Some of my favorite Gear!

I wanted to post a little blog about some of my FAVS! (for the gym)


CHUCKS!!! All time favorite. I have both hi-tops and low. White, red, blue, black, wonder women print…I love them to workout in, they are great to lift in (most people don't like running or jumping in them but I do). 

I also like the Nano 2.0 and 3.0 (better for running and jumping)


Jumpnrope (brand) jump rope

fabric wrist wraps (they tighten and un-tighten so easily- so it's easy to adjust while you switch exercises)

Hook Grip Knee Sleeves

Gym Bag: Lululemon

Post Workout Shake: Optimum Nutrition Natural Gold Standard Whey

Pre Workout: Amino Energy (grape)

LIQUID CHALK <---this stuff is amazing and lasts forever on your hands so you don't have to keep re-chalking this can be purchased on

If there is anything else you can think of, just ask me and I'd love to let you know my favs!


The Struggle With Infertility

If you follow my instagram page you may know that for the few months my husband and myself have been going through fertility treatment. I made the decision to share about our journey online because if it weren't for another online friend of mine sharing their journey, I may never had the courage to make an appointment at the clinic. 

1 in 8 couples experience infertility. 40% will be from a female issue, 40% will be from a male issue and 20% is unexplained and sometimes it can come from both partners. It's not something to be ashamed of and I've actually learned so much about the the body/fertility and how it all works (or doesn't work). I have met so many others who have either had their family through fertility treatments or are going through it now all because I posted about it. It really helps knowing you aren't alone! If this is any of you and you need someone to talk to, feel free to reach out. I hold nothing back about our situation.

July 31st I started the drugs to mass produce eggs, we had to do IVF with ICSI because the swimmers aren't finding my eggs naturally. Early Aug I had surgery to remove the eggs while they were fertilized in a lab. During this process I was at the doctors office getting poked, prodded, blood taken every time I was there, more drugs, new drugs….needless to say I wasn't feeling great. I wasn't feeling myself, it was tough to get in enough food, the best of foods and working out was a hit or miss. 

I am sharing this because I AM HUMAN. Sometimes people think that the fitness models don't go through tough times or we just always eat healthy and never miss a workout but that is so far from the truth and I just want everyone to know how human we actually are….or at least I am! So for 6 weeks IT WAS A STRUGGLE. Especially because I own a gym, I am there everyday to train people and I sit there wishing I could workout and I felt so horrible all I wanted to do was sleep. I tried as hard as I could to stay hydrated (that really helped while being on all of those drugs), staying as clean as possible with my meals (which was hard when I was nauseous all the time) and doing something for a workout, even if it wasn't really CrossFit Style (like I am used to) because something was better than nothing!

My prenatals and a lot of the vitamins my doctor wants me on I was able to find on which was awesome!

I am finally able to workout again, for the last two weeks actually. But it's been slow. After 6 weeks of very little activity you need to ease yourself back in slowly. Strength has definitely gone down but I keep telling myself it will be for a good cause and not to be so hard on myself :) I scaled back on my workouts a lot to make sure I didn't injure myself by jumping back into it too quickly. I am feeling good and like myself again which is amazing! Sometimes you take it for granted, until you feel so crappy you just can't do it. So right now I am very thankful for feeling like ME again :)

Oct 6th we are trying for our first embryo transfer. Please wish us luck, we've been trying for over three years to have a family. I am feeling very hopeful about this, I know God is on our side. And I really want to share an amazing healthy pregnancy online next! If you aren't on my IG it's jackie_crossfitunrivaled <--would love to have you follow!

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Dumbbell Workout

I wanted to share an awesome website that I recently discovered! It's which is short for dumbbell WOD (workout of the day). This site is very beneficial for a few reasons. 

1. You only need a set of dumbbells, maybe a jump rope…

2. The movements are kept simple which are easy to learn and do, no complex movements

3. You don't have to go to the gym! So if you are a mommy and have babies/kids that don't allow you time to leave the house you can easily do these workouts at home.

Check out this site! This may be a great tool for you if you are stuck at home, or maybe just working late or early and can't make it to the gym. It's easy to get your hands on dumbbells and easy to store them at home without taking up a bunch of space!

- Jackie  

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Keep Training, even when everyday isn't a PR.

I have been doing CrossFit since April of 2009. 

6 years later I still love it, it still challenges me and it still hurts. In that good sort of hurt (of course). I remember when I first started everything was so new to me that each day was a new challenge, and nearly almost everyday was a new PR. I was driven to come back day in and day out by wondering how much more I could lift the next day. Day in and day out I was getting stronger, by the minute it seemed.

I think if you're a new CrossFitter you know exactly what I mean! :)  

 After years of doing CrossFit, the PR's start to slow. So much that you may go a year without hitting any new 1RM on lifts. So why do I continue? This is a lifestyle and I am trying to be the most fit and strong that my body will allow me to be. I want to have a healthy body fat, I want to push myself, I want to enjoy what I do and all of those things I am accomplishing. And then when I do hit a new PR it's a HUGE celebration because they don't come around too often. Speaking off I hit one last week, 3 rep max at 155lbs on my overhead squat!!!  I was so excited!!

 So if you are doing CrossFit and you've been doing it as long as I have and don't hit a lot of PR's anymore. Don't worry! If you aren't trying to compete in the games, it's okay! You are still keeping your body strong and healthy and that should be what matters. Especially if CrossFit is what you love, and makes you happy! Start focusing on the skills that you can improve on, body positioning, double unders, pistols, your kip….there are so many other things you can measure progress with instead of focusing on those 1-3-5 RM lifts.

Things that I still notice progress with that definitely gives me a boost: stringing together more pull ups, muscle ups, doing more DU's within a minute, getting faster with pistols, using bench mark WODs to measure my speed (time). Keep on pushing! And keep on doing what you love!  

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Summer Recipes

It's HOT and the last thing that sounds good to me during the day is something I have to heat up like chicken! 

Two recipes that I LOVE and have been eating during these hot summer days are:

1. Protein Ice Cream - I have been using 1/2 cup of Arctic Zero Ice cream (if you've never heard of this you need to look it up. It doesn't really taste like REAL ice cream but if you are dieting it's pretty good! Mint is my favorite so far). I mix that with 2 scoops of Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy in Chocolate and the tiniest bit of water all in a blender. It's a nice cool, creamy consistency. Perfect for a hot summer day to get in the protein! 

2. Greek Yogurt  -- Plain greek yogurt is so high in protein and low in carb, no fats! So I have been mixing 2/3 cup with natural PB (to get in a healthy fat), a small amount of organic honey (to fight off the tangy taste in the yogurt) and then I sprinkle cinnamon in and mix it all up! Another great way to get protein in where I don't have to eat anything up! I will usually pair this with a carb such as an apple or banana. 

Try them out and see how you like them!  

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Unmotivated? What to do?

I think we all have those days…

Tired. Grumpy. Just not feeling it.

But we've made a schedule, a plan, to make it to the gym on specific days and today is one of those days. So what do you do? Skip? I like to think of it has a normally daily routine. You HAVE to go to work, you HAVE to eat, the gym is no different if you've scheduled it into specific days you HAVE to go.

When I have days like this I will usually start out doing some light cardio. I'll do 10 minutes of work on a rower, or maybe sprint intervals outside. I don't go all out, but try and push myself with one minute of work, 30 seconds of rest. After about 10 minutes of that one of two things will happen 1. I WAKE UP, feel refreshed and am ready to hit some weights or 2. I still feel run down. So now what? If it ends up being one of those days where it doesn't get me going then I listen to my body and realize that maybe I am just way too tired from the week of training or stress from life. I'm 32 and pretty good about listening to my body now. When I have one of those days, I will finish up the light cardio and just work on some yoga or stretching. Our bodies do tell us things, we just need to listen!

So you may very well be just drained out, but you may just need a little kick start. So if you have planned your workout days out, GO. Then just do what I do. If you start it up and just really feel exhausted, call it a day and work on some stretching. At least you did SOMETHING :) Get rest, stay hydrated and keep fueling your body with good food!


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The CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open has officially ended! 

The last 5 weeks we've had a workout announced on Thursday evenings to be completed before Monday evenings. As most of you know I own a CrossFit gym with my husband, CrossFit Unrivaled. Last year we sent a team to Regionals. This year they changed the rules and cut out 1/2 of the teams and 1/2 of the individuals that they were taking. So the chances of qualifying again were very slim…or much more difficult! Last year my husband and myself were on the team. This year, he was in a cast due to tearing a tendon. I was struck with horrible tendinitis about 6 weeks before the open started. So both of us couldn't train like normal. And for him, he couldn't do anything upper body. So he was forced to "sit on the bench" but he was a great support! My training was horrible, I just wasn't in shape like I was last year (and I am meaning cardiovascular shape). I still can't do pull ups, it's the one thing that really bothers my elbow…which is a bummer because it's my favorite! But I pushed through the Open and had fun with my gym. 

We did actually end up qualifying, barely. The competition is so much harder each year. We ended up placing 14th in our region, where they only take the top 15 teams out of over 300 teams! I only helped with the team score on one workout this year but at least it was one and not zero :) My husband and I will be sitting in the stands this year, cheering on Team Unrivaled. I am so proud of those 6 that pushed hard and gave it their all and made another trip to the regional "stage" again this year!

My one accomplishment is that the one workout that I did help out with for the team, was a huge PR from last year. The pull up/OHS workout they did a repeat on. I got around 40 more reps!

Did you do the open? If so, what did you accomplish that you didn't think you could do?  

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Tracking Meals

I cannot stress it enough, how important it is to log your meals when you are training for a specific goal that has to deal with weight loss, muscle gain, body fat loss or maintenance. 

Most of the time people will think they are eating perfectly healthy, they don't understand what they are doing wrong when they aren't meeting their goals. To them, they are doing everything right. At this point I ask if they are tracking their meals….of course not.

It takes further investigation on where things can change, but only when every single thing is logged or written down. Specific measurements and amounts will determine where things are going wrong.

Most people don't realize that it makes a difference. My clients will tell me they are eating fruits, veggies, sweet potatoes, and lean meats but haven't budged. Once I see their meal plans written down for a week I see they are eating way too many fruits, way too much sweet potato right before bed time and only one lean meat or protein source per day.  So as far as what they are putting into their body they are eating healthy, they aren't eating junk food or cheating on their diets…they just aren't eating correctly. Too much of some things and not enough of other things….it does get confusing on how to structure meals but if you have a good coach or trainer they should really be able to help you.

If you don't, does have a ton of great articles. But I also recommend The Nutritionist App, it's easy to log and you can scan foods in that aren't on the database. You will be able to see how much fat, carbohydrates and protein you are consuming. You need all three, this is very important for any goal that you may have. Even for fat loss. Most people fail there. They think they need to eat fat free when in reality they need fat. Healthy fats helps our bodies NOT store the unwanted fat. So don't be scared of fat :) Anyway, check the app out. It's available for iPhone and samsung users! 

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Overuse Injuries

I wanted to take a minute here to talk about overuse injuries, most commonly tendonitis! For those of you (and me), who are doing a lot of barbell work, a lot of heavy gripping and not enough stretching or working on mobility tendonitis will creep right on into, usually the elbows, but it can also lead into the shoulder. I know this because I've dealt with it and am currently dealing with it. If you've ever had it you know how painful it can be. To the point where you cannot even hold a coffee mug up in front of your face, which you and I both know that's unacceptable. That coffee NEEDS to get into our mouths! HA!  

About two years ago I had it in my right elbow, so bad I couldn't hold my coffee mug, squeeze my shampoo bottle, or even buckle my seat belt. It came on slowly but then got pretty bad, pretty quickly. When you are (which I do) consistently gripping on barbells, the tendons get overworked, not a lot of rest time because the muscles surrounding get so tight that the tendon never actually releases all the way. This is where STRETCHING becomes so important. You really need to spend time stretching and also using mobility tools such as a lacrosse ball to really dig in there and release the knots! Well eventually it went away, but it took about 9 months. The root of the problem wasn't taken care of, it started in my neck and traps and I had no idea. I was focusing on my forearms. So once it went away in the elbow it worked it's way to the shoulder. I really focused on using the lacrosse ball to work out my traps and my neck during my warm up and after my workouts, I also focused on my upper back and opening up my shoulder blade to get the ball underneath where all the knots hang out!

About 9 months later, it's now hiding out in my opposite elbow. Sometimes I feel like I can't catch a break! So I like to blame it on getting old..HAH! However the truth is that we (I) forget to work on stretching and mobility when we feel great :-/ Once we are in pain it's like we never stop working on it.

So my point here is, take care of your body while it feels good (even through it's hard to remember because we don't have pain poking at us) to prevent this pesky overuse injury!  

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Training Schedule

Do you have a training schedule? 

Did you know that having a set schedule is beneficial to your success? Just like we have a schedule at work or school, we know when we are supposed to be there, give our time and dedication and when we are finished we get to relax. It's in our daily routine and just something we must do.

Now, think about doing this with your training. Plan and schedule it into your day. Make it a part of your routine and life. Othwise you will begin to make excuses "I don't have time" "Well, after work I was too tired" and the excuse list will go on and on and ON.

If you schedule it and have set days and times then you are less likely to skip because you know that if you work hard in the gym Mon-Wed, that on Thursday you get to relax. And then on that day you can schedule other things for yourself like dinner dates, or salon appts. No excuses! 

Make it a routine! You got this!  

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My first and (probably) last 1/2 marathon (VA Beach Rock and Roll)

Wow. That was brutal. But at least I can say now that I have done a 1/2 marathon and it does feel great to accomplish that. 

Yesterday all of the CrossFit gyms in our community came together to honor the men, and dog, that we lost last month in the chinook crash. It was called the 31 Heroes WOD, a huge fundraiser where gyms across the US gathered and raised almost 300,000$ for the families of the fallen HEROES. I didnt feel sore this morning, but I am pretty sure that the 105# thrusters, and 25# sand bag 400s are the reason my legs felt like cement bricks today!

Needless to say, I just ran. I wasn't trying to run my heart out but I also was not trying to be a slacker! My only goal was to break 2hrs. and I did! 1:59:49! I have no desire to do another one! 

I am in some serious pain tonight, icing my entire body and staying on the couch!! REST AND RECOVERY time, so I can get back to training this week!  

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Where I am today...

Sometimes...well most of the time, its tough to keep up on the social media, take care of my kids ( 2 doggies ), a house, and run a gym. So I know I am not on here nearly enough to answer everyones questions. I thought I would take the time to answer one of the comments on my page because it was a good question and I am sure more than one of you are wondering. "How did you get where you are today, professionally and physically" I think I will address the "professionally" aspect in a different post ;) 

It did NOT happen over night, thats for sure!

I ran track and cross-country when I was in highschool, I ate cereal, macaroni and a lot of PB and J! I drank soda, and ate ice cream....typical kid!

When I started college, I went to the gym maybe once a week as a social hour. I ate boxed noodles everyday and my breakfast staple was Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

In 2004, I watched a video of my friend competing in Womens Tri Fitness and was "wowed" I wanted to do that! What I did realize was I would need to change my eating habits A LOT and start working out EVERYDAY. I remember GAGGING down protein shakes, and taking an HOUR to eat my food and gagging on that too. It was awful. But I stuck with it and somewhere along the way I stopped gagging, it didn't take as gross anymore and I began to enjoy it. I felt better, healthier!  

Finally in Nov 2005 I competed in my first Womens Tri Fitness event! I was proud for accomplishing a goal, and I loved the thrill of competing. But of course I missed my crappy food so I fell off the bandwagon, just like anyone else did. After so long of eating so well I got really sick from all the "normal" foods.

Over the years I have realized there is no "off season" and you will only feel good if you just eat clean all the time. Of course I like to indulge once in a while but being consistent with healthy eating makes me feel good, perform well in my workouts and stay lean. I enjoy creating new recipes to keep it interesting so I never get bored with my meals! Finally, 6 years later am at the point where I rarely crave bad foods/junk foods and if I do, then I allow a cheat now and again. If you stick with it, it gets easier, eventually. But remember, I have been doing this 6 years now....and in the beginning it WASNT as easy! Write down your list or pros and cons to a healthy lifestyle and stick in on your fridge as a daily reminder to make healthy choices! 

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Nothing is impossible....

Life is hard. Goals are hard. Thats just a fact. 

You have to work hard to make money to pay your bills, keep a roof over your house and food on your table. The same thing goes for accomplishing goals: HARD WORK. No matter what the goal might be; maybe you have a long list of "to-dos" before the day is over, or maybe you have a long term goal of loosing 20 pounds. Either way, there is going to be work involved, planning, prepping and executing. 

The more routine you get with this, the "easier" it will feel because its just something you are used to doing. It will become part of your life therefore it will not feel as hard but to other people looking in they will see how hard you work.

Sometimes I have to step back and think about all the things I do to stay in shape and be healthy. To someone starting out I am sure it looks crazy- but to me, now that I have been doing it so long its so routine and feels so natural and easy now. But really it is a lot of hard work- I am just so used to it!

So for everyone out there who has a goal, whatever it may advise is to never give up, keep working as hard as you possibly can, because eventually it will become part of you, your routine, and it will feel "easy"-- that is when you start really achieving some great things! So stay positive and get through the tough moments just like the saying " Nothing ever gets easier, until it gets harder" so true for everything!  

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Did you lose your mojo?

Not feeling as motivated today? Maybe a week has passed and you are really feeling under the weather. Sometimes we just need a BREAK. 

It is okay to take a break from training. Especially if you are feeling more tired, emotional, on edge, more sore than normal or just down right not feeling it!

There is such a thing called over training and usually if you are feeling these symptoms it is either from 1. over training 2. diet or 3. stress (and yes, not getting enough sleep is a stress).

All three of these things that I listed can derail your health and fitness goals; weight loss, and muscle gain.

So if you begin to feel more tired, cranky, and just down right not into your training then I say, TAKE A BREAK. One or two days off to regain yourself, rest up, refuel, and rehydrate is NOT going to kill you. And its going to set you back much less than if you continue to overtrain and not see results.

Happy Training!  

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Inspiration can spread like a wild fire!!!!!!

I wish that I could personally go to everyones bodyspace that has listed me as inspirational and let them know that they are inspiring me!!! But that would just take WAY too long, so for those of you out there who do have me listed....THANK YOU! When I get the email in my inbox that a new person has listed me, first I SMILE...really big! Then I think "wow"....thats one more person that is looking up to ME for inspiration so I better keep on working hard, dig deep in those workouts, think twice about wanting a cheat meal, and get in that extra rep when I THINK I need a rest break! You guys are encouraging me to be better at everything so that I can continue to inspire YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU for keeping me on my toes!! ;) Danny J, Aubrie Richeson and I have been challenging each other to weekly workouts. Now, because we have been doing them through videos and notes on FB, SO MANY others that are apart of our pages are becoming inspired and actually DOING the workouts a long with us!! I love it. I love hearing how they fell on the gym floor when they finished, how they said it was the hardest workout they have ever done....thats HARD work, thats PUSHING yourself.....just another example of the "wild fire" effect that INSPIRATION has on us!! Make sure you add all of our FB pages if you want to "play" along in our challenges ;) Danny: Aubrie: And ME! Lets all keep on, keepin on with the spread of the infection INSPIRATION!

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