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Being my own scientist

I've come to a point in my fitness life where I've been stuck with the same run around and not getting the results I'm wanting.  For me, I know it's ALL about the "diet" even though we know that's not what we call it.  I'm active as a tire technician and even at the gym, but how much cleaner could I be eating?  I started to research on the whole, eating for your blood type, desperate for some kind of light bulb to come on.  I won't say one came on, but I'd say it's been flickering and everything I read was just enough to push me further in carb depleting, hard core so I can get really lean like I've been in the past.  I'm talking cutting out most, if now all fruits and having my diet consist of meats, veggies and dairy.  I'm needing to get lean, like competition lean and I'm determined to get there.  But with this new found information, whether it be true or not, it's given me something to test out on myself.  I'm looking forward to seeing how and what results come.

I never learn

Tire DivaI'm always pushing myself physically.  First at work as a tire technician, and then the gym.  When I get the buzz to lift hard and heavy, it's go time.  But eventually (only a matter of time) it catches up to me.  I know I have back issues, but the kicker for me is knowing how to handle it when my back gives and it's fix it or be out of the game.  Stupid thing is that my mentality tells me to keep fighting the fight.  Even after I hurt my back, I still had to go to the gym, just to be in that atmosphere so I wasn't feeling deprived.  To see my gym buddies and to feed off of the energy of lifting.  I couldn't lift or work out like I wanted to, but being there just pushed me to get myself better and ready to return with a vengeance.  Injuries don't have to be the end.  So long as there's a muscle in my body to contract, I'll always be working out.

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I'm offensive.......

I've offended someone at my gym by working out in my sports bra. Haha. see a friend/trainer at my gym pulled me aside and gave me a heads up to tell me that a couple of people have been offended by seeing me working out in my sports bra. Can you believe it? Ya I know, it's a small town stigma. I was pissed at first, but then the more I thought about it, it just fueled my fire to get in even better shape. I've been cutting carbs, jacking up my cardio, and watching my body become more lean each week. If this is offensive in a gym........then what hope do we have outside of our haven/gym? I dare these people to come at tell me I'm's just gona give me more motivation to continue being myself, showing who I am, and not matter what.

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Not waiting for the new year to start.

I've never been one to set new years resolutions cause I always knew what I "needed" to do. I hated when people would say, "my diet doesn't start until after the holidays. Ya, I'd binge like crazy over the holidays and say when it's all over, then I'll jump back onto the fitness wagon. Well to hell with that plan! Right now I'm starting my shredded regimen/carb depletion. I'm doing it right now, right in the middle of the Holidays. I have a photo shoot to get ready for that will require total leanness. There's no room for splurging or cheating. No room for indulgences. I've struggled for the last two years to get my hard core self back together, and although I haven't done a bad job at it, I just have achieved total success. I feel empowered now that I have a goal and a dream to back it up. I feel like I can resist any temptation and power through one last rep. But here's the kicker. I've felt these feelings before and have failed. I've been all jacked up and ready to make it happen and then I've slipped. So why is this any different, I ask myself? I'm at a point in my life where I'm not getting any younger and it's time to make things happen for myself instead of just existing. I know that as soon as I look in the mirror and start to really see my abs pop, I'll be feeling even more empowered and more determined. So as Christmas being tomorrow and no doubt there will be temptation all over the place. I know I'll be just fine and I'll have the foods I need at hand. I'm miraculously not even worried about it...I'm ready for the challenge and ready to take back what's mine.

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When it's important to make an effort to do something...shouldn't you do it right? But what is right? This morning I was dead tired, but a day of mounting tires was still ahead. All I could think about was the vision of going back to sleep or taking a nap. But after I woke up and the metabolism was revved up, with the fuel to bust out as many cars as I could...well I couldn't stop there. The gym was calling me after. True, my body was stressed and a little wore out, but lifting weights while balancing on a stability ball, is a different kind of workout and the focus it takes, works more than just my muscles. Once I got into my routine of balance and lifting, I felt more alive and focused on making the next set, more intense than the last. As I left the gym, I felt accomplished and more awake. Lesson learned...when the mind is focussed on the goal at hand, the body is capable of giving more to accomplish and succeed.

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Time Rut

DO you go to the gym and know how long you're going to be there every time? Are you in a rut where it's the same time limit on your workouts? I find myself, in my OCD state that is, giving myself two-hour increments each day. It starts with the gym though. I feel like I haven't put in a good workout effort, unless I do my two hours a day. Now I realize that to a lot of people, to devote two hours a day to the gym is crazy, but in my mind...note I said in my MIND, if I don't do the two hours, then I've not given myself a good workout. Here's the crazy thing, I know some days I overdo it. I know I don't NEED to workout that long, especially when I devote 8 hours a day to mounting tires and installing batteries in cars. So I'm just wondering if there's a lot of people out there who forget the quality of there workouts sometimes because their focusing on the quantity of time they spend?

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Never quit

I never thought there would be a time when I just couldn't get my **** together. It used to be easy to eat clean and get my workouts in. Nothing ever got in the way and nothing was a temptation. But the more I've matured, life has proven that things change. Call it hormonal, call it emoptions, hell call it life. But no matter what name you give it, it's still the same battle of getting back on the horse after it bucks you off. FOr over a year now the horse has been bucking and kicking and fighting with me. But I can't give up because my happiness relies on being able to ride that horse. Are you seeing the metaphore here? It all comes down to being consistent with my eating. Once I've gone three to five days in a row of stellar, clean eating, it's easier for me to stay that way and not cheat at all after. Well it's the end of the second week of clean eating and eating low carb. I feel so happy to be back on the horse. I feel like I'm in control of it now, and even better, I'm finally seeing the results that I've missed seeing and now I'm hungry for more. This coming week I'll continue to eat clean and keep my workouts intense. Now that I'm getting my abs back, the next step is to tone my legs so I can fit back into my "Lean" {not skinny} jeans. I haven't been on here forever, but I'm going to try to get back into blogging more too. HOpefully by my 31st birthday, I'll be in better shape than I was on my 30th birthday.

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Day Two

It's day two of hell week. So far, I've been really good at keeping my diet clean. I am feeling the effects of the carb-depletion. But I j ust need to stay focused and remember the goal. Each day I'm hoping to see subtle differences, especially in my abs. My diet has consisted of veggeis, protein shakes, a little bit of fruit and of course lean meats. But that's pretty much it, with the occasional handful of almonds. Hopefully my strength won't diminish too much. Can't have that at my job. I feel like after I make it through this week and see the improvements, that It will continue to motivate me to keep it up and not just go back to the normal eating. I'm feeling optimistic though.

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Crunch Time

I've found that when I have a goal, I'm more focused and able to eat right and work out harder. Well the goal is a week away. I keep thinking and telling myself over and over, "hard core." Thats what I need to be. That means, completely clean eating. Low sodium as possible, no carbs, basically veggies and protein. I'm hoping that by Sunday I'll be looking a lot more tight and toned. But I won't say I still have my temptations and set backs, but with the goal in my head, I'm going to beat the temptations, and rock the camera.

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Strongest fat burner?

What is the strongest fat burner on here? I'm not looking to give myself a seizure by any means, but I"m looking to take the next step to something stronger. I've taken HOt Rox for a long time and I love them, but I want to kick my fat burner up a notch? Are Thermogenic fat burners the strongest? I have a high demanding physical job and my body is put through a lot. I just want something that's better than regualr caffeine, green tea, or any of that. Lipo 6 and Hydroxycut, I never felt anything while taking them. SO any suggestions?

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Stronger than Hot Rox?

Hot Rox is the strongest fat burner I've used. It's the only fat burner that I actually felt working, giving me energy, putting me in a good, focused mood. But now I want to step it up. There's tons of fat burners and I've read a lot of reviews, but what I need to know is, compared to Hot Rox, what would be one that's stronger and a step up from it? Anyone whose used it and other fat burners, I'd love your input. Or just give me some of your best fat burner ideas. Thermogenics are the strongest fat burners right? See, I still need a little education on it. I hope I get a lot of input back on this.

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No Goal? No Go

Man it's been a long time since my last post. I thought that post was the beginning of my hard core transformation. I thought that was it, and I was going to be 100% committed to eating clean and training hard and not giving into temptation...I was so wrong! I feel like I had a relapse and that I totally lost it. I felt like an alcoholic on a drinking binge one day and it was like a state of mind that took over me. It was a painful day when I realized what I'd done to my body. It used to be photo shoots that I was always training hard for and eating clean for. These photo shoots were my inspiration to stay lean and in shape. But then things changed and there were no more photo shoots. Modeling fell by the way side, and so did the lean physique I'd worked so hard for. Then I was talking to a friend who told me I still had potential for other kinds of modeling and after submitting to an agency, there was a spark in the tunnel. I thought there may be a photo shoot around the corner, and if that be the case, I'd better be ready. Now I'm focused again and the temptations I had last week have diminished. I'm not going to embellish on some pep-rally rant about how I'm going to be and what I'm going to do, like I did in my last blog. But I will say that I'll take it a day at a time and remind myself why fitness and bodybuilding is so important for my life...and I'll just go from there.

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I'm Done!

That's it!  I've had it with the excuses and the justifications!  I'm sick of the sob stories that make it ok to indulge!  I'm sick of the emotional eating because things just didn't work out the way you hoped that would!  Get over it!  Just get mad and scream and then take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and see that you've lost it.  You lost all your control and you have let everything negative get the best of you.  It stops now!  RIGHT NOW!  Not on Monday after the weekend eating is over, but NOW!!!  I, Eden am done with this pathetic cycle I've drowned myself in.  I'm done with letting myself indulge cause I've been through a rough time.  Time to get over myself and stop the pitty parties!  I'm saying right now that I won't let any unclean thing enter into my body.  If It's processed, toss it.  Even if it's just a little sliver of sweetness, it still is poison, that will lead to other sweet treats.  It's time to get my body back, one day at a time.  No more eating in front of the TV.  DOn't even bring home any temptations.  My only responsability right now is cleaning out my body and healing it from all the sadness that's been swimming in my head and clogging the inside of my body.  NO MORE!  NO EXCUSES! 

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never too sick!

This weeked I indulged BAD!!  I thought I could play it cool in the weeked but it got out of hand.  Today though was the day for the comeback, not only in the gym but in my clean eating.  I started the day off with very low carbs so I could get back onto my carb deplete, but that may not have been the best way to go.  Close to the end of my shift at work, I was not well at all.  We're talking numerous trips to the bathroom to throw up and then back to finishing up whatever car I was working on.  Luckily it was time for me to leave work.  But I was pretty mad cause I NEEDED to see the gym today and hit it really hard.  WIth all the swine flu going around there might have been cause for concern, but I knew I wasn't really sick. Either my lunch didn't agree with me or I hadn't eaten enough carbs, cause sometimes that can make me sick too.  SO home I went, but I was determined to make it to the gym later.  I ate a bowl of chicken soup with rice and chilled for a bit and then after a little rest, I felt like my body was good to go.  I took it easy at first but felt the energy of the gym take over.  I ended up having a pretty god workout and as I drove away from the gym, I felt so happy and excited that I was able to work out after feeling so sick earlier.  It's one of those things where you really listen to what your body is telling you.  Tomorrow I'll have a little more carbs and be ready to hit the gym without the before sickness.  But really a little determination goes a long way!

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Falling off the horse

I never want to take my abilities to be in shape for granted.  SOmetimes it's easy to stick to eating clean and working out.  It's just something that I do that's part of my life.  But we all know that for some reason or another, something happens and all of the sudden the workouts are dragging and you're not eating like you used to.  My plan was to bulk up a bit but that didn't work out like I thought.  In my mind I was thinking, I need this to put on muscle, but binging isn't the way to go.  After a week or two I noticed my abs weren't looking like they used to and I freaked.  I've had to clean out my kitchen of ANY temptations.  Even little things like peanut butter, tortillas, things like that.  I'm only human and people think that it's easy for me to be in shape and live a healthy lifestyle, but like I said I have my weaknesses too.  But somehow I'm starting to come around.  I've been talking to a lot of people at my gym and it's so cool how supportive they are.  They go through the same setbacks and we are all there to support each other, just like on here.  Bottom line is that we never give up.  I'm always saying "NO excuses" to people.  But on the flipside, I understand the setbacks, it's how we come back from them that counts though.

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