20-Rep Squat Program - Gonna get Big !!!!

Decided to change around my workout a bit, but still keeping with big lifts and compound movements. I have started the 20-Rep Squat program by David Whitley


and what an awesome workout it was ! The weights were lighter , but the reps were insanely higher ! Shoh ! I left the gym with my heart pounding and my legs wobbling ! I shall certainly keep this up for the next 6 weeks, and I hope to see a big jump in my weight and a decrease in BF. Fingers crossed !

Wow !! What a week !

This week has been off the charts ! Nutrition has been on point, supplementation divine , and the workouts have been challenging but rewarding ! Am starting to see results ( more like "feel" results ) and am on target for a new body reveal by Easter !

Cardio has been the key component missing/lacking in my workouts, but this week I have basically knuckled down and done what I need to. Looking forward to my weekend rest, Lord knows i NEED it ( and I have earned it too !! ).

Onward and upward !

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Shoulders and Back - Week 2

So, got home after a hectic day at the office ( can u say "snoozey doozy" ? lol ) , changed into my kit and went str8 to it ! Had a friend over who was watching telly, i had to close the living room door otherwise i might have been tempted to just chill on the couch and watch ! 

Interesting finding in my shoulder  workout : my shoulders are not as strong as I thought , and I found myself reducing the weight just to get to 10 reps :-(  As for my pullups, oh my gosh !!!! I barely managed 5 reps !!!! I gotta get that sorted lickety split !!!!

Overall, good workout, hoping next week will take me to the next level, and see some improved performance from my shoulders and back.

 Ooh, another developement : I made a fantastic baked potato in the microwave :-) Was actually very tasty ( either that , or i was extremely hungry , lol )

Week 2 is almost complete. 10 more to go to my perfect body :-)

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Chest Day - Not so great :-(

Ok, yesterday did not count as a good day for me. I had a long day at the office, 

hot and tiring. Got home, got all kitted out, and jogged to the nearby gym that 

I have not used in years. Got there, paid my subs, and went upstairs ..... Then

found that even after waiting 15mins, couldnt get a chance at any of the

weights machines ..... Decided to jog back home and have a makeshift workout

using my home bench ( not ideal, as 2 out of 7 exercises cannot be done on without

weight machine , damn ! ).

On the jog home, my shins just gave me hell ! I ended up walking home. Got home, started my workout immediately, and found I had so little energy that I only finished 4 seats each of 4 exercises ! While soaking in the tub, reflecting on the days happenings, I came to a realisation that I probably experienced a sugar crash ( dont bite my head off if i am wrong ), and as a result , had no bloody energy to compete the workout !!!!!

So, moral of the story ? Eat before you workout ( say an hour or so ) , and do ur cardio AFTER ur workout, not before !!!!

Hope today will be a better day :-)

Oh, on the plus side, after nearly 2 weeks of wieghts and cardio, i can feel something hard under all the flubber :-)

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A new week - Week 2 of Obi Obidake Training

Ok, Woke up early this morning, excited cos i get back to the gym after the weekend. Breakfast was a lil tough to take down, 1 cup oatmeal , 5 eggwhites , and a tablespoon of flaxseed oil...... I handled the oatmeal, the eggs made for tough going ( eggy smell , yukk ) , then my first ever taste of flaxseed oil : can u say vomit ? Lol. I made it through breakfast ( just barely ! ), and the only thing keeping me together is the mental picture of the new improved body i expect in 11 weeks time ( yay me ! ). Lets see how the evening training session goes. Last week was all aches and pains. I think this week my muscles are over that rude shock, and ready to respond to the demands i shall put on them. Go muscles !

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Week 2 of Obi Obidake Training Bi & Tri ( and Abs )

wow !!!!!! Thats how the training session went ! Serious work on the muscle groups, followed by 30 mins cardio ( incorporating 15 mins of sprint sessions , my first time ever ). All i can say is , I had a blast !!

 Contrast that to my struggles in the morning : I had a hard time swallowing the 5 eggwhites on top of my half cup of oatmeal. And then i had my first taste of flaxseed oil ( gosh, i nearly hurled ! ). But like someone said on one of the forums : real men just swallow , wipe their lips, and smile !  

 Am chuffed ! Gotta keep this up, my abs are not amused with me , but its for their own good :-)

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Week 7 of my transformation

Am into week 7 of my transformation, that means i have completed 3 to 4 exercise days per week CONSISTENTLY for the past 1 and half months ! That is a fanastic achievement thus far ( if i do say so myself ! lol ). 

I am learning SO much just reading blogs and checking out the forums here on bodybuilding.com. I am gonna stick with my current workout, just looking to improve upon it slightly as I know that muscles must have some consistency in exercise in order to achieve maximum effect.

I am going to look forward to my next 12 week period, which will be a distillation of all i have learned thus far about nutrition, reps/sets and muscle groupings :-)

Onward and upwards !

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Leg day today .... Not half bad

Like I said, I am in that dangerous zone where my muscles are feeling good coz of the recent exercise, and am getting lower on motivation ( weird ? Yes ! ). Got home, couldnt be bothered to workout.... after an hour, I managed to gather up the energy to have a good and hard workout ! Yippeee ! 

 Despite a setback 2/3rds of the way thru ( had to go and help a friend with car-trouble ), I managed to complete the remainder of my workout ( am so stoked !!! ) and now chilling . Resting to allow my muscles to GROW ! :-)

I got to keep going , I must keep going , harder , stronger, more determined !

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Great end to the week

Today was a great end to the week. Went for a run after lunch, and wanted a longish run. I thought it was 7km, but after i finished and mapped the route on Google Earth, I found out it was actually 9.6km ! Yay ! 

I am moving in to week 5 tomorrow, and after reading some inspiring blogs/transformations, I hope i shall be able to make the changes necessary. These changes are both the routines, and my mindset while working out..... Lets see if i can do this. 

There are nay-sayers around me, and I need to not be discouraged by them, but simply do that which i wish to achieve :-)

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Distractions are something, aren't they ?

Got home from work, ready ( almost ) to do my leg workout .... Got a phone call from a friend who needed an ear .... You can't get by in life without being there for your friends, no matter how inconvenient the time ! Hehe. So I did my duty , and listened, and offered advise, and kept checking the clock ( hmmm, 25 mins gone already ? oops )

Then , a workmate showed up at my doorstep, needed to discuss a sensitive issue from work.... Hung up on friend, and ploughed into the latest distraction.... By the time i managed to boot him out ( gently , of course ) , I was in absolutely NO mood for a workout... 

But : I know i am in a dangerous phase , week 4.... My past stats indicate i normally quit/slow down between weeks 4 and 6, so I didnt want these two distractions to bring me down .... I said : Just do ONE circuit , and at least u wont have wasted the day..... Lucky for me , one circuit turned into 2 circuits and a 3 circuits squeaked out just for good measure ! Yay !

I need to chalk that up as a victory ( seemingly small, but nonetheless, given my quitting history, a very telling victory ! ). Resting for today, reward of squash tomorrow , and maybe a 7k run on sunday.... Lifes just PEACHY !

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Upper Body : It can be done

Got home from work yesterday, tired as usual..... Put on my running shoes, stretched a bit, then went for a 3k run to warm up ahead of my upper body workout. Boy, I ran out of steam so quick, it wasn't funny ! But , there was a poster i saw yesterday on bodybuilding.com : Pain is Temporary , Quitting is FINAL ! So, I didn't quit, despite the fact my right shin was threatening to throw me to the ground ! Ish.

Got home, stretched, cooled down, and went to Jay's Home Gym ( located in the spare bedroom ! ). I figured : let me just do one circuit , and conn myself into believing i had achieved something..... Guess what ? 4 circuits comprising 6 exercises with 4-8 reps each was COMPLETED !!!  And i increased the weight after the first circuit :-)  Damn I love how I am managing to get this done ! It looks like all i lack is that first push ! Once u get over that initial INERTIA , the rest is smooth sailing ( almost , lol ).

So am feeling really good about myself in week 4..... Gotta keep going , never letting up.

Oh, and I am in training for a charity run on 25th June.... 11.5km  ( i guess thats a 1/4 marathon ? lol ).

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Leg day yesterday -_____- not a happy puppy

Got home, tired from work ( and a late nite with the boys ). Really did NOT want to workout, and it seems like i really do detest leg work..... 

 Ok, get the lead out of ur ass, and get into ur kit and hit the gym !!! Hop to it ! With that said, I mustered up the motivation, the energy, changed round my usual routine and though i initially wanted to skip some exercises, I convinced myself to include others that I do enjoy , and ended up having a pretty good workout :-) Yay me ! 

Now, time to keep this momentum, I feel I shall start seeing some good results in mid June, the key is to keep going, keep working out, keep my good diet ! This is around the time i usually quit/slow down/get injured..... My job going forward is to keep motivated ( no quitting !! ), stop making excuses as to why i cant workout on a particular day ( resulting in a slowdown ), and ensure that I stretch and warmup fully to avoid getting injured ( cos I am increasing the weights on each week, so i have to be careful to lift RIGHT )

Lets go ! Summer will be here in 3 months, and I wanna have something to show off in the Sun :-)

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Week 4 of my transformation

Ok, this is getting insanely addictive ! Stepped up my arms workout yesterday, making 4 sets of between 6 - 8 reps per set ( as opposed to previously 3 sets of 4-6 ). Final set increased the weight on each exercise by a small amount ( so as not to overdo it ), and it worked wonders for me ! So, will see how well that strategy works for me in todays leg workout.

Only downside so far : am not seeing any movement around my WAIST ! grrrrr ! still got the flubby bubbly tummy :-(  Gotta get that medicine ball, and work it like a trojan ! 

Vin Diesel, watch out ! Am coming to take ur place in Hollywood !

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Raising the bar !

Ok, after reading PalominoSteels blog the other day, i realised one thing :


I am merely lifting some weights, feeling a lil sore at times, but ultimately achieving sweet bugger all ! I need to get in some serious cardio ( she ran like 6 miles BEFORE hitting the gym for a leg workout , on a LAZY LEG DAY ! ), and torture my muscles ( she talks of feeling the insane BURN in the muscles )  to the point of failure .

So, i did just that yesterday ..... What a RUSH !!!! I never thought i could do that, but it feels so good to take it up to a whole new level ! Now that was a training session that could ultimately lead me to the body that i WANT !!!!!

So, big up to you , Palomino Steel ! U just created a monster in me :-)


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Week 3 of my transformation

Starting week 3 of my transformation. Just found out that I have put on 2kg.... I hope that is not just water ! A number of people are telling me i cant do it, and I am hoping to use their well-intentioned negativity as a booster to my motivation ! lol.

 Have taken weeks 1 and 2 relatively easy, not wanting to risk any pulled muscles. Week 3 and  4 should be intermediate intensity, with a good measure of cardio thrown in ( running is my favourite cardio ).

Havent been able to get my creatine supplement, but by the end of the week i hope to have it. That makes SUCH a big difference, wow !

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