Old Goals, New Goals :)

Well, my trainer weighed/measured me today. 

Old values:

BMI: 23

Body Fat: 25.7%

Weight: 124 lbs

New Values:

BMI: 22.7

Body Fat: 25.2%

Weight: 124 lbs

YES! Small changes, but still a gain since my body fat is improving slowly but surely. Very Happy and looking forward to more improvements. Thank God for my gym and trainer <3

Having to adapt sometimes to compensate for arthritic degeneration in left knee, but still able to do and move and fight for what I want, so life is good ;)

Starting over from scratch

Well, I seem to be on again, off again with the workouts. I don't look fat but do look thick and do not feel structured enough to get the results I crave, so I finally gave in and hired a personal trainer. I had been looking for over a year, but no one I encountered was fit enough, peppy enough, had the time to work with me, or inspired me. I finally met a trainer, Chris, after I joined Max'd Out. He is fit, enthusiastic, seems knowledgeable, and very motivated. He is in excellent shape and inspires me to better myself, knowing that if he could get his physique to the level he has, he can help me, as long as I am willing to put forth the work :)

I am so very excited and scared. Today was my first day training and I already feel like tomorrow I may feel muscles long ago forgotten.

Thank God I found my gym and trainer after all this time.

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Day 6...gotta work harder on staying on track here.

Well, first day back at work while on phase workout/diet.

Not great, not as bad as it could have been...Supplements were all taken in a timely manner. Water intake was poor. Was offered and ate 1/2 slice pizza. Got in my two protein shakes, a large salad, chicken. Did drink a few oz of coke, which I had avoided for the last 5 days. Forgot to eat my snack.

Could have done better. Maybe need to be carrying a meal planner to schedule meals/supplements for closer monitoring of intake.

As to workout, doing legs right now. I definitely feel good, but also a little bloated, that might be expected w/creatine supplementation, so will keep track of progress and see.

Any tips from those of you who keep a food diary would be much appreciated. Will go out tomorrow to Office Depot or something and get one of those day planners broken down by hours for easy tracking.

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Day 5

Day 4 of my new phase of working out and supplementing for fat loss while protecting my muscle mass and I feel great, more energetic and hyper, no headaches, very thirsty, and eating more than I normally do. Tomorrow is my first work shift since I began this cycle, so that will be the test of will power and doing what I need to do to reach my goals ;)

Already have AM/PM supplements, shakes, and additional bottle of protein mix packed away in my workbag, along w/money for meal (heavy veggies w/lean protein) and water bottles ready. Wish me luck!

Still at 134lbs but I can see a distinct change in my outer thighs and abdomen (abd damaged from childbearing and surgeries, but less poofy than previously, looks comparatively flatter than it did a week ago). I also feel distinctly energetic. Have had activity incorporated into the last three days. Today I begin martial arts classes again. I am blessed, for our Sensei changed to incorporate my sons' and my classes together on the same time slot, so now I do not have to worry about not being available to the boys. I am really looking forward to it :)

Hubby says he notices a distinct change in my personality, saying that I have become that happy, motivated person he met. On the downside? I used to be a little more aggressive back then, but oh well, it is what is needed to fight for what I want and what I want is to lose the fat and shred, eventually. I do love the feeling of power I have running through me the last few days. I think it is the fact that I feel like myself again.

Best of luck w/your training and striving to reach your goals!!!

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Adding supplementation, changing diet to surpass plateau

Well, began using a Leucine complex powder yesterday, by Beyond Raw. Also added Creatine and a two week program by GNC that includes CLAs, Fish Oil, a thermogenic supplement. I am also using a protein powder to supplement when cravings start.

Only downside? Forgot to eat enough yesterday so blood sugar bottomed out on me. Did not realize it quickly enough, so had to ask hubby to come get me...lol. Teaches me to drop the ball ;) I also need to find a way to up my water intake during workdays. 12h days w/o sufficient water intake will be the death of me during this period, otherwise.

I was going to get creatine monohydrate, as some research suggested that it does not cause as much bloating as other creatine supplementation. However, the guy at GNC stated the product he recommended was better as far as not causing so much bloat: Amplified Creatine 189 by GNC (contains Creatine HCl). Since I haven't used these supplements in 20 years, I figured might as well try it and see. If not happy w/it I can always switch out. Any input from those of you who have used it &/or are experienced w/creatine supplementation would be appreciated.

Rationale behind the Leucine complex and Creatine is that they will delay protein/muscle catabolism during my fat loss and increase exercise capacity. This would be great, as losing muscle mass as well as fat would inhibit my metabolism, which has already become slower because of age and inactivity.

The two week system incorporates several components in an easy to use format that would have been far costlier if bought separately. It also facilitates access on workdays (if not ready, it aint goin' cause I'll not be late!).

I cut out sugars a week ago (never touch the fake stuff, either). Soda intake has been drastically reduced to 1 small bottle every other day (if that). If drinking coffee, I have cut the creamers from 7 to 4 (sorry; less than 4 and coffee won't go down and it is very much needed on work days). I cut out the sweets about a week ago (had 1/2 cookie today cause my son baked them special, but nothing else). I already don't tolerate fatty or greasy foods (unable to digest too much fat and grease), so that is in my favor.

I had already decided that dinner would consist of a shake as I get off work late enough that a meal that late would probably be stored as fat. Unfortunately, the low blood sugar screwed that up yesterday. I need to start packing food to take with me to work (potatoes, fruit). Shakes are packed in single servings so that is good. AM and PM supplements packaged for easy access, also good. Shakes are not so tasty in water as they are in Rice Dream, but tolerable enough to do in a pinch. They also mix easier in Rice Dream than in water, but no big deal.

Now I have to go a step further, adding more cardio and resistance training (been doing very light (stairs, baby weights).

Input from those of you serious about the sport and/or experienced in the use of the supplementation mentioned, etc. would be much appreciated. It has been many years since I did any serious supplementation and some of the stuff used in the 80's and 90's is no longer available, so it is a new world all over again, so to speak.

 I do have a question regarding soy vs whey protein powders supplementation. I was using soy instead of whey because I was afraid of bulking up (I bulk up very quickly). What is your take on it?

Have a wonderful day and best of luck to all of you reaching for your goals!

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Back again

Well, been "gone" from the sports and fun stuff for a while. Between joints, surgery, GI issues, I think I became somewhat depressed and gave up those things I love doing. I really noticed the self-care deficit as far as deteriorating eating habits, less than optimal dressing style, poor/deteriorating attitude.

Thanks to my hubby and my current doctor, I feel I am now improving...again. I have lost 3lbs in the last few days and feel better, stronger than I had in a long time. I have begun cutting back on the soda (1 bottle daily only!) and adding water back in. I also noticed a decrease in the need for sugar, no longer craving the sweets, snacks...even the tea now tastes better without all the added sweetness! Darling hubby bought me some organic oolong...I am loving it!

Anyway, I don't foresee me jumping through hoops any time soon, but I do see an improvement in my overall outlook and hope to see more results in the next few months.

Hope you all are having a blessed week and that you meet your goals!

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Arthroscopic knee surgery

Well, apparently years of use and abuse tore and shredded my left lateral meniscus. I had arthroscopic knee surgery on 11/3 and am on the mend. Right now, I am a little pissed off. Apparently, I already have damage due to degenerative osteoarthritis and the lateral femur is breaking down. I have bone-on-bone contact in the left lateral knee and the answers I was getting at my last appointment were less than satisfactory. I am not supposed to do any torquing motions or twisting motions but I did not feel as if I was getting my questions answered. The whole appointment just left me feeling as if the PA had no clear cut answers, much as I did. I am going to begin working out again, but the anger at this point is very much in the forefront. I am pissed.

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Another day, another pound :)

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Well, finally getting over my fear of getting too big (hey, if I can't be skinny I will at least get ripped…he he) and slowly but surely upping the weights. Thanks so much to all the motivational people out there with their advice, tips, insight, and just plain good sense!

This AM I woke up ready for work, but decided to hit the hamster wheel (elliptical) and then do quick sets before getting ready. It was awesome. My goal is going to be to do this at least 4 days a week in the AM and again in the PM, ideally. I figure, it does not have to be a long time period, but it has to be consistent.

This morning I did 10min on the elliptical and then hit the free weights, doing 2 sets of 15 each w/30lbs. Then I did leg extensions w/50lbs for 2 sets of 20 each. Guess what? My knees did not hurt!!! I had been using the home gym w/lighter weights over the last few weeks to get me used to the movements due to the bad joints and pain I have. IT WORKED!!!

I also worked shoulders w/5lb dumbbells (2 sets of 15 shoulder shrugs and 2 sets of 15 reps lat raises)

Finally, did tri extensions w/same wt.

In three days I will be upping the weights from 5lbs to 7.5 each. Reason behind the light wts is so my left shoulder will get adjusted to the motion, since it has been aching a bit and just got over some swelling in that joint.

Goal? To up all weights by the weekend!

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Getting results, even if it is slow as molasses :)

Been watching the videos showing how to take body measurements and realizing a lot of what I had done in the past may have given me erroneous measurements :/ I think I will be asking hubby to help me tomorrow to get accurate numbers. I have posted some new measurements now, but may be correcting on the morrow. I had not asked for help before due to embarrassment with my more full figure (before the last child and protracted illness, I had never suffered from obesity, so it had come as a complete shock...I was unable to cope with my new look), so had not asked for help, but if I want accuracy for better tracking, I need help so will ask hubby if he would do measurements :) It is hard to ask for help when you are embarrassed and unable to accept yourself. You eventually have to either come to terms with your new reality or begin working on a solution. God bless my father and his line for excellent genetics...lol. I may never be skinny, but at least I can strive to be healthier, due to his excellent genetics when it comes to building muscle. My only regret is that my skin tone is not what it used to be in my early 20's...it would be marvelous to be able to tighten my arms as I used to be able to do, but I will take what I can get at this point.

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Happy Holidays!!!

Just a small note to let all of you on this site know how wonderful I think you are and how grateful I am to have this site and everyone on it. Your comments, encouragement, and friendship is wonderful to have and I hope the New Year treats you all as kindly and as generously as you have always treated me.
Thank you for always being there to support and encourage me and others.
Merry Christmas and Very Joyous New Year to all!

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Another day in paradise :)

Well, today I woke up and I had promised to go shopping for the holidays and so I did. Was a bit selfish, though, and took the time to measure body parts and post...did some research and found two very good body fat calcs, and now posted that info, too. Hubby was very patient with me and went along without complaining too much and we finally went shopping. I had forgotten how exhausting being out and about surrounded by milling crowds can be, but at least we managed to find nice things and spending the time with hubby was a welcome change of routine for me:) Seeing these numbers is depressing, but not unexpected. After breaking my foot and being incapable of working out as I liked for over 18 weeks, I knew what kind of recovery I was looking at and steeled myself for the difficult path ahead of me. Now I just need to remain committed and try to avoid any more mishaps. Wish me well and luck :)

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A new day

Well, I have already done an hour on the elliptical. Unfortunately, my sons are using the garage for their biking/skateboarding/messing w/tools deal with their buddies, so I am stuck in my living room. That is ok. I like that they have some friends to hang around with, so I will just suck it up and drive on. I think I will just put on my leg and arm weights and mess around in my living room for now. Does anyone own a Home Gym XLS? If yes, what do you think of it? Was it worth the investment? How often do you use it? Is there a piece of equipment you prefer?

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Early to rise...

"Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise..." Don't know about all that, but sure does help if you plan on working out :) Guess this is as good as any a place to keep a running tally of my workouts. Can be looked up, updated, and edited to keep me going strong. Here goes nothing... 0430h-20min elliptical. Now to get ready for work. Be back later, I hope. Well, did some cardio by doing the flights of stairs at work (5 flights up, back down...next bldg did 3 up then 4 down). Unfortunately, by the time I got home I was so wiped (doing 12 extra rounds of pain meds in addition to the rest of my duties does tend to have that effect...lol) I got home, made it to my room, and proceeded to lay down on the floor next to my bed and call it a night. It was way too much effort to attempt anything else at that point, but at least I got the cardio in.

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Too pooped to party

I am a wimp, but at least I did some stairs today. I did five flights up and 13 flights down...wanted to lift tonight, but just got home and have to be up by 5 am, so probably going to have a yogurt for dinner and go to bed. On the good note, I am off on Sunday :). Anyway, did marvelous food-wise and got up to 2000cc of water in today, 4 servings protein, greens, and fruit. Well, going to eat. Happy lifting everyone!

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and another bit

Managed to get another 30 minutes of lower body and added the elliptical. NOW I feel like I have accomplished something. have a great night ya'll!

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