Day Sixty Four, Five, and Six

Tough couple of day. Everything hurts. Definitely pushing myself harder and harder each day just so I can make it through my sessions. I am ready for the end of this competition. I feel absolutely dead at all times and I am constantly having to remind myself that the time I have left on this is minimal. I don't plan to shatter my diet or do anything crazy once this is over, but things will definitely open up a little bit for me.

The past couple of days have included my normal cardio along with a dtp leg session, chest and back session, and a shoulder and legs session. I am thoroughly exhausted and I am considering taking a day off tomorrow from lifting. However, I know that if I can push through now, I can push through anytime.

Worry about today, that's all you can handle. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Bring on the next 2 and a half weeks.

Day Sixty Two and Three

Another day, another single workout. Except I felt okay about this one because my first cardio session was really intense. I ended up doing a run on legs that still feel like jello and I really pushed hard through it. I'm using this coming week to see where I am at in my other journey of trying to pass an intense Physical Agility Test for a law enforcement agency. It is necessarily hard to pass (unless you're still recovering from surgery like I was last time I tried it) but I want to blow it away. I did my mile and a half run to see how I could do and I made it in about 13 minutes. I'm shooting for 12 or lower. I'll also be seeing where I am at on pushups, sit ups, and sprints at some point this week. 

Today also marks the end of week nine! Not too much longer to go on this journey through hell. I'm ready to see where I end up but I am also realizing that this is my lifestyle now and that I am going to be doing this for a long time to come after this 100k challenge is over. I really enjoy pushing my body to it's limits and seeing how far I can go and how much I can change.

Today is a shoulder session and I'm ready to blow it away. Keep moving forward. 

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Day Sixty and Sixty One

Two crazy days of workouts. Pushed my body through an arm routine that I thought would kill me for sure. Also did 2 cardio sessions on the stairclimber. 

On Friday, I did a stairclimber session in the morning and missed my second workout due to some things that came up that night. No big deal. Things happen and you can't go back. You just have to keep moving forward.

Diet still going good. Feeling sore at all times as to be expected. 

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Day Fifty Nine

Chest and back+supersets+hot gym=one amazing lift session! It was a absolutely brutal session but it felt so great to go really heavy. I love a workout that pushes me to my limits and that's what this one did. I also had my usual 2 stair stepper cardio sessions. My legs and lower back are really killing me today and I've put glutamine in everything to try and make this pain go away. Going heavy definitely gave my legs the burn I have been looking for for quite some time. I also picked up some more casein protein tonight. They were out of my usual ON Casein so the lady recommended that I try the CytoSport Complete Casein. So I am stuck with a tub of stuff I have never used before and never heard of anyone using. Hopefully It'll be good. It looks like it has a great profile so we'll see how things go! Speaking of casein, it's that time....later!

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Day Twenty Two

****Noticed I never posted this, a little late but here it is****

Well, it's the start of week 4! I am definitely feeling like I am getting my butt kicked each day but I continue to see changes. As of this weekend, I don't remember exactly what I weighed in at but I will not forget that bodyfat percentage. I hit 13%!!! I know that the caliper I have isn't 100% accurate but who cares because that showed me that I am seeing some great results! 

Today was just cardio again. I went to the gym twice and I walked both times. They were both pretty good sessions but I am starting to realize that I am going to start having to work harder in my cardio sessions because my body is really starting to adapt to what I am doing. Bring it on. I am ready for back and biceps tomorrow and glad to get back around some weights!

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Day Fifty Eight

We going heavy!!! I love moving lots of weight....except on leg days. Today I hit legs about as heavy and hard as I possibly could. They feel absolutely dead now. I know I am really going to have to pump some Xtend tonight and in the morning so that I am able to move tomorrow. I also had my usual 2 sessions on the stair climber today. The second one was absolutely brutal because it came right after that killer lift. I went for 20 minutes during each. Legs are definitely thumping a little bit now. I worked with a guy in the gym today while I was on the leg press which was helpful because it really pushed me. It was also helpful to have someone there to help me push out a few more reps. Those few more reps are definitely why I'm feeling such a burn now too... I'm feeling good and I've noticed that the longer I am in this program, the more I lose track of time. The only reason I keep up with what day I'm on for this blog is because I look back on the previous posts. Chest and back tomorrow. Keep bringing it on. 26 more days, a lifetime of change.

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Day Fifty Seven

The start of week nine and it started with me exhausted. I didn't get home til late last night and I had to unpack and prep meals for today. Needless to say, cardio this morning was hell for that very reason...

I started to feel better the longer I was awake and that gave me the motivation to go knock out a lift today. Of course, it was shoulders...and it was a DTP session...not what you want to do the day after time change while running on a short night of sleep.

It was a great session though! Somehow I was able to really get some drive to push through the lift and it felt like an extreme accomplishment! My shoulders are absolutely killing right now and I hope I don't have to lift my arms above my head for anything tomorrow...

Time for some casein...later! 

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Day Fifty Four, Five, and Six

Quick recap of all the weekends activities.

Friday - 2 stair stepper sessions for cardio. DTP session on biceps and triceps. It was absolutely brutal. Arms felt like they were going to pop from the second I started the session. Traveled that night to girlfriend's house for the weekend.

Saturday - 2 simple walks up and down my girlfriend's driveway. Legs were killing from all the stair stepper sessions I did the previous week.

Sunday - 2 more simple walks, same place. Had a small splurge that night. By small I mean that I didn't break my diet, I just upped the portions of what I had.

So that's the recap! Quick and simple! 

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Day Fifty Three

So glad to be back to supersetting opposing body parts! Chest and back felt a nice pump after today's session and my arms were kind of buzzing at the end of it too. My lats are feeling the most of it but my back has always been the one thing that I can always seem to get a decent workout on. Hopefully my chest will feel the same way in the morning! My legs are definitely blitzed from yesterday's lift. Due to that, my cardio sessions today were two of the most difficult I have ever had to push through. Due to unusual crowding in the cardio room today, I was forced to jump back on the stair climber twice today which isn't what I would consider ideal. They both did push me to my limit which was great! Tomorrow will be my DTP session on biceps and triceps. I am looking forward to it! I cannot wait to hit the gym and see how much of a pump I can get going in my arms! So far the new diet is helping me feel a lot better and I actually am starting to lose a little more weight now! Even though I am taking in a lot more calories, my body seems to really be using them to repair because I am no where near as sore as I usually am. Time for some casein and peanut butter!!!

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Day Fifty Two

Great leg workout today! I did a lot of supersets and also did some DTP squats. It was absolutely brutalizing and I hope that it really helps with results!

It was also a tough day doing cardio. I did the stair climber to start the day and then I went on to work. It was a tough session but nothing compared to the stair climber session that followed my leg session. Brutal is not even the word I would use to describe that session. My legs were already blitzed from my lift but the were absolutely dismantled after 20 minutes on a stair climber.

I also have been keeping up my new diet to try and gain some muscle. So far, I have stayed exactly were I started at 151 lbs. I am only hoping to gain about a pound a week so we'll see how that works.

My mood is starting to be a little bit better now that I am back on a diet with a little more fat in it. I also feel like I have more energy to take into each of my workouts so the results should start to roll in!

Time to pack everything up for tomorrow! 

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Day Fifty One

I destroyed my shoulders today in that DTP session! It felt absolutely terrible and I have never had to push so hard to get through a drop set but the reward of accomplishment is well worth it! I believe I am going to see some really good results from this workout routine and I believe the change in my diet will really encourage my muscles to start growing. 

I also had my 2 cardio sessions today, both on the stair climber. I am really having to step up the intensity now and it feels awful but it's the only way that I will get the results I am looking for.

I cannot wait to see what's ahead. I'm ready to grow and achieve the physique I want!

Legs tomorrow...gonna suck but what's new? Gotta push through it!

Protein time! Later. 

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So week eight started today! It started out with just 2 simple cardio sessions and that was a good thing...I shoveled dirt for about 10 hours today at work. I definitely got a great workout from it but I would have been dead if I would've done my lift today. I felt great though! I have so much more energy now with my new diet and I feel like I can conquer the world!

Tomorrow will be my first DTP workout and I am pumped about it! I can't wait to feel the burn and intensity of it! It'll be on my weak spot too, my shoulders. I hope that this brings them to life and shocks my shoulders into growing!

Bring on the next 34 days because I will get through this! 

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Day Forty Seven, Eight, and Nine

It's been an unbelievably busy weekend. I have still got all of my meals in and pushed through each of my workouts but I just haven't had the time to boot up the computer and post on here's a roundup of my life for the past couple of days. 

Friday and Saturday were both great days of working out! Friday was my bread and butter...back and biceps! It was definitely a tough workout and I felt like someone tried to make my arms explode for all of Saturday. I had an unbelievable pump going after I finished with my back and still had biceps to go. My back felt it big time and then my arms were finished off shortly after. By far one of the best back workouts I have had in a while!

Saturday was just a cardio day. I did some interval training in the morning and then did a split of stairclimbing and intevrals in the afternoon. They were both pretty good workouts and It felt great to push through both of them!

I also did the shopping for the new phase of my diet that started today. I had to switch things up because I have been on the diet I was on for over 3 months now. I started to plateau and I was having to do too much cardio to give muscle a chance to grow. So...I have officially switched over to the New Abs Diet! So far it's great...I just have to get used to the portions and figuring out my individual needs. I am hoping that this will encourage muscle growth and that fat will melt away due to the change!

As for my workout today, once again it was intervals...times 2. They were pretty tough but it felt great afterwards! 

I need to finish figuring out my diet schedule and everything for this new plan now. Later!

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Day Forty Six...Legs and Abs

I just dominated my leg workout! It was a tough one but I beat it! It felt great to get through another leg routine. After I got through it, I decided that my abs needed some I hit the floor. The result of today is some busted up legs and abs and a system that is tired out from 2 interval cardio sessions. I'm excited to see where I am going to be in a little over 5 weeks. My man boobs keep slowly disappearing and my stomach keeps getting flatter and tighter. That has provided the motivation to keep pushing, stay on my diet, and dedicate myself to getting through one workout at a time. Each day is a new opportunity to leave behind who I used to be and continue to transform into the person I believe I can be. My meal switch up has also spurred my body to shift gears and start shredding more fat. I seem to feel better as well now that my carb load isn't completely in the morning. This spread out is probably the best thing I could have done and I am going to keep with this until I see myself plateau again. Tomorrow's plan is currently up in the air. Whatever it may be, I will conquer it. I feel strong and ready for anything. I have noticed that the stronger my relationship with God becomes, the easier this diet and workout regimen become. I am going to continue to put Him first and see where this goes. For too long I have had my priorities mixed up, but now that they are getting back on track I am going to be stronger in more ways than one. My faith in Jesus Christ has gotten me through everything else that has been tough and challenging, like all of my surgeries in the past 2 years, so why can't He get me through something as simplistic as a lifestyle change? Bring on the challenge.

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Day Forty Five!

It's been a good day. Simple and straight forward cardio day. I did morning and afternoon sessions today on the treadmill at the gym. I did interval training and then did twists after each session. They both absolutely destroyed me but it felt great to really push through those sessions. I also am really feeling like this switch up in my diet (simply moving meals around) is helping me out. I'm going to weigh in tomorrow and see what's going on. I think it'll be a pleasant surprise...

Tomorrow is a leg day. I don't look forward to those but bring it on. By now, I believe I can do anything and that I can push through any workout thrown at me! I want to destroy anything and everything in my way of getting to my goal of being absolutely shredded!

Time for a shower to wash the day off and then a casein shake to put me to bed.  

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