How bad do I want it?

I want it bad, so bad.  My goal is to get that pro card come May 25.  I will bring my best package to the WBFF stage.  I want to compete as a pro athlete at the World Championships in Vegas this August!  I am focused and determined.  I feel that this time I am ready to win that pro card, I can almost taste it!!  I've been working on my posing, adhering to my diet and training plan, so i'm anxious to see 11 weeks from now, how I will look!  By winning this pro card, this will do so much for me.  It won't be just the status of being a "pro" athlete, I would be a part of the best of the best.  Everything that the WBFF stands for is perfect for what I see to.  It will help my business as a trainer with my husband, encouraging other athletes to compete, inspire other women that when you want something to happen, it will!  So thanks anyone who reads these blogs and encourages me.  It really means a lot!!  

Not just another training day

Today was a challenge at the gym.  I'm getting more and more used to the conditioning aspect of my workouts.  It's tough!  I used to do the same ole, same ole boring cardio and lifting weights... Now there are more plyos involved and HIIT.  I'm adapting to the new training well and I like it!  Every week I can tell my endurance is building up and just when I think it gets easier, it gets tougher!  I set a goal with myself to push it harder and faster than I did last week.  I'm 12 weeks out from my competition in KC and i'm looking forward to how my body is going to dial in!  I have my plans set for post show and how i'm going to do it.  My sights are set high!  Lots of big things to happen this year.  It will be amazing and I'm so thankful of the people that I am surrounding myself around.  My girls of TEAM BSH (bling, sweat and heels).... they are my family too!  If you are ever curious of what TEAM BSH is about, go search in YouTube for it and you will see what we are about!!  



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New Year, New Change

We are halfway through January now and I feel so much better mentally and physically.  I had my a-ha moment right before the new year was here.  I was sitting there thinking of my training and nutrition over the last several months.  I was trying to train myself down to be "thinner" looking... I was eating about 70% clean every day.  Having the occasional cookie here and there without over doing it.  Doing an hour or more of cardio a day...I think I made myself "think" too much and was stressing over why wasn't I making any changes?  Well for one thing, I think I stressed myself out too much.  My husband told "don't fight your genetics"... those few words pondered over a few days.  Then that is when it hit me.  My body WAS NOT going to look like a bikini competitor.  My body was not responding to these lightweight workouts and cardio.  My body WILL respond to heavy training.  So since then I have changed my method of thinking.  Accepting the way my body is and how I should train it.  I have been sticking to a healthy eating regimen and I don't feel the need to "snack".  I'm in the right mindset to take me into my next competition.  I feel like my eyes have been opened to what really is and what it needs to be.  I wished that I had realized that sooner but I'm just glad I did realize it.  Now I see how and why several girls go up and down in weight and constantly stress because I went through that myself.  It really is a lifestyle change.  It has to click in your mind and you have to accept what is.  We can all desire or wish to look like a certain fitness model in a magazine but we must accept that we are our own person and we may not look like these fitness models.  So why not create the person we are supposed to be?   People will look up to us for who we really are.

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So i've been doing research on the Paleo diet.  My good friend Jordan was telling me about it and how she was interested in trying it.  I've heard about it, knew bits and pieces but not much.  Before I was contest prep, I pretty much was on the Paleo diet.  Just looking over the food I was eating.  My body was actually getting leaner.  Then our trainer at the time told me I needed to include alot more carbs into my diet... so I quickly gained 5 lbs!  ahh!!  But he said I needed it becaues of "bulking"..... So after my prep is over, i'm going to start Paleo!!  I'm really excited to try it and like I said before, it was pretty much what I was doing before, but just the boring version of it!  Found some really yummy recipes on!  Check it out!  So I'm 45 days out from my competition.  Seems like days are going slow but fast...

We started journaling our progress at 8 weeks out.... I write down all of my feelings good or bad... It will be a very good reference to look back at later down the road, re-living the journey of this!  My training is up to 5 days/week.... Day 1-Legs, Day 2-back, chest, delts, Day 3 Arms, Day 4 rest, Day 5-Legs, Day 6- back, chest, delts, Day 7-rest.  Diet is pretty much a carb cycle still, 50,50,25... cream of rice or white rice.  ~

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I feel like it's been forever since i've posted a bodyblog.  I've been focusing on training and prepping for the competition.  I am so anxious to reach these goals I can hardly wait!  My challenge will be maintaining the physique.  My body likes to be high bodyfat.  It's a struggle but i'm willing and able to push through all of this.  I'm keeping myself motivated by a circle of friends who are involved in this sport.  Going to start researching recipes and keep a "healthy cookbook".  I also thought about getting into crossfit once competition season is over, which will be august.  I want to keep myself challenged and try new things.  ~

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Carb Cycling

Made some changes to my diet last week... carbs dropped.... was at 75/50/25, now it is 50/50/25.... My cardio has also increased from 5 days @45 mins to 6 mailto:days@60 mins!  whoo!  Training is definitely getting more intense and I am feeling it!!  This experience has been so amazing though!  I love to network with athletes on Facebook and i'm trying to learn how to network on bodyspace! 

I am continuing to keep myself grounded.  I am not letting this sport consume me, like I have seen it consume others.  This is a fun and lively experience, it's a hobby.  It's not my full time job.  Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, but it will not run me.  I keep my chin up and continue on my journey with my family and my friends who are supportive.  Thanks all!  xoxo!

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Day 78

Well we are 78 days out from the competition.  I couldn't be more excited!  Lots of changes have taken place in just the last few weeks!  We decided to change our trainer, and we are on the right track!  I've lost a total of 2.5 lbs in the last 2 weeks.  Getting leaner, stronger, motivated and focused!  I have big goals this year and I will work my butt off to try and achieve them!  I know that I will be walking away with the biggest prize ever.  My self esteem!!!  It's on the uphill road baby! 

So I decided to change my image last week!  I cut off over 12 inches of my hair.  I donated it to the Locks of Love foundation.  I have no regrets.  I am in love with my new hair and my new look!  I just love that I had the guts to do this during contest prep.  I am always risk taker, never scared of change.

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Day 86

It is the end of day 86... I haven't posted anything lately... been really crazy and busy.  Just within the last week our trainer bailed on us, I was really upset because I didn't feel I was on track.... competition coming up!!!  but we are now we are with someone else and couldn't be happier!!!...  I've decided to take on another challenge... the hyper-shred 12 week transformation.  I am super stoked.  I will enter a million contests if I need to.  That is how dedicated I am to the sport!  Love it!

Training is going well.... diet is going well... carb cycling now :)  we start doing bodyparts twice/week starting sunday!  whoa!  lol!  It's all good though :)  I am so ready! 

Another big change took place this week.  I cut off my hair!  It was pretty long, over halfway down my back.  it is now short :)  You can see in the pics I just posted today for the hypershred!  Definitely love it!  Love even more that I am donating to the Locks of Love. 

well goodnight... cardio comes early!

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Day 93

We're now about 13 weeks out from competition.  I'm feeling pretty good.  Just kicking some cardio sessions and training hard.   Everyday I am writing on my hand how many days until showtime.  anything that I see that may be negative I am pushing to the side right now.  I don't have time to deal with anyone's drama.  I am focusing on myself because I want to be the best that I can be.  One more week and I will be posting a progress pic!  I hope that there will be some change :)

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Day 100

I'm now 100 days out from my competition.  Prep is going well, training is intense, but I have never been more motivated.  I'm glad that I took a almost 4 year break between shows.  When I competed before, I was so new to working out and the fitness industry.  I had no idea what was going on!  Since the last competition in 2008, i've assisted my now husband in promoting bodybuilding/fitness shows.  I learned a lot about the industry, behind the scenes kind of things.  Learning a lot about each competitor, reactions, emotions, and experience.  I have listened to competitors talk about what is important to them, their hopes and dreams.  I truly cherish those times.  It has molded me into knowing 100% of what I want to do.  I will continue to promote these events with my husband and compete myself.  I've promised myself that I will not allow this business to "consume" my life and my thought process.  I have seen it tear lives apart.  Marriages destroyed.... That's why I say I am thankful because I know what to expect and I have learned how to handle situations.  I am so lucky that I have a husband who is passionate about this industry just as much as I am!  It has made our relationship stronger.  Good luck to all other athletes and keep training hard!   

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A Change

I already find it interesting that when you make a decision to change your life for the good... how many people are quick to point fingers... 

I started my "plan" for the next several weeks.  I've already been told i'm "starving" myself, i'm gonna shrivel up and pass out.... I just wish these people pointing fingers and saying these things realize that I probably consume more food than they do.  I'm just eating healthy and strict.  I am not grabbing a snack here and there to "fill" in what's missing....

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Day 106

106 days out from my fitness competition.  I'm at the stage where my body is going through a period of adjustment.  In my opinion, the first few weeks of competition prep is the hardest period for me.  Once my body adjusts to the changes, I will feel a lot better.  I wouldn't change this for anything.  Anyways, I am super stoked about my upcoming show!  I am competing in figure and fitness model.  I have my themewear almost complete, just a few more things to do!  I have my bikini for fitness model round, waiting on figure suit now.  Should be mid February when I get it..... it is absolutely gorgeous and can't wait for it!  

My training is tough.  My husband and I train together with the contest guru Howie.  I give my all in each rep and keep pushing through.  I stay covered up in the gym.  Like to feel myself sweat through that intense workout.  Plus i'm not one to show anything off anyways.  I usually don't wear a tank top.  I feel more comfortable in long sleeve shirts and pants:)   

As a woman, I inherited the cellulite gene.  I absolutely hate it.  I've had it my whole life.  I wasn't the kind of girl to go hang out at the lake and wear a bikini.... nor would you ever see me in a pair of shorts shorter than where my fingertips fall.  I look in the mirror and hate it.  I know how I want to look and it gets frustrating to see that staring back at me.  I know that each day I get closer to my goals.  I can't wait to see what my pics will look like in 3 weeks from now.... 8 weeks from now and so on!  Seeing the proof of change in the pictures motivates me more than anything!  I just keep telling myself, what you see now isn't what you are going to see in 12 weeks..... I have a goal and will keep pushing forward. 

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Day 107

Started by 12 week transformation challenge here on  I'm very excited for this opportunity!  I'm also 107 days out from my first show after having my 3rd baby.  I've competed twice before, but the last couple years i've struggled getting my body back.  I'm feeling very inspired though.  Networking with other female athletes, constantly keeping myself motivated.  I have a high passion for the fitness industry and everyday I look at those who inspire me, their blogging, podcasts, anything I can do to keep myself focused.  I have goals set for myself and can't wait until I show myself I can do this!

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new at this

I am new at this... i'm going to figure out what and how to do this :)

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