Feeling a little blue...

I'm trying to get my motivation up again. I recently had a break up with a good friend/boyfriend of mine and i can't eat and i just want to sleep. I have to get up on my ass again and start running and lift my spirit. I want to get in the best shape of my life. Work my ass off like i never done before!!! I want to change my life, my motive, my thinking and my attitude! I know i can do it!! 

Trying to get into shape

I've been trying to get into shape the last past months. I've tripped and failed in so many ways.. before I know I'm stuffing myself with chocolate and unhealthy food. But I always try to get on my feet again every single time. I think that that is the biggest change, my attitude.. I always get on my feet again and I keep on running towards my goals.. I only get there later than I want to :)  If only I could let the chocolate go.. I'm such a chocoholic!! :( I know I would be in better shape if I only could find some dicipline and be focused on my diet!! But I hang in there in some hope that I will get the motivation and inspiration one day :)

THis site and all the inspiration stories help me a lot!!! Thank you all!

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I need a good program

Today I woke up feeling so motivated. This all is getting deep into my mind and soul!! I really desire a big change in my life. I want to love myself and who I am, love my life and give something to others, motivation and inspiration. I have spent to many years of my life in self loathing and mild depression. I want to live life and do my best in every thing I set my mind to.

Now I need a plan, a good exercise plan and diet plan. I really want to take this to a next level and be determined and focused :)

I'm motivated! Hope you are too! :)

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So frustrated...

Oh i'm so frustrated yet trying to keep up the pace in exercising and eating healthy. I've got PCOS and my ugly scale doesn't go down.. even though I've been working my butt off.. I've been eating very healthy 5x a day and I do cardio exercise every day with some weight lifting. 

However, since I began lifting heavy weights my body is toning up. But I literally hate my scale.. 

I just wanted to write down my frustration and hope that change will come if I hang in there and keep up the good work...


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Day 1

Today is a new start. I did some cardio workout, ate healthy and read tons of success stories on bodybuilding.com. Wow the impact that the stories have on me!! I was so inspired. I know that this is it. My life is going to change. I have been on a jo-jo diet for a long time and now this is it. I am going to take a bigger step and take it further. 

I'm looking forward seeing results. 

Thanx :)

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