24 week update.

Today marks the end of 24 weeks of training and it was a pretty good week overall. On Tuesday I did a full squat at 365lbs for 1 rep, on Thursday I bench pressed 225lbs for 10 reps, and yesterday I pulled a 475lb deadlift for one rep. Three personal records in one week. Not bad.  :-) My weight loss has stagnated, however.  I'm still hovering around 229-231 for about the 3rd week in a row. But my strength is increasing and I am definitely getting leaner and adding muscle mass.  I can see some definite improvement in my upper chest. SO I will not be making an drastic changes to my diet.  I think it's pretty good right now.  I started supplementing with BCAAs three weeks ago, and I can see the difference in my strength already, as evidenced by my 3 PR's this week. Thanks to David (2nd_chance) and Bo_Flecks for steering me towards this important revelation. Thanks also to all the people that regularly stop by my journal and help to keep me motivated. Lastly thanks to my Lisa for everything she's done for me to allow me to excel.  It feels so good to be back in the gym. :-D -=FLEX=-

16 week update...

Been back at it for 16 weeks now. Tipped the scale at 239 this morning, and dead-lifted 405 for 1 rep yesterday. That is all..............    :) -=FLEX=-

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90 Day Stats Update

Sunday was the 90-Day mark for my re-entry into the bodybuilding world, so I thought I'd update my physical stats: STARTING STATS (January 10, 2010) WEIGHT: 245 lbs (ACK! ) BODY FAT: 30% ARMS:17" CALVES: 17.75" CHEST: 51" FOREARMS:13.5" HIPS: 41" THIGHS: 26" WAIST:46" NECK:18" SHOULDERS:55" END STATS (April 12, 2010) WEIGHT:244.5 BODY FAT:28% ARMS:18.25" CALVES:18.25" CHEST:50.5" FOREARMS:14.25" HIPS:40" THIGHS:27.5 WAIST:44" NECK:18" SHOULDERS:56.25" The Bodyfat is as per my digital bathroom scale. I suspect it's a tad higher than what my actual bodyfat % is, based on what I see in the mirror. BUt I have no other way to measure it. In short, I've added a fair amount of muscle and lost some fat.  The goal now is to keep losing fat and slowly build muscle. I've really fine-tuned my diet in the last 4 weeks or so, and have seen a slow but steady drop in bodyweight, while increasing strength/muscle and I am starting to see a bit of definition, especially in my shoulders and legs. -=FLEX=-

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275 lb Bench Press in week #10

When I started lifting again on January 11 of this year I barely squeezed out 2 reps at 185 on flat bench, and a week later I only got one rep at that weight.
Today I did 185 for 12, 225 for 6 and 275 for 1 rep. Nice and slow, bar all the way to my chest, little pause (no bounce) then I pushed it all the way up nice and slow and locked out, and my ass stayed on the bench.
That's a 90lb increase in 9 weeks. I know I won't keep getting stronger at this pace, but it's good to have a semi-respectable amount of weight on the bar already. -=FLEX=-

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8 week status report

I just finished 8 weeks of training after nearly 7 years away from the sport. The goal is to lose my beer belly and get back into shape.  When I stopped training 7 years ago I was benching 315 and squatting 405. I would like to get there again by my 43rd birthday this August.As of this week I am squatting 335 and benching 255 for 1 rep max, but with good form. I have also lost an inch off my waist and two inches off my belly while adding an inch to my biceps and quads.  My shoulders have also exploded in size.  My back and chest are coming along, although not as pronounced. That is to be expected as I always had the most trouble growing my back and upper chest.  I've put about a quarter inch on my calves as well. The biggest change for me was cutting back on my beer intake.  I have eliminated drinking beer from Sunday to Thursday, but I still drink on Friday and Saturday.   I get my chops busted for this all the time, but so be it. I am currently training 6 days a week using the following routine:

  • Monday - Chest (Flat Bench Press, Incline DB Press, Incline Presses, Pec Deck

  • Tuesday - Back (Wide Grip T-Bar Rows, Seated Close Grip Rows, Wide Grip Pull-downs, Close Grip Pull-downs)

  • Wednesday - Legs (Squats, Hack slides or Leg Press, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Calves)

  • Thursday - Shoulders (Seated overhead presses, Seated DB presses, Lateral Raises, Front Raises, Rear Delts)

  • Friday - Arms (Close Grip Bench Press, Barbell Curls, Press-downs, Hammer or Cable Curls)

  • Saturday - Legs  (Squats, Hack slides or Leg Press, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Calves)

I also do 30 minutes of cardio on almost every day that I train, with very few exceptions.  About 50% of the time I squeeze in 45 minutes. That's it for my first BodyBlog entry... -=FLEX=-

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