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Well, I've completed five weeks of training and I'm now heading into my sixth week.   During the first 5 weeks, I kept the amount of reps around 15-20.  However, I've now decreased the rep range to about 8-10 and have increased the weight.   While my overall weight hasn't changed drastically, my strength and endurance has definitely increased.    I've also managed to go the entire 5 weeks without a cheat meal.   While I'm still making some adjustments to my diet, it has become easier to maintain over time.    I'm hoping to have some time soon to post some update pics soon.



First Week

I put off getting back into the gym for several months due to personal issues but I decided it would be to my benefits to get myself started if things are to every change.   I woke up Monday to Friday at 5am to have a proper breakfast and get in my morning workouts (3 days upper body, 1 day legs, 1 day abs) before work.  The weekend has been made up of short cardio sessions.

The weights I was able to lift was relatively light but challenging to me due to inactivity.   It was definiately a good start and I'm starting to feel a bit more moativated.  Also as the week progressed, my overall energy levels have increased(part due to workouts, proper nutrution and "Driven Craze";).

Hope to keep up the momentum in the next couple of weeks.

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First Blog

Hey there,

I have been training to various degrees of success over the past 13 years.
When I first started to train, I weighted only 115 pounds (5'9) and it has
always been difficult to put on weight. I currently weighting about 155 lbs and
I think that my bodyfat is about 16 percent (according to a TANITA scale.
Digital caliper gave me a 9% reading). The reason that I am joining bodyspace
is to get myself more motivated and stay on course as I have always had a
start/stop problem with training. Hopefully by posting my results and using
Bodyspace, i will become more consistant and truly get the results that I have
always wanted.

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