What supplements for me???

Hi ALL!!         By now, I would think that most people around me know that I a extremely serious about bodybuilding.  I make no bones about telling someone that they have offended me when I am talking about competing and they say, "Oh, are you going to do FIGURE?"  FIGURE????  OMG, NO, an immediate, resounding NO.  I want to look like a bodybuilder, not just some older woman that is "in shape".         So, to my question, what supplements would you or do you reccommend in order to reach my goal? Thnx!! Linda   ~

Ok, here we go....

Ok, here it is Sunday, December 9, 2007....it is time to hit it hard.  Got the birthday over a week ago today and contest time is on the brain.  Starting out to see where I am status wise in about 12 weeks.  Planning on morning boot-camp style floor/mat work, go to my job, hit the gym for some cardio at lunch, then come back to the gym after work for some weights, then more boot-camp style floor work before bed.  Diet to be watched very carefully...low fats, good carbs, and make those healthy protein shakes my 'bestest friend'.  'Aight then, let's see what happens.  WISH ME LUCK!

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Help me look like HER!!!

I found this pic on the internet last year when I thought seriously about competing.  I am a small woman but look at the gal (Rachel Cannon) in the pic>........OMG!   THAT is what I want.  Help me folks out there........!

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