FAQ's on what worked for me, how I did it!

First off, I get alot of requests on how I lost 30lbs as quickly as I did. I often wonder if I take the time to respond will they read it and think "oh, I cannot give up that food" or "Will they give up after a week".  Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or transform your body... YOU HAVE TO SHOW YOU WANT IT!   Diets are not for me.  I know the I used the word diet in regards to the HCG, but it is the brand name.  Often we blame "diets" for failure, when we are the only reason it is not working.  Before you read any further you have to make a vow to yourself you are in this!  I challenge you to try even 6 weeks of encorporating these changes.  Results keep you addicted!

 1.  What 12 week program did you follow?

 - During my 12 week transformation contest on BB.com I did not follow a specific plan.  I have the personality I need to see results quickly to stay motivated.  I had a family member try the HCG diet, so I got on board.  For the First 2 week of my challenge I used the HCG diet from http://www.hcgdietdirect.com/ to get that QUICK healthy hump start.  I believe I lost 15lbs in the 2 weeks.  I heard alot of people say the diet doesn't work, well, it does.  When on the hcg diet you are not suppose to work out due to the VLCD (very low calorie diet).  This is why I only wanted to be on the plan for a few weeks.  After I stopped using the HCG drops, I upped my calories and kept the meal plan mindset.

- As of April, I have started Kris Gethin's 12 week Daily Trainer.  It is free and amazing!


 2. I do 45-60 minutes of cardio and I am not seeing any weight loss, why?

 - I was guilty of this for a long time!  I would cruise on cardio while watching soaps at the gym and see that I burned 600 calories! Wow, I was hoping the scale would be rewarding.  What you need to do it 15-20 mins of hard cardio or intervals.  You can jog for 15-20 mins or walk for 2, sprint for 1.  I love the interval training.  I walk for 2 mins and kill it sprinting for 1, take another 2 min break walking, then punch it out again.  Before you know it you have just burned through 20 minutes of amazing, beneficial cardio.  When you execute, boring, slow cardio you are not burning fat, you are attacking the muscle!  This leads me to another mistake.  You need muscle to burn the fat by doing cardio.  How do we get this muscle?  WEIGHTS!   

3. I DO lift weights, but I seldom see any results.  What am I doing wrong?

- Were you like me, did you walk over to the free weights section and get intimidated by the men grunting and think the hotties benching 300lbs is going to judge you for being chunky with your 5 lb weights?  First off, trust me when I say the men could care less what you are lifting or pressing.  I am convinced they are more worried about showing off for you.  It is quite funny the mental games that interfere with our workouts.  You should be working out at least 4 days a week, with a goal of allowing for 6 days.  You cannot head to the gym telling yourself today is upper body, tomorrow is lower body.  I used to do this, it doesn't work!  You have to map out days/plans targeting specific parts of your upper and lower body.  Here is an example: 

Mon - Chest and Triceps

Tue - Back and Biceps

Wed - Abs, abs, abs

Thur - Shoulders and Calves

Fri -  Legs (quads and hammies)

Sat - rest

Sun – rest

 You should notice we have divided your routine into target areas.  It is important to give those muscle groups a break, as we will revisit them in roughly every 5 days.

 4. Are carbs bad for you?  (And other food misconceptions)

 - Ok ladies we have to get over this GIANT fear of the evil puffy carbs.  There are good and bad carbs, yes.  You need to educate yourself on what constitutes good and bad carbs.  French fries in grease, not a good carb.  Whole wheat pastas, brown rice, whole grains breads, and sweet potatoes are examples of friends carbs.  WE NEED CARBS TO FUEL US.  Without it we crash and crave!  This is also true for fats.  STOP eating "fat free"!  Fat free is loaded with HFCS!  Instead, opt for "light" or "low-fat".  Often times there "diet" foods are worse than the regular or light version. 

  - SUGAR - Stevia and Truvia are your new BFF's!  The second I cut added sugar out of my diet I was shedding off the lbs at an unbelievable rate.  Splenda, and other artificial sweeteners are not good for you.  Stevia/Truvia is a natural sugar, without the fattening and unhealthy side effets of "granulated" type sugars.

  - GET CREATIVE - When you do your research and you see what foods you should exclude and what you can have, be creative!  I came up with recipes left and right to satisy my mental cheats!  I try to upload those as I make them.

 5.  Do supplements even work?  What kind do you take?

 - Yes, the right, non gimmic ones do!  You only need to take supplements that support your goal.  My goal was to burn off the fat and build more muslce.   I will describe what each supplement does at the end.

 Here is a list of what I use and when:

7:30am - 1 scoop of whey protein when I get my kiddo on the bus

9:00am - egg whites with turkey bacon and spinach    or  I may grab a light yogurt if I am in a rush. - CLA 1 capsule

11:30am - 5oz steak, brocc, 1/2 sweet pot. - CLA 1 capsule

12:30pm - Amino Energy Orange Cooler with 20 oz of water

 I head to the gym and do my assigned weight for the day, after my weight and before moving on to my cardio, I take 1 scoop of whey protein.

2:30pm - Oatmeal with Stevia or agauve maple syrup - CLA 1 capsule

5:30pm - White chicken chili (Chicken, beans, cheese, chicken broth) with wheat crackers or bread to dip - CLA 1 capsule

8:00pm - yogurt or string cheese, or scoop of peanut butter, or light popcorn, or an apple  (small snack to make sure I burn while I sleep).

This is just an example of a day in the life of me.  You can adjust to fit your lifestyle.  You need a protein, carb, and veg in every main meal.  I eat 5-6 times a day to keep my metabolism running like a well oiled engine! 


Whey Protein : You should ingest 1-1.5 grams of protein for evey lb you weigh.  It make sound like alot, but building muscle is key to burning the fat. After you complete your weight training you have around 10 minutes to injest protein aka the time your body has to absorb the protein into the mucles you just "excited".  Ladies, you will not become a giant viking just because you injest protein shakes!

 CLA - http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/cla.html

 Amino Energy - Aminos = building blocks of protein.  http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/opt/essential-amino-energy.html

 Oxyelite -  http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/usp/oxyelite-pro.html

 Glutamine -  http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/glutamine.html

Green Tea   - I drink 1 cup nightly


12 Week Transformation Contest end, Essay of honesty!

Wow! I flippin’ did it! I made a dare with myself and said I should enter this 12 week transformation contest to use myself as a guinea pig. If you have read my bio you know in a 2 year span I survived ovarian cancer, a stroke, and 4 surgeries. I told myself after I separated from the Air Force after 9 years on active duty; I am taking back control of my life and removing any and all excuses! Updating my BodySpace stats every few days kept me on track and motivated. When I got the first email notification someone chose me as someone who inspires them, I knew I was no longer doing this for myself, but the people I invited on this ride along with me. It is such a cliché to say this contest has changed my life, yet, it really has. I set a goal to lose 30lbs, and I’ve lost 29 so far. Losing the weight equivalent of a toddler, I am a completely different person. I set out to become a personal trainer, and in 12 weeks, I did. I got my certification through the ISSA and I am offering nutrition and fitness advice completely free. If I can inspire just 1 mother or father to get their body in shape and become a happier person, I haven’t just helped “someone”, I’ve helped their family.

 For me, I am a completely happier person. I have more energy and a positive attitude to not only be a better mother, but a better person to myself, my spouse, my child and society! I have completed goal #1, and now goal # 2 is to compete in my 1st figure competition in July 2011. A year ago, I would have NEVER believed it if someone told me I’d be in this spot right now with my tubby pictures on this website. If you have read my previous blogs you know I am witty and love a good jab and laugh. Today though, I hold back the tears of happiness and pat myself on my much smaller back. I would have never had the confidence to believe in myself, as I have the past 12 weeks. I thank everyone who has added me as a friend and kept my spirits high, motivation on point, and made me feel like what I was doing not only mattered to me, but to them! I, of course hope to place top 10 in this contest, but either way, I’ve won a lifestyle change! Thank you Bodybuilding.com and Team Adrenaline, Kristen Meghan aka “Ksterny”


**What I learned and how I did it.  I cut ALL sugar out of my diet and the 1st 30 days, all starches also!  I stopped doing cardio for an hour and learned to do HARD cardio for 15-20 mins.  For the first time in my life, I tackled weights, and worked out with the guys!  I set mini goals of 5lbs at a time.  Once I acheived them I would reward myself with something non edible.  The last 30 days of the contest I started taking CLA, Amino Energy, and I drank green tea every night!  I did notice a big difference when I implemented these supplements.

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Who died and made him GYM GOD?

Ok, I strategically plan my gym time around my meal schedules and to avoid the lunch crowd.  I work it so I watch "Day of Our Lives" while I do my 20 mins of cardio (Hey, I need to know if Sami is gonna get pregnant from RObo Rafe, sheesh)!

Lately, I've been stuck in the free weights section with chocolate Travis Barker with his big bird legs and lack of gym manors!  Yesterday this mofo "saved" 4 different areas and when I went to do squats he cut me off and said, "Hey! I have one more set".  Really mofo!  You haven't been at this machine for over 10 minutes.  I understand people work diff areas while in between sets, but you are over there sitting on a bench taking pics of yourself to post on your FB for your 3 friends to see! 

This fool wears UV welding grade lens in his shades in the perfectly lit gym. Black shades, shaved head, and chin pubes... this Blade Trinity lookn' summaB hogged 3 benches today.  I'm forced to stand up while working my breasticles.  He actually looks at me and says, "Uh, I need all these".  He has diff sets of weights at the foot of each bench.  Really home boy!?  You are so damn into yourself you probably make your woman sit in the back seat so she doesn't cock block your red light hook ups!  I bet he'd steal a wheel chair from a blind WWII vet if ever a heavy wind snapped his pixit stick legs!

If I had taken jacked 3d, I may have just benched pressed this guy!


Shake my Head!

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Finger diarrhea and Weigheritis!

Good morning!  Wow am I sore this morning from 2 days ago.  As I tried to roll over in the middle of the night I kept thinking if there were a fire I'd be screwed!  I couldn't jolt out of bed even if I was tasered!

So, I managed to make it out to access my "puter" to share a crappy experience I had yesterday:

I decided to pop my forum cherry and check out some topics, seek advice, and help others.  Apparently "Operation MILF" is a unacceptable phrase to some people.  I went to asking for toning tips I ended up getting a crap load of negative forum "rep" points from trolls!  I had alot of positive feedback, but 2 individuals seemed to have it out for me.  I was told I was basicly a bad mother for wanting to get fit for "revenge"!  Haha, WTH?  Operation MILF is a humerous expression for moms getting from out under the crutch called "I had a baby".  I mean when you child is 12 you can't use that excuse anymore!  Take control and be a hot mama!

These little punks trolling the forums don't even have real profiles or pics!  They have  serious case of finger diarrhea typing such negativity and hate into forums where people are trying to be positive!  I am the type of person who isn't phased by immaturity or childish ways, I just ignore you and hope you get a flat tire of herpes.

I know it shouldn't bother me, but it really bothered me 2 little 19yr old punks probably with mowhawk pubes and drive their moms' van, were attacking my "reputation" in the forums. 

Ok, I am done venting about that... I feel a little guilty sounding as though I am whining.


Sooooooooooo, moving on...  I have been stuck at 159/160 now for over a week.  It messes with my mind, but I measure myself and notice I am losing inches so that is good.  I have become an obsessed scale whore!  It is sad when you need someone to hide your scale.  I will wake up 5 times in the night to weigh myself just to see if I can get to 158 for pete's sake!

I have decided I am only going to weigh myself 3 more times in the 12 days I have left in the transformation contest.  Is there a support group for this haha!

I have diagnosed myself with "weigheritis".  I am afraid I will just weigh myself at the gym!  No, don't do it!  I think if I don't weigh myself until Friday morning I may even subliminaly push myself even harder because I will be excited.  I will definately let you all know.

Either I will be 157-158 or I will get tetanus from mating with my scale!

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Operation MILF!

Well goooooood evening fellow bodyspacians!  I really should kick myself in the "ars" for not have started a blog on here earlier.  I am a FB addict,30 mins sober... so I update all my thoughts on there, when I should have been doing it on here!

I have exactly 13 days left in my 12 week transformation!  I am so proud of myself for staying with it.  I have to vent I was frustrated to find out I didn't set my measurement goals as I thought I did at the start, FML.  I guess part of the judging for the contest is to see how well you came to your goals.  My goal was to lose 30lbs, and well.... I have lost 25!

I started this transformation contest to be my own guinea pig.  As you can read on my profile I have been through more crap in the past 2 years that Charlie Sheen in a porta potty!  I started a free fitness company with 2 male friends of mine, Team Adrenaline.  They are two NPC Bodybuilder and then there was me.  Tubby Mc Marshbooty!  I got this random goal to become a personal trainer, so I decided to stop getting confused by everyones advice and fad diets and just try what I think would work for me.  I had my own personal trainer once and I remember thinking, this bitch was born thin, how can she relate (As I mentally pictured her drinking gravy, snorting little debbie cakes and still losing weight)!  SMH!  I thought nothing could be better than helping other people and being able to be my own success story.

Well, I am happy to tell you that I have completed my Personal Trainer's course, passed the test with  a 95% and am waiting for my certificate in the mail!  Wait, what!????? Me???? Yes, I never thought I would be a personal trainer! 

I have never wanted something so bad, as I do in this contest.  Yes, winning $ would be great!  However, the pure recognition for such an accomplishment is priceless! Every time someone adds be as as inspiration, I have 7 right now, I get emotional.  I rarely give myself any credit, because due to being "thicka than a snicka" after being sick, my confidence level about as high as D.A.R.E teacher *sigh*.

It is amazing how complete strangers who I have motivated, have actually motivated me!  I plan to update this Blog everyday to give a status on the last 2 weeks of my contest/transformation. 

Thanks for reading,

Kristen Meghan

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