I hope it's true - I already burned away another 1% bodyfat!

I have been using the same Tanita Body Composition Analyzer (the big one located at my local pharmacy) for about 3 years now.  It apparently works by sending and electro-current through the body, entering the body through by way of the bare feet being in contact with two metal pads (looks like a sophisticated scale).  While I am a wee bit skeptical of it's accuracy, it's the best thing I've got to go by for now (well, that and checking for abs every day!).  1 year ago, Tanita read me at 119lbs, and almost 22% bodyfat!  (That was with just over 93lbs of lean bodyweight). I just started a more serious approach to my training and diet, especially, early this June.  After 4 years of consistent training and eating fairly clean (nothing compared to what "clean" is meaning these days...) I felt frusterated by the lack of progress I was seeing in my body.  I still felt thick and lacking definition - I hated my tummy. So early June, I started tweaking and tracking my diet. I am still amidst the guesswork stage and could use some guidance but I am seeing results already!  Thank God, literally, cause I have been hungry and praying to keep my hands away from the next big carb binge. 5 years ago (when I re-discovered fitness) this was my Tanita reading:

  • Female, 27 years old, 5'3. (126.61 lbs)

  • 25.9% bodyfat

  • 32.9 lb fat mass

  • 93.8 fat-free mass

  • 63.6 lb total body water

Another two years later, here is where I was:

  • Female, 29 years old, 5'.3", (126.21 lbs)

  • 24.5% bodyfat

  • 31 lb fat mass

  • 95.2 lb fatfree mass

  • 69.6 lb total body water

And another 2 years later, and well into more vigorous training...

  • Female, 31 years old, 5'.3", (128.4 lb)

  • 19.6% body fat

  • 25.2 lb fat mass

  • 103.2 lb fatfree mass

  • 75.6 lb total body water

There was some yo-yo'ing with a couple pounds lost and then gained that year (mainly muscle loss and some fat).  This is where I started to get antsy and wanted solid results I could count on. Jump to late-June, since I can't find the early-June readings:

  • June 23rd - Female, 32, 5'.3", (119.8 lb)

  • 18. % body fat

  • 21.6 lb fat mass

  • 98.2 fat free mass

  • 71.8 lb total body water


  • July 1st - Female, 32, 5'.3", (121.2 lb)

  • 18% body fat

  • 22 lb fat mass

  • 99.6 lb fat free mass

  • 73 lb total body water


  • July 7th - Female, 32, 5'.3", (119.6 lb)

  • 18.3% body fat

  • 21.8 lb fat mass

  • 97.6 lb fat free mass

  • 71.4 lb total body water


  • July 19th - Female, 32, 5'.3", (120.6 lbs)

  • 16.7 %  body fat

  • 20.2 lb fat mass

  • 100.4 fat free mass

  • 73.6 total body water

Like I said, I am a wee-bit skeptical about the accuracy since I see that there are 1-2 lb fluctuations in my body-water which seems to fit the discrepencies in the 1-2 pound body weight fluctuations too...   Has anyone else tried the Tanita?  Any thoughts?        


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