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WoW!!! What a whirlwind this 6 weeks has been!!! To challenge yourself to be the best you can be even when life gets in the way is a victory in its self.  My journey in this challenge started out strong, and then yep you got it LIFE happened and threw me a curveball.  I try to fight those challenging times in my life but sometimes my emotions get the best of me and then I spiral for a day or two.  My emotional eating takes over and although it makes me feel better for a moment it makes me feel worse the next day...go figure!! Of course that is how I ended up at one of my heaviest weights, by emotional eating.  This time I only let it consume me for a couple of days and remembered the journey I am on....MY LIFE!! I have goals and dreams just like everyone else does.  My ultimate goal is to figure compete in November 2014 so this challenge gave me my first stepping stone of staying committed to the journey I have set out on.  I stayed focus through my fit boards at home, staying on plan, having a ton of support from my daughters, friends, and co-workers that all cheer for me along the way, the gym I workout at has a ton of motivation including Erin Stern (who taught a posing class let me tell you that is a workout in itself...praying on that one), but most importantly Believing in myself and the process!!  I am proud of the woman that is transpiring from this journey; she is strong and confident, she holds her head up high and is taking the world on by storm.   Just try and stop me!! Sweat + Sacrifice = Success 


Change is good....Right?? This month brought about a lot of changes.  The first being me switching trainers, not easy but it was time to make the CHANGE.  I lost a few friends along the way, but I guess they are not friends if they are gone...right?  So with the new trainer came a new meal plan and workout...more accountability which in the long run is what I wanted.  It is a mental game after all...so to have check ins weekly  just keeps me more on point right now...and it usually is only until I am totally in the game.  Life can be a rollercoaster and I know how God likes to throw hurdles in our lives to see if we're strong enough to conquer them, and well I just keep jumping them. Obviously he knows I am strong I just need to believe in myself and how strong I really am.  The one thing I do know about myself is that I may fall but I always get back UP....which life is about picking yourself up and to just keep pushing forward.  Life happens...but its whether or not you let it defeat you...I refuse to let that happen. So I embrace my change and the life I was given...with it comes New Goals and New Dreams....NEVER GIVE UP!! Have FAITH that it will all come together when it needs too!!! I honestly believe everything happens for a reason....my time to hit the stage wasn't last year but it will be this YEAR!! TRAIN HARD! :)

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Life....what can I say its been a roller coaster ride so far with lots of hills, curves and drops.  What does that say about me as a person? Most would say I am stronger for it, that God only gives me what I can handle, and that everything happens for a reason, and I guess in some ways its all true.  I mean I am still standing so I guess I am okay...NO I know I am okay.  So with all of that I have found my drive to keeping moving forward, to go after everything I ever wanted, and never look back, after all if I am always looking in the rear view mirror how can I possibly move forward?? Easy I just do it!! I have started a new workout this past week to add some mass and definition to me.  The goal is to drop 30lbs of fat and build a lean rockin physique.  This bb.com challenge is to help me with the first 12 weeks as I prepare of the stage in August.  I do not want mediocre I want FANTABULOUS!!! I am 45 years old and I feel better now than I did in my 20s or even 30s.  Life is about making choices never settling, knowing that dreams and goals are not reached by giving up.  Yes life likes to throw roadblocks in our path, and give us hurdles to jump, but how u react to them is what will determine the outcome.  Follow your hear, Believe in yourself, stay Positive, remain strong even when u feel weak and know in the end that you will PREVAIL!!! Live in the moment not in yesterday!!!! My journey continues, and as I always say "I may fall, but I guarantee you will get back up!! My fight is far from over!!!!

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~Whats the New Year to Bring~


I often wonder and ask myself this question.     With the year coming quickly to an end now is the time to search for that answer.  Its been a crazy year and yet here I am in a city with a new home.  I have been through a lot and in September I finally found the courage to leave Fort Lauderdale and move on., of course that derailment caused me not to be able to compete at the FORT LAUDERDALE CUP IN OCTOBER, but God must of known it was not time for that and opened another door for me.   Even though I loved the beauty of FTL  its a tough place to live......so now home is TAMPA, FL!!   As ironic as it is its still beautiful but in its own way, its seems to be a better fit for me.  People are nicer, its more laid back and the wages are higher, which makes living so much more doable, and finally after 2 years I am practicing as a NURSE again...and that itself is a reward!!! I am finally home and at peace!! and i have been blessed with a grandson....truly the one of the best blessings i could ever ask for!!   So the new year brings happines, joy and new found me.  I have joined Powerhouse Gym....and let me tell you if you want some motivation that is the place to be...I have met the beautiful ERIN STERN , that in its self is a whole lot of motivation!! Tons of athletes and everyday people all there for the same reason...TO BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE.  The plan for 2013 is to take part in the bb.com  challenge and prepare for my first debut on the stage as a FIGURE COMPETITOR!!  Finding BALANCE is not always easy but where there is a will there is a way.  Remember to always believe, have faith, stay strong, and remain positive, and everything else will fall into place.  SWEAT + SACRIFICE = SUCCESS   When u fall you have to get back up and keep going, nobody said it would be easy but it will be worth it!! 

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New Beginnings.....Muscle Pharm Challenge

So I decided to take the plunge and commit to the 12 week Muscle Pharm Challenge.  Its a new start to a new beginning to a new lifestyle.  Although I have been down this road before, and have went off the path one too many times this time I plan to prove to myself just really what I am made of!! Life is about taking chances and living the life you have imagined.  Sure there are times when GOD throws us some curve balls, but its how u react to them is where you show your true strength to yourself and to him.  Trust me sometimes I ask him why?? Why must I always be challenged in my life, but I guess its true he wouldn't give me anymore than I can handle and trust me he thinks and knows I can handle a lot!! So why now? I guess because I have let a few things hinder me over the past few months, which in turn has hindered me staying on my fitness path.  I can not explain really why I feel the way I do about somethings. I do know that since my oldest daughter got married at the end of May, things just have changed.  I think part is me having a hard time dealing with the fact my daughters are now older and on their own (but with that being said I may be getting older but I dont have to look it or feel it.), and now I have to make the decision whether I stay in Florida or move away.   Decisions in life are taking their toll on me, but I need to just have FAITH that things will work out. So this fitness JOURNEY continues and I am starting back with this challenge, out to prove to myself and to everyone else that ever doubted me just what I am capable of!!! Stay Tuned cause this girl is on a MISSION!!!

♥ "LIVE in the present. LAUNCH yourself on every wave, find ETERNITY in each moment!!" ♥

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Its funny how life works out sometimes....some lessons are learned the hard way. I have learned that you have to work hard, and do your best~and have fun!!


I haven't always had a lot of fun and have made mistakes in this rollercoaster of a life I have been dealt, but I have learned over the past few years that I can't change the past and the things that have happened, but that I can only move forward.  You see I am on this journey of life and with the good also comes the bad, but that makes me who I am today.  I am on my own Journey, and more than anything else my journey is about finding my truth...finding myself!!

What makes a precious diamond so rare? Its delicate intricacies and depth.  Just like a diamond, your life has many dimensions that add up to ultimate quality of life.  Embrace and nurture your mind, your body, and your soul for a whole balance and complete wellness~that will in radiate with brilliancy~just like the Diamond.~JNL

My current state that I am in right now does not have to my DESTINY. My current state is not my fate.  It's  only temporary. "Look at a caterpillar.  It goes through some very interesting stages, and challenges, before it becomes a beautiful butterfly." its taken me a while to realize this too that I will go through changes, stages, in which I must pass through, morphing into the best Me!!  Trust me I get fed up and frustrated with the here and now, and that I am going no where fast.  In the long run I must understand that my current situation is not my future.  It comes down to me broadening my vision, and see what lies beyond the horizons if I want to become successful, happy, and FIT.

With that being said...I HAVE MADE SOME Decisions...Part of it is that I plan on going back to college for my RN...as soon as I can figure out a way to pay for it....Its the only way to survive....pretty sad that I have student loans for my LPN...but now it is pretty much useless at this point...grrrr.....continuing my FITNESS as well (goals to reach)....so pretty much once I get back in college...I will Have NO LIFE...lol!!! ITS all good...it will be worth it in the END!! :) I am going to live my life in balance and with FAITH.  With a little VITAMIN C (confidence) + the F-WORD (faith)=me creating a new healthy, healed, and HAPPY lifestyle~one day at a time!!!

"FAITH is essential.  When no one else believes in you, you must have FAITH in your abilities, and lean on your HIGH POWER." ~JNL

Thank you to all of you who have never gave up on me, who have stood by me during my good and bad times.  Letting me know just how strong I am, and reminding me that I am capable of anything!! as I always say.....ALWAYS BELIEVE, HAVE FAITH, REMAIN STRONG, AND STAY POSITIVE....everything else will fall into place!!

Love you all,

Deannakae ~ xoxo

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Wow...life is a whirlwind...but

I love it!! Made my move to Fort Lauderdale, Florida....TRULY PARADISE!! Although the job market kinda sucks here, been here 4 weeks and still not really working (pretty sad when i am a nurse too..lpn).  Anywho....no time to worry about that it wont change anything...so i stay strong, focused, believe and always keep the faith to get through it all.  Training has been off and on....but after being down to the beach and realizing where I actually live now, and the fact that my daughter just told me she is getting married next year (ugh)...time to get this body in Rockin Shape!! Obviously DIET is the key to losing the fat on the ABS...trying to get the diet on key has not been an easy task, but its gotta get done!!
Always know that taking risks and chances in life are worth taking....I moved on a "whim" yes everybody thought i was crazy, and maybe i was a little, but you know what I only have one life to live and i am going to live it to the fullest!!!
Always Believe, have Faith, stay strong, and always stay positive.....everything else will fall into place!! Everything happens for a reason!! Trust God to lead you down the right path!! 

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Rough Few Weeks....

Cant seem to get myself fully back in the game...lots has happened, and a lot of changes are taking place in the next few weeks!! Today is a NEW day though, and its time to think about what is really important to me and what I want to happen.  First of all I am very happy over the changes in my life that are taking place....I am moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 8 weeks, and I am totally excited about that!!  My youngest daughter, my baby is off to college on the 21st, hard to believe that she is all grown up, and for me well its a new trainer and going after all my dreams!!! Being happy, always believing, having faith, and staying positive is what I am all about now!! So with that being said lets get this day started. New routine, time to get organized, and move full steam ahead!! :)
P.S.  if anybody has any ideas on how to get increased energy let me know!!! I work over 12 hours a day and am totally drained, and if your a nurse please let me know how you get your workouts in and stay on track with a busy scheudle!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!! xoxoxo

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Big Changes....

Taking place for me!!! First of all I took a 2 week break from things just so I could regroup and get a few things in to perspective.  I decided to go back to RN school (online...Lord help me), and I decided to move from San Antonio, Texas to FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA!! Woohoo!!! Bring on the white beaches and green waters, and of course SUN SUN SUN!!! Time to live were I see people into fitness and not just sitting around. Needless to say with the big changes came a little stress (RN school, moving, babygirl off to college in a month...eeshh!) and with stress also came the bad eating.   On that note I am up a few pounds from my little break (take a week off of eating bad and WHAM the pounds just come back, so not fair).  So I am back on track this week, started weight training along with my cardio, and I feel great.  Now its to get the meal plans back on track, some what there, just need to get my head on straight!! or I need a good booty kicking!! LOL!! Hope everyone is having a rockin summer!! Always stay positive and believe, and everything else will fall into place.  Loving Life!! ;)

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I am so Proud of all....

RocBodyAngel of the MonthI have accomplished the past 4 months...what an exciting time in my life!! Still continueing with my journey to figure compete and hopefully get sponsored by one of the many supplement companies.  I feel that my life is finally going in the right direction.  I have found that staying strong, having faith, being positive, and most importantly believing and having faith in myself has helped me get to where i am now.  So much has happened, that i never ever would of dreamed for me at this time of my life, and it can only get better.  What I have to say to all of you striving to reach your goals, is that everything is in reach you just have to want it.  Trust me it can be a rough road at times and sometimes you hit road blocks, but you must always envision what your dreams are and go after them.  Never let one bad day hinder your future goals!! One day at time...Always live for today!! as you can see I am finally seeing for the first time that i am beautiful inside and out...RocBodyAngel of the Month.  come fly with me!!

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What an Amazing Life.....

I am having!! Things couldn't be going any better for me!! Down 30 lbs, down 2/3sizes, and smiling ear to ear!! I am so proud of what I have accomplished over the past 13 weeks with help of my coach/trainer "Daniel Rocha" of "RocBodyFitness".  He is truly amazing, he has had faith in me from the beginning and always gives me the positive vibes, and motivates me to give it all i have, he has given me so much inspiration!! I am excited for a photo shoot that is set up for me this summer...WoW...i never would of ever thought in a million years that this would be the direction that my life would take!! Things can only keep getting better!! I AM FLYING HIGH WITH MY ROCBODYANGEL WINGS!! LOVE MY LIFE!!  Thank you to all of you that have given me such inspiration and motivation...I love you all!!

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Journey Continues....End of Week 10

Wow...what an exciting day it has been.  Took my end of week 10 pics and weighed myself, and I am happy to say I am down over 25lbs!!! I am so proud of all I have accomplished in the past weeks, things that I never thought I could do before.  My wow factor today was when I walked into the clubhouse to do my cardio and the girls there were like "holy wow your shrinking"  I have never felt so proud of myself as I did at that moment!!  Nobody can every take that feeling away from me, its mine and I own it!!  Its amazing what having faith, believing in yourself can do along with staying positive.  You have to envision what you want, and every night before I fall asleep I think about me stepping on that stage, and I can see the color suit I will be wearing...I  know silly, but let me tell you it helps.  So all I can say to anybody is you can do this, its about staying focused and never giving up on yourself, sure its a lot of hard work and takes a lot of dedication, but in the long run it sure the hell is worth it!! God Bless Everyone!!

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Some people see things as they are and say "Why." I dream things that never

That is my whole thought as I continue on my Journey!! I am going on month 2 with my personal trainer on this journey to figure competing, and its funny how people react when you tell them your goals and dreams!! Trying to get them to understand that I cant eat what is on their plate, that I have my meals to eat and that the training I do is for a specific reason.....TOO REACH MY GOALS AND BE HEALTHY!! Hence my title to my blog. Not everyone will understand, some will laugh, some throw out the negative thoughts, and the others although there are few say "WAY TO GO" you will do great. The one thing I always try and remember is that I am not doing this for anybody but ME!! I don't seek any ones approval on what I do, and why i do it, I just have a vision...and that is to be in the best shape of my life....to have that rock hard body, to have ABS worth showing off...and to prove to myself that I can do anything I put my mind too!! POSITIVE THOUGHTS and having FAITH is where I am at now and where I plan on staying!! :)

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why does bodyspace continuously sign me out?? Its getting frustrating...BIG TIME!! I go the store to order something and i am signed out, then it wont let me sign in!! Today sometimes it shows 0 on everything, and i went to my group to post a comment and its had signed me out and put it as anonymous!!! Ever since you changed bodyspace i have had lots of problems.  Somebody Help!!

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Journey Continues....

Almost to the end of week 4, loving the way my body is changing!! Few frustrations, but nothing to keep me down.  Daniel Rocha "rocbodyfitness" is my trainer, and he is amazing at what he does!! He always is checking on me and always telling me to call him if I need anything...pep talk, questions, boost of motivation!! He is such a GREAT person overall!! Did a comparison of my day 1 one pics to my end of week 3....I can most definitely see the changes.  I still have a lot of work to do, but i have my eye on the prize.....winning my first figure competition!! Goals have been set.....no stopping me now!! I have learned a lot over the past month, that one has to stay positive and keep the faith and everything will fall into place, and so far it has!!!  "THANK YOU FOR MY STRONG, HEALTHY MIND AND BODY AND FOR THE ABILITY TO CREATE THE LIFE OF MY DREAMS."  I wake up everyday Thankful and grateful for all the things in my life.  We should all count our blessings everyday!! "Faith is Essential.  When no one else Believes in you, you must have Faith in your own abilities, and lean on your Higher Power."

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