Starting on the Kris Gethin Hardcore Trainer

Well I started a diet... I haven't really dieted down since the end of '08 to the beginning of '09.  Not only that, but I've started the new routine as well.  My body is more sore than its been in quite some time right now.  I did about two weeks of the diet in an initial phase where I was still able to eat out and eat fats for a couple weeks to work my way into it.  I began the strict diet this past Sunday, four days ago.  Already I'm having some cravings but I haven't given in yet and I won't give in later.  After all, this strict diet is only 12 weeks or so.  Having a finish line is definitely a nice thing.

The training is kicking my ass.  I took a week out of the gym before I started since I won't get a break for 12 weeks.  It was a scheduled deload week anyway... perfect time to start.  The first workout back being legs though was a little rough.  I threw up before I could finish the last set of Hack Squats so I decided to call it a day there.  After all, I still had to do 20 minutes of cardio afterwards.  Then on chest day, I did pretty well though I overestimated some of the weights since I'm not used to going to failure every set.  I normally wait until the last set or two to completely burn out.  That was new but I'll be able to compensate from here on.

I have Back today and am really looking forward to it.  I've never tried the FST-7 before so it'll be new and by the looks of it, it'll be tough as hell too.  Talk about a bonus!

Well, lets get on with it and turn this 240lb fatass into a lean, mean lifting machine by April!

-Capt. Geno

Not quite the beginning...

So I want to write down a brief history first.  This is primarily a journal, but if anyone else is reading, Hi.  So my workouts started when I was in track and field and cross country in high school.  I lifted high reps, low weight and it was mostly to augment my running and high jump abilities.  After that, i went to the Air Force Basic Training where they really put you through your paces but again, not too much more that aerobic activity and exercises using pure body weight (still tough though).  At that point I was around 6'1", 145lbs with a BF% of about 5-7 if I had to guess.  Then came tech school with pizzas almost every night and a lot of freedom that I, quite liberally, used.  My weight rose and my body fat rose with it, to about 160lbs and 12%.  After that, I came back home, had a kid, got married and just let myself go. My worst shape got to be about 235lbs. and a body fat percentage that I don't even want to guess at.  Needless to say it wasn't muscle that I was gaining.  At that time, I had just split with my wife after a couple years and was attempting to do the AF PT test.  I got about a quarter the way through the 1.5m run before I fell down and almost passed out.  That was two years ago.  That was also when I decided that I couldn't live that way anymore. After that, i started working out 3 or 4 times a week, started changing my diet and, sadly, took some diet pills to help with my weight.  I did pretty well, dropping about 50lbs in 6 months.  Then i got a new job, life got a little hectic and I got out of the gym for about 6 months and went from 185lbs back up to about 205lbs.  When I started really noticing it myself, I decided that I was not going to be that person ever again so I was definitely getting back into the gym.  That, my friends, was one year ago. Since that time, I have hovered around 200lbs but have steadily been gaining muscle while loosing fat.  I realized how quickly I gained back the weight I lost so I figured instead of a diet for a few months and taking pills, I would change my entire lifestyle permanently.  Thus far, its working out.  While I haven't lost weight per say, my body fat percentage has dropped to around 12-13% and my strength has increased (bench went from 185lbs to 225lbs). Moving on to more recent changes, I have changed my workout from a seven day rotation to a 5 day rotation with a 5-way split between chest and triceps/back and biceps/shoulders/legs/abs.  Sometimes abs and legs are combined in one day to save some time.  Also, i have been trying to increase my aerobic activity as I really want to get my body fat percentage down to around 8% and one can only do so much with anaerobic exercise alone.  I normally either do 30 - 45 minutes of running/biking after a lifting routine or I split my days and go for a run/bike several hours before or after my lifting.  It seems to be working as I've gotten down to about 194lbs while still increasing my strength... so here's hoping.  Scratch that, there is no hope in this, it's all about how much effort I'm willing to give and right now, that's quite a bit.  So until next time, work hard and lift harder. -Captain Geno

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