The new iPhone BodySpace app is live!

This is a big day for BodySpace.  Our new iPhone app is finally live.  It is the first version and we will be adding a ton of new functionality as we go.  Android is coming up next.....


Check out BodySpace's new Member Search!

Hi BodySpace,

The engineering teams here at just released a totally overhauled member search feature.  It is very cool.  It is also very fast and super useful in finding more BodySpace members to help motivate you.  Check it out!

Here is a recent post from the Product Owner who built the new member search.

Here is a link to the member search feature. 


Send me your feedback.  I hope you like it!


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So cool to see these kinds of conversations happening.  Love it!  Go BodySpace!


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I am addicted to BodySpace news feeds.

Hi BodySpace,

Is anybody else finding the "Friend Activity" news feeds super addicting?  It is so cool to be able to watch people changing their lives in near real-time through the feeds.

Yesterday the engineers at released updates to BodySpace that include new activities hitting the news feeds. 

Here are some more details directly from the Product Owner who built it!  Enjoy. 

Till Next Time,


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More Mobile Goodness for BodySpace!

Hi BodySpace,

Last week was another exciting one here at  It seems like each week we are releasing more and more improvements to BodySpace.  It is so fun to be a part of this.  So what is the latest you ask?  Well if you use your smart phone to browse the site....things just got a lot better for you.

Last week one of our rock star engineering teams, lead by Product Owner David McLean, launched a brand new way to navigate BodySpace.   David recently posted about this new feature on his BodyBlog and you can read about it here.  Check it out and let us know what you think!  And yes, we read every single piece of email/feedback we get.  We love hearing from don't be shy.

Till next time,


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No you didn't...

Hi BodySpace, 

One of our amazing product managers of the BodySpace team, loriepark, just released some killer updates to the BodySpace Workout Tracker.  I have been looking forward to this update for a while as I personally use the crap out of our workout tracker.  

You can read more about the changes on her BodyBlog

Anybody else use the workout tracker?  If so there are some more really cool updates coming your maybe your tracked workouts showing up in your feeds?  I doubt your friends will comment on how much you lifted, probably.


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Thanks for the great blog spring85sigma!

I have been watching spring85sigma's blog.  It has been in the top 10 on BodyBlog for a while now.  Why?  He is putting out some great content by blogumenting his transformation process.  Great detail, fun, inspiring.  Kudos spring85sigma!!

His last post is here

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What do you want to know about BodySpace?

Happy Friday BodySpace,

For all of you that save legs day for Friday....I feel your pain.  Hello Amino Recovery - nice to meet you, again.

I have a question for you.  I'd like to get your help for the next episode of BodySpaceTV.  I will be sitting down with the members of the BodySpace team, including CEO Ryan DeLuca, and getting their responses on questions from our BodySpace Community.  So what do you want to ask us?  Please comment to this post with your questions.  We'll go through as many as we can and post on an upcoming BodySpaceTV episode.

Till next time,


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Customize your BodySpace with BodyBanner

Hi BodySpace!

I'd like to show you a great way to make your public BodySpace page....well....more like you.  We launched a new feature last year called BodyBanner.  With BodyBanner you can customize your public profile and give it your own personal touch.  We've seen a lot of great banners from the community and think, with BodyBanner, your 1RM should go up at least 50lbs (legal disclaimer: that was a joke).  

Here is a short BodySpaceTV episode on how to setup your BodyBanner.  Enjoy!


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Hooking up your iPhone with your Workout Tracker

Hi BodySpace!

It is a beautiful Friday here in Boise, ID at the HQ.  With my legs freshly destroyed from my AM gym session I am trying to avoid I can't think of anything better than to share some more tips on how to get the most out of BodySpace.  

I'd like to show you a feature we rolled out not too long ago that allows you to sync your iPhone with your BodyCalendar (*note previous blog Complete Workout Programs in BodySpace - Oh Yeah! for tips on adding workouts to your BodyCalendar).  This works for Android as well however the steps are a little different.  For Android owners check out your BodyCalendar, click "Subscribe to Calendar" button (top right corner of calendar) and you'll get some details on how to do this.

Here goes - feedback always welcome (teaser....this one might have an Easter egg)! 


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Complete Workout Programs in BodySpace - Oh Yeah!

Hi BodySpace!

It has been a while since our last post!  While I feel has been for good reason.  We have been slammed building a ton of new features...and I can't wait to start showing them off.   

Also in this post we'll be introducing BodySpaceTV - our YouTube channel where we'll host a series of casual/informal video posts.  It will be another part of our "Building BodySpace" blog that we think will be a fun way for you all to get to know our team a bit better.  

Ok - time for our first episode of BodySpaceTV.  Feedback always welcome!

Meet our new Programs feature!

Until next time!


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New Features Added to BodySpace

The last couple months have been very busy for the engineers, product owners and designers (just to name a few who play an integral role in building BodySpace). This team delivered a staggering amount of new features, bug fixes and improvements to BodySpace. I can't say enough for how impressive this group is. Everybody I work with (in all departments) has an amazing work ethic, a passion for what they do and a ridiculous drive for results. It is like it is contagious ... but in a good way. OK, enough horn blowing, let's get to the good stuff. Here is a recap of what has changed in BodySpace over the last couple months.

#1 Mobile Workout Tracker

This has been one of our
most wanted features. You can now conveniently track your workouts from your mobile device through either our Android or iPhone app or from your mobile web browser. Since the initial launch we have been getting great feedback. We have been constantly working on the mobile Workout Tracker and even as I type this we are about to launch another update that includes some bug fixes and performance improvements.

My Workout Home

blog3-mobile 1.png

Building a Workout

blog3-mobile 2.png

Adding Set Details

blog3-mobile 3.png

#2 One Rep Max

One Rep Max is also new to
Workout Tracker. These calculations are based off of your previous lifts and should be used to understand your true 1RM. You can find out more about
1RM from our many articles on fitness.


*Note: This feature is not currently available from the mobile pages, but that will be coming soon!

#3 Workout Tracker Progress Charts

With our new Progress Charts you can now see your progression over time. Use this to push yourself to a new PR or simply keep track of what you’ve been doing over time.


*Note: This feature is not currently available from the mobile pages, but that will be coming soon!

#4 Previous Workout Stats

Your previous workout stats are also now available in the
Workout Tracker. Knowing what you did last time on bench, including your exercise notes, can be valuable to making the most of your workout.


*Note: This feature is not currently available from the mobile pages, but that will be coming soon!

#5 My Dashboard

The new
My Dashboard has a fresh new look and provides all new functionality including an increased emphasis on setting, measuring progress toward, and achieving goals. As you can see from the screen shots below you will be able to quickly see your progress toward your weight goal, see how many days remain until your goal expires and see how much weight you need to gain or lose in order to reach your goal. You will also receive encouragement to set a goal if you haven’t set one yet, or be reminded to set a new goal if your current goal is expired.



#6 Programs

The new My Dashboard has a fresh new look and provides all new functionality including an increased emphasis on setting, measuring progress toward, and achieving goals. As you can see from the screen shots below you will be able to quickly see your progress toward your weight goal, see how many days remain until your goal expires and see how much weight you need to gain or lose in order to reach your goal. You will also receive encouragement to set a goal if you haven’t set one yet, or be reminded to set a new goal if your current goal is expired.

Another most wanted feature from our community members: Programs. This is a big feature for BodySpace and will provide our community members with a new level of powerful life-changing tools.

An example of a program would be Jamie Eason’s 12 week trainer or Steve Cook – Big Man on Campus. These Programs can now be built by anybody, shared with the community and integrated directly into the Workout Tracker. Instead of printing Day 1, Week 1 and going to the gym you can now simply apply a program to your calendar and start tracking from the Workout Tracker directly from your phone.

We are working on adding additional set types (like supersets) which will literally allow us to duplicate all of our training Programs into this new app and make available to all of our community members. We are also working on integration with your iPhone or Android calendars so you can see your BodyCalendar appointments directly from your mobile calendar. I can’t wait!

Here are some screen shots of our new Programs feature.

Program Summary


Add Program to Your BodyCalendar


So there you have it. I hope you get a chance to try out some of the new BodySpace functionality and let us know what you think.

Until next time!

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A glimpse into software engineering.

Here is a brief glimpse into the software engineering department that runs and it's significant social network, BodySpace. In this video learn about some of the current challenges, approaches to building software and why the engineering team is so passionate about what they do. If you are a java developer, tester, sdet, operations engineer or just a big fan of -- I think you'll find this pretty interesting.

Also if you live in the Boise, ID area you can come and meet some of the core engineering team in person!  We are putting on a Tech Talk for the local community.  It will be very technical and hopefully a lot of fun.  It will be August 30th at 6:00 pm, downtown at The Water Cooler.  Here are more details.

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BodySpace 1.0

For those of you who have used or continue to use BodySpace for motivation/inspiration/socializing, I want to thank you. This part of our business has certainly come a long way and the number of members actively using BodySpace continues to blow me away.

That said, we have only JUST begun. There are big plans for BodySpace in the future. When our leadership team talks about where we are today, we all agree we still haven't even hit a version 1.0. We are critical of our flaws and want nothing more than to get more features, better UX and fewer bugs.

We have a vision for what BodySpace 1.0 looks like and we are working hard to get it to you. As I write this we have seven, small but highly-skilled, software engineering teams working on various components of this vision.

Vision you ask? What vision?

I think a vision should represent an achievable goal that helps align efforts over the course of the next year or two. It’s almost like what you would say if you could travel forward in time and describe what you would have hoped to accomplish. This is our future vision for BodySpace.


It is pretty simple actually. The second half of 2012 will be loaded with BodySpace improvements that continue to move the site closer to providing this vision to our members. Since June 1, 2012, we have already inched closer with these site updates, some of which you may or may not have even noticed:

  • On June 5th we launched an update to our Facebook integration (posts BodySpace updates to your Facebook page). You can go to Facebook Settings in My Dashboard to activate.


    Once activated your updates will be posted to your wall. Here is an example:


  • On July 5th we added Custom Exercises to the Workout Tracker. When adding an exercise you’ll notice a new tab called custom.


    From there you can specify the details and save into your tracker for future use.


  • On July 13th we released a new Android app.


  • On July 19th we launched a mobile view of (the likely entry point to BodySpace).


  • On July 25th we "flattened" our navigation so content is easier to find. What was formerly the "Supersite" is now a top-level navigational element.


  • From June 1st to July 19th we have deployed eight patches to address critical bugs.

So what is next? I can't tell you everything we have planned, but I would like to give you a glimpse into the site improvements that are likely to hit soon. These are all exciting and I, as a member of BodySpace, am very much looking forward to seeing these feature alive and clicking on the site.

  • A completely new "My Dashboard" with a mobile view.

    new mybodyspace.PNG

  • A mobile view for "My BodySpace" with a few small enhancements.

  • A mobile Workout Tracker (I have seen so many requests for this. Can't wait!)

    mobile workout tracker.PNG

  • More bug fixes and responses to urgent site feedback

Thanks again to all of our loyal members. You are what makes BodySpace tick. Until next time…


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I think this is a pretty common reaction from most people when they hear that is an innovative technology company with a huge online presence. I know I did almost two years ago when I was contemplating moving from Seattle to Boise, Idaho. Let me tell you - this is a fascinating technology company. I'll give you my top-3 reasons why, as an Engineering Director at

#1 - The numbers are very impressive. I was in Costa Rica a few weeks ago and we put on a tech talk on We put this flier together for the event to demonstrate the scale of our platform, and to validate Wicket as a legitimate option for large-scale software. These numbers speak for themselves. Image.png
An even more impressive part of this is the frequency at which the site is updated with almost zero downtime. The engineering team currently pushes new site functionality almost daily while serving ~750 requests per second. Not too shabby.

#2 - The platform is modern, heavily utilizes technologies and is constantly improving. When I say "platform," I mean all the software and hardware that we use to power the site. When I say "constantly improving," I mean we are almost always pushing some kind of improvement out to the site. Some are visible to our Community (like the new Workout Tracker) while others are completely behind the scenes (like our recent upgrade). Every week there is something queued up for deployment to the site. There is literally never a dull moment.

Stay the next six months the engineering teams at are going to push out some exciting updates to the site, including:

  • Workout Tracker for Mobile

  • A completely new My Dashboard with some great enhancements around news feeds, goals and tracking

  • My Dashboard for Mobile

  • My BodySpace for Mobile

#3 - We build a product that people actually like. To me our "product" is a site that helps people transform their lives to live healthier, live longer and to accomplish just about any kind of fitness goal you can imagine. We don't build software that runs corporations or government. We build software that changes people's lives. Pretty powerful stuff. Working at, I have seen many software engineers walk in the door (tired, and out of shape) and almost immediately begin a transformation to a better, healthier life. Last year, one of our software engineers won the employee transformation contest. As it turns out, it can be fun to help make the world a better place.

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