Science...not the bro type

Any other SuppVersity readers out there? I'm reading about the "athlete triad" (a 3-part series) and trying to figure out my next healthy steps. It seems I need to keep my total body fat at around 33 lbs. Kinda great since I'm less than 7 lbs away from that. Also means I need to focus on more than just body fat percentage. Ideally, however, I'd like to get down to around 20% at least.

Bizzy Diet: All Done

Lost 3 lbs and some inches. Not bad but I expected more considering I already eat pretty clean. The exercise portion needs to be fueled with carbs (unless you're going to do fasted cardio before the first CLA...umm, good luck with that). Alternatively, I found waiting about 60-90 after the breakfast or lunch meal was good. The nutrition portion was a good introduction to a new macro ratio (high protein, low carb, high fat) and I'll stick with it. Reintroducing carbs, even slowly, was an interesting experiment in tummy aches. Oh, and with all the clean eating (on a limited meal plan range) I figured out why my lips were cracking: I'm allergic to peanuts. No, peanut butter wasn't allowed on the plan. I openly admit to cheating a bit. But seriously.., Who finds out about a nut allergy at 34?? So, if nothing else, I thank the Bizzy Diet creators for helping get my eating even cleaner and revealing an allergy. On to the next one: still leaning out!

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Bizzy Diet: Week 2 progress

After half way done with this plan and going into the last week... Neck: 12.5" (-1.0" since start) Chest: 35.5" (+0.5" since start) Forearms: 8.0" (+0.5" since start) Hips: 39.0" (no change) Calves: 14.0" (-0.5" since start) Shoulders: 41.5" (+2.0" since start) Arms: 12.0" (+1.0" since start) Waist: 30.5" (-0.5" since start) Thighs: 22.0" (no change) BFP: 28.1% (-2.1% since start) Weight: 142 (-3.0 lbs since start) I currently weigh 142 lbs (no change from last week )and BFP is 28.1 (a -1.4% change from last week) The biggest difference this week was in the body fat percentage (BFP)! I'll take it. Most of my other measures stayed the same. Perhaps because of the cheating. Goal for last 7 days: eat cleaner, less salt and no more cheating with carbs or, umm, peanut butter. Overall Goal: fat loss in waist and arm areas ( waist: -3", arm: -1" ) and bring BFP into low 20% range (let's shoot for anything less than 24.9%). My arms are getting bigger but it's muscle so I'm fine with that. The waist measurement and BFP is moving slowly and will obviously take more than 7 days. But I'll still eat as clean as possible and see how much I can move those last two numbers.

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Bizzy Diet: Day 10, Upper Body

Killer workout. Had to cut the HIIT in half because of rain (it came 2 hours earlier than expected, y'all) so I brought the rest of the workout indoors. Up until today, I was using an exercise band (and doing pike presses instead of the military press). Since I was inside, I went to the dumbbells (8lbs and 12lbs). Tears were almost involved but it felt good. On the second round, I decided to drop set the military presses (from 12 to 8) and the bicep curls...both after 10 reps. Upper body will always be my challenge but I'm up for it. Tomorrow is rest day with sprints: hooray!

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Bizzy Diet: All kinds of cheating

Couldn't take it anymore: I needed tomatoes. Made two mains with them and will be eating it until Thursday, at least. Going to count it as a fruit and keep it going. The biggest mistake, however, was adding salt to the recipes like I usually do :/ The other thing was, umm, eating the equivalent of 2 bread slices. Yeah, so...umm...if this week doesn't show much progress then this is the reason.

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Bizzy Diet: Week 1 progress

After a week on this plan... Neck: No change Chest: No change Forearms: +0.5" Hips: -1.0" Calves: -0.5" Shoulders: -2.0" Arms: -1.0" Waist: -0.5" Thighs: No change BFP: -0.5% Weight: -3.0 lbs I currently weigh 142 lbs and BFP is 29.5%. Will monitor the shoulder measurement but I truly haven't worked arms/upper body so much before so it may be an accurate measure (especially since my forearm and arm measurements also changed).

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Bizzy Diet: Day 7, More Rest....I Guess

Did some 100m sprints (from a T Nation program) and added in some hill work. BCAA before and added some to the water I drank during the cardio. Ate off program and off schedule but nothing dramatic. First numerical update tomorrow but I know I've already lost weight.

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Bizzy Diet: Day 6

Nothing to see here. It was just a plain 'ole rest day.

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Bizzy Diet: Day 5

Still can't add images :lol: Was going to share my "Popeye & Olive Oyl Smoothie" recipe ;) All the "official" workouts for the week are done. Day 6 is a real rest day for me: not going to move an inch. However, Day 7 will be another round of sprints for about 30 min. Not tired today but was disappointed to see a -1.5lbs loss...with no change in body fat percentage (BFP). Yet, I'm seeing a bit more definition in my arms. Hmm. Will stick it out the entire program. At this rate, I'm guessing -5lbs, -2% BFP, with the anticipated loss in my arms and waist. In fact, one of my fav pants is already visibly looser in the waist.

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Bizzy Diet: Day 4, Rest

First rest day. So why did I do sprint drills? Actually, it's perfectly timed. This rest day and the last one will be use for sprint drills (approx. 30 min). The second rest day (Day 6, I believe) will see me loafing. Can't wait. Dead tired today. Sprint drills were before breakfast and I had all my nutrition in today but still felt sluggish. Not sure why. Lips are still cracking but definitely not as bad as before.

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Bizzy Diet: Day 3, Progress

Already lost one pound (-1 lbs). I just want to see some inches off my waist and some gains in my arms...nothing drastic.

Will take a new set of measurements on Day 7.

Looking for sustainable results. After Bizzy, I plan on transitioning to one of these (in order of preference):

- Big Man (, home gym)

- 60-day functional bodyweight resistance program (local gym)

- DIY functional program (home gym)

- P90X (home gym)

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Bizzy Diet: Day 2, Nutrition

Still no pics because I'm not messing with the BodyBlog Editor anymore.

Breakfast: protein shake

Lunch: Tofu sticks and spinach

Snack: SimplyBar

Dinner: Tofurkey with cucumber sprinkled with ParmaVeg and chili spice

Snack: Protein-laced steamed "milk" (I use flax milk)

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Bizzy Diet: Drink Water

My body isn't used to staying at these high levels of protein for so long. The result: extremely chapped lips.

This cannot be condoned.

Therefore, everytime I have protein I drink 2 cups of water. The issue cleared up within 18 hours (and I reduced the protein intake to no more than 25g per meal/snack).

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Bizzy Diet: Day 2, Workout

Here's what I decided to do...

Cardio Intervals 1: 20 min total

HIIT Intervals: Ab work (mix of five 60-second planks and five sets of ab crunches with legs in the air)

Weighlifting Circuit: 2 rounds

Bodyweight Squat
30 reps

Dumbbell Lunges
10 reps, per side (modification: lunge with upper body twist)

Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise
30 reps (modification: wall squat calf raise)

30-50 reps (modification: 60 second plank)

Crunches - Elbows to Knees
30 reps

Cardio Intervals 2: 10 min

5 min steady state, 5 min high intensity

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Bizzy Diet: Day 1 Lunch and dinner

Tried to add the pics of lunch, dinner and snack about 10 times. Better things to do in life so hopefully plain text will work.

Lunch: Chili-flavored tofu sticks (homemade) on a bed of spinach with Veganese and sesame oil

Dinner: Sauteed eggplant and tomato on a bed of spinach. Protein-laced hot chocolate.

Snack: SimplyBar

Started late so didn't get my second snack in today.

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