8th semi-annual POSING CLINIC Figure, Bikini, Physique, and Bodybuilding

Call, email, or message me to register or for any questions!


RANT: I have been competing since 1999, learning from experience and through the advice and guidance of those that helped form the new sport of Figure, a sport formed after Fitness (Fitness without the routine). I loved it so much that I wanted to share my experience and get others involved in it. I decided to start a posing clinic, an idea I got from Nancy Georges (now an IFBB pro with years of experience that shadow mine) as she hosts Stage Might Posing Clinics in the LA area. Lately, so many people have been hosting their own posing clinics with minimal experience, especially on a national level. Please pick your posing coach wisely. I have 50 shows under my belt in fitness, bikini, model, and figure in 5 different organizations.

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2 days left!

My workout journal is on ebay! Every workout is written down, incuding 5 figure competition preps! Part of proceeds will go to the Humane society!


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Auctioning my training journal!

Part of proceeds go to the Humane Society!!

Do everything I did last year! Journal includes daily entries of my training (cardio and weights), includes prep leading to 5 FIGURE COMPETITIONS!


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a "Must Watch"

This video brought so many emotions to surface....its inspirational, emotional, happy but sad, and something that will make you want to hug your kids. Read the words first, and have some tissue handy....I had tears streaming down my face.


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1 hour left....I really need your help!

Last hour has arrived! Please help me and vote for me in the Iron Man Hardbody contest!

This was an invite-only contest, so I was very honored that they asked! Its almost over and I need those bodyspace buddies to help me get those last few votes!



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Last 24 hours....

The Iron Man Hardbody contest is almost over and I still need those votes! Please help me and "like" the link! THANK U!!!


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3 days to go....I need your help!

Only a few days left in the Iron man contest! I need my bodyspace buddies to help me pull ahead! Just follow the link, "like" and then "share"...... :) --sharing helps a ton! :D

Thank you so much!!


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4 days to go....

My contest ends this weekend, and I still need about 2000 votes to win! :) Help me out here:


Iron Man Magazine invited 20 girls to take part in an online compeition, its down to 15 and the winner gets to do a Hardbody spread in the mag.....1 simple "like" on my picture is all it takes!

Thank you!! :)

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I need some help on this

I have been invited to be a part of the Iron Man Magazine's Hardbody online contest....and I need votes (lots of them!) Its easy.....It just takes one "like" on my pic to vote! That's it! (It does help if you also "share" the link....:)


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Good morning! :) I was one of 15 girls selected to be a part of iron Man Magazine's Hardbody model competition! Its quite an honor to be asked to participate! :) The winner is chosen through online voting and I really need some of my bb.com friends to help me on this one! Here is the link......


Its so easy and only 1 vote is all you have to do! Click on the "vote" on the link, it will take you to Iron Man's Facebook where you have to "like" them, and then "like" my picture!

Thanks so much!


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posingseptpic.jpgI am hosting my 6th Posing Clinic on Sept 10th, 2011 in Pocatello, Idaho. I have been competing for 13 years in fitness, figure, bikini and model with 15+ wins. I love to share my expereinces with other competitors or those thinking about competing.

I will be having prize drawings, swag bags with goodies from VPX and Top Secret, and valuable information. You'll get pictures and video that will be emailed with feedback.

Register early to save your spot!!


facebook event link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=263522900338978

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Shoulder MRI

I have been missing on BodySpace all summer. Its been busy! Now that I'm getting back to normal and my motivation to train my hardest is back up there, I did something stupid.....

I took my daughter to her gymnastics "open gym" where you just come in and play. Well, she tells her friends that her mom can do backhandsprings....."so 'em, Mom!" So mom does her stuff and then some. I was having fun acting like I was 9 years old....back hip circles on the bars, playing on the rings (which is very hard on the shoulders). I get into the car and realize I hurt myself. My MRI is scheduled for today :(

Hoping its just a minor thing because my 12 week prep for my next show starts on Monday :( I don't have a good feeling because shoulder hurts while doing simple little things.....I can't even push the grocery cart, how am I supposed to train? Hopefully a little (ok, big) shot will have me good as new, but if it is torn, I can do worse damage by continuing to push through it.

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Switching Organizations

Well, after the last two NGA pro shows, I've decided to leave it behind. I am giving up pro status and moving on to NPC amateur division. There are several reasons for this switch, but mainly by listening to people in the "industry" talk about my last 2 shows is what made my decision final. Actually one of the local judges (a gal whom I've competed against in the past) told me that I need to find a new organization or do bikini. She said I just dont fit in anymore. I've had national-level npc judges tell me I have a figure body, not a bikini body and that what she said was rediculous. She is a promoter of NGA and she's telling me to find a new organization? Some promoter! I was going to take a group of the gals and guys I train to her show later this year, but now I am strongly recommending they choose another show (there is another local show just 2 weeks prior this fall!) Is that wrong? But I can't support someone that doesn't support her own affiliation....

Anyway, this has motivated me like crazy! I have been training harder than ever and eating like a champ! Here is a pic of the last show....I'll let you decide if I "fit in" or not......I'm in the center, purple suit.


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