Week 1 of #100kTrans is in the books.

Well, week one is done. I am down 2 lbs, which is probably about right. I'm eating at a caloric deficit each day, so that's good. I did have a "re-feed" if that's what you want to call it, yesterday as I went to a church gathering that had pizza. I've read alot of re-feed's, and while I know it was only one week of caloric deficits, it would take more than that to really mess with my leptin levels. A re-feed every 14-21 days is probably where I should be. This happened to be a convenient one, and I'll probably take another on Superbowl Sunday, which is 14 days from now. I can stay clean, I think I can, I think , I think I can. :) Nutritional Tracking for the 100k Challenge Day Date Protein Carbs Fats Split Sodium Fiber Calories Monday 1/13/2014 220 142 112 36/23/41 3653 29 2453 Tuesday 1/14/2014 249 109 118 40/17/43 2636 26 2466 Wed-day 1/15/2014 233 99 112 40/17/43 3077 24 2262 Thursday 1/16/2014 230 96 99 42/18/40 3296 24 2134 Friday 1/17/2014 236 105 95 43/19/38 3463 18 2168 Saturday 1/18/2014 241 112 114 40/18/42 2031 9 2447 Sunday 1/19/2014 200 266 135 26/35/39 5169 13 3002 What do you guys think? Progress photos later today.

Thus begins the long journey back.

Well, I just uploaded my photos for the 100k Transformation Contest. That was as embarrassing and humbling as anything... ever... possibly. It's time. It's time to get back, actually, no, it's time to surpass where I've ever been. I'm tired of falling into the trap of just "maintaining". If you aren't improving, then you are getting worse. Those photos prove that. It's at moments like these where the rubber meets the road. Can you back up what you've been saying to others? Can you stick to the plans you've made, even the ones for others? I want to smash all previous bests and become the very best version of me, and it starts here.

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IAJ annoucement

I had to put down some thoughts and feelings to get them out of me and dealt with. I honestly don’t expect most people to read all the way through this or even care. Most will probably just want to comment, “Quit moping and move on already”. Well, this is my way of doing just that. Well, the announcement for the I Am Juggernaut Challenge was Monday, and I was not selected in the top 10 finishers for the Olympia portion of the challenge. I think needless to say, if you know me at all, this was a big blow. I used the words shell-shocked, disappointed, bummed, and most appropriately punched-in-the-gut. I definitely still feel like the last kid standing waiting to get picked on the playground, except that it’s not that I got picked last. I didn’t get picked at all. I honestly gave those 12 weeks and 8 weeks beyond that all I had for Infinite Labs. I was literally on the bb.com forum for hours each day, working on my own Log, commenting on others' logs, helping where I thought I could, encouraging, trying to motivate, maybe even inspiring others to accomplish things they weren't before. And, you know what, that happened. There's no denying that. I shared my journey, and people responded to that. Similar to the ON Transformation Challenge, I found through this experience the support system that I had longed for. Well, sort of. Truthfully, I thought that Infinite Labs and the other Challengers were my support system, but Monday, something clicked. I realized that I have begun to cultivate that support system in my daily physical interactions in a way that I not been doing before. Being in the Challenge allowed me a vehicle to speak about some of my passions to the people around me. Not a sales pitch, but an honest expression of where I’m at in my physical fitness. I’m saddened that this fact must not have come across to the Judges through my log, but I also couldn’t be more excited that it happened. I now have a workout partner who feels the pain alongside me, and my wife who normally doesn’t give a rat’s behind about anything related to bodybuilding had some choice words/thoughts on the whole process, and that meant a lot to me. These people along with the response of my accountability partner, my brother-in-law, and other friends has reminded me of more important relationships. I stated in my closing remarks that I had learned some things about myself, that I really enjoy the God given ability that I have to encourage others. To draw them into what I am doing (in a positive way), and have a lasting effect on changing lives. This didn't change on Monday, but it was definitely a wakeup call that maybe I am not using my talents in the right arena. There have been numerous comments to me about jumping into the Arnold portion of the Challenge, keep doing what you're doing, show the judges that never say die attitude and resolve, when you get knocked down, get back up. The only thing about that... I already gave Infinite Labs everything. Undying devotion to a brand I only got to know in those 12 weeks. I bought in, I drank the Kool-Aid. My shelf is stocked with yellow and blue containers. I gave honest and helpful feedback, ratings on bb.com, I shared my journey, shared the knowledge that I have gained through my own research and experience, provided countless shameless plugs for IL products and even provided a list of supplement stores in my area that could be contacted for inclusion of IL products. Facebook... oh my goodness, Facebook. I fully participated in the advancement of Infinite Labs through their multiple pages and groups. I do believe they have great products. I do love the marriage of ingredients in some of their products, which I believe gives their product line more value... and you know what I told everyone so. That didn’t change either. It’s not like I woke up today and think the products are terrible or don’t work for their intended purpose. Quite the opposite really because I’ll still probably use what I think I need and can afford. I’ll keep working out (duh), and I’ll even keep blogging – because I like it. It’s just that I won’t be doing it for them anymore. I don’t think that really matters at this point, they have at least 10 others they felt “represent” what a Juggernaut is going forward, and my case was not strong enough. I absolutely could not be happier for Adam Gordon (aka Rumblebird). He truly deserved the top spot, of that I totally sure. I am proud to call him friend, in fact I am proud to call of the winner’s friends of mine. We truly created a community, a Nation. We literally created a perfect environment to restore Community Marketing (spending advice based on your own experience with the product or service) for Infinite Labs. It’s actually, whether intended or not (I think it was very much intended), pretty ingenious. I think Infinite Labs lost out on a great asset, though. That’s just my opinion, of course. They thought differently. I’ve already been to the Arnold, and I’m already going to Columbus in early March for the Arnold Expo again next year. I have family there, and there are friends that I am already planning on going with. I am planning on doing the Pump and Run event. Entering the Arnold portion of the IAJ doesn’t really excite me like going to Vegas would have. I’ve never been to Vegas. (Crazy I know) Also, if the way I participated in the community for the past 140 days wasn’t what they were looking for or at least wasn’t as good as 10 others, doing that for another 84 days right now against another set of challengers doesn’t interest me. Maybe that makes me look insincere in my original efforts, but I genuinely invested a ton of my time (more than most) into everyone’s journey only to come out on the other side, still standing there on the playground. Maybe that makes it seem as though I’m a quitter, but I assure you that is not the case. I simply went about the business of documenting my journey in the best way I knew how, and that was obviously not what Infinite Labs desires, so why try to fit a square peg into a circular hole. I plan to keep in touch with those Juggers that want to keep in touch with me, and I will continue to encourage and support them because that is the part of the community that I enjoy, but I value my time and talents, and I spent waaaay to much time devoted to something that I believed would turn into an opportunity for me to be an appreciated part of a team and it didn’t. I’m not willing at this time to put myself out there like that again. I just don’t see the value in it for me. I know the feeling of being a dirty dishrag that has been used and used and used and then tossed aside will eventually go away, but I need to restore balance for my own sake. I know that I will find another arena where I am the correct puzzle piece that fits and makes all the other pieces make sense and fall into place. I thought I found that with I AM JUGGERNAUT, but it wasn’t meant to be.

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Week 12 Wrap Up Juggernaut Challenge

Just realized that I never posted this to wrap up my bodyblog The Challenge portion of the IAJ 2012 is over for me, but not the journey. As I said in my opening, I planned to become the best ME that I could in 12 weeks. I said that I was mentally ready to take it to the next level, and take it to the next level I did. Yesterday was obviously a bittersweet day. It was a proverbial “end” to something that I’ve made a vital part of daily life. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting people’s logs and checking in on them, contributing where I thought appropriate. That’s what I am finding that I learned the most about myself these last 12 weeks. I REALLY enjoy sharing this lifestyle, and helping to motivate and maybe even inspire others to achieve. Last night, we had a celebratory party with 3 buddies of mine that I convinced to come on this journey too. Seeing the changes in their lives has impacted me more than I thought it would. Something that started so innocently with a New Year’s resolution a year and half ago for myself has turned into a focused activity that I believe actually has made me a BETTER version of myself, and those with whom I have regular contact. One of the things that I specifically learned with the IAJ Forum Log concept is that I love the idea of a Blog as a place where ideas can be shared and discussed. A forum filled with information, humor, reality, experimentation, and all shared by similarly interested persons. I found out that this IS RIGHT IN MY WHEELHOUSE. I actually love the organization of it. A singular place that I can not only share what’s going on for me, but I can actually dive in and be a part of other people’s journey’s too. In the same way that I had physical accountability partners that would check in on me daily/weekly, I had many others of you online doing the same thing, and this kind of accountability is paramount to any success that I may enjoy. I will NEVER forget that! I work out alone at ~5am. I don’t have a lifting partner pushing me each and every day. I don’t have a trainer kicking my butt up one side and down the other. What I do have are you guys, Juggernaut Nation, not only rooting me on, but constantly on my mind. Whether it was asking me questions or answering my questions. Asking me about why I did this or suggesting I do that. It was this kind of support that I didn’t have outside of this online structure. Through the Log/blog framework though, and especially with the addition of the Facebook component, I have many more people aware of what and why I do what I do. Being “360 fit” was actually an idea spawned from one of my very first bb.com friends (jennergizer). She was really into doing whatever, whenever, and I was drawn to that. I have always been into a lot of things, sometimes simultaneously, like I was earlier in this Challenge, playing sand volleyball, indoor volleyball, tennis, running, and weight lifting all in the same week!!! I loved the idea of the Challenges that members like WildBill and Rumblebird were doing. Not even necessarily in a competitive way, but more in an “exclusive club” kind of way. I love belonging to and supporting something bigger than myself, it’s why most people say that I have a lot of “team spirit”. I think that bodes well if I am chosen to become a member of TEAM JUGGERNAUT. I am as loyal and spirited as they come! That, and I have always been a versatile athlete, so when John Butz suggested that my activities reminded him of the Bo Knows commercials it resonated with me. This 360 Fit idea and the awesomeness of Juggernaut Nation with the support of the Infinite Labs team, the tag of 360JUGGERNAUT explains me completely. I may not be the biggest, strongest, fastest Juggernaut, but with the help of the Juggernaut PWO and my stack of supplements, I am LITERALLY ready ANY day, ANY time, ANY workout challenge, and I personally, think that is pretty cool. It's appropriate that I started going to ANYtime Fitness this year. I want to send out a huge thanks to Dave and Patti Bueker for provided such a top notch facility for me to workout in, and also all the support they have shown. I know they check my Log daily because I get text messages. (even today!!!) One other thing that I took away from this Challenge is that my Circle of Influence is growing, and that makes me excited too. It used to be that I did all this for very selfish reasons. Albeit, justifiably so. My Dad died of a heart attack at the age of 34, so me being in the best shape of my life when I turn 34 in July of this year was going to take some selfishness to focus on what I needed to do to change my life. I have stated here on this Log before, but I have long been “active”, it’s just that I was out eating any chance I would ever have of staying fit. As well, it wasn’t necessarily on straight junk food. I simply justified my over-snacking by the fact that I ran so much. Never mind that I could see my waist line expanding, and my athletic performance rapidly declining. Everyone was saying, I don’t know why you think you need to work out, you’re in good shape and you eat pretty well. The truth was, with my family history, I was slowly killing myself, a couple pounds a year at a time, and instead of ignoring the signs, I decided to do something about it. The funny thing about “doing something about it” is that eventually people start to take notice. If you are a truly a Juggernaut, than you are an unstoppable force, one to be reckoned with, and that’s what I am finding. After having dinner with my buddies and their families yesterday, then reading their 84 day ending BodyBlogs, I realized, I may have had a more profound effect on their lives than I thought. I certainly didn’t do the work for them, they definitely did that, but I was a support pillar in the advancement of their health and the achievement of goals they only thought may be possible. In the same way that Juggernaut Nation, my bb.com family, and Infinite Labs has supported me, so also I have supported these guys, and so, my Circle of Influence gets a little bit bigger, and more people take notice. ]I AM UNSTOPPABLE. I WILL BE JUGGERNAUT.

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Weeks 7, 8, 9 Juggernaut Challenge

I can't believe that it's been 9 weeks already! Or only 9 weeks, sometimes too... Anyway, I feel like I am working so hard but still only progressing at a snails pace. I mean there is progress... I'm pretty sure... but I still have sooooo much work to do to get where I want to be. I'm hoping to really buckle down these last 3 weeks and make the judges just HAVE to pick me to in the top 5 and get to go to Vegas! You can see more at http://tiny.cc/IWILLBEJUGGERNAUT

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Weeks 4, 5, 6 Juggernaut Challenge

I have been VERY active on my Log at http://tiny.cc/IWILLBEJUGGERNAUT I guess you'll just have to go there to read more!!! I need your support!

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Week 3 Juggernaut Challenge

Week 3 of 12 for the Juggernaut Challenge. Whew, it's flying by but it also feels like it's been going for longer than that. I'll admit, its alot of work trying to keep up with 90+ other contestants Logs and be a contributing member of their journey while also keeping your own Log viable. It definitely goes beyond just "transforming" your physique! On that front, things are going well. I was down about a half lb this week, but more importantly down about a half percent in BF. That's no small feat! It's definitely gotten harder to go from 10 to 8 to lower than it was to go down from 15%!!! It's all in the small details at this point and I'm enjoying that. I went back to the 40/40/20 macro plan, keeping my carbs "higher" for mood and energy. Every time I try to go low carb, it just doesn't suit my very active lifestyle. I've upped cardio to include cardio twice a day and weights 5 of 6 workout days. I've been playing an insane amount of volleyball lately as the indoor season ends and the sane season starts. Also, softball starts next Friday! I am super pumped about that. I'd like to hit about 12 HR's this year (that's at least one per game!!!!). I've never been much of a power hitter, but I've definitely seen my strength increase late last season and in my BP sessions these past few Saturday's, so I have HIGH hopes!!! Gonna keep plugging away with Kris Gethin's HC Vid Trainer. It's intense, and the workouts are beginning to really get grueling. Good thing I have the Juggernaut HP to keep me pumped, focused, and working hard til the end!! Please, please, please visit me on my log and leave a comment :) http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=143470153&page=12

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Week 2 of the Juggernaut Challenge

Week 2 of 12 for the Juggernaut Challenge is done today for me. What a first couple weeks it has been!!! First off, my Log was name Log of the Day on Thursday, which was... AWESOME. I don't know what that means, whether I won a IAMJUGGERNAUT shaker bottle or what, but I appreciate the acknowledgement of doing my best out on the forums! It's actually fun to do, document the PROCESS. I've gained quite a few "Accountability Partners" in the process, and I love the camaraderie of the group as a whole. It reminds me of my favorite group of people in the world, my ON Transformation Challenge Bodygroup! If you get a chance to visit me out there, I'd love to have you come by and leave a message of inspiration, motivation, encouragement to all the the Juggernauts!!! So, as I like to do each Saturday morning, whether Juggernaut or not, I took a single weight measurement and bodyfat measurement 10 mins after waking. I dropped another lb and a .1 BF. There isn't much to glean from this, though. I actually did up calories from last week - 2200 from 2000, but I cut ratios - especially of carbs to see what kind of "cutting" affect I could gain. Not much... lol. The truth is, all it did was make me a little cranky... on Thursday morning I was unhappy, and without the news of the LOTD, I've wasn't really feeling great. I am a VERY active guy, and I've tried this carb cutting before, and frankly, I just don't think it suits my lifestyle very well. I have upped my cardio to twice a day. I'm spending 70-80 minutes doing weights 5 days a week, playing volleyball in upwards of 3 times a week. I had such a great experience with the 40/40/20 split. Here's my plan for Week 3. I am going to go with the 40/40/20 split on all weight training days and the 50/25/25 split my cardio only Active Rest Day and see how that goes. I am also going to go with a few more calories at 2300. I would actually like to stay right around 175lbs, and work more on making that the most ripped I can. So much of the look I want means small waist, big chest/shoulders and ripped quads. So far, the Juggernaut HP has been a great pre-workout giving me some awesome vascularity and definitely increasing the time I can spend in the gym. I have been impressed with that. I really like the addition of the IL Glutamine MTX to my stack. Very little DOMS and overall good recovery aspect of the supp.

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Week 1 of the Juggernaut Challenge

Week 1 of 12 for the Juggernaut Challenge has come to a close. Today is my REST DAY - vital to success, imo. It's also somewhat of a "cheat" day for me. What that means is, I take a break from the logging of food, workouts, etc. That doesn't mean I don't think about it, though!!! I'm kind of a nerd to the process, so I like to look at the hard data. Check my LOG for some cool infographics. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=143470153 It does mean, though, that I don't worry about limiting calories. A re-feed, or strategic overfeed is a valuable tool when you are restricting calories as I have been. The hormone Leptin gets VERY low after 6 days of a caloric deficit, and your body can mistake that for "starvation". The good news is that ONE day of re-feeding (especially high carb) can reset the Leptin in your system and keep your body from actually holding onto fat that it thinks it needs for survival!!! I show a loss of 2 lbs this week, and at this stage, I don't discount that. I ate really clean overall. I could definitely stand to lower the Cholesterol - the eggs alone do me in... I could stand to cut some sodium, 2700 is a bit high, but my Macros were good for a ~40/40/20 split, and I am really proud of that! My activity was super high as I have added that second cardio into my day. I played volleyball on both Tuesday and Thursday this week, and that definitely shows up in the activity tracker! That probably won't change, as I have been asked to play Power 4's on Monday nights, then I have my regular league Tuesday which has an overlap of indoor league and sand league (so I am playing twice in one night for a couple weeks!!!), then I have a team that I sub for sometimes on Thursdays. That alone is lot of activity, but also embarking on the adventure of taking my daughters with for a few 20 min Fun Run's during the week, and I will shedding this fat for good. I want to be Juggernaut worthy, and if week 1 is any indication, THIS WILL HAPPEN because I am UNSTOPPABLE!

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Juggernaut in the Making 2012

I am embarking on a journey to becoming one of the next "Juggernauts" and get a trip to Mr. Olympia or the 2013 Arnold paid for! (not to compete, just to rep Infinite Labs) One requirement to maintain a Log on the bb.com forums, you can join my discussions, check in on my progress, my workouts, nutriton, supplements, anything and everything at: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=143470153 I would really appreciate you checking it out and leaving a comment, question, answer, encouragment, or constructive criticism. This New Normal isn't going to happen all on it's own!!!

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Day 84 - ON Transformation Challenge essay


The past 12 weeks have been a huge learning experience for me. My true transformation has been going on for more than the last 3 months, but I definitely feel like I grew in wisdom and self awareness. I started this Challenge at around 182 lbs, roughly 13% bodyfat, which is about 158 lbs of lean muscle. I wanted to really gain lean muscle throughout this competition, lowering body fat while maintaining or actually gaining overall body weight. While I actually did LOSE overall weight, I accomplished my goal by effectively gaining 4 lbs of lean muscle and shedding almost 5% of bodyfat!

The First Eight weeks

In the beginning, I thought I had a pretty good stack going. I was using ON Gold Standard Whey for pre and post workout protein. I took a Universal Animal Pak for a multi-vitamin. I was taking ON Fish Oil capsules a day along with ON Amino 2222s. I used Jack3d as a pre-workout booster, and then one hour before bed, I would mix an ON Gold Standard Casein shake. Right before bed I would take 3 capsules of ON ZMA for recovery and restful sleep. Throughout the competition I generally worked out 5-6 days per week at my local gym almost religiously at 5:00am. I have a family, so getting up early and getting back home to prep breakfast and lunches before anybody was even awake was a huge convenience.

My original plan was to do short cyclical bulking, that is, two weeks clean bulk – defined as +500 calories per day over my adjusted BMR with a 40/40/20 split, and then do 2 weeks of -500 calories per day of my adjusted BMR at a 50/30/20 split. In that effort, I stepped up my pre and post workout protein to include 2 scoops of the ON GS Whey, thus adding a few hundreds calories extra right there. Because I was essentially experimenting with the idea of “clean bulking”, the types of foods didn’t really change from where I had been in late 2011. I was allowing myself to snack on an extra piece of fruit in the afternoon, a little bigger helping of dinner, that type of thing. Meanwhile, for workout purposes I was following Layne Norton’s Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training principles which included one day of Upper Body Power focus, one day of Lower Body Power focus, a rest day, a hypertrophy specific Back and Shoulders day, a hypertrophy specific lower body day, and a hypertrophy specific Chest and Arms day, and then another rest day to end the week. I have generally stuck to the idea of a ‘Cheat Day’ on the 7th day, but what that really means to me is that I just don’t track anything. I don’t think about what, when, where. It is basically an unplanned day, or completely opposite to the other 6 days! This is not to say that I stuffed my face every 7th day, but it was a mental reprieve from the rigors of training/diet/nutrition. This is particularly suited for me because I am a relatively normal guy with a 40+ hour sedentary job as an Architect. My real goal is/was to show that you don’t have to alienate yourself from your family, friends, co-workers because of this “new normal” lifestyle.

Through the first two weeks, I found out I was just simply not eating enough to call it bulking. My body weight was actually dropping at a time when I was trying to gain. Normally, this would have been great, but not really what I was intending. I did take solace in the fact that my bodyfat percentage was dropping at a faster rate than body weight, so a resulting gain in lean muscle was actually happening. Nevertheless, I decided to purchase a 5lb container of ON’s Pro Complex Gainer to replace my morning protein nutrition. The new gainer shake did have more protein, it had a lot more carbs, and definitely more calories! For weeks 3-8, I used the gainer as my post workout shake, and instead of a pre-workout protein shake, I substituted an intra-workout mix called SizeOn Pre-Contest, which is also said to be a lean muscle builder.

Since my 2 week cycle was already broken, I decided to go ahead and clean bulk (roughly +500 calories per day) all the way through week 8. I was really putting in a lot of effort in the weight room, doing much more power movements and actual strength training than I have ever done before and I was definitely starting to see more mass in the mirror. I changed up the actual exercise movements, but stayed with the PHAT principles for weeks 4-8.

It was in week 5 that I stumbled upon the Forum for our 100K Transformation Bodygroup. I had been a regular visitor to the Bodygroup page, but clicked on one of the forum topics, and I was hooked. There were so many other competitors out there and it was refreshing to interact with them, ask questions, receive answers, add dialogue, and receive encouragement! It quickly became my go-to forum for daily motivation. During week 6 I cycled off the pre-workout Jack3d, and also got sick or possibly suffered a little from overtraining, maybe both? The PHAT was kicking my butt, and ultimately I ended up having to scale back that week, and treated week 7 almost like a de-load. Week 8, I was back to a more normal routine in the gym, and it was then that I started to experiment with an intermittent fasting protocol that I had been researching for some time.

Ultimately, that’s what I love about the sport of bodybuilding, that it is a science, and we are our own test subject. There is no set way of doing it, you can find data that backs up any of the different diet and training techniques, but you have to search and find what’s best for you to achieve your absolute best physique. For the past year and half, I have been a faithful reader of John Romaniello’s Roman Fitness Systems blog, and Roman had been talking a lot about some different Intermittent Fasting (IF) protocols that are out there. After posting on the Bodygroup forum about this very topic, I discovered the 16/8 Leangains.com protocol. Admittedly, the idea of fasted training and not having my protein shake within that magic 30 minute window after a workout was a bug hurdle for me. As was the very accepted idea that 6-8 meals a day is the preferred norm. I won’t include all the excellent information that Martin Berkham presents on his website, but what I found during week 8 was that by taking 10g of ON Amino 2222s before and another 10g after, I did not have any let up in the gym due to the fasted training. Furthermore, I did seem to be more productive (and generally in a better mood) in those 3 hours between when I was done working out and when I broke the 16 hour fast every morning at 10am. Don’t get me wrong, I looked forward to this meal, but more importantly, I was feeding my body just at the right time protein synthesis is said to be happen after a rigorous workout. So, in essence, I hadn’t “missed” anything! Even though this experiment was generally positive, ultimately, I found myself in a 2 week plateau when I thought that it would shock my body into change. I did learn from the experience, and I will continue to lean on this knowledge, but I did move back to a more traditional meal structure.

The Last 4 Weeks

I mentioned the Bodygroup forum earlier, and I can’t overstate the importance that group had on my transformation. It was there that I found the community of like-minded individuals that I believe bodybuilding.com seeks to bring together. Here we were all trying to achieve the same thing, which is the best US we can be. I found great encouragement there, and also some great information. Through my interactions there, I began to notice that the competitors using Kris Gethin’s Hardcore Trainer were having huge successes in muscle development and fat loss, as a group, maybe even more than others. Now of course, I know that there are so many factors that go into seeing great gains, but the enthusiasm and attitude from these particular individuals seemed to have something to do with how great they felt in the gym! So, I checked it out, and after the first workout I was hooked. Now, I know it’s weird to start another 12 week program in week 9 of a current 12 week challenge, but because I knew my journey would not end on the day 84th day, I was willing to give it a shot. The main difference that I felt right away was the idea that there were a lot of working sets to failure. This made for some grueling workouts, and some definite DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), which I had honestly not had during the first 8 weeks of the Challenge. I felt alive again, which turned out was exactly what I needed for a “sprint” to the finish!

In week 8, I cycled back onto Jack3d and also started taking Oxy Elite Pro once a day. In week 9, I progressed to 1 ½ scoops of Jacked3d and two Oxy Elite Pro caps (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon). My goals were becoming more reality as I was seeing my bodyfat percent start to go down again, and my overall muscle definition go up!

It was after MY week 11 that I was named the Weekly Winner for Week 10! This news was so awesome! I nearly jumped out of my chair at work, and had there been anybody around, I would have hugged them!!! I cannot thank Optimum Nutrition, Dazzling Danielle of bodybuilding.com, and my online support Bodygroup enough!!! This was the highlight of the 12 weeks, but not the end.

Week 12, I decided to up the ante and went “no” carb - only what was present in my protein shakes and fibrous veggies – to lean out as much as possible. I topped it off with a carb load on part of the 82nd and the 83rd day to fill my muscles back up! Ultimately, I feel like that experiment didn't go as well as I had hoped, but that is part of the learning process. I will work on those kinds of smaller minutia as I continue my journey.

The first 4 weeks of Kris Gethin’s Hardcore Trainer have been an awesome experience, and I plan to finish the last 8 weeks. KG has taught me so many things through the online videos. I had never done drop sets, triple drop sets, FST, YST, or even the work to failure method I talked about earlier. He has literally opened my mind to the world of bodybuilding. While I didn’t subscribe to his “tell your friends and family Goodbye for three months” and focus only on the Transformation, I do appreciate what it means to work my REAR END off. I even started a fitness blog called My New Normal (http://www.kennknee.tumblr.com/) where I also track and share my experiences, what I am learning, links to certain topics, and basically how the “normal” guy can live an ABNORMAL life (in a good way!), how to get fit and stay fit by making logical and intentional steps toward being healthier and happier.

Typical Nutrition Plan(s) and Supplement Timing

Week 1, As I stated earlier, I learned that I knew nothing about “bulking”, and had trouble with finding the right mix.

Clean Bulk Plan for weeks 2 thru 6 was 500 calories OVER my Activity Adjusted Basal Metabolic Rate.

Adjusted BMR = 66 + (6.25(weight180)) + (12.7(height71.75)) - (6.8(age33)) + 30% Active = 2445

4:30 am Preworkout - 1 scoop Jack3d, 5g ON Amino 2222, aspirin

7:00 am Postworkout - ON Pro Gainer w/ almond milk, 10g creatine, 2 tbs Benefiber (815cal), Animal Pak vitamins (40cal)

8:30 am Breakfast – 3 hard boiled eggs (210cal), banana (105cal), 5g ON Amino 2222

10:30am Mid Morning – ½ cup 2% cottage cheese (105cal), ¼ cup natural almonds (200cal), 5g ON Amino 2222, ON Fish Oil

12:30pm Lunch – Sandwich: Healthy Life Wheat, deli meat, cheese, spinach (225cal), veggies and hummus (75cal), fruit (100cal), 5g ON Amino 2222, ON Fish Oil

3:30 pm Mid Afternoon – 1 can tuna (140cal), 14 cheese cubes (220cal), ON Fish Oil, 2000 IU Vitamin D

6:30 pm Dinner – 2x lean protein, brown rice, broccoli (500cal), 5g Amino 2222

9:00 pm Pre Bed – ON GS Casein w/ 1% milk (210cal)

10:00pm Bedtime – 3 caps ON ZMA


Weeks 7 and 8 I experimented with Lean Gains IF protocol. My calories consumed was the same as bulking, but I consolidated into an 8 hour “feeding window”. Ultimately, because of my early workout schedule, I was uncomfortable with this protocol. However, I did learn valuable things about amino acids, creatine, protein synthesis, and my ‘learned’ response that I have between eating and activity.

Cut Plan for weeks 9 thru 11 was 500 calories UNDER (a 1000 swing!) my Activity Adjusted BMR.

4:30 am Preworkout - 2 scoops Jack3d w/ 5g creatine (15cal), 10g ON Amino 2222, aspirin

7:00 am Postworkout – 2 scoops ON GS Whey w/ almond milk, 5g creatine, 2 tbs Benefiber (355cal), Animal Pak vitamins (40cal)

8:30 am Breakfast – 3 hard boiled eggs (210cal), 4 links turkey sausage (140cal), 5g ON Amino 2222

12:30pm Lunch – Sandwich: Healthy Life Wheat, deli meat, cheese, spinach (225cal), veggies and hummus (75cal), fruit (100cal), 7 cheese cubes (110cal), 5g ON Amino 2222, ON Fish Oil

3:30 pm Mid Afternoon – ½ cup 2% cottage cheese (105cal), beef jerky (105cal) ON Fish Oil, 2000 IU Vitamin D

6:30 pm Dinner – 2x lean protein, green beans (300cal), 5g Amino 2222, ON Fish Oil

9:00 pm Pre Bed – ON GS Casein w/ 1% milk (210cal)

10:00pm Bedtime – 3 caps ON ZMA


Physical Measurements


Weight = Start 181.6lbs, End 176.8lbs

Shoulders = Start 50.25”, End 50.5"

Chest = Start 43”, End 44.5"

Waist = Start 31.75”, End 31"

Thigh = Start 23.5”, End 23"

Calf = Start 15.75”, End 15.5"

Forearm = Start 12.25”, End 12.5"

Arm = Start 15.25”, End 15.5"

Body Fat = Start 12.7%, End 8.1%

LBM = Start 158.5, End 162.5


Now that I am finished and can look back on the experience, even though I didn't have as significant of a physical change as I had maybe envisioned, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have met all kinds of new and awesome people. I have filled my brain with so much information, that I’m going to need the next 12 weeks to unpack it all! My hope is that my “transformation” is one that speaks to people in such a way that they say, “Yeah, I CAN do that!!!” It is possible to take control of your life, your physique, your health. My dad died of a heart attack when he was 34 years old. At 33 (I turn 34 in July), I will NOT suffer that same fate. I CAN do this. I HAVE completed the Challenge, and this was only one more step in what will hopefully be a steep staircase that is my life.

This transformation is dedicated to the Lord as my Saviour, the giver of Life. Also, I dedicate this to my support system. My family for putting up with me getting up at 4am everyday, my friends for all the jaw-dropping and the questions, and especially those that have become both friends and family, my Bodygroup! Thank you for the wisdom, knowledge, encouragement, respect, constructive critique, and for participating FULLY in the journey!

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Day 83 - Nothing

Nada, zip, zero zilch. I've been carb'ing up all day. I wrote my essay offline. I'm sure I'll tweek it a few more times before posting tomorrow. What an incredible journey. I honestly don't think the pictures can truly capture what has gone on inside, but we'll see. Spray tan in hand :)

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Day 82 - Chest... uggh

It's day 82 overall and day 3.5 of carb depletion and I don't feel great. After some sound advice from my friend Eric, I'll be carb loading and not working out tomorrow in order to hope for great final pictures. I admit, I didn't really look into tapering or anything for the END. I'm a balls-to-wall kinda guy, and so THIS feeling that I have right now, it's ter-ri-ble. I am in week 4 of KG's Hardcore Trainer, which luckliy, God was watching over me, KG isn't killing me like he has been in the previous 3 weeks. It's been relatively short and sweet with the workouts, which turns out to be ideal for what I've been doing with my current carb situation. You know, I would love to make top 10 for this Transformation, but the reality is that while some people maybe came into it a little less in-shape than me, there are lots that will end in way better shape than me, and there are MANY who fall into BOTH of those categories. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with ALL the transformations. It's AMAZING to see all that HARD WORK paying off for people. The truth is, my changes are a little less dramatic than others. What changed for me was mostly above the shoulders!!! I've learned so much from AND ABOUT the experience. I did drop to below the bodyfat percent I was aiming for. So, plus one for me. I did manage to up my Lean Muscle Mass, 2 points for me. I am hovering right around my goal waist measurement and I do believe I gained in the chest, hopefully another point for me. However, I lost overall weight when I was trying to GAIN, hahaha. Minus one. Since I haven't taken final measurements yet, I don't really know, but I don't think I signifigantly changed muscle size measurements in arms and forearms like I had hoped either, minus another. All those positives should have given me that V-taper I so desire, but I'm not really feelin it. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a little down today. It's prbably just the carb-depleted crank-in-ness talking. Here was what passed as my workout this morning: 150 Twists Pec Deck WARMUP: 110#x10, 150#x10 Triple drop set: 170#x12, 150#x12, 130#x4, 110#x8, 90#x12 (yeah, I know, that's not a triple drop... I was determined to get that last set of 12.) Machine Chest Press Triple drop set: 150#x12, 110#x12, 70#x12 Incline DB Flyes Triple drop set: 35#x12, 25#x12, 15#x12 20 minutes moderate on the bike, and finished with 150 Twists. Just didn't have it, but I guess, what did I really expect???

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Day 80 REST, Day 81 Shoulders

Short but sweet was the lifting portion of KG's workout this morning. Which is good since I'm on Day 3 of "NO" carb (there have been some carbs in my protein shakes and broccoli). I did double up on the cardio since I was already at the gym and it was early... 150 Twists each direction Side Lateral Raises WARMUP: 25#x10, 30#x10 Triple drop set: 25#x10, 20#x10, 15#x10 Shoulder Press WARMUP: 90#x10 Triple drop set: 130#x10, 110#x10, 90#x10 Rear Delt Raise 20#x20reps Then I did 20 minutes on the Bike. 150 Twists in each direction THEN, another 25 minutes on the Elliptical. I'm feeling the carb thing... but I'll begin loading tomorrow night (before playing volleyball!) and then definitely on Friday. A glass of wine on Friday night for vascularity, and photos on Saturday morning of Day 84!!!

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Day 79 - KG Back and Biceps

I have never done a triple drop set before, so it's pretty awesome that on day 79, I am still learning new things. Really, that just means that I am a complete novice at this... but, that's ok. I love to learn. 150 twists in each direction Reverse Grip Hammer Pulldown WARMUP: 130#x10, 150#x8 3 sets: 150#x12, 160#x12, 170#x12 Bent Over Barbell Row WARMUP: 100#x10 3 sets: 150#x12, 170#x12, 200#x12 Single Arm DB Rows WARMUP: 70#x10 2 sets: 80#x12, 90#x12 Reverse Grip Pulldown WARMUP: 140#x10 3 sets: 160#x12, 170#x12, 180#x12 Machine Curl WARMUP: 110#x10 4 sets (triple drop sets - no rest): 100#x12, 80#x12, 60#x12, 40#x12 Cambered Bar Curls 4sets (triple drop sets - no rest): 85#x12, 75#x12, 65#x12, 45#x12 Then I did 20 mins of moderate Elliptical and finished it off with 150 twists in each direction. I am "NO" carb'ing today, so we'll see how I feel tomorrow :)

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