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Rough but amazing start (first blog)

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I was having trouble with account activation so I had to wait till day two to post. Day 1 was very rough for me, I haven;t been in the gym in a few months and I made the mistake of starting with a complete lower body workout. As I'm sure most of you guys can agree, legs day SUCKS! I finished it and made it out of the gym without gastrointestinal fireworks but only barely lol. Today is Day 2 and it was infinitely better than yesturday, it felt amazing to get a good pump and feel that natural high of working out hard and getting energized. I am really excited to see what this Body Transformation will result in. I wish you all luck and if you have any tips or advise, let' em fly. I do have one question for y'all. I have recently purchased a juicer and would like to incorporate some juicing into my 6 meal a day diet, does anyone know of a good all around juice recipe that doesn't contain alot of leafy greens (as my centrifuge juicer doesn't juice them well)? Thanks and I look forward to meeting some great energetic driven ppl over the next 3 month!

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