stayin motivated

Tryin to stay in the game wile my husband been working crazy I work part time and kids have fevers...feelin yucky need the gym big time


Been follwing Easons Training plain and I love it!!! 1

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home work out

looks like a home work out 2nite...atleast its gettin it done worked all day then my kids now when they go down its work out time...even if im tired lol

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Day after Irene hit!!

This is what i used in my little development we have this gym from the 80's lol It did the job and atleast i went!!

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Still going strong!!

Worked all day! but now im hope getting kids ready for bed!! Iren is headed our way so Im prepairing to work out tonight...home and 2moro the same!! Stay motivated guys!! Im trying my hubby brought home some junk food for himself lol hellooo its so hard not to dig in I had a few chips and half of a York Pep Patti!!! Ahhh no more for me now i gotta work it off lol I feel so much better when i dont give in a n see results!! Gotta stay motivated!!

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Well I needed a challenge  and today i signed up for one!! 12 week challenge!! I actually started 4 days ago so Im on track!! Just didnt signe up till tonight. I'll have to have my hubby take pics w a news paper 2moro....God i cant believe ill be showing this body after twins!! I hope In 12 weeks ill be an insperation to other women and Women w/ children!!! Here it goes!!!

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