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So tired right now...

Bit of a change up today.

Ran up and down some Scores (a set of steps in my town - one of which is 132ft elevation in 129 steps and I didn't stop while running up the damn thing, piccy below), went for a run down by the beach and did another day of the "one hundred push-ups" programme a few hours later.

1x4, 1x5, 1x4, 1x4, 1x5 push ups

1x12, 1x15, 1x11, 1x11, 1x15 sit ups

1x15, 1x20, 1x13, 1x13, 1x18 squats

Ate completely clean, and also managed to somehow work in 21,567 steps (or 8.89 miles)!!!

I'm off to bed, I'm knackered LOL :D


Didn't get much done today workout-wise. Diet was spot-on though. :)

I was making two Tudor dresses for my daughter and niece as it's Tudor Day. It was supposed to be in a few more days but they moved it forward - to tomorrow! Got them done though (will post pics tomorrow when they're dressed up lol).

Did the next lot of push-ups and that, though.

1x3, 1x4, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 push-ups.
1x9, 1x12, 1x9, 1x9, 1x10 sit-ups.
1x13, 1x16, 1x13, 1x13, 1x16 squats.

One thing I'm wondering about...the scale has gone UP and I feel heavier, but I feel leaner too. I have less wobbly bits than before (maybe I ought to rephrase that lol). I'm assuming that I'm losing fat and gaining muscle???

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Geddit on...

Did something a little different at the gym today. I am SO bored of my usual workout regime and happened to Stumble onto something called the "one hundred push-ups" site (don't know if anyone else knows about it). Basically, it teaches you how to get into the physical conditioning needed to complete 100 push-ups without pause. They also have one for sit-ups and squats, so I just thought "sod it" and I'm doing all three.
10 minutes bike, HR 130-145.
1x2, 1x3, 1x2, 1x2, 1x4 push-ups
1x9, 1x9, 1x6, 1x6, 1x9 sit-ups
1x13, 1x16, 1x9, 1x9, 1x15 squats
5 minutes treadmill, jogging.
Surprisingly intense, actually. A few hours later I did 40 minutes swimming, and my pedometer informed me I've also walked 5.2 miles today.
Diet is clean completely (which for me is a record to be honest). No processed foods, no crap. And I even managed to drink five pints of liquid.
I'm on fire today. :D

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Must update more often...

I forgot yesterday's...duh!

10 minutes bike, HR 130-150
Leg press 10x10@40kg
Lunges 3x15@5kg
Good mornings 3x15@10kg
5 minutes cross-trainer, HR 150-160
20 minutes bike, altering resistance (no strict HIIT but bloody felt like it) HR 160-180
10 minutes stretching.

I REALLY needed the stretching by then...

Quite painful on the legs but need to up the weight for next time, I'm trying to get away from just doing squats for legs. I've been training legs like I do my upper bod, and I always seem to forget that they're a bigger muscle group. So next leg workout, I'll add in some light squats with high reps to the 10x10 leg press and lunges.

Now that could be interesting... :D

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Damn, that was awesome.

Damn...I kicked my own arse today. :cool:

10 minutes bike, HR 140-150.
Chest press 3x15@5
Side raises 3x15@5

Then decided to do something different.
Assisted chin-up 1x10@65
Leg press 1x10
And repeated for 10x10 (ouch).

Cable row 3x15@9.5
Woodchop 2x10 each side
Good mornings 2x20@7.5

Then 16 minutes gradual resistance on the bike (2 mins at level 1, 2 mins at level 2, 2 mins at level 3, etc) and ten minutes stretching.

I ache...holy **** I ache... :D

I'll work macros out later for today and yesterday. I can't be bothered right now LOL

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Surprisingly good day. :)

No workout today, had to run about between appointments and ****. Diet was pretty good, even with the couple of little cookies and tiny slice of lemon meringue pie I had (and yeah, I included them in my macros).

So, 1,148 cals.

167.5g carbs (57%)
65.2g protein (22%)
27g fat (21%)
11g saturated fat (ouch).

I've got about four miles of walking tomorrow, so a bit of steady state would work to get rid of some of the soreness in my legs. :D

Feel better than I have in a long time, actually. I don't feel guilty, and I know damn well I can work those little indulgences off (116 calories from both so I even impressed myself a bit).

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Back at it.

Took a while off. No diet, no exercise, just stopped altogether. Generally speaking, there's a ****load going on right now and I just couldn't handle being underfed and overtrained anymore and needed a complete mental break.

And somehow in the process, I've somehow managed to remove all emotional ties I ever had to food. It's just fuel for my workouts now, and I'm not quite sure what happened but I kind of like it.

So, as a result of my extended break, I've put on a stone but mentally I've never been in better shape. I feel completely relaxed about it and no longer dread working out - I actually WANT to work out now.

So six weeks down the line, I'm fat, bloated and unfit but for some reason I've never been this up for it. Time will tell, but I'm making this a lifelong habit. And if you don't know my history, in 2005 I was 236 pounds, 39.4% bodyfat and I'm currently 170, 22% (taking into account the weight I've recently put on).

Yesterday was 15 minutes steady state cardio on the bike, HR 165-180. I would have done longer but I felt really sick. I'll post macros in a minute once I've done them.

Today was a bit of a change training-wise for me. Light weight, high reps and just familiarised myself with some easy training (well, I say easy - it wasn't "easy", just a simple workout). 10 minutes on the bike, HR 160, and then:

1x20 squat with overhead press
1x20 step-up
1x20 bench
1x20 lunges
1x20 crunches

then repeated once.

I know I'm not going to the gym tomorrow as I've got a hospital appointment with Phoebe so I also did 20 minute HIIT session today afterwards. Macros to follow.

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20 minutes HIIT on cycle, HR 150 - 180.

Actually put my diet on Fitday today, works out better than I thought. :o

1,177 cals, 141.6g carbs (44%), 99.6g protein (36%), 25.8g fat (20%). Probably need to up the protein a little but I'll see how it goes.

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Gonna be sore tomorrow...

Diet has to be altered - this is the third day in a row I've come in under 1000 cals. :mad: I'll chuck in some extra protein and a bit of extra carbs (right now I'm on less than 10% fat so that can stay as it is).

Hard leg workout to make up for missing it last week (don't ask, barely got time to sleep).

5 minutes cycle, HR 130-140.

Leg press 1x12@60kg (this worked out to around 132 pounds - can't be right, surely???), 1x10@70kg, 1x8@80kg, 1x6@90kg.

Leg extension 1x12@20kg, 1x10@25kg, 1x8@30kg, 1x6@35kg.

Cable row 1x12@9.5kg, 1x10@12.5kg, 1x8@16.5kg, 1x6@20kg.

Squat 1x12@56 (lbs - confused yet? lol), 1x10@67, 1x8@78, 1x6@89.

Farmers walk round gym four times carrying 19kg db's (got some funny looks which was funny).

Lunges 1x20@5.5kg

Plie squats 1x20@10kg

Step-ups 1x20@7kg.

20 minutes stretching - and my hips and lower back feel a lot better. Glutes and has aren't anywhere near as tight as they were a few weeks back. Getting there. :)

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No workout today...well, technically...

Diet still 90% clean, although succumbed to the lure of a handful of peanuts (my hands are kind of small so it wasn't that many really). :D

No workout as such, just my usual running round like a headless chicken (which for me is a "get woken up at six, get up at seven, run round all day doing the usual and not sitting down until gone nine pm to do some studying" kind of day).

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Good workout today, hit an absolute high during my cardio and actually enjoyed it for the first time in ages - and considering it was HIIT and I was grinning at the end of it, that's no mean feat. :D

5 minutes cycle, HR 150-160.

Weighted crunch 3x20@15 *
Oblique crunch 3x20
One-arm db row 3x20@15 *
Good mornings 3x20@15 *

* Need to up weight.

20 minutes HIIT, HR 160-183.

Diet not too bad, upped my protein and veg intake and dropped carbs slightly (switched to v.low calorie bread too so when I do have it, it's half the cals of before).

I'm in awe of that workout though - it hurt so bad but felt so damn good. Funny how that works LOL :D

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A bleurgh day...tomorrow will be better.

Kept it light, kept it intense and unfortunately had to cut it short due to time restraints. I've got HIIT tomorrow, so the exercises I missed today I'll fit in then.

5 minutes cycle, HR 160-180.

Circuit 1 (repeated x3)
Bench x12 *
Incline x12 *
Dips x10
Cable row x12 *

Circuit 2 (repeated x2, timed out)

Military press x12 *
Arnold twists x12 *
Side raises x10
Front raises x10 *
Zottman curls x12 *

* Need to increase weight.

Good starting point, need to increase the weight a little. The entire point of today was complete annihilation of my upper body and if I'd have upped the weight slightly and hadn't had one eye on the clock, I'd probably have done that.

Diet was atrocious, spent most of the day running round like a headless chicken and hadn't planned ahead, so my own fault. I tried to keep as clean as possible and at least got in plenty of fruit, veg and protein but somehow I don't think choccy bi****s count as carbs... :(

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Still kicking the best possible way.

Took a friend to the gym today, he's always asking how intensely he should be working out so I thought I'd show him.

10 minutes cycle, HR 140-150.

ATG squat 5x5@89
Deadlift 1x5@89, 1x5@111, 1x5@133, 1@155 (testing my arm out, felt fine)
Lunge 2x20@24
Step-up 2x20@24

Circuit, 1x20 repeated x3
Cable row
Decline crunch
Weighted crunch @33

10 minutes HIIT, HR 170-190.

Great day, needed to take it easy because of my arm's pretty much there, I think. :D

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Intensity is getting there.

Got some whey protein...woohoo! :D

Btw, inbetween journal entries, I'm not sitting on my butt, I'm doing a vast amount of walking. My arm still keeps locking up and after the last workout on the 15th, I could hardly move it for a good day or so. Obviously, I'm taking it a little easier but I'm still getting it in. Diet still clean.

Another circuit today, had no idea what I was doing till I got there but nevermind. :p

Circuit 1, 1x15 of each x3.
DB bench
Push ups x3 (I suck at these, ya rly)
Zottman curls (I actually like these, no idea why).

Circuit 2, 1x12 x3
Cable row
Bent-over row (this was a test - 33 pound plate and it hurt like a bitch lol)
Side raises
Front raises

Circuit 3, 1x20 x2.
Weighted crunch
Oblique crunch
Reverse crunch
Oblique cycle (no idea what the proper name is but I hate these)

10 minutes HIIT (omg, that killed me)

Followed by various yoga poses. My hips and lower back are starting to loosen up, hams and quads feel a lot better than before.

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Kicking my own butt again.

Another circuit, starting to like these even though they're SO difficult mentally!

10 mins cycle, HR 155-170.

1x20 of each repeated x3.

Plie squats


DB deadlift

Weighted crunch

Then 30 seconds cardio (twist, squat, punch with db's) after the first set and 1 minute (step-up, front raise and single leg extension with db's) after the second. Third set was followed with:

(20 of each x3)


Oblique crunch

Crunch with leg lift


Side plank

Then various yoga stretches.

Diet still clean, although I know more protein is probably needed. As per usual. :D

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