Days 2 & 3! And started my supplements & protein!

Day 2:

OMG! How amazing it was! I LOVED working out my back and arms! That's where I felt the most 'pain' and 'burn'! Even now that it's 2 days later I can still feel the soreness from pushing myself to work on my back and arms harder than I have ever worked before! Even making sure that if it felt too easy by the end of the first set to move up in weight. My hubby says that I should be doing this as a circuit but everything isn't near by to be doing this and at the time that my mom and I go to the gym is when everyone comes as well.

Day 3:

I got my package right before I went to the gym! I was so excited to be able to take the BCAA after my workout! At the gym I felt a little disappointed, I didn't feel the same burning sensation in my legs that I felt in my arms and back! :( I used to play soccer and danced as well...that was back in 2005 that I last did any of that. So I didn't think that they would be as strong as they used to be. When I got to the standing calf raises(actually ended up using the donkey calf) I started at 120 then moved up to 140! My legs were a bit shakey, I just finished the leg press, extensions, and leg curl but still no burning! Although I must say that when I got up this morning I did feel a little sore in my calves and hamstrings, so it wasn't a complete let down after all!

I have yet to look at what we are going to be doing today but either way I am looking forward to it! :)

WOOHOO! Made it thru day 1!!!

Today was my first day of Jamie Eason's LiveFit 12 week program! My mom joined me as well which helped me a lot! I pushed her so in turn it made me push myself even harder! I will admit I had a hard time doing the wide and diamond push up...mainly the diamond push up! Even though I wasn't able to bring myself all the way down to the ground I still felt the burn and the pain! I am very proud of myself and my mom, we worked super hard!

We just ordered the suppliments from and I can't wait to get them in and use it religiously! I want to shed this fat, build muscle and get lean all before my first ever cruise in May!

I do need to take pictures this week so that I can track my progress! I have already started eating about 5 meals a day and working on my portions. I am slowly working on getting most of the sugar out of my diet. It will take some time, I have a major sweet tooth, no thanks to my dad! LOL!

I'm so excited! I can't wait! YAY ME!

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This is just the beginning....

I have been working out on and off for about a year with no real motivation. I would have my moments where I would say to myself, "****ght, this is it! I am getting it together!", then I would just give up or get bored. I lived in California for 4 years, you would think that would be some motivation. I moved from the 'sunshine state' to the 'golden state'...or so I thought. It was ALWAYS cold so in my mind going to the beach and being in a bikini wasn't an option for me.

Food is my weakness...and fast food at that! I am happily married and when you are happy you constantly EAT! My husband is BIG on working out and he being the Marine that he is always pushed me to workout, but he could only push so hard. He eventually, in other words, 'gave up' on trying to push me to better myself. Once he got back home from his third deployment he saw how much I let myself go and it has affected our marriage ever since.

Don't get me wrong he still loves me and in no way, shape or form is he verbally abusing me, but I can tell he misses the old me. I don't blame him...I miss the old me too. In the beginning I didn't notice how far I let it go until I got off my birthcontrol pills. I'm not sure if the pills clouded my judgement as far as my body cause no matter what my husband said I always said I wasn't fat. Then my clothes started getting tighter, my butt bigger, my belly pooched over my jeans, and I had so much water weight all over my body it was ridiculous!

I do think the water weight was from the BC pills. The water weight came off easily after a trip to Puerto Rico in November 2011, the insane humidity as well as the hiking I did for 5 hours helped with that. Ever since then I have been fluctuating in weight. At this moment I am not too sure on my current weight and nor am I ready to find that out. Yes I know eventually I have to get over it so that I can see the progress I will be making.

This time it's different, I am back in FL and I am tired of not being able to shop for nice fitting jeans and fitted shirts for fear that someone is staring at my gut or my table top ass! AND I would LOVE to wear a BIKINI! So I'm hitting hit hard til I feel I am going to vomit! These past 2 days I have pushed myself to the limit! I'm feeling the pain and I love it! The hubbs and I are going to do a routine tomorrow morning, then later on in the evening I am going to work just as hard with my mom.

As far as my eating habits, that is going to change DRASTICALLY, I am getting everyone in this house to stop eating crap! My dad has a habit of buying sweets (my main weakness) so I made it very clear that we are no longer going to be buying any sweets. The only sweets were having are fruits! I'm also going to cut bread, bacon, and RICE out of my diet so that I can forever be rid of my pooch and constant bloating!

This is going to be a tough journey but I am going to stick with it and commit to looking and feeling better than I ever have before!

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