over the years. I don't generalize my life negatively anymore. I don't want to. I don't want pity, I don't want to "hurt" I want to be happy and enjoy this blessing of life that I have !

I encourage you all to do the same. You hold the remote to your life. Don't let anyone else, expecially someone who doesn't deserve it, be in control! 

I know I'm an optimist. Some people call me naive or say I'm unrealistic. No I'm not. I'm in control. I'm not BOTHERED by everything. I choose. You have that choice too! 

It's your life, your channel. You decide what stays on! 

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Outward Manifestation of Spiritual Progress

Hello all! 
Hope everyone's doing great. 
Man, it's been a whirlwind ride. I really should blog more. I'd have a book by now. I swear I'm going to write my book one day. I'm just so damn ADHD, I need a transcriber to listen to my random manic ideas and write them down for me lol
Anyway, where do I begin? 
Well, I'm not competing this year. :(

That was a hard thing to decide and accept, especially since this is the second TIME I've said I was going to compete and then didn't. I will say, however, this was the first year I physically couldn't. I've never had surgery before, but the timing of my surgery this year did prevent me from doing the Europa. That's the closes I think I've ever been to true contest shape so that was depressing, but I tried to get back on the saddle. 
The second time, having to pull out from my WbFF show, that I invested over 2000 dollars in and really was excited for.. thhhat was a blow. When I really felt and was confronted with the fact that my ankle was literally injured, I was so mad at myself because it was no one's fault but mine. I left the gym and went to my car and cried. One because I knew I wasn't going to be able to do the show. And two because I knew I had hurt myself for vanity. It was embarrassing for me because I felt like I'm just full of ****. Never doing what I say I'm going to do. I didn't want to let people down who were excited FOR me and believed I was going to do this show. I was running trying to make up for the time I lose binge eating and being lax with my workouts. I shouldn't have even tried to compete after my surgery. It was a sad day when I realized I was binging again. I felt like I had undone all my years of progress. I mean 20% bodyfat, that's the highest I've been in years. And i know i lost a lot of muscle.

           It was really just a harsh reality check and a slap in the face. That I'd been trying to just skip straight to the finish line and neglecting the journey. Procrastinating, saying I'll do it later. Competing is something I really want to do, but I need to get myself and my health together first. It's not my strong point. I mean, yea it's great that I lost a lot of fat and maintained it for about 2 years even though I yoyod a lot. (How the heck do you spell yoyoed? lol) But I know I will not be satisfied until my bodyfat is not visible. So I think there is a silver lining. This was what I needed. To make a final decision to be consistent, take it slow, and work with my body and my personality instead of trying to be someone else. I've been comparing myself to others for way too long and just..I had a lot to work on. I was in a terrible low for about a week after I hurt my ankle. But I'm better now and although I wish it wouldn't have had to be so drastic, I am glad for the result. Because towards the end of that low, for once I decided, "Hey, I'm tired of being sad." I'm tired of wasting my life enveloped by thoughts of the future or past and not honoring the moment. I've lost years of my life living in this unconscious oblivion and finally I can't hide it. I can't fake it. I have to do what I say I do and be who I say I am and I don't want to be angry or sad anymore because it wastes time that I could be happy or at least at peace. 

Sometimes we get so obsessed with results, we neglect the journey. We get so caught up in the shoulda coulda wouldas that we miss what's happening right now and we can't get those moments back. Most importantly, we can't neglect our spirits. Our bodies are just houses for our spirits. You won't meet an ill spirit with a healthy house. You just won't. And if you run yourself into the ground your body will force you to rest. 

So that's what happened to bring me to this point. "What point is that?," you might ask. I would say the point of progress. The point of legit strides and improvement. The point of being REAL. Last night I went out to eat for my aunt's birthday, I finally started packing my food again this week and have been easily following my plan for a few days. I ate about an hour before I went so I wouldn't be starving. The menu was horrendous. Burgers, fried this and that. There really wasn't anything I could order that was clean except a salad. So I got the caesar salad with no cheese or croutons. I don't obsess over salads or dressings. I mean, there wasn't that much dressing. And it's a damn salad lol It was huge though, I was full halfway through.

I had a couple chips with cheese and a few friend pickles because I haven't in years. But the crazy thing is FOR ONCE I didn't feel the need to eat them all because they were there. I didn't like I had to eat as much as possible while I had it available. I wanted to eat clean. I have been following a meal plan loosely based on the livefit trainer for about two weeks, but when I first started I really just focused on eating clean. I wasn't too restrictive. This is how I work my way away from binge eating and back into a healthy mind state which is essential if you're going to follow a plan. I think it's more important that you teach your body and re-learn new favorites from what nature provided us, not what we created for gluttony and greed. Processed foods are addictive and just not necessary. You're going to be hard pressed to find anything of the earth that tastes like oreos so I just prefer not to eat them. Literally I've stopped craving those things.
You crave what you're used to. You lean on habits. So the secret is to make yourself become used to clean options and make that your habit. A few months agoI would've gotten the seafood platter with catfish and fries and shrimp. Nothing really happened to my body as far as how I looked besides water with those occasional indulgences. But it's funny. They don't stay "occasional" for long do they?

So I've really decided I don't need to eat processed foods. Not really ever. Maybe on holidays I'll have some home cooked meals once a year when I see my family in Mississippi and there are no duplicates here in Texas. Hopefully I can still practice portion control. But I don't plan on having cheat days anymore. Stuff comes up. A friend has a birthday or you travel or go to a carnival. You'll get plenty of cheat days, but I don't think they help people with an "all or nothing" mindset and that's how I am. I don't like how it makes me feel, I have more health problems when I eat that way and it's just hard to get back on track. I don't find any satisfaction from it so why do it? 

If there's one thing I've learned over the years it's what DOESN'T work for me. Here are a few examples:
1)cheat days
2)low carbing
3)no carbing
4)monster amounts of cardio
5)high reps, low weight
6)not packing my food
7)setting a deadline for myself or planning to do something that involves me being fit before I'm actually there, and then assuming I'll look that way by the time it comes around 

There are lots more. But anyway, So i've come to conclusions from those things and I'm really just going to work with my body instead of against it. I put on muscle EASILY. So instead of trying to eat nothing and do lots of cardio and obsess over being smaller, I'm going to lift and eat to build more muscle. I'd like to gain 10 pounds of muscle over this off season. And I'm not signing up for a show until I'm 15% bodyfat or lowerbecause I think my stage leanness will probably be somewhere around 13%. Considering I'm 20% now and I still look pretty lean. I want my big arms back. I'm going to embrace my big arms. I'm going to embrace my football player legs (and build some damn calves). I'm going to EAT a lot of clean, energizing food because I'm effing hungry and my body looks good when I feed it what it needs. I'm going to workout AT LEAST 4 days a week and give it all I got while I'm there, but I'm not doing cardio right now. 

I'm going to enter the bodyspace spokesmodel contest. Because maybe I don't have abs. Maybe I'm not 10% bodyfat. Maybe I have never won first place and I'm not a pro. I'm not in the Oxygen clique. I have a 3 quarter sleeve and 12 other tattoos. But I'm not a loser. I'm not without merit.
I entered the contest in 2009 and made the top 15. I was 19.
Since then (3 years)
- I have become an internationally published fitness columnist/writer in the US and the UK online and in print.
-I have also been published in American Curves magazine with an 8 page spread which was my goal. I did this my damn self because I emailed the editor.
-I have worked for BSN and become a manager at Vitamin Shoppe so my knowledge of supplements has greatly expanded and
-I have gained 3 years of promotional/demo experience.
-In 2 semesters away from my degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition. Then I will pursue my CCN.
-In the last year I have been my own successful online business which is my main source of income. I have clients in the US, UK, Australia, Iceland, and Canada.
-My Sexy-in-60 Challenge has helped scores of people lose weight, keep it off, and change their lives. I have worked with over 60 clients.
-I am now working on my ACSM and AFPA cert and next year I'm going to start teaching Nutrition classes.
-I am being interviewed by my school's broadcast team about my business and the challenge that will be aired on PBS in November.
-I also built my website 
-I'm also in the process of writing for some popular bodybuilding websites. 

Aside, from having a six pack and competing I have reached every goal I've set. I have worked my ass off these past couple years getting the knowledge and the experience I need to represent a company like this. It is at the top of my list to work with I just want to be associated with a company whose values are in line with mine. 3 years ago I just wanted the glory.  Now, i want to help people reach their goals and I am confident I can do so. I can get in  better shape. I am doing so right now. But I think what makes me a good candidate comes from within. So I figure, what do I have to lose? I'll keep trying til I make the top 4. I may not win often but I never quit. 

Right now I'm working on building muscle and leaning out naturally. Meanwhile, studying and continuing to grow in the fitness industry and in my experience with the fit lifestyle. Next year I plan to do a few regional NPC competitions for pretty pictures and practice before I hit the WBFF stage later in the year. 

Bodyspace has been a huge help to me and has been such a great tool. Everything I have I have done on my own. I can't imagine what I could do with the help of such a great company, how many people I could reach and what I could learn and experience. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I'm doing it. And I'm excited. And I hope to have you guys' vote. 

That's what I've been up to. Thanks for reading another one of my novels :)

The challenge is about to go into phase 2 and so far out of 30 people I have no quitters!
You can keep up with me and the challenge here

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Sexy-in-60 Challenge Part 2: Competitor Edition!!

Michelle Parish - REV 2 (1).jpg

It's not a matter of CAN YOU, it's a matter of ARE YOU READY TO?! I know I can help anyone who is committed! 60 days of commitment is plenty of time to make awesome results. You may say oh now's not the time. But you might find you always s ay that. And I ask you, "If not now, then when?" When will it be TIME for you to take care of your body and like what you see in the mirror and feel STRONG?! 10 years from now, 3 kids from now, after you can't even see your feet looking down? Stop the madness, increase your fitness! 60 days of coaching, meal plans, supplement recommendations, workouts, and cardio regimens from me as well as an awesome supportive team environment to help you reach your goals!  Limited spots available email me for your application today!

Results from the last challenge: 
julieanne wins.png

 The winner of the last challenge was Julieanne Mason. This girl had never trained a day in her life except for track in highschool. She didn't know what a macronutrient was. But she followed instructions every single day and never made an excuse when she could have. Working 10pm to 6am she still found time to workout, sleep AND post in the group on Facebook. AT the end of the day, everyone did so amazing the decision came down to attitude and who made the biggest OVERALL transformation. She earned this win.

katie2nd place.png
2nd place went to Katie Ward, mother of two with a full time job.  Its amazing what a positive attitude and consistency can do in 60 days!

monique transformation.png

 Monique is a full time pharmacy student, works, is the VP of her delta chapter, and never makes excuses. She is the only person who even attempted to go through the entire 60 days without cheating! Her reward? Awesome strength gains and looking/feeling HOT!! 

o see more awesome transformations from the first challenge view the album on my fanpage :

And for applications, message me or email me at
Bigger opportunities, more prizes. Sexy-in-60 Challenge Part2, NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART :) 

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Back to School, Back to the Gym, back to life!

So I've been in the gym consistently for 3 days. I've been training heavy, which I LOVE. I mean, as much as I've studied it and as much sense as it may seem to make sometimes..I really just don't get the whole high rep low weight. It doesn't work for me.

In my mind, and I'm sure most of you will agree,

Whatever you lift to gain muscle, you must lift to keep it. I don't want to shrink. I just want to be obviously fit. I literally feel like I have been working out for 4 years and you can't even tell lol

Today I worked back and biceps. I always liked working back. At one point I literally had to stop for the most part because my lats til this day are HUGE for no reason. My friends used to call them "bat wings" lmao Right now really I'm just going to lift heavy and see what happens. I could stand to gain some muscle and I know that is something I don't struggle with. Maybe it's time to start using it to my advantage.

I'm  trying to take a more balanced approach now because Im ready to REACH MY GOALS and then make new ones. I don't do this for any particular reason. No one specific to impress. If any of you know me you'll never hear me say any of my goals is to be a successful fitness model ..I want a clear job description lol

I have my own business and I plan to work til i can't anymore helping other people do all that. I also just happen to enjoy posing half naked...have since I was little LOl It's completely innocent. I think its fun! Other than that i really just want to look in the mirror and be like DAMN SELF, YOU LOOKIN REAL GOOD. ..all the time. 

So I'm not obsessing over any show or any one "opportunity." I just want to look good, feel good, and show myself and others it can be done without extreme, prolonged misery. 

I'm experimenting with different types of foods, all clean. Not so strict with the calories. Moreso with my macronutrients which I have always had good results with. I think they're more important though calories are pretty cut and dry. 

I'm working on consistency with my all different components of a well-rounded fit physique: eating clean, working out, cardio, getting good rest. I don't mind starting from scratch for something that lasts!

I can see a little more definition and volume in my arms thank God. My shoulders..poor babies. I'm so sorry I neglected you into nonexistence. You didn't deserve that. When the rest of me was busy being fat, you were still awesome. Now you're gone and I miss you. I will fight to bring you back!

K..I've been holding that in. lol

Anyway in other exciting news I got my BSN allotment and samples. I'll be doing my first demo next Tuesday! So exciting :) I think a piece of me will always feel right at home talking about supplements. They're one of my favorite aspects of nutrition.

Yesterday was the first day of school, it should be an easy semester which means I will have a lot of extra time to either be lazy or be productive.

I HAVE A PLAN to make sure I'm focused on doing the latter!

I'm eating dinner with my bf (yes I know its late. late workout and then grocery store so dinner is just happening lol)

And watching Deadliest Warrior: Washington vs Napoleon. Do yall watch that show? Netflix ..I love you.

K happy workouts everyone! Stop by and chat! I love comment-tag lol

My Bfs page:

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Medical Issues- I Wont Let it Stop Me!

Sigh. Worked out today for the first time in a week. I wasn't allowed to workout last week, doctors orders. My body is obviously under a lot of stress and this would be the one time my training wasnt helping.

I went to the doctor Monday with lower abdominal and lower back pain, got violated way too many times to mention by some seriously oversized probing tools, and apparently my ovary is inflamed. The doctor knew more than I did apparently cause she sent me to the emergency room for possible surgery. I went for my doc appt at 10:15. I left the hospital at 3!! I won't go into details but its really bizarre, really rare, and it has to be removed or my life might be in danger.

So I am obviously not doing the Europa. I knew that the week before though when I had been all dieted down after 12 weeks of hard work and GAINED 5 pounds. Holding endless amounts of water for no reason. I knew something was up. I googled a lot and I actually did call it. This is one of those times i didn't want to be right. Im going back for blood tests tomorrow and surgery should follow. 

Dont freak out, Im ok! i swear.

Last week when I realized I couldnt do the Europa I got completely off my diet and was told not to workout. (I was told last week not to work out because of what it MIGHT be). I ate whatever I wanted for a whole week, barely worked, didn't work out. I knew there wasnt much I could do about my weight and I needed to destress so i let my gut hang for the first time in YEARS and felt no shame. I went out to eat almost every day with my boyfriend and we had a blast. It was like a mini vacation honestly because even on my last "vacay" to LA I was dieting the whole time for photoshoots. I love my life and I love the fitness industry. I could never go back to unconscious eating as my routine. But last week was awesome.

it felt fantastic to just not care how I looked for a little while and it really grounded me and helped me get to know myself as a person and not just a figure.

I feel very relaxed and ready to handle this.

Im not recommending anyone take a break from their goals and go on a week long binge. I'm just saying sometimes your health takes the backburner, and you focus so much on how you LOOK, you forget about how you FEEL. We lose track of the important things in life like family, friends, enjoying your time. There are a lot of people who have mastered the balance, Im pretty good at it. But before a competition, balanced isnt the word I would use. That's like saying an olympic track star has a balanced life. Its a choice. And for a little while, letting go was what I needed. i feel refreshed. I got a lot out of my system and now Im AIMING for the Texas States in October. Taking a more moderate approach with diet and training this time. I was 134 this morning and I PRAY it is not a solid 10 pounds of fat I gained and is mostly water. I had gotten down to 124. If I am even 126 by the end of this week I would be happy and confident that Id be able to do the show.
If not, I just might come back with a bang next year.

Right now, My health is #1. I will do whatever I have to make sure I am okay internally.

Thank you guys for all your support. I WILL be competing again. Just not this weekend:)

In the mean time, still working, still studying for my ACSM cert, still writing, and Im back to eating healthy and back to working out. Got a new haircut. I call it the newslady lol I also got a new kitty! Now I have 3 and yes I am done! 

Waiting for my sample pack from BSN and will start doing demos soon.

Just gotta get this nipped in the bud first.

Its nice to know only a medical issue could stop me this time, I was actually close to my goal! 

Thank you for all your support. Please keep me in your prayers but do NOT worry! 

" title=">:)" />

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