Happy Memorial Day

I would like to take a little time out and express my sincere thoughts about what this day really means. For those of you who may not know, heres a recap. I would like to personally (and as i write this, i have the chills...no joke) thank each and everyone of our brothers and sisters in the armed forces for each and EVERY minute they stand proud! Thank you for what you do to secure, uphold and protect our great country. Now, in the past and into the future. There is no greater sacrifice than the one you all embrace. For those of you who are against war...can you please acknowledge that these men and woman still do it for you as well. Many have given their lives and many more will follow...for this i am forever greatful. Please, take a moment to reflect on this and go on with your day knowing that it was made possible by our Armed Forces!!!

Wow, WTF are you thinking?

Ok, another meaningless blog from me...FATBOYSTICK! This one has to do with stereotyping. I have a real problem with this. I have been through a lot growing up and have been around and lived in a lot of diverse demographics. I've been around a lot of different people in my lifetime. This being said...i give everyone the respect i would like to have. I start everyone out on what i call a "piece of string". You let that string burn to nothing and you've made a BIG mistake. Sure, i shave my head, have a goatee and a few tattoos. Im a little bigger than the average guy (in the physique department)...so, yes, i can be intimidating at times. But you know what....i am a very nice guy with very good morals. I know right from wrong and treat my friends like family. I would gice you the shirt off my back. More peole would know this too if not for stereotyping. Thats fine w/ me however. Not my loss. Some other examples of this are as follows. As you can tell by my profile... i like to workout. i workout 5 days a week and am completely dedicated to it. I ENJOY it and the benefits that come with it. That being said....I DO IT FOR MYSELF and no one else. Sure, if people think i look good...bonus; if kids like me to show them my biceps...bonus; if my kids think i can kick the Incredible Hulks ass....i will let them think that...lol. Point is....thats all nice and dandy...but if none of that happened...you know what..im still gonna wake up at 4:45am and get my ass to the gym. I dont care if most people think i do it because i strive for thier attention or i do it for the ladies or i do it to show off......F@#K 'em! I DO IT FOR ME!!! Think what you want...but you are missing out on the real me. Heres another example. I recently took on another job. I am doing security for a local hang out here. Its a great place with a lot of cool people and staff. A buddy and i take our Harleys up there weekly. I did this type of thing back when i was in college. I enjoy it. I enjoy walking around, meeting people and joking around, etc. Its a good fit for my personality. Well, some peole see it a bit differently. Some might say, once again, i do it for the ladies....NOT! I got enough problems in my life right now (nothing against you ladies...lol). Some might say its because im vain and egotistcal. Whatever! I do it because i enjoy it, and if im gonna work another job...i want to at least enjoy my time doing it. Sure, im gonna have the occasional problem with disorderlies...but really...who the hell doesnt...hehe! Point once again is.....dont stereotype me. It is not fair to me and really...not fair to yourself. You will miss out at meeting a GENUINELY nice guy. I could go on and on but i think ive proven my point...if not...chime in....criticize my point of view, praise me, whatever.......tell me your opinions. If you want more examples...i got examples o'plenty. Until next time......take care and live for today...no one knows what tomorrow brings!!!

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Ok, sorry for the long time between blogs but i have been very busy. Mostly over in the Forum section. I have been selected by BEAST SPORTS NUTRITION to log a poduct called "2Shredded". Its a great thermo. For those interested, go check it out.....NOW!.lol. The log location is in my signature. Be sure to leave any comments or questions and i will definitelty reply to each and every one of them. You can also see my progress thru just ONE month of using it. My most recent progress pics are there as well as before pics (in beginning of log). Ive got about a month to go and i am very excited about the final outcome. I've been putting a lot of time into this and that includes better focus in the gym, eating and all other aspects  such as cardio. So, check it out people and let me know what you think about my log. Ideas and such welcome as well.

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Who wants some of this......

Ok, so here is the deal. I am at the point in life where i would like to see what i really can do with my self-discipline and determination. I have all the foundations set and just need a continuous flow of positive reinforcement. I would like to get a lot of that reinforcement from a reputable company by means of being sponsored and representing them. i am however new to this and am trying to learn more about how it works, etc.

I am 36 years old and have been working out for years. I have a lot of background in the area. I owned and operated a personal training business for over 5 years. I work for the United States Postal Service and interact with a lot of people daily. I am constantly being approached at work, on the street and at the gyms about working out, eating, etc. See where i am going here? I am in the field where YOUR customers are EVERYDAY. If given an opportunity i can help promote and educate people about YOUR products and company background. It is a win-win situation for both of us! I have a short list of companies that i have confidence in and would like to hear from you. Now, that is not to say that some of you new, up and comers need not contact me. i will do my research and see if your are reputable and worthy of representing. So...hop to it and lets get busy!

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Never knew how much i missed it.....

Wow, i have dicided to start working out at a gym again recently due to a couple of different reasons. The main reason was to avoid the morning traffic. Im a good 30 miles from work and the traffic is horrible most days. Now i leave at 5:15 am and am at the gym and working out by 6am. Better yet, i am not rushed to finish uop cuz im only a few minutes from work too! The second reason was that i have recently decided to really see what i can do with my knowledge and past experiences and the help of others here along w/ my strong discipline and dedication i show when i am set on something to rally see what i can do with my body and hopefully get some type of endorsements/sponsors or whatever. Well, these two reasons got me back to a gym and now that im back in one, i have really seen how much i miss the atmosphere. I have even run into a couple old friends and one that i use to work with as a personal trainer long ago. I have even thought about getting recerted..but not sure. Anyway, i love my home gym...but it is not quite the same and it is so much easier at a gym. The ride in is effortless, and i have a lot less distractions there. Ahhhh...home sweet home....lol

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All I've ever asked for was to be given a Chance!

Ok, couple of things before you get any further into this blog. One, it is a bit lengthy due to the detail and two, i am not "crying" or "whining" about anything recent or in my past but rather using a synopsis of my past to point out information to better explain the reason and title of this blog. Things may jump around a bit but will come together overall. You are about to get to know me a lot better. If you have any questions or comments, i will do my best to answer them and appreciate all comments left.

Ok, here we go! I was born in Colorado and moved to Wisconsin pretty much right away. I grew up in the country and moved out to Arizona when i was 12. I currently reside in Queen Creek, AZ. When i was 3 i started having problems with my ears (nerve disease). From the time i was three (3) until i was twelve (12) i had rattled off over twenty (20) operations on both ears. I spent a large amount of my youth in the hospital, going back and forth from Wisconsin to Rochchester, Minnesota. Whats in Minnesota, well, that is where the Mayo Clinic is, and coincidently where my operations were done. Now, as you all know...growing up even a "little" different as a kid can be hell. Now imagine doing it wearing hearing aids. And im not talking about the ones like today where they fit in or behind your ears. Im talking about contraptions that looked like banana clips w/ wires hanging down and going into a harness that holds the aid. Kind of like the computer age...you know...the first one was frikkin huge, right?, now you can almost stick them in a folder....lol. Anyway, back to me...hehe. As you can probably imagine, i was called every name you can think of, on the wrong side of jokes, chased around the school, bullied and most obvious...discriminated against almost my entire youth. Add in the fact that my name is Ray...hmmm....not fun. You know....You can call me Ray, you can call me Jay, etc, etc and of course the famous "Ray is Gay". Now, i have no problem with anyones sexual preference, but if you are called something you are not...that hurts, especially compounded with my ear situation. Ok, now....going to school was an adventure everyday...seriously! i was pretty much a loner (and pretty much not by choice). I had few friends and the ones i had were pretty much the neighborhood kids who had gotten to KNOW me and accepted me for who and what i was. I was the kid who was picked last OR just not picked period.  So, needless to say, i started to do individual things. I started to do track events, shoot hoops, etc. I turned out being pretty good at athletics. i taught myself how to play baseball (w/ the neighborhood kids), football, race dirt bikes, etc.. I could climb any tree in Wausau, Wisconsin...lol!

Ok, whew....umm my parents were having problems (not that i knew at the time), but my father was gone a lot. He was/is a truck driver and often was gone for days. My mother was working so we were w/ babysitters a lot. As you can problably imagine, my brother and i spent a lot of time together and were pretty close. We endured a lot. He was always worried about me going to the hospital and i worried about him and his asthma. One time we had been at a babysitter while my dad was out trucking and mother at work. I decided the people that were watching us were not very nice and i decided to "attempt" to bundle my brother up and take us home. Mind you, it was the dead of winter. For those of you who dont know about Wisconsin and winter...it is VERY cold and a lot of snow. Anyway, as i "broke" my brother and i out of the house we made our way across the playground area. We loved in a mobile home park at the time, so our house was across the way. Anyway, i got my brother there but not without complications. If it had not been for a neighbor hearing us yell and scream at "our" door for our mom to let us in, my brother would have lost some fingers and possibly toes from frostbite. Umm, we were put into a hospital and my brother escaped with minor frostbite (a couple fingers are not quite staright) and i was fine. I guess i didnt bundle him up good enough. Oh, i was i believe 6 at the time and he was 4. Shortly after that we moved into a home out in the country and shortly after that my parents seperated. Now, i was 7 years old and in and out of the hospital. My point is that for the longest time, i blamed myself for my father leaving my mother (because i was such a pain in the ass to take care of). Now, due to me being somewhat secluded (both by my own means and by means of no one wanting to be my friend becuase i was different), i ended up getting pretty smart and from getting chased and picked on all the time, got quite physical...lol. But you see, no one really knew this because i was never given the chance to join the ball game or picked to answer questions or what not. To everyone else, i was just a dumbass retard that couldnt hear and because of that, was assumed i couldnt do anything else either. It wasnt until 6th grade that i was "found" by some. My first year in middle school i tried out for flag football and was so good, that people actually wanted me to play for them. But, it still didnt translate to anything outside of that. In fact, socially, it got worse. I remember one time, there was this kid named Louis (ill leave his last name out...but i still do remember it..lol) used to flick my ear in music class and often would make my hearing aid whistle. After so much of this i dont know what happened but i turned around and told him to leave me the mailto:F@#$ alone. Well, he didnt take to this well and promptly informed me that he was gonna personally hand me my ass on th eway home the next day after school. You see, i walked to and from school..and he knew this. Soooo, me being scared ****less i went home to tell my mom top pick me up because i was gonna get killed. Louis probably outweighed me by about 50 lbs and was a good 3-4 inches taller. Well, good ol' mom had to work double shift and didnt get the note! So, on the next day, i started my walk home, accompanied by what seemed half the school and my new friend Louis. Before i knew it, i had been hit in th ehead from behind and my hearing aid (part of it) went flying in one direction and my glasses went off in another direction. Oh crap, i forgot to tell you i ALSO had glasses. SO had that to all my earlier situations and assume the worst....lol. Anyway, that was the last time Louis hit me...i turned aroud and pummeled him. I had to be pulled off him. This is the reason for the HULK tattoo on my right shoulder. I was no longer picked on that year, in fact i was taken in by Clint (last name left out). he was the scholl badass and he pretty much let me tag along and i was finally given a chance to make some friends (although i would have rather done it a different way).

Ok, i am now around 12. My mother (and father for that matter) have both remarried. Well, my mother and step-father moved my brother and i out here to Arizona> It was very tough at first for reasons you can imagine. Leaving the best friends i had, worrying about making new friends, etc. By this time, i have gone through most all of my ear operations and have pretty much stablized. I have had a few more throughout the years, but minor compared to early childhood. Things have gotten a little better for me as far as friends. still didnt have a lot, and th eones i did...well...we were the nerds, etc kinda cliche. But over the course of junior high and up until high school i was continuously left out. I have tried numerous times to get a chance to do things, but to no avail. It was like i was accidentally overlooked, but i knew what was going on. Well, my first year i went new school and played tackle football...i was phenomonal. i used to be called the kid with the golden fingers. i was at a all time high. well, that didnt last long, because next year i went on to High School and with that came new teammates and new coaches. I went to varsity football camp all three years of high school football, but when it came around to the regular season i was overlooked due to me being new kid and the two kids in front of me being of a specific religion and/ or related to th ehead coach. i was told time and again by teammates and position coaches that i should be given my chance and opportunity because i was simply good enough. But, once again...wasnt even given my chance. I just needed one chance to show what i had. This is at the varsity level as a sophmore. I went back to JVso i could play and played very well on both sides of the ball. The same thing happened my junior year and much of my senior year. i had a few very good moments in garbage time but was NEVER given my chance. I know could have impressed. I went on to play a year at a community college as was overshadowed by a scholarship player. He had dropped more than half is passes and i RARELY did. Yet, because he was a burner...and he was cocky, etc...he was the man. Once again, no chance. I out practiced people, outplayed whe i did play and was a much better teammate. But, sorry...no. Well, i ended up geting hit by a drunk driver and spent the next six mnths rehabbing lower back muscles due to it at a sports clinic. I had lost all focus on the one thing i loved dearly (football) and for three years, didnt work out or anything...except gain weight. I finally got the itch again and played two years of organized football untill i started a family and new responsibilities. I was now working for a company and was very good at what i was doing. I was up for a promotion but was passed over because...none other...they had to meet quotas...and i know you all know what i mean by that. Once again,. passed over. I was raised by an marine and always wanted to serve my counrty and see the world. I had freinds go into the service. Well, i went down to MEPS...aced everything except...you guessed it...the hearing test. This was for the Marines. Ok, ill try the Air Force...nope..sorry....Navy....no again..same thing...ears. Damn, i even had a friend whos father was an Army recruiter who knew me and knew of my dedication, desire and capabilities to be a very good soldier. He couldnt get me in th eArmy either....I even appealed to the President. Never heard a thing back. I wasnt asking to be a green beret or seal or anything...just get me in and find me a place. Hell, people lode thier hearing all th etime in th eservice and they find places for them. With my aid, i hear almost as good as normal. Once again, not given a chance to be what i know i would have been..a damn good soldier! I am gonna speed this up a bit as it is even a little lengthier than i had imagined. I shouold write a damn book......lol. Situations like the prior have happened all  my life.....either i tried like hell to get a chance or whatever the case and seem to not even get the chance. I have tried out for things such as "Survivor" and got no response. I know if i got a call back, i would impress. I recently tried out for :American Gladiator" and had a very good tryout. I KNOW if i got a call back, i would impress. If after th ecall back, im not what you are looking for...fine...at least you gave me chance. I have overcome a lot and never turned to drugs or violence or anyhthing. I am one of th enicest guys and down to earth you will EVER meet. i am honest, loyal and very likeable. I would give you the shirt off my back if need be. I always try to do the right thing by both myself, my family and what the society deems right. I get knocked down an awful lot but get right back up. Some of my coworkers are amazed at how easy i nake a negative a positive. I try to remain that way all th etime. I have molded myself into a very good person and do unto others as id like done to me. I am a big believer in what goes around, comes around...no matter how hard or difficult it is...i still get up everyday and try again...its gonna come around...someday. I have a beautiful family. Been married for almost 15 years. I have four AWESOME kids that i cant wait toi get home to to give them a hug. I worked two jobs for over ten years so my wife could stay home with the kids. I recently quit(a year ago)my city job so i could spend time with my family and friends but am having a hard time financially now and may go back to work a second job until my youngest is in full day (next school season...yeah;), then my wife is gonna go to work while they are in school. I graduated in top 10% of my high school and went to college on a scholarship (without wearing my hearing aid most of my senior year so iwas more socially accpted...i just sat in front row and payed good attention...lol). Im the first person to graduate college in my family. I have worked my as off for EVERYTHING i have. I never asked anyone for anything other than one thing....Just give me a chance. If i cant do anything with that, then move on...but at least i had my chance. Without it, you will never get to know me, who i am , what i am about or what will happen when you give someone a chance that will take full atvantage of that chance. There you have it. I am sure i missed some things....questions abound, but in a nutshell, i hope i made my point. Im not the only one...i have seen people who have been unbelievable but will never be given a chance...and for us..that is all we are asking for...a chance. We are not asking to be given anything. We will be more than willing to earn it...but we need to be given a chance. Comments and questions will gladly be accpted and answered..and i can take consructive criticism. Thank you taking a look at this and take care.

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Future Gladiator?

Ok, for all those who have been following and supporting me, here is update for Gladiator try-outs. I got to Chandler around 7am (try-outs start at 10am) and was still number 95 in line! BUT...that was nothing compared to those who shortly followed. When it was all said and done, the line wrapped all the way around the strip mall. There was OVER 1000 people there today...soooo...95 was quite nice...lol. Ok, wasnt to bad waiting either, i had my brother and best friend with me to hang out and support me. Plus, i met a lot of cool people there as well. We all hung out and had a good time...was not boring one bit. There were a lot of people there from out of state as well, so that was cool to see how popular the show was getting and how determined some people were. I brought a bunch of food and stuff to snack on and eat/drink so no problem there. They were taking us in in groups of 5 so it didnt really seem to take to long once doors opened. I entered the building around 1145am and was checked in where theuy take your application and take a mug shot of you. From there, they direct you to a room where you can stretch and warm-up. after about 10 minutes , someone comes out and gets you. My "Coach" was Neal. He was cool and went over everything nicely! First up was pull-ups where you are to get as many as you can in 30 seconds. Now, i knew this was gonna be my weakness for a couple reasons but mostly because not being able to do them directly while training because i train at home. Well, i actually did better than i thought i would as i knocked out 16 of them before time was up. Next was the burpie station (and while walking there Neal told me it was a pleasure to have me and guys like me to put thru and i asked him why and he responded with "because guys like you inspire me", i thought that was frikkin AWESOME and even lit my fire more). Anyway, back to the Burpies...i promptly knocked out 21 of them in my 30 second frame (pretty good i think for my size-223 pounds). Then i had to go thru shuttle/karoke thing deal and wnet up and down that. Last was the suicides where you have to go up and down (counts as one) ten times. I killed that as well and was so stoked i kept going...he had to tell me i was done as i kept rolling!. Finally, we walk over to another room where they do a quick interview. Neal walked me over there and told me i had a great workout and handed me off to my interviewer (nice young lady by the name of Jessica). She asked me some questions regarding where i was from, family, work, etc. Then she tells me that she was good and tells me to look forward for a possible call back. Soooooo....fingered crossed for that. On my way out i got a pic with WOLF as i was telling him not to get to comfortable and that i was taking his spot next year. He laughed and shook my hand and i got a pic. I walked confidently out of the building pumping my fist and clapping..........to be continued hopefully.

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This is it....Gladiators beware...lol

 This is it....leaving in about a half hour. I am gonna get there around 7am (lines form at 8am and try-outs start at 10am). Ive got my best friend and brother taging along for support and company while i  wait. I am bringing my "lunch bucket" filled with vitamin water, muscle milk and some other goodies. Talk to ya later. Thanks again to all of those who have given me kind words of support. i WILL report back later this afternoon/evening. I do not intend on going there to waste my time!

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Gladiator Slayer

Hey everyone...been a long time since i blogged. i have been sooooo busy! outside of work and family, things have been crazy. Been away for awhile. Im glad to be back and catching up. Anyway, the news for the day...drum roll please............Saturday, February 9th i am going to Chandler to try out to be a contestant for next seasons "American Gladiators". I have been training hard, but wish i had more time to train more specifically for the try-outs. I was made aware of the fact that that open cast were coming near me only two months ago...soooooo...i plan on kickin ass and hopefully with a little luck, i will be representn' ya all next season. Ok, until next time....."no good deed goes unpunished"

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Well, i have been cutting for over a month now and have gone from around 225 lbs. to around 210 lbs. Keep in mind that is is pretty frikkin hot here in AZ and i walk 8 miles a day delivering mail. Sooo, i get a lot of help from that. Mix in with that, i have been eating a LOT better as of late. I was a little shocked that i had lost as much as i did however. I have been trying to get a little more cut and get my six pack showing....its comingt a long great. i will post pics soon. But the REAL bonus is that all this time, my weights have maintained or have gotten BETTER! So, bottom line is that i am doing exactly what i want to be doing. This also shows me that i have  a good 10-15 pounds of muscle to put on over time now to reach my goal of 220-225lbs @ 8-10% BF. Take care all.

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What pisses you off?

Hers one for ya. I am right in th emiddle of some serious tricep bench presses right?....get all psyced out and raise the bar. All of the sudden, here comes the ol' lady and walks right to the side of me and places her god damn dumbbells right to the side....all the while...sucking every ounce of concentration i had. I got 5 out of 8 reps up and promptly lost it and there lay the bar...on my frikkin chest! Why dont you just come over next time, pull up a chair and start talking about what happened on Dr. Phil next time. Thanks honey.

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Are you Frikkin crazy?

Hey everyone...well, for those three of you that are following my blog...lol. Anyway, i forgot about this blog thing...still havent instilled it yet. None the less, i was wondering what some og you do to "get ready" for your workouts? What are some of the crazy things you do, say, superstitions, what not. I myself just have to remind myself what my goals are and what i have to do to achieve them. Then i throw a litlle Metallica, godsmack, Zombie, Transplants...you get the picture. Then when i am doing sets, i tend to be a little hard on myself by talking to myself and the weights. Then...whalaa...the workouts takes care of the rest. Ok, your turn.........lets see what ya got!

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Wanna get high?

Hey, i gotta say, i have never been into drugs of any kind. Never been the addictive type, which is a good thing. I can start and stop without giving a **** one way or another. Anyway, i must say...i am a fan of the "Natural" high. Thge feeling i get after working out is absolutely awesome. It sets the tone for my entire day. The euphoria i get from the release of enorphins is ridiculously drug like (as far as i understand). I can definitley tell the difference from when i take my off days. I get the same type of feeling every time i take my Harley out for a ride, whether it be just to work or out on pleasure ride. By myself or with friends. I used to cliff jump, extreme ski, race dirt bikes, etc. Stuff like that, and it would do the same thing for me...give me "Natural" highs. How can you not love it...the effects of drugs without the side effects! Anyone else care to share some "natural" high stories...working out or whatever! Take care and talk to ya soon.

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camping trip

Hey, just got back from camping trip and i gotta say...those two day sof training i missed haunted me...lol. I am back to mindset where i hate to misss my workouts. Its not a bad thing, really. I will make it up this week. I needed to take a tricep day off anyway (havent in months) but i should make up my shoulder day. Anyway, beyond the missed workouts was the nutrition aspect. I ate...well...like you do when you camp...lol. I had far to many chips and stuff like that. Ate fast food for the first time in months. Good thing, i havent missed anything. Monday will be here soon enough and i will fall right back in place. Never thought i would say i cant wait for Monday...lol. Take care all, talk to ya soon.

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How often?

Hey, just curious, but i was wondering how often you people check out your bodyspace page and all the contents it offers. Really, this concept is great. By going to bodyspace daily, it will instantly remind me and reset my desires. I get a lot of motivation from my current stats and ones im working towards and of course the motivation i get from all the others here on the site. I check in at least once daily, often more. I am very busy, but when i get time...i will uh...write a blog entry, respond to comments, issue comments, read and response in th eforums and much more. Anyway, how often and why do you participte or check into bodyspace?


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