started on some Aminos this weekend and been feeling much better, than with the creatine i guess it just wasn't for me... on my second month with cha lean extreme and wow is it tough, can't wait till next month will be adding some supplements soon any advise on which ones to try?? thanks :)

finish first month of chalean

was pretty excited about finishing my first month of cha lean extreme! so took my measurements and weight myself again and gained 3 pounds was very bum out! i can't even believe it, i have been working my butt off and eating right, maybe it was the creatine?? not sure any ideas? i feel much much stronger though and just trying to stay positive, i did read that some people gain weight at first and then lose it when lifting... my legs look like they are getting a lil bit of muscle, but have been feeling bloated not sure if i need to change my pre work out drink or something lol...measurements stayed the same. but will move on with the second month of cha lean and will post new picture for that month

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cha lean!!

will be posting new pics by the end of next week, and taking my measurements crossing my fingers hope this fat is melting!!!! this will bring me to my second month on cha lean's muscle building program yay almost done with my first month:)

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